C45[Kill That Gentleman 8]

When Yu Ci arrived, Sang Xinghe was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Tonight he was drugged again, but after the first time, the second time was much easier.

Sang Xinghe looked at the tied man on the bed, sighed, and reached out to help him untie the silk, but before doing so, he said to Shen Jue.

“I’ll help you untie it, so be good and obedient and don’t make a scene, okay?”

When he saw the nod, he started to untie the silk.

As soon as he did, Sang Xinghe’s head snapped to the side and he reached out and grabbed Shen Jue’s attacking hand.

All he knew was that Shen Jue would hit him.

Sang Xinghe’s gaze remained unchanged, but was tinged with helplessness, “If you want to fight me, it’s okay, but are you afraid of being punished?”

As soon as this was said, Shen Jue’s hand lost half of its strength.

The last time he encountered Lu Ci, he almost lost his hand because he hit Sang Xinghe’s head.

Sang Xinghe’s empty hand rubbed his brow, “I know you don’t want to, but there’s no other way now, I …….” The rest of his words were really hard to say, and the self-proclaimed open and honest Sang Xinghe never thought he would say such words one day. “I’ll try to be gentle tonight.”

He was like a wanderer seducing a virtuous maiden.

Shen Jue looked at Sang Xinghe for a long moment, slowly pulling his hand back. He sat with his knees hugged and his head tilted to one side, a defensive posture. Sang Xinghe looked at him and felt embarrassed. He moved toward Shen Jue and raised his hand to embrace him, but felt it was wrong.

His hand stopped in mid-air and he didn’t know what to do.

Sang Xinghe took several deep breaths as the drug gradually began affecting him, he took hold of his opponent’s shoulders, only to have Shen Jue duck to the side, seemingly repulsed by his approach.

Sang Xinghe tried to get closer, but Shen Jue wouldn’t allow it, and when Sang Xinghe finally pressed the man against him, the veil on the bed was torn off at one corner. He looked at the drapery draped over the two of them and shook his head at the absurdity of the scene.

The man beneath him was still trying to get out from underneath him, like an irritable little beast.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Sang Xinghe had some inner strength, he might not have been able to restrain him.

Guardian Zuo was afraid that Shen Jue couldn’t do it, so he didn’t feed the muscle relaxer powder this time.

After all, last time it looked really scary.

Sang Xinghe lowered his head, one hand grasped both of Shen Jue’s hands and pressed them above his head, his eyes were clear, his tone was kind, and if Shen Jue hadn’t heard what the other man said, he would have thought that Sang Xinghe was still the same gentleman from before.

“Don’t move, I’m barely able to hold the medicine down now, I’m afraid of hurting you if you struggle later when I can’t control it.” Sang Xinghe paused, and a very wandering and indecent sentence came out of his mouth, “You smell good.”

This was the reason for the Celestial Luo Body’s physique.

This fragrance became sweeter and sweeter with time and could penetrate into the marrow of one’s bones, which was why many people couldn’t let go of their Celestial Luo Body.

When Sang Xinghe glanced at the small cinnabar mole on Shen Jue’s ear, he pursed his lips.

The last time he saw the other party, Shen Jue only had one mark, but now he had it both ears, which meant that Shen Jue had been obtained.

This was his Celestial Luo body.

Sang Xinghe couldn’t help but think so in his heart.

Partly because of the medicinal properties, and partly because of his secret confessions, Sang Xinghe lowered his head and placed a light kiss on Shen Jue’s earlobe. When Shen Jue was suddenly kissed, his ears trembled slightly, and in the next instant, his white ears turned red.

He was angry because Sang Xinghe liked to kiss his ear as much as Murong Xiu did in the last realm, and he hated it because the most sensitive part of his body was his ear.

When he saw Sang Xinghe wanted to kiss his other ear, he struggled.

It was also because Sang Xinghe was lost in a moment of passion that he was knocked out of bed by Shen Jue, and the scene of him being knocked out of bed was just seen by Yu Ci who walked in.

Yu Ci’s pupils shrank, and he immediately slapped Shen Jue on the bed.

He only had time to roll to the side, but Sang Xinghe reacted quickly and blocked Shen Jue’s way.

“What are you doing?” Sang Xinghe looked at Yu Xie with a cold face.

When Yu Ci saw Sang Xinghe, he had to stop his offensive, his face was many times more ugly than Sang Xinghe’s, “He disobeyed, I taught him a lesson, what’s wrong?” He gave a sigh, “Is it possible that our self-proclaimed gentleman Sang has fallen in love with the Celestial Luo Body? I remember that Gentleman Sang hated the Celestial Luo Body.

This time, it was Yu Ci that intentionally stepped on Sang Xinghe’s painful spot.

Sang Xinghe quirked his eyebrows and remained in front of Shen Jue, “Island Master Yu, it’s just that I accidentally fell off the bed, so it has nothing to do with him. It’s late, so please go out.”

Go out?

Let him out and they’ll go on with the business?

He was so angry that he wanted to slap Sang Xinghe directly, but he was a very proud person, and he was the one who let Sang Xinghe have the Celestial Luo Body in the first place.

He couldn’t imagine how close Sang Xinghe and Shen Jue would be after he left, so he decided to stay. He wanted to see how sweet the two of them could be, how good Sang Xinghe’s skill in bed could be, and how charming the Celestial Luo Body could be in bed.

When Sang Xinghe heard that Yu Ci was going to stay and watch, his face was stiff and curse words broke out, “Are you sick?”

Yu Ci sat down leisurely, “Yes, I am sick, what’s wrong? You don’t have to do it, as long as you can stand it.” He sarcastically swept a glance at Sang Xinghe’s lower body.

Sang Xinghe was so angry that he was speechless, Yu Ci was simply crazy, why did he get in trouble with such a crazy person in the first place?

When Yu Ci saw that Sang Xinghe didn’t move, he smiled sarcastically again. He was in no hurry anyway, he would see how far Sang Xinghe could endure.

The two of them were in a stalemate, while Shen Jue on the bed cowered in the corner and wiped his kissed ear in disgust. The two of them should have been a natural pair, but there was only one of them in the middle, so Shen Jue lowered his head and pulled the corner of the quilt.

He felt that he had not practiced enough, and thought that no matter what he experienced, he would never be angry again, but he couldn’t. Even though he had experienced it countless times, he was still angry.

Even though he had experienced it countless times, when he was faced with it again, he was still angry, furious, and wanted to kill.

In his previous life, he had made such excessive demands, and Sang Xinghe had touched Shen Jue in front of him, but after touching him, he almost killed him.

It was because he saw the sarcasm in Sang Xinghe’s eyes that he did not kill Shen Jue.

As Shen Jue was recalling his memories of his previous lives, he suddenly felt someone coming into bed, and when he looked up, he saw Sang Xinghe’s face.

He looked up and saw Sang Xinghe’s face. Admittedly, Sang Xinghe’s face was very beautiful, or else he wouldn’t have fallen in love at first sight when he met him. Even though Sang Xinghe’s facial expression was ugly, he was still very handsome.

He looked at Shen Jue, who was shrinking in the corner of the wall, his lips pursed into a line, and in the middle of a sound, he reached out and dragged the man over.


Yu Ci listened to the noise in his ears and watched the scenery looming beneath the veil, but the armrest of the master’s chair had been crushed in half by him. The wood chips pierced his palm, but he didn’t care.

His eyes turned crimson, and he wanted to kill the two people in front of him immediately.

No, he could not do it.

Yu Ci gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and forced himself to see, he was going to see how long they could do it.

As time passed, Sang Xinghe was clearly in a much better state than the powerless Shen Jue, and even his eyes were clear. He looked into Shen Jue’s blue eyes, which were moistened into a lake beneath his mask, and knitted his brows imperceptibly. He could feel the gaze piercing him, and all he could do was try to cover the person underneath him.

As soon as the drug was removed, Sang Xinghe pulled the blanket over Shen Jue’s body, and he got out of the bed naked. He didn’t care that he was exposed to the eyes of Yu Ci, and even slowly picked up a clean shirt from the floor and draped it over his body.

After he finished putting on his clothes, he saw Yu Ci come over.

Without even looking at Sang Xinghe, he pulled off the veil and was about to hit Shen Jue with his palm.

Only halfway through the strike, a soft snorting sound was heard.

With sarcasm in his eyes, Sang Xinghe looked in askance at Yu Ci with a smile, but there was still a feeling between his eyes that could not be dispelled because of the scuffle.

Island Master, do it, there are many Celestial Luo bodies on your island anyway, right?” Sang Xinghe’s words were sarcastic.

Yu Ci’s body stiffened, then slowly withdrew his hand. He turned around and looked at Sang Xinghe. First, he was expressionless, then he applauded, “Wonderful, really wonderful, Master Sang is really a leading person in the rivers and lakes.”

Sang Xinghe’s eyes went cold, “I’ve also heard that some people in the Jianghu have a peeping tom fetish, but now I’ve also seen it.”

The two men fought with each other in a war of words, but finally, because of the movement on the bed, the two men reluctantly stopped.

Yu Ci looked at Shen Jue with a mischievous gaze, “What are you doing down here?”.

Shen Jue shrank down at the news, covered his body with the blanket, and bent down to pick up the clothes on the ground. Yu Ci snorted and stretched out his foot to step on the clothes that Shen Jue was trying to pick up, “What clothes are you wearing? It’s good to go out just like that.”

Shen Jue seemed to have been frightened by the words of Yu Ci and ducked behind Sang Xinghe in fear.

This déjà vu action directly angered the Island Master.

Last time, Shen Jue had also hidden behind Guardian Zuo, and this time he hid behind Sang Xinghe.

Yu Ci tried to catch him, but Sang Xinghe coldly reached out his hand and blocked Yu Ci’s hand.

“Island Master Yu, you’ve gone crazy, haven’t you?”

“Crazy? I think you’re the one who’s crazy, Gentleman Sang. You’ve only slept with him a few times and you’re already pitying him? Hey, I don’t know who said at first that those who use sex to charm people will kill one by one, but now Gentleman Sang has changed his mind?” Yu Ci said coldly said.

Sang Xinghe listened to an earful of sarcasm, he felt a bit broken, “Yes, I just changed my mind, if Island master Yu wants to feminize, I don’t mind taking pity on the island master for a moment.”

“You!” He didn’t expect Sang Xinghe to talk like this, he was so angry that he couldn’t say anything for a while. When he turned his head, he broke the plush chair he had previously sat in. When he turned his head again, his expression had returned to normal. “Sang Xinghe, you will naturally beg me in the future, I will wait.”

After he finished speaking, he threw his sleeves and left.

Only after Yu Ci left did Sang Xinghe show a tired look.

But as soon as he relaxed, he received a slap on the back.

Sang Xinghe was unprepared and was knocked to the ground, but before he could get up, he saw that the person who had been weak and hiding behind him earlier had quickly gone to pick up the leg stick of the master’s chair. When Sang Xinghe saw Shen Jue walking toward him with the stick, he was stunned.

“You ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, he received a stick in the face.

Sang Xinghe sucked in a breath of pain, he covered his nose, his head and face were beaten again, and finally, he was in so much pain that he could barely hold the person in his arms. Sang Xinghe threw the stick from Shen Jue’s hand to the side and said, “You’re a heartless man, I defended you just now.”

When he finished speaking, he saw that the person in his arms was still struggling badly, just like a child having a tantrum, so he couldn’t help but hit Shen Jue’s butt*cks twice, “Stop fooling around, if you want to hit, wait until Yu Ci leaves completely before hitting, okay? He’s still in the yard now. What if he hears something and comes back?”

This time, he finished speaking, but as soon as they were finished, his arm was bitten down hard.

Sang Xinghe looked down at Shen Jue, who had bitten his arm, and sighed helplessly. He pulled up the blanket on Shen Jue’s body so that the other man wouldn’t freeze in the cold of the Yi Shui Pavilion.

He thought he had run into a dodder flower, but it was not.

The bite was not that of a dodder flower, but rather like a man-eating flower.


Dodder Flower—  means to be someone who can’t survive or withers easily without a stronghold [aka a man/woman]

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