From the day of the outbreak of the end times, that year was the first year of the end times, it had already been fifteen years.

Fifteen years could change too much.

Nowadays, the world had long become completely different from the calm and peaceful world before the end of the world. Mutant plants were everywhere, low-grade mutant beasts could be seen everywhere, high-grade mutant beasts each occupied a territory …… all surviving humans formed a federation and established the central base city of the federation – Glory Base City. And the zombies were under the command of the zombie king to establish the Cemetery of the dead, that was the Kingdom of the Zombies ……

The city was built on the ruins of a large city, in order to clean out the city, countless human ability users were killed and injured, weapons consumption reached nearly 80%, before they difficulty recovered a large city in a good location, as the capital of the Federation Base City. The city was surrounded by eight guard cities, each of which was comparable to other large base cities, even if the army of zombies, or mutant beasts attacked, the city was as solid as gold.

The distance between the eight major cities and the glorious base city wasn’t close, in the middle was a large expanse of farmland plantations, which was the food source of 700 million people, it was the root of humanity.

However, this was the most important planting base in the fifteenth year of the end of the world, but it was attacked by countless mutant plants, the almost ripe for harvesting food were all destroyed, the reduction of production was extremely serious. Most of the ability users from the eight major cities and the city were deployed to deal with the mutant plants that destroyed the food planting base, but surprisingly, these mutant plants escaped after resisting for some time!

Everyone was terrified, it was clear that these mutant plants were evolved again …… although mutant plants were powerful, because their roots were rooted in the soil, they could only stay in place and be passive beaten, an ability user could completely stand outside the mutant plant’s attack range to attack it to death. But now the mutant plants had evolved to leave their roots and run around, it would be more difficult to deal with them!

In this serious situation, the people looked at the food destroyed by the mutant plants, when the east again pulled the alarm – zombies attack!

Everyone was on the alert as if the enemy was standing by.

The reason was that the zombie virus waa highly infectious, as long as the zombie scratched a little skin, they would turn.

So many years after the beginning of the end of the world, human scientists had created a medical cabin, as long as one could still breathe, even if their limbs were gone, if they stayed in the medical cabin for a few days, they would come out fully restored. But as long as they were infected with the zombie virus, either in the mutation process, or after becoming a zombie, there was no medical means to solve the zombie virus. It could be said that fighting with mutant beasts and mutant plants had a higher survival rate than fighting with zombies.

The Shining Base City and the eight guard cities had just had a battle with the evolved mutant plants, and hadn’t had time to recover from their injuries before they had to go into battle and fight the zombies. The zombie virus could now be spread through the air, if those injured ability users and zombies had close combat, even if they weren’t scratched by zombies, they would likely be infected with the zombie virus because of the open wounds ……

It could be said that the ability users, who had already suffered heavy injuries in the battle with the mutant plants, were basically entering a dead end by fighting with the zombies. But for the sake of their surviving homes, even if they died, they could only go up.

Standing on the walls of the fifth guard city, which was directly facing the zombie army, the ability users looked a little more relaxed as they saw that the number of zombies coming in the distance was not too many. This was because the zombie army was only a few tens of thousands, compared to the hundreds of thousands of millions of zombies in the past, and these tens of thousands of zombies only had few human-like high-level zombies, they were mostly ugly low-grade zombies.

The low-level zombies were a few tens of thousands, and they would be dead in a few shots. The mood of everyone was relieved, but these tens of thousands of zombie army unexpectedly stopped outside the range of the Fifth Guard City’s defensive cannon.

The ability users speculated whether these tens of thousands of zombies had a high level zombie leader, the zombie army suddenly created a spacious road in the two sides, they respectfully bowed their heads, a teenager wearing a white shirt slowly walked out ……

The young man raised his head and his scarlet eyes gloomily stared at the humans on the wall, his eyes were filled with greed and killing intent, he growled out: “Kill! Kill for this king!”

There were already people on the city wall who emotionally broke down from the appearance of the young zombie and lost their voices: “It’s the zombie king! The tenth-rank zombie king!”

Humans had to fight not only zombies but also mutated beasts and mutated plants for survival over the years. But they also never relaxed their control over the evolution of the zombies.

According to the information controlled by humans, over the years, there were many ninth-rank zombies, but there were only be two tenth-rank zombie kings, one was the teenage zombie king who was now leading an army of tens of thousands of evolved zombies to attack human bases, and the other was the young zombie king who had occupied a large piece of land and established a Cemetery for the Dead.

The Zombie King of the Cemetery of the Dead was far more powerful than this teenage zombie king, he controlled an army of countless zombies, not only humanoid zombies, but also zombie plants and animals, at least several hundred million. The teenage zombie was much more pitiful, his strength wasn’t as strong as the Zombie King of the Cemetery of the Dead, he was chased and ran everywhere, his men were either subdued or killed, his high level zombies weren’t many, and finally the Zombie King could only be forced to control tens of thousands of low-ranking zombies from the level of pressure, it was simply a shame to the zombie king.

But no matter how the zombie king was chased, he was still a tenth-rank zombie king ah! The eight human guard cities absolutely couldn’t carry the attack of the tenth-order zombie king, even the glorious base city, could only be hunkered down in the base city with the defense system. Even if the zombie king couldn’t attack, if they lost the vast planting base, the humans in the base city would have to starve to death sooner or later.

If the humans were in a celebratory mood before, after seeing the appearance of the teenage zombie king, there was only despair left.

After learning of the existence of the teenage zombie king, the city opened the defense system, and now people still staying inside the base city could still be safe, but they had been sent to block the zombie army and couldn’t go back. Because once the defense system was opened, no one could enter, destroying their last way back.


As the young zombie king roared, the tens of thousands of zombies beside him suddenly appeared, some obeyed his orders to rush to the city gate, some suddenly attacked their companions, and some zombies even launched an attack towards him, the zombie king.

The young zombie king’s body erupted with white-golden flame, all the zombies close to him were turned into ashes, his scarlet eyes flashed with hatred and fear as he looked around, hissing and shouting: “I know you are here! Come out if you have the guts, huh? What kind of skill is hiding?” Underneath the hysteria was a fear that he couldn’t hide.

In front of him, space suddenly distorted, a handsome young man wearing a long black trench coat suddenly appeared, standing in his shoulder was a snow-white kitten, the kitten’s blue cat pupils stared at the young zombie king, surprisingly he had a creepy feeling of being stared at by a natural enemy.

The teenage zombie king forced himself to divert his attention, ignoring the somewhat bizarre white cat, and viciously said to the black-clothed youth, “King Ye, just what exactly does it take to spare me?” He even stopped calling himself this king, obviously lowering his head.

Ye Tianyi smiled, very satisfied: “Young King, you know what you were doing wasn’t very good? Why waste so much of my time?” He made his request, “As long as you submit to me, I’ll naturally stop hunting you down.”

Fifteen years after the end of the world, there hadn’t been only two tenth rank Zombie Kings, Ye Tian Yi killed and devoured their crystal nucleus, or used his mental ability to turn them into servants. This zombie king known as the lesser king was the last one to slip through the net.

After struggling in his heart for a while, the young king knelt down on one knee in front of Ye Tianyi and expressed his submission.

A zombie had almost the intelligence of an ordinary human when it evolved to the seventh stage, and the tenth stage zombie king was more intelligent than a human elite, and had also evolved seven emotions and six desires, and they feared death unlike the lower zombies.

Therefore, the young king was more willing to submit than die, at least submitting to a strong person who could kill him easily wasn’t an insult to his identity as a zombie king.

Ye Tianyi took a few steps forward, and his mental energy was poked into the young king’s crystal core, causing him to subconsciously resist, and Ye Tianyi whispered, “Relax, no resistance!”

The young king held back his instinct to resist automatically, allowing Ye Tianyi to use his spiritual power to plant a seed in his crystal nucleus – if he failed to remain loyal to Ye Tianyi, he would die of a broken crystal nucleus.

After recovering his spiritual power, Ye Tian Yi was in a good mood, counting the young king, he had now taken in three zombie king minions.

The reason why the humans only knew two zombie kings, Ye Tianyi and Shao Wang, was because the other zombie kings were either killed by Ye Tianyi before they were discovered by humans, or were taken as Ye Tianyi’s little brothers and hidden in the Cemetery of the Dead.

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    Fifteen years could change too much.

    And instead write:
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