C29—- Day 29

The butler walked into the study, “Yuanyuan?”

Whether it was the desk, or the windowsill, or anywhere else, the butler couldn’t see the mechanical pet with the catnip, his heart sank and he calmly contacted the guard.

“Mr. Butler? Do you have ……?”

“Where is catnip?”

The answer: “The sun is shining to the north today, and the mechanical pet has asked to find the best angle for the catnip to bask in the sun.”

The housekeeper smiled, and nodded.

Although Yuan Yuan was a companion type mechanical pet, but its program was focused on care. That was to say, Yuanyuan did take the initiative to find the best angle of light for catnip.

“Where are they sunbathing?”

“Fifteen minutes ago, positioned in the flower room.”

“Okay, I got it.”

The butler ended the call.

He should have been relieved, but for some reason, the butler felt a little uneasy and had a vague sense of foreboding.

Perhaps part of the reason was that this side of the flower room had the only dead end of surveillance in Perth Palace.

He hurried to the flower room.

Just as the butler arrived at the flower room, the guard sent him another call request.

The butler’s right eye jumped.

“Mr. Butler, the location, location is not working.” The other looked pale, “They’re gone.”

The butler looked up.

The large glass flower room, plants competing for growth, vibrant, black and white round, should have been visible at a glance, but no matter how many times he looked back and forth, he didn’t see its fat figure.

His premonition came true at this moment, and the butler said almost word for word: “Blockade the capital star and forbid the cameras. And …… contact His Majesty immediately!”

Where was Shen Tong?

Shen Tong was carried on the starship, and at this moment was experiencing frequent space migration.

This had to start from three hours ago.

Caesar left Perth Palace while the panda Yuanyuan said to its master, “Time for sunbathing.”

Yuan Yuan had a naive appearance, but it wasn’t a real panda in the end. During this period of time, Shen Tong had gotten used to Yuan Yuan checking the water quality for him before watering, and then telling him precisely whether the water source and the water temperature were feasible, and it would also find the best place for Shen Tong to sunbathe through a series of calculations.

Yuan Yuan stood on its tiptoe to reach the flower pot, then held the pot tightly in his arms and walked outside with a shake.

Not only did Shen Tong not care, even the staff of Perth Palace, didn’t take it to heart.

The mechanical pet’s programme may be rigid, but it would always strictly comply with the previously set instructions, and therefore, no one would ever think that something could go wrong with it.

The Star Bandits also thought of this.

They had smuggled themselves into the capital star seven days ago.

The Perth Palace was heavily guarded, but it was hard to beat the Star Bandits who had infiltrated the Legion, burned their starship, and still managed to get out unharmed.

They arrived and didn’t rush into action, but poked around for a long time until the theft plan finally took shape when they learned that Catnip was being cared for by a mechanical pet.

– Within their inner circle, there was a master hacker who provided technical support.

Also known as Eugene.

From the moment he poked around, Eugene started trying to crack the programme. Catnip was so important to the Perth Palace that they checked the mechanical pet’s programme every two days. Eugene’s operation came close to being discovered several times, but in the end it passed without danger.

After knocking on the code for several nights in a row, Eugene finally cracked Yuanyuan’s programme.

Their plan, therefore, was on the agenda!

After several discussions, the bandits decided to do it on the day Caesar moved.

The decision was made, naturally, after much deliberation. That day, the military personnel guarding the Perth Palace, their focus was bound to be on their loyalty to His Majesty, to escort him safely to Starport, as opposed to the Perth Palace interior, it would be a little more relaxed.

And this leniency was enough for the Star Bandits to exploit the loopholes.

Their plan was going well.

Eugene gave instructions to Yuanyuan, who was controlled by the programme and carefully searched for the best angle for sunbathing and was led to the dead centre of surveillance at the flower room.

They were taken on board the starship.

Not daring to linger, the starship, immediately made several spatial migrations!

The changes came too quickly, Shen Tong was confused for a while.

The panda Yuanyuan, who was holding onto the flower pot, was still carrying out the sunbathing instructions, “It’s sunbathing time! It’s time for sunbathing!”

But no one paid any attention to it.

Chris looked down at the small potted plant in the mechanical pet’s arms, “Why is it still bald?”

He stretched out a hand, only to touch the glass cover covering the plant, Yuanyuan was too agile to match its weight, it covered the catnip and glared at Chris, and protectively said, “strange face, not allowed to touch the cub.”

Shen Tong: “……”

Cub, this name, started being used after a system update, it sounded quite uneducated and quite shameful.

It probably wasn’t its choice, Shen Tong felt that it was the programmer who updated the programme.

Chris’s companion, Joshua turned around and warned him, “Don’t open its glass cover.”

Before coming here, they did a lot of homework about catnip, as to how attractive the smell of catnip was, several people had also had some understanding, Joshua didn’t want them to steal the catnip smoothly then have accidents after.

–Opening the glass case of catnip wasn’t a good idea.

Joshua had always been strong-willed and self-controlled, he trusted himself, the reason why he would say this waa purely to remind his companions, Chris and Eugene, especially Chris, he was a muscular, but obviously brainless fool, Joshua was extremely distrustful of him.

After he finished speaking, Joshua contacted Suzy, the owner of the Muse auction house who hired them to steal the catnip, far away on Euleria.

On the other side of the video, Suzy pinched a cigarette, her tone slow, “Got it?”


“Directly carry out the spatial migration, it should be discovered soon over there, send it to the auction house as early as possible.” Susie finished, and asked with interest, “How did you get it?”

Joshua picked the key points and said a few words.

Suzy listened and lightly reminded, “Companion pet? Joshua, you guys can crack its programme, but you can’t get into its core, so it’s better to carry out the destruction.”

“Well, we will consider it.”

Shen Tong listened in shock.

Their conversation revealed a lot of information.

These people had prepared for this hijacking because the programme had been cracked by them, and their purpose, it seemed, was to send Shen Tong to the auction house …… for an auction?

Shen Tong encountered this kind of thing for the first time, and still with the identity of a grass.

He could not negotiate with them, couldn’t plan his escape, and couldn’t ask for help, and could do almost nothing but listen to them.

This was too bad.

Shen Tong sighed.

At the end of the video call, Suzy seemed to remember something, “By the way, it should have a glass cover, right? You guys better not move it – of course, I don’t think there will be any problem if you do, it and one billion star coins, you should know what the right choice is.”

She ended the call and Chris mimicked Suzy’s tone, “It and a billion star coins, you should know the right choice.”

“Snort, this woman really thinks we don’t know that other people offer at least 10 billion star coins.”

Chris was foolishly excited in his heart, and he asked Joshua, “Old man, do you really not want to smell it? It’s a fragrance worth 10 billion.”

Joshua was not interested, he was still thinking about Suzy’s reminder.

— As they all knew, the core of a companion pet was its owner. Obviously, the core of this mechanical panda was set to protect and take care of the catnip, in the event that it sensed danger, it might attack them. With Chris, a human weapon, it wasn’t to be feared, what was feared was that it had a self-destruct programme installed.

Joshua: “Chris, have Eugene check ……”

During this time of thinking, Chris, who couldn’t get a reply, had taken it upon himself to try the 10 billion fragrance, and he once again put his hand over.

Yuanyuan covered Shen Tong tightly, forbidding him to touch it, “Strange face, strange face!”

Chris threatened it, “If you don’t let go, I’ll tear you apart.”

As the highest level AI pet with the ability to communicate with people, Yuanyuan naturally understood the threat in Chris’s words, but Yuanyuan still said, “No touching the cub!”

This made Shen Tong worried about Yuanyuan.

In fact, letting these two interstellar bandits sniff a little, may cause a turnaround, although one of them seemed to be extraordinarily sensible and calm, it seemed that nothing could make him lose control.

He seemed to be called Joshua?

No matter how sensible and calm, he was also a feline, Shen Tong felt that he could still give it a try.

But Shen Tong couldn’t inform Yuan Yuan of his thoughts, nor could he stop Yuan Yuan from protecting him, and could only listen to Yuanyuan’s repeated refusal: “No touching the cub!”

The form of Yuanyuan wasn’t an adult panda, but a cub, a round one, at the moment it carefully protected the flower pot in its arms, its round eyes alertly stared at Chris.

For a mechanical pet, it was hard to understand exactly what it meant to have its programming broken, because Yuanyuan thought all its actions were out of love for his little master –

The sun was out, the cub had to sunbathe.

Here, the light wasn’t good, it had to find a good place for the cub to sunbathe.

After many calculations, Yuayuan’s calculations told it that there was a place in the flower room that was the best place to sunbathe.

But the cub didn’t get to sunbathe.

There was also a nasty stranger who wanted to touch the cub.

Even if Yuanyuan itself was unable to understand what had happened, but at this moment, it vaguely understood a little.

— The programme was broken, not conducive to the growth of the cub, and perhaps the cub would even be harmed by it.

This was absolutely not okay!

Even the most advanced mechanical pet couldn’t really have emotions, but Shen Tong was the core of Yuanyuan, and the moment it thought that the cub would be harmed, it felt that it couldn’t function properly anymore.

Yuanyuan said with a sigh of anger, “Go away! The cub needs to sunbathe!”

Such a pet, Chris could demolish ten of it, he was quite annoyed with this panda, so he moved his wrist and intended to do it, “So many words, why not destroy it.”


Poor Yuanyuan 😔

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