A pharmaceutical company couldn’t do without its medical representatives.

Medical representatives, in the minds of future generations, would be those drug salesmen who traveled to hospitals to sell drugs and give doctors kickbacks.

However, some doctors were hard to impress with money, and the job of a medical representative was very difficult. If they couldn’t be impressed by money, one could use fame and fortune, sponsor seminars, buy space in journals to publish papers, or sponsor family trips in the name of academic exchange.

Most of these people signed third-party contracts or agency contracts with pharmaceutical companies, which were internally known as Type II personnel.

At the Biopharmaceutical Congress, scholars and academics gathered in one place, how could anyone miss the figure of these people. After all, biopharmaceutical industry bigwigs and hospitals were inextricably linked, the meeting also invited a lot of Asia’s leading hospitals in charge.

“We don’t understand what you’re talking about.” When several foreigners heard Li Zheng’s words, they looked abnormal for a moment, but they quickly reacted and a large string of English came out of their mouths. The English had a strong local accent, and even native English speakers might not be able to understand it.

“Don’t take everyone else for fools. I also have a few friends in Pfizer, the chief engineer of the production department, Johnny Brown, who is very fond of China. He’s a big fan of Chinese culture. I’m sure he wouldn’t like to see anyone cheating his department. Do you want me to call him now?”

The foreigners’ faces changed.

Johnny Brown, Chief Engineer of Production, was rarely seen in public because he was in the technical field, so not many people knew about him. The fact that this young man called out Mr. Brown’s name at once showed that he had the means to connect with Pfizer, even if he didn’t know Mr. Brown.

In fact, in their view, this wasn’t a big deal at all. Qian Zhen came to them by his own hand, and had been following them diligently for several days. They always followed doctors and scholars in their job, and suddenly a man who followed them appeared, it felt very novel.

They were too busy to refuse. Later, Qian Zhen saw that there was a door, and he invited people to eat and drink generously. They didn’t say the words that they would give the production line to Tianjin No.2 Pharmaceutical Factory.

“We never said that we were in the production department. It was Pfizer’s employees that Director Qian was looking for. He was the one who got the wrong person, we just didn’t refuse.” The foreigner said righteously.

Qian Zhen clenched his fists tightly in both hands, and his teeth trembled as he thought of the eager eyes of the old employees before he left.

“If our expression has caused any misunderstanding on the part of Director Qian, we are very sorry.” The foreigners’ this time spoke standard English pronunciation, but Qian Zhen couldn’t hear the apology in their words at all.

Qian Zhen took a step forward, and before Li Zheng and Chen Anbang could react, he picked up the wine bottle on the table and smashed it at a foreigner’s head.

The glass splattered with blood.

Everyone present was shocked by the sudden action.

“Oh, God!” Several foreigners panicked, one pushed Qian Zhen hard and covered his companion’s head, and one hurriedly ran out to make a phone call.

“You’re committing a crime! It was intentional murder!”

The hotel was soon alarmed, and Li Zheng’s face was somewhat ugly, he knew that this time the trouble might be big. The Chinese and Americans were involved, and the incident took place in Tokyo, so once the case was filed, three countries were involved, and it might turn into a three-way diplomatic incident.

The ambulance and police arrived very quickly, and the nurses skillfully put the screaming foreigner into the ambulance.

“Gentlemen, come with us.” The Tokyo police stood in front of the crowd and said with a serious look.

Because of the sound of the police car and ambulance, many people had already gathered in the hotel lobby, and when they saw Chen Anbang, the face of the Chinese scholars led by Professor Meng couldn’t be described as ugly. The Chinese leader looked grim and went to the front desk to make a phone call, probably to report the accident that happened here to China.

Liang Zhe did not expect that his meeting with Li Zheng would start with such a scene.

Two days ago.


“What did Mr. Li Zheng say?” Butler Fang looked at Liang Zhe, who held the phone up for a long time without saying anything and was so anxious that he wanted to snatch the phone box and speak for him.

Liang Zhe’s eyes were wandering, his expression was dull, and he didn’t look aggrieved, but his body was emitting a “I’m very aggrieved” signal.

“Hung up.”

“What?” Butler Fang obviously didn’t understand Liang Zhe’s words.

Liang Zhe slowly put the telephone cylinder on top of the phone, “He said his hand slipped and hung up.”

He said his hand slipped and then hung up …… the phone, butler Fang thought of Li Zheng’s usual gentle and courteous smile, and in his heart, silently lit a candle for Liang Zh, this Mr. Li Zheng, was angry.

“Maybe … he really slipped. Ha, ha, ha, “The housekeeper quickly replied but he didn’t even believe that.

Seeing the way Liang Zhe stared at the phone without blinking, Butler Fang said tentatively: “How about we call gain?”

Liang Zhe’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. He slowly removed his eyes from the telephone.

“Uncle Fang, did the manufacturer’s people get in touch?” Liang Zhe felt that if he called again now, he might end up being hung up on, so he’d better finish the matter first, maybe Li Zheng would be happy?

“Ke Di’s side has already contacted the manufacturer, but they are still hesitant to sell the latest drug production line to us.” The company was now part of the British Empire, and with a local family like the Liang’s coming forward, the matter was actually manageable.

Liang Zhe stood up from the sofa, “Contact Ke Di’s representative, I’ll talk to them personally.”

It was already two days after Liang Zhe received the contract, and after he had deliberated what he was going to say after the meeting with Li Zheng, he took the contract as if he was a soldier on the battlefield, and solemnly got on the plane to Tokyo.

Their fourth meeting, however, was eventful as usual. Liang Zhe got down from the car with the contract in his hand and saw Li Zheng surrounded by Japanese police and walking toward the police car.

His first reaction was to look at Li Zheng’s hands, which were not handcuffed. Liang Zhe’s grim expression soothed a little, it was good that there were no handcuffs.

Li Zheng, of course, also saw Liang Zhe for the first time. The first thing that came to his mind was whether he had flown to Japan because he had hung up on him.

For just a moment, he overthrew the absurd idea in his head. It seemed that his IQ hadn’t been quite enough lately.

Li Zheng noticed Liang Zhe’s unblinking stare at his appearance, and when he thought of his present situation, a kind of unspeakable shame emerged in his heart. His eyelids lifted slightly and he stared back coldly.

Receiving Li Zheng’s gaze, Liang Zhe’s eyes curved slightly and the corner of his mouth rose two millimeters.

Li Zheng: …… Crazy.

The three of them, along with a foreigner, went to the police station. As soon as they entered the police station, the foreigner was indignantly narrating to the police, pointing viciously at Qian Zhen from time to time.

Li Zheng and Chen Anbang did not injure anyone, nor did they abuse or insult the foreigners, so they were brought to the police station as eyewitnesses.

“Gentlemen, may I ask if Mr. Qian Zhen did it first?” The Japanese policeman asked in English.

Chen Anbang opened his mouth, obviously not knowing how to respond.

From the moment Li Zheng got into the police car, his tightly furrowed brow never loosened.

“Can I make a phone call first?” He suddenly spoke up.

The Japanese policeman looked at Li Zheng with surprise. The minor was surprisingly calm.

Li Zheng was only an eyewitness, and his personal freedom was not affected.

Li Zheng thanked him politely.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. It was David’s home phone number, and it was the only one he could recite now.

Accustomed to the cell phone address book of later generations, Li Zheng had never been in the habit of memorizing numbers. David’s number was memorized when he was in Qinghe Town and wanted to sneak across the Yangtze River.

“Hello, hello, this is David.” David’s voice came from the other end of the line.

“David, it’s me.”

“Oh? Li? Are you back? Still in Japan? Did you know that your catalyst has been fully applied to the Danodin production line, and the output has increased by a full half, which is a miracle?”. David was about to say more, but Li Zheng interrupted him.

“Wait, David, let’s talk about this later. I’m at the Tokyo police station.”

“Why are you at the police station again?” David’s words popped out before they had a chance to go through his head.

Li Zheng ……

“An accident. Do you have Daniel’s number?” Seems like, both times he asked David for help, it was at the police station.

“I do, but Li, you were cruel to ask me for his number! If he can help, I can too. The Tokyo Police Department, I can get Roche Japan to talk to them, and you can get out of the police station first if you’ve not committed any serious crimes.” David tried to explain to Li Zheng that he didn’t need to find Daniel because he was also useful.

Li Zheng sighed, “My friend injured a Pfizer employee.”

“Oh, great. No, I mean, Daniel’s number is…..”

Li Zheng said thank you and hung up the phone.

When Li Zheng picked up the phone again and was about to dial Daniel’s number, he saw Liang Zhe walking into the police station lobby accompanied by a middle-aged man.

“Chief of Police”

“Chief of Police”

The policemen in the lobby greeted the middle-aged man politely.

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