Zhou Sitian couldn’t tell what she was feeling. Zhou Deqing’s three words had completely destroyed her ability to think.

She had never met this person before, but the shadow of this person had overshadowed her entire life.

Zhou Sitian remembered clearly that no one played with her when she was a child because she was the daughter of a criminal. She ran to her mother and asked what a criminal was, the look in her eyes at that time would never be forgotten, it was so cold and desperate.

Out of respect and reverence for life, Mother Li left Zhou Sitian behind. However, her hatred for Zhou Deqing and her reluctance to fate prevented her from treating her daughter with a normal heart, so mother and daughter, although they were under the same roof, spoke only a handful of words. If not for Father Li’s appearance, Zhou Sitian might have become a girl with a strange personality.

Zhou Sitian stumbled on the road, father, a word that was thought to be buried at the same time with Father Li’s death, reappeared in her life, making it difficult for her to even breathe.

“Sis?” Li Zheng and Li Chaoyang were slowly traveling towards Dongliu High School in Li Chaoyang’s father’s tricycle, and when they saw Zhou Sitian stumbling out of the school entrance, Li Zheng was shocked, then he jumped off and ran towards Zhou Sitian.

“Sister, what’s happened?”

Zhou Sitian’s face was pale and in a trance, her hair appeared a little disheveled, and Li Zheng’s sharp eyes noticed a few drops of blood on Zhou Sitian’s trousers and cuffs. His gaze became serious, the former director of Huaqing Bio-Pharmaceuticals showed a hint of anger on his childish face.
  When Zhou Sitian looked up and saw Li Zheng, the first thing that came to her mind was what Li Zheng said to her that day, “No matter what, we’re each other’s only family now.” Her eyes suddenly turned red.

Zhou Sitian suddenly hugged Li Zheng and cried out, “Little Zheng, what should I do. I hate him, I don’t want to acknowledge him, but he killed someone, killed Yang Kaijian, to save me, to save me ah!”

“Will he die, he just got out of prison, will he get the death penalty?” Speaking of that, Zhou Sitian’s voice choked.

Zhou Deqing and Zhou Sitian had met and he killed Yang Kaijian to save Zhou Sitian? Li Zheng integrated the messages in his mind and quickly came to this conclusion.

Why would Yang Kaijian make a move against Zhou Sitian? Was it because he threw the dirty towel? Li Zheng had a quick flash of doubt in his mind, maybe not.

“Chaoyang, you go to school first and take a leave for me and my sister.” Li Zheng said as he patted Zhou Sitian on the back reassuringly, turning to Li Chaoyang.

Li Chaoyang was clearly still baffled, he carefully looked at Zhou Sitian and asked softly, “Is Sister Sitian alright?”

Li Zheng glanced at him, “She’ll be fine if you get us the day off in time for class.”

“Oh, good.” Li Chaoyang stroked his head and didn’t take the tricycle anymore, spreading his legs and running towards the school gate.

At this time, the only police car of the Qinghe Town Police Station happened to drive out from the gate of Dongliu High School, and Li Zheng could clearly see a middle-aged man covered in blood lying on the back seat of the car through the window.
  Zhou Sitian didn’t know when she had straightened up and stared blankly at the direction of the police car for a long time.

“Uncle Li, can you please give us a ride to the station?” Li Zheng suddenly turned around and said to Li Chaoyang’s father.

Li Chaoyang’s father nodded cheerfully, “Come on up, I’ll ride faster, I can still make that nine o’clock bus!” People of his generation knew all about the connections between Zhou Deqing and the Li family, the Li family had a big reputation!

Zhou Deqing’s kind of injury couldn’t be handled by the town’s health center, plus declaring Yang Kaijian officially dead required a death certificate from a hospital above the county level, so the police car’s destination must be the only hospital in Yantian County, the County People’s Hospital.

Along the way, Zhou Sitian clutched Li Zheng’s hand tightly and didn’t say a word.

After an hour of bumps, the two finally stood in front of the hospital.

The hospital in the eighties was a bit crude, with a few rows of small bungalows, a high wall on both sides and a short one on the other, and a sign with black characters on a white background hanging on the high side, reading “Yantian County People’s Hospital”.

In the 1980s, when disinfection conditions were rudimentary, sunlight was a very good disinfection tool.

As soon as Li Zheng entered the courtyard, he saw the very distinctive jeep of the Qinghe Township police station, and he pulled Zhou Sitian inside the hospital.

“Excuse me, where is the patient from the Qinghe Township Police Station?”

The nurse asked without lifting her head, “The dead one or the living one.”

It seemed that Yang Kaijian was really dead, and Li Zheng was silent for a moment, “The living one.” Having been the head of the drug research lab for so long in his last life, he was already used to seeing death.
  The nurse finally looked up at them, probably wondering what their relationship with the murderer was.

“Turn right at the end of the corridor.”

Li Zheng nodded and pulled Zhou Sitian in the direction the nurse pointed out.

Turning right at the end of the corridor was the entrance to an operating room, and police officers from the Qinghe Town Police Station were waiting outside the door, sitting or standing.

When they saw Li Zheng and Zhou Sitian coming over, they looked at each other and exchanged glances. The young police officer wanted to come over and ask questions, but as soon as he got up, he was held back by an older policeman, and the old policeman nodded to Zhou Sitian, then slowly leaned back against the wall.

The clock slowly moved to the position of twelve, but the door to the operating room did not open for a long time, Zhou Sitian heart grew anxious, she bit her lower lip so tightly that she almost bled.

“Sister, it’s good that the surgery is taking longer. If it was the aorta that was stabbed, he should have been declared dead by now, it wouldn’t have taken that long.” Li Zheng said.

Zhou Sitian looked at Li Zheng with a complicated look, “It’s none of your business. Don’t you… don’t you hate him?” It’s obvious that he hurt your mother.

Li Zheng was startled, “A yardstick is a yardstick, he saved you, I have to thank him. You’re the only family I have left, I don’t want to be alone and miserable.”

Zhou Sitian thought about how ironic it was, and she nodded, clutching her hand and looking towards the operating room again.

At that moment, a woman’s cry rang out, and Wang Aijuan half-knelt in front of Yang Kaijian’s push bed, vigorously shaking her son’s body.

“Son ah, you wake up ah! What will happen to mom and dad when you’re gone? If you don’t want to go to school, you don’t have to go to school, mommy will figure it out for you at the factory! Wake up, you!” Wang Aijuan was wailing hysterically.

Yang Sheng held onto the wall, stunned at the white cloth covered son, he opened his mouth, but could not speak, his tall body seemed to suddenly become rickety, the gray hair on his temples also in a moment multiplied. The usual calculations, gains and losses were all at once unimportant, and he staggered to the push-bed and slowly stretched his hand forward.
  Wang Aijuan pushed hard, knocking him to the ground in one fell swoop, “Don’t touch him! If you hadn’t had to make him beg that old man, my son wouldn’t have gone out and nothing would have happened to him if he hadn’t gone out, all because of you!”

Yang Sheng sat on the cold ground, stunned. The nurse next to her couldn’t see past it, she stepped forward to help Yang Sheng up, “This lady, the murderer is still over there being rescued, what fire are you spreading with your husband, you only have each other later.” Yang Kaijian was brought in as a victim, the medical staff’s heart must be more partial to them.

Wang Aijuan jumped up at the news, her eyes filled with hatred, and pushed Yang Kaijian’s push bed and walked towards the door of the operating room.

“Big sister, this victim’s body…”

“I want my son to see what happens to murderers with his own eyes!” Wang Aijuan’s hand holding the handrail of the push bed was bruised.

When she saw the operating room door closed and the police and Li Zheng and Zhou Sitian waiting outside the operating room, Wang Aijuan completely exploded.

“You guys are actually saving the murderer! He’s a murderer! He deserves to die right now!” Wang Aijuan rushed towards the operating room like a madwoman.

The policemen were busy stopping her, “Big sister, calm down, if he’s guilty, he’ll be sentenced to death sooner or later.” The police in the eighties were still very straightforward.

Zhou Sitian looked up sharply, “No, Yang Kaijian tried to kill me, he saved me!” Her voice was so loud that it could be heard throughout the hospital corridors.
  When Yang Kaijian attacked Zhou Sitian, only the two of them were present, and it was only later that Zhou Sitian screamed to draw the security guards over, meaning that Zhou Sitian was the only witness at the scene.

Zhou Sitian’s words made everyone, including the police, shocked. Really? The deceased was the perpetrator, and the “murderer” rescued inside was a hero for the righteous cause?

Wang Aijuan was like a mad lioness, she lunged at Zhou Sitian, “B*tch! A bastard born of a criminal. Bastard, my son is dead and you still slander him like that!” Wang Aijuan seemed to have thought of something, “Yes, you’re his daughter! You’re his daughter, of course you’ll speak for him!” She spoke louder and louder.

“You want to get your father off the hook, so you put the shit on my son’s head, have you no conscience, no sense of shame, you’ve all been classmates for so many years, why would my son kill you!” Wang Aijuan’s right hand tugged on Zhou Sitian’s hair, trying to drag it over to Yang Kaijian’s push bed.

Li Zheng’s face darkened as he took a step forward and raised his hand to forcefully block Wang Aijuan’s arm away while protecting Zhou Sitian behind him.

“Little brat, that’s Zhou Deqing lying in there! Zhao Qiuhua would have to die of anger if she were here, one or two of her children helping her enemies.”

“I don’t know who Zhou Deqing is, I only know that Zhou Sitian is my sister. This is a hospital, take it to the door.” Li Zheng didn’t even bother to lift his eyes, he was almost able to determine that Yang Kaijian wasn’t that innocent.

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