C31– Day 31

Caesar gave a second order: “Block all the territories.”

His voice was cold and chilling to the bone.

The officer was stunned.

An all-territory blockade only happened in wartime.

He subconsciously asked, “Your Majesty, what is happening?”

Caesar said word by word: “Someone, is seeking their death.”

This young monarch, the aura around him was cold and hostile to the extreme, as if in am ice field, his body was cold, at the same time, at this moment he was also full of aggression.

Like a lion in a rage.

Cold, and violent.

The officer understood that the decision of his majesty, from the moment he said it, was a directive that had to be carried out, and not a proposal that could be disputed, even the cabinet and the military ministry couldn’t be swayed in the slightest.

He did as he was told.

Ten minutes later, the message went down in turn, the A-Z system was completely blocked, and the planets were forbidden to pass.

This made the interstellar citizens very confused.

The enemy race was coming?

No, no, those bugs, hadn’t they already been defeated?

The people confirmed that the total blockade wasn’t because of an enemy attack, and then there was a lot of discontent.

Today was a day of rest.

Interstellar, like ancient Earth, had days off. Thanks to the ease of transportation today, many people chose to spend these two days with their families to visit different planets, relax, or meet with friends on any planet, dinner, shopping, in order to pass time.

As a result, the star fields were blocked without notification.

Those who stayed on the planet were fine, those who were still on the starship and didn’t reach their destination could only watch as the starship they were on circled back and forth in space, unable to land, let alone enter.

They were like orphans of the universe.

What was going on here?

Because the blockade was so unusual and involved the A-Z star field, the topic soon exploded on the Internet!

#All-territory blockade

#Many starships stranded in space, unable to enter #

#Today we are all orphans of the universe

Clicking on one topic after another, it was filled with complaints.

[I haven’t gone out for hundreds of years, and I wanted to go snowboarding on a whim, but the starship has just flown for half an hour and you’re telling me there’s a global blockade? D*mn you, why!]

[What’s wrong with the blockade today? I’ve been working overtime for weeks and finally got off work, so I want to go to a vacation planet for a few days, and you stuck me on a starship?]

[Who is it! Who the h*ll gave this order? I’ll shark you!!!]

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there was a lot of woe.

It wasn’t until someone in the know used a private account to cryptically reveal a bit of information on Starnet: [Something was stolen inside Perth Palace, it’s important.]


How important could it be that it needed to be blocked off from the whole territory?

This was the reason why imperialism would eventually come to an end, okay?

The crowd was annoyed, and there were more and more venting remarks on the star network.

[What’s all this fuss? Isn’t this annoying???]

[Blockade the whole territory ah! How many people have been affected by this and had to be stranded on the way. Is it necessary? Is it really necessary?]

[What’s the big deal if you lose it? Can’t afford to, huh?]

They really couldn’t afford to.

The person in the know was actually a staff member of the public opinion department, he originally wanted to give some reassurance to the public, seeing the counterproductive effect, after obtaining the consent of his boss, hr had to make another post: [catnip was stolen, there is no doubt that the news is true].

Huh? ? ?

The people who were so angry were immediately confused.

This news came with too much impact.

Catnip lost? Catnip was lost!

How did the Perth Palace lose it?

At this point, everyone immediately changed their comments.

[???? Say it again? What was stolen? I don’t accept catnip as an answer!]

[Lock! Lock the f*ck up! It has to be locked! I can wander the universe for a while longer, but I advise you better find little mint within an hour, or I won’t be done with you!!!]

[Although, it doesn’t sound good. If you lost something, it’s wrong to block the whole territory immediately. But if the object is catnip, forget it! ]

The public opinion was so lopsided. The people’s attitude towards the blockade of the whole territory, also changed from the previous dissatisfaction, to understanding and support.

And with this, several new topics appeared on the Starnet hot list.

#Catnip stolen

#Pray for Little Mint

#I would like to be an orphan of the universe

They vividly illustrated that there was a kind of love that was called double standard.

The staff of the public opinion department let out a long sigh of relief at the sight.

At this time, Natasha, who was personally involved, had identified the culprit who stole catnip through various traces.

–The Star Pirates.

She contacted Caesar at the first opportunity.

“Star Pirates.” Natasha said coldly, “The last place of appearance, Q star, used space migration technology, based on the travel trajectory, the initial presumption of destination for the Z star system, Yura.”

Caesar raised his eyes, his voice was low and deep, “Got it.”


Such a planet, there was no need for it to continue to exist?

He looked violent.

Galaxy Z. Yura.

The starship landed safely.

The fact that this planet was located in the Z system was already a symbol of many things. For example, its remote location, the barren soil, and the fact that most of the people who lived here were immigrants without interstellar residence permits.

It was a long forgotten, or rather, abandoned planet.

The cabin slowly landed, Chris held catnip, followef by Eugene on the left and Joshua on the right, with a grimace.

To be honest, Joshua’s singing voice was really bad.

Even Shen Tong found it a little unbearable.

After smelling catnip, Eugene had been basically stupid, Joshua’s desire to perform was unusually strong, he thought he was the intergalactic rock king, he was starting a concert, and always asked Chris and Eugene to listen to his heavenly singing voice with their hearts.

Chris put up with it for a long time.

Stepping out of the starship, Chris, with his athletic hands, kicked the two, who had not yet recovered from the aftermath of catnip, back into the starship with one kick, and then viciously closed the cabin.

The world finally cleared up.

The sad thing was that Joshua’s song was so unforgettable that Chris found that the off-key song was playing on a loop in his head even when the guy wasn’t there.

He couldn’t even remember the original tune.

Chris cursed in his mind, took catnip and walked to the auction house.

The person who answered brought him into the office.

Seeing that it was him, Suzy extinguished the cigarette in her hand, raised her eyebrows and asked, “Where’s Joshua?”

She preferred dealing with a smart person like Joshua than Chris, who didn’t need to talk much, let alone waste too much time.

Chris shoved catnip to her and said grumpily, “A concert.”

Suzy: “?”

Chris: “He smelled catnip, thought he was the king of rock and roll, and now he’s still singing.”

Suzy: “……”

She tried to think about it, if among the Star Pirates, Chris was a human weapon, then Joshua was their intellectual brain. He was thoughtful and calm enough, his self-control was also very strong, did Joshua, because of catnip, really lose his mind?

Suzy looked askance at the small pot plant, its appearance was quite fresh and lovely, but –

The most important thing was that it wasn’t as cute as 10 billion star coins.

The fact that Suzy was money hungry made her willing to take the risk of stealing catnip from the capital star. No matter how rare it was and how it claimed to be irresistible to felines, in Suzy’s eyes, it was just a potted plant.

At least a plant that could bring her 10 billion star coins benefit.

Suzy smiled with satisfaction.

She informed the staff, “Revise the auction list, add catnip to it, and the auction time, change it and immediately send it down to our customers.”

The sooner she got rid of the stuff from the capital star, the better.

After Suzy finished arranging all this, Shen Tong had a plan in his heart.

— He had to make a trip to the spirit world.

The big cat might be able to help him deliver a message to the housekeeper and the others. After this, Shen Tong planned to develop and mature a little faster and have a humanoid state.

It was really inconvenient to be a grass.

The question was, at this time, would the big cat’s spiritual world open?

Shen Tong quickly got the answer.


And a wild storm was occurring.

Shen Tong didn’t know whether he should be glad that the big cat’s spiritual world was open, or should be helpless for its rather untimely emotional anomaly.

He sighed and lightly shouted, “Kitty?”

In the past, unless this snow lion’s bad temper came up, it would always come to Shen Tong’s side at the first opportunity, but in view of the abnormality of the spiritual world at this moment, Shen Tong concluded that the big cat’s own state wasn’t good, Shen Tong had to take the initiative to find it.


It wasn’t in the private library, it wasn’t in the bedroom or study, Shen Tong went down to the first floor, “Kitty, where are you?”

He didn’t know that there was a gaze that followed him like a shadow.

Upstairs, Caesar lowered his eyes and looked at Shen Tong expressionlessly.

This time, the young monarch didn’t appear in the form of a snow lion.

Shen Tong thought he could enter the spirit world just by chance, but it was not.

The Z galaxy was the most distant of all known galaxies, and even if one used space migration continuously, it would still take nearly a day.

On his way to Yura, Caesar opened his spirit world, wanting to confirm in advance that the youth was safe and sound.

Of course, even if he was unharmed, Caesar couldn’t possibly spare anyone.


The youth called out again.

Caesar should show up and also appease the youth.

But he didn’t.

Caesar stared at the youth, his gaze was deep.

At this moment, his heart was undoubtedly happy, because the youth was looking for him, he had sensed his emotional abnormalities and tried to appease him.

As a result, the violence in Caesar’s heart was growing unchecked again.

He actually lost the youth.

The youth felt uneasy and frightened.

This knowledge, which enraged Caesar, also made him stop there.

–His little tenderness was given to the youth, and all his violence was due to the youth.

He shouldn’t have appeared.

Now this way he would scare the youth.

The snow lion, which was no different from him, appeared immediately, and he lifted his eyes and moved towards the youth.

His footsteps were very light and silent.

The first thing Shen Tong saw was its tail.

It was brighter than snow and glistened.

What could be more comforting than a hug?

Shen Tong gently hugged the big cat.

He raised his hand and rubbed the snow lion’s head, his eyes curved into a beautiful arc, “Kitty, no matter what happens, it’s okay.”

“You still have me.”

His breath was clean and pure.

His embrace, warm as a spring day.

The big cat wagged its tail a few times.

Apparently, it faithfully responded to his mood at the moment.

–No matter what happens, it doesn’t matter.

–You still have me.

How could he promise something like that?

It was frivolous.

Caesar gave a light tsk.

But the irritation in his heart, with just an embrace, reduced a lot.

At the same time, outside the spirit world, Suzy frowned: “What? The whole territory is blocked?”

The staff replied uneasily, “Yes, Sister Suzy, all of them are blocked, everyone is trapped in the same place, and the news that the catnip was stolen, has also spread.”

“Because of catnip?”

“Because of catnip.”

This answer made Suzy feel incredible.

For the sake of a plant, they could raise such a large number of people?

Seal off the whole territory? It wasn’t like it was wartime.

Was it worth it?
Were they crazy?

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