C30– Day 30

Yuanyuan’s body was different from Chris, its body had fur which made it soft and fluffy, it didn’t seem to have much combat power.

Not only Chris, even Shen Tong thought so.

This led to the moment when Chris reached out to grab Yuanyuan, Shen Tong’s heartbeat started beating fast.

Because he was too worried about Yuanyuan, Shen Tong at this moment, had very strong mental fluctuations.

But he himself didn’t notice.

Yuanyuan was a mechanical pet, since its mission was to accompany its master, then naturally there would be a corresponding security procedures.

Chris’s attack didn’t make Yuanyuan feel the danger – rather, it thought that the other’s behavior would cause some harm to the catnip in its arms, which made Yuanyuan immediately activate its internal protection program.

Yuanyuan said discontentedly, “No bullying the cub!”

After carefully covering the glass cover with its flesh pads and securing the catnip, it moved swiftly and pounced on Chris, scratching him fiercely with its other paw.

This mechanical pet, in addition to its appearance as the ancient Earth panda, its sharp claws and powerful bite force was also the same as a panda.

Because of Chris’s repeated provocations, and because his existence threatened the catnip, Yuanyuan’s programme had listed him as the “number one threat to the cub”, which meant that, in order to ensure the safety of Shen Tong, Yuanyuan would try to remove this threat for its little master.

The round little ball attacked Chris ferociously.

It was so fierce that even Chris, who waa known as a human weapon, couldn’t stand up to it!

From the beginning of the provocation, to the retreat, before and after only a few minutes, Chris was no longer powerful, he wretchedly cried out for help: “Boss! This panda is crazy! Hurry up and help!”

Joshua estimated the aggressiveness of this mechanical pet and didn’t rashly go forward, he was much more calm than Chris, but also knew what kind of solution was the most effective, “Eugene? Eugene can you hear me? Terminate this mechanical panda’s programme immediately.”

Yuanyuan swung a paw at Chris again.

Joshua observed for a moment and reminded, “Chris, the catnip in its arms, take away the catnip in its arms.”

He noticed that no matter how it moved, it always protected catnip carefully with its flesh pad, catnip was the only soft spot for this mechanical pet!

“You are not allowed to touch the cub!”

The mechanical pet shouldn’t have any emotions, but Yuanyuan’s mechanical heart actually fluttered violently when he saw them trying to take away catnip from his arms.

It was hard, very hard.

Yuanyuan felt that he must have malfunctioned in some way.

And the only way to fix it was to clean up the two threats.

And so Yuanyuan did so.

It attacked with more ferocity.

— it had to guard its core, for which it was born and for which it existed.

This was the meaning of mechanical life.

Yuanyuan attacked Chris step by step, whether it was with its claws, or teeth, its killing power was very great, Chris simply couldn’t fight it hard, he could only repeatedly step back, to avoid the attack.

Just as Yuanyuan cornered the man and raised its sharp claws, about to viciously tear the feline, its movements froze.

The programme was shut down.

Chris’s back was wet with sweat, he had actually felt suppressed.

To be honest, before this, Chris had never had such a bad moment.

Even when he was being chased by the military, he was comfortable, and even had the leisure to taunt them, it was completely unexpected that he would one day be forced into this state by a mechanical pet.

Chris cursed fiercely, “F*ck!”

Eugene leaned against the wall calmly, he was the one who promptly terminated Yuanyuan’s programme, Eugene sighed: “This mechanical pet is quite good, enough to protect its master.”

Chris rolled his eyes at him, lowered his head and tried to take catnip from the mechanical pet’s hand.

But surprisingly, even though the panda had temporarily stopped, it clung to the catnip.

It used its softest pad of flesh to hold the small plant, while its sharp claws kept swinging outward.

The ever-calm Joshua froze slightly at the sight of this scene, not to mention Shen Tong himself.

He was worried about Yuanyuan.

Also very angry.

Before this, Shen Tong had always seen Yuanyuan, as a cute and quiet little panda.

It had interactive functions, but his Majesty in the Perth Palace rarely paid attention to it, and as a grass, he couldn’t communicate with Yuanyuan, so the little panda had to lie on the desk everyday, like a panda pendant, its round eyes blinked as it stared at Shen Tong.

Very focused and very serious.

Shen Tong found it very cute.

It wasn’t until he was stolen by these interstellar thieves that Shen Tong realized, with the benefit of hindsight, that he was set to be the “core”, and to Yuanyuan, it meant a great deal and was unusually significant.

He was cherished by the mechanical pet.

It was trying hard to protect him.

Shen Tong felt very guilty.

He couldn’t do anything.

Shen Tong’s nature was really Buddha-like. When he was still in the Academy of Sciences, his new buds clearly showed, but he never took the initiative to try to grow, because he felt that it was a matter of time before Ji Mei had to leave;

Not long ago, Dai Xi told Shen Tong he was on the verge of becoming a human, Shen Tong only chose to read some books within the spirit world, but never thought about becoming a human sooner, and even wished there was more time to prepare himself.

At this moment, Shen Tong wanted to quickly become a human.

So that he could protect Yuanyuan, instead of only worrying in vain.

At this time, Chris knocked a few times on the glass cover, he was still thinking about catnip’s 10 billion fragrance, and was eager to try, “Should I uncover it ah?”

It was asked, but in fact, Chris’s hands moved quickly and opened the glass cover.

Joshua frowned and stopped, “Stupid! Close it now! You won’t be able to control yourself!”

Of course, Joshua didn’t include himself.

He might fall for it, but not for long, Joshua was confident in his own self-control.

But it was too late.

The scent of catnip had already been released.

Unlike previous days, this time, Shen Tong intentionally let the smell become strong.

The smell in the air was sweet and sweet.

Almost the second it was inhaled, it disoriented them, they were completely caught up in the wonderful atmosphere brought about by the catnip. Who they were, where they were, and where they were going, at this moment it wasn’t important at all, all they wanted to do was to immerse themselves in this unparalleled pleasure.

Very happy, really happy.

Chris squatted down as he held the catnip and giggled foolishly, his tail appeared behind him, and started wagging.

Eugene’s eyes were lost in thought, his eyes focused on Shen Tong, he couldn’t help but circle back and forth around him, then spoke extremely slowly and asked his companions, “Hey, do you guys want to see fireworks?”

Chris hemmed and hawed, “Yeah, yeah.”

“Wait.” Eugene happily opened the starship control panel, selected to enter the battle mode, he squinted his eyes, and happily pressed the launch button, which fired the laser cannon.

Almost at the same time, the laser cannon hit the satellite floating in the universe, emitting a loud boom.

Debris scattered everywhere, the hard material impacted the starship followed with a violent shake, but Chris called out, “One more time!”

Eugene seemed thrilled with his accuracy, “Watch it!”

He slammed the firing button one after another, and the light from the laser cannon almost lit up the star field, which really had the appearance of fireworks.

The two men, whose were obviously incapable of thinking, completely forgot that attacking the satellite would attract the attention of the Starfield’s garrison.

Their nonsense, Joshua should have intercepted, but the problem was that Joshua’s pride in his self-control, it seemed, in front of the catnip, collapsed.

Joshua was singing.

Usually calm and sensible, he slowly ruffled his hair back, and unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt, and leaned wildly against the wall, as if the king of heaven had descended, he scorned the two fools who set off missiles as fireworks, and began his performance.

His voice was really good, but some people were born tone deaf.

Joshua belonged to this category.

He sang the song, surprisingly, there was not a word in tune, it was almost like magic.

It was difficult to hear the two people who were excitedly blowing up the satellite.

Chris: “?”

Eugene: “?”

Joshua noticed their gaze, extended a finger, put it on his lips and shushed lightly, “You – my loyal fans, please keep quiet and let me, Joshua, the king of rock songs, offer you another song.”

He closed his eyes in ecstasy, sniffed the sweet scent belonging to catnip, opened his mouth again and started another song.

In this completely unbearable song, Chris, who was often mocked by Joshua as stupid, actually sobered up a bit.

D*mn, it was hard to hear, it was better to watch Eugene set off the fireworks.

Speaking of which, where did the fireworks come from on the starship?

Eugene seemed to be using a …… laser cannon?

Chris: “?”


He sobered abruptly.

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that Chris was startled awake!

They just kept firing laser cannons and blowing up many satellites, this was simply a provocation to the legion stationed in this star field!

And that wasn’t all, because the laser cannons were firing too often, the energy of their starship was already below 30%, if the legion came, they absolutely couldn’t escape!

Chris broke out in a cold sweat.

Chris tried to wake up the two: “Eugene? Joshua? It’s not good, something’s wrong!”

Eugene asked him, “Do you still want to see the fireworks?”

Joshua said indifferently, “Shut up and listen to me sing!”

Chris: “……”


He quickly snapped the glass cover back on for Catnip, rushed to the console, selected the function to clear the smell, and cancelled the starship’s autopilot mode.

Only just before his hand was placed on the control panel, the alarm sounded: “Q system, in coordinates (46, 87, -104) area, a large number of warships has appeared!”

“Energy is 25% low, please replenish energy in time!”

Chris was anxiously steering the starship to make the last space leap.

Space migration loading 20%
Space migration loading 35%
Space migration loading 40%

At this critical moment, Joshua slammed down the control panel, he grabbed Chris’s collar and said expressionlessly, “It’s your honor to listen to me sing, please listen with your heart.”

Eugene crouched on the ground and frantically agreed, “That’s right, that’s right!”

Chris almost went crazy!

He glanced at the catnip that had been covered, and then at his own hand that had lifted it, and running through his ears was Joshua’s deadly song, and the alarm that was a constant reminder of the approaching warship –

Chris had never had it so hard in his life!

He should never have tried to dismantle that mechanical pet!

And he shouldn’t have opened the glass cover of the catnip!

The space migration loaded.

The starship suddenly disappeared into the vastness of the universe.

Joshua’s broken tune also disappeared together with it.

They really made a hasty escape.

And at this time, Shen Tong still didn’t know what the consequences of the violent mental fluctuations that he unintentionally sent out earlier because he was worried about Yuanyuan being dismantled by Chris.

–Caesar, who was headed to Atlantis, sensed his mental fluctuations.

Shen Tong as Caesar’s match, when he produced violent emotions, Caesar would sense it.

Therefore, Caesar also felt the youth’s emotions from it.

Restlessness, panic, and self-blame.

What had happened?

On the way to Atlantis, it was necessary to pass through the Dead Sea. Because of the special magnetic field, communication facilities completely failed, so Caesar didn’t immediately receive the news that the catnip was stolen.

And in Caesar’s impression, the youth was always gentle and calm, to produce these emotions, something had definitely happened.

Caesar lifted his eyes and quietly said: “Return.”

“Your Majesty ……?”

The officer following him shuddered, “Go back?”

Caesar didn’t give any explanation, his eyes coldly glanced at them, the pupils of his smoky gray eyes flooded with a cold hue, and he gave the same order without an explanation: “Go back, right now.”

The officer hesitated for a moment and wanted to say something else, but after coming into contact with Caesar’s eyes, so cold that he almost froze, his body stiffened, “Yes, I’ll inform the pilot.”

A few minutes later, the main ship took the lead and turned around, followed by the rest of the fleet, sailing back to the Dead Sea star field they had just walked through.

They had long been accustomed to the monarch’s arbitrary actions.

After completely leaving this star field, the communication equipment finally returned to normal.

Caesar also received a message from Perth Palace.

–Catnip has been stolen.

In this instant, Caesar’s expression was full of hostility.

He closed his eyes and repeatedly recalled the mental fluctuations belonging to the youth. The uneasiness, panic, and guilt, every time Caesar recalled it, his irritation deepened by a point.

Caesar lifted his jaw, his tone cold and dangerous, “Useless.”

The officer beside him, who had followed Caesar for many years and experienced Caesar’s loss of control many times, sensed the monarch’s abnormality immediately.

At the same time, this officer dared to assert that the severity of this one was far beyond the past!

The SSS-grade spiritual power belonging to a senior evolver was released from Caesar’s body in a constant stream.

It was extremely frightening.

Their monarch was once again, out of control!

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