The sound of crackling heavily echoed.

Seeing that the surrounding temperature was getting hotter and hotter, the attic passage to escape was close, but Zhou Yuhe couldn’t take even a tiny step.

The air around him was getting thinner and thinner, and just when his consciousness was blurring due to lack of oxygen, he was about to fall into darkness –

A pair of large, cold, thick hands held his body that was about to fall!

Zhou Yuhe lifted his head.

And saw Xie Yifeng’s sweaty face.

A buzz filled his head –

As if the whole world was muted.

Zhou Yuhe froze as he watched Xie Yifeng shout angrily at him, being half-dragged, half-dragged off the ground …… his gasps, the crackling of the wood, the sound of beams crashing down – all became inaudible.

All inaudible.

Because of his inability to hear, Zhou Yuhe’s vision became extremely clear.

When he held his shoulder, he was so anxious that the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and his hands trembled slightly.

His nose kept twitching and he tried to clear his throat.

And, he looked into his eyes. The raging emotions in them almost overwhelmed him.


The burning flame wrapped around an unidentified object from the roof smashed straight into Xie Yifeng.

Like he had gained strength from somewhere, Zhou Yuhe’s body that originally felt very heavy, fiercely moved forward and he hurriedly dragged Xie Yifeng,so he wouldn’t be hit by the fire.

“Run!” Zhou Yuhe quickly opened the attic passage, and ran out of the tower with Xie Yifeng.

Outside the tower was surrounded by green grass, like a dehydrated fish, Zhou Yuhe fell down on the slightly wet grass, and heavily panted.

The next second, a hot chest surrounded him tightly.

Xie Yifeng panted violently above his head.

His body was all wet with sweat, obviously not just from the fire in the attic.

The show’s team was clearly aware of the arrangement, but seeing the appearance of Zhou Yuhe on the screen, Xie Yifeng still couldn’t help but worry, all the guests were still relaxed, only he, became serious, just to bring Zhou Yuhe out as soon as possible.

God knew how nervous he was when he came to the tower through the tunnel of the old castle and smelled the burning smell in the air, he shouted for a long time without getting a response from Zhou Yuhe, so he could only follow his instincts and fear in his heart and ran to the place where the burning smell was the heaviest. Finally, in the blazing attic floor, he saw him squatting on the ground holding his head, his shoulders were slightly trembling, like a young beast surrounded by wolves, thin and helpless.

His heart felt like it had been cut by a sharp blade, Xie Yifeng rushed in to try to take him out.

However, in the moment when Zhou Yuhe looked up, Xie Yifeng couldn’t help but choke –

Those eyes …… were too desperate, his tear-stained red eyes hid endless numbness and despair, as if he was just a walking corpse, even if he was engulfed in flames in the next second, he didn’t care ……

When he thought of Zhou Yuhe’s eyes at that time, Xie Yifeng’s heart was filled with strong unease, he held Zhou Yuhe tightly in his arms, as if he would disappear in the next second.

Zhou Yuhe began to feel again, his stiff cold hands slowly caressed the man’s back, he slowly but firmly grabbed his uniform, they gradually calmed down.

“Are you …… okay?”

Zhou Yuhe didn’t speak.

He shallowly and sharply breathed, his bright eyes moved to look at Xie Yifeng, who was close at hand, and saw his fear, saw his anxiety, and his panic –

That was an expression that had never appeared on the face of the stable and powerful Xie Yifeng.

Just for a moment.

He suddenly wanted to see this face reveal an even more unexpected look.

So Zhou Yuhe nodded seriously and said, “There’s something.”

“There’s something …… um!” His voice disappeared between the lingering, loving lips.

Xie Yifeng’s eyes dilated abruptly.

He looked at the teenager who had avoided this, yet took the initiative to kiss him at this moment, and the heartbeat that had slowly calmed down was violently disturbed again, the soft touch on his lips sent a current leaping up from his tailbone all the way to his brain. The next second, Xie Yifeng eagerly took control, his hand grabbed the back of the teenager’s head, his tongue swept through the row of white teeth, and then pried it open, and sucked and licked his soft warm tongue.

Zhou Yuhe’s brain buzzed, but he had a clear voice in his heart telling him, “F*ck worry, f*ck caution, if you can’t live recklessly, to do what you want to do, to love the person you want to love, then what’s the point of being reborn?”

This person, he already missed him once in his last life.

And this life, he nearly missed him again.

What kind of bullshit reasoning was it that they obviously liked each other, but he couldn’t it out loud?

Zhou Yuhe surrendered to the feeling, but the scene in front of him didn’t allow Xie Yifeng to think so much. The man’s raging emotions weren’t less than his repressed thoughts, but he had been concerned about his feelings, so he didn’t pierce this layer, now that Zhou Yuhe took the initiative to take this step, as if he was afraid that he would immediately regret it, Xie Yifeng held his face and couldn’t stop kissing him, he only stopped when they started panting.

“I seem to …… like you.” Zhou Yuhe gasped, his slightly wet eyes glistening in the daylight.

Xie Yifeng lovingly embraced him into his arms, laughed lowly and said in a dumb voice: “Such a coincidence? Me too.”

He had waited too long for these words.


The staff then arrived at the scene of the fire along with the rescue fire team in unison.

Fortunately, the scenes chosen for this summit battle were all real-life scenes specially built for the game’s plot, not property belonging to any organization or individual, and there was no one else in the tower after the incident, except for Zhou Yuhe and the guests other than Xie Yifeng who was wandering around in the tunnels of the lodge.

The producer of the program, with two staff members with their heads down, came to Zhou Yuhe, who was sitting outside the ambulance, dressing his wounds, and begged for his forgiveness, if they hadn’t left during work, Zhou Yuhe wouldn’t have had to suffer this unwarranted disaster.

Zhou Yuhe waved his hand and repeatedly said that he only burned a little skin on his arm, it wasn’t critical, he didn’t need them to compensate or anything, the two people then thanked him and left.

“You’re really kind,” Yang Yu said with a cold expression, “free to think about others, but not care at all about yourself!”

“Brother Yang,” Zhou Yuhe smiled, lifting his bandaged arm, “I’m okay, aren’t I?”

Su Su glared at him in pain and annoyance, “How can you call this okay?”

The two of them tore the producer up inside and out again, and were willing to stop only after they got a clear compensation payment.

Zhou Yuhe looked helplessly at the messy scene, pulled the corner of his mouth, and suddenly faced Xie Yifeng who was also getting bandages not far away.

Xie Yifeng smiled and raised his finger to point to his abdominal skin that was burned by the fire, the corner of his mouth and eyebrows raised, as if to show off his medal.

Zhou Yuhe’s smile widened, a flood of warmth flowed from his heart.


The matter of Zhou Yuhe’s encounter with the fire quickly spread, a lot of people blamed the program, and finally Zhou Yuhe had to personally come forward to issue a statement, that was the end.

It wasn’t that Zhou Yuhe was a saint, but he had seriously considered the pros and cons of the matter before deciding not to pursue the legal responsibility of the program team.

For one thing, the incident was purely accidental, the two young girls who committed the crime were scared out of their souls, and he didn’t suffer much injury, it wasn’t good to take anything into account.

Secondly, the final episode of the show’s dailies convinced Zhou Yuhe that the Battle of the Peaks was undoubtedly the highest level of the first season of “The Liar” in terms of editing, plot, and rhythm, and he got the championship, so he was the biggest winner of the Battle of the Peaks, and if the Battle of the Peaks couldn’t be broadcast because of this accident, it would be a big loss for Zhou Yuhe.

So after repeatedly weighing the situation, he decided to stand on the side of the program team, not only put out an explanation on the Internet, but he also spoke about his experience on the show.

Many people went to see the show because of the “Zhou Yuhe’s injury”, but they became fascinated by the show itself.

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