C012 – Voice Ruined

Today was the last day of the week-long popularity contest for the top 12 pending contestants, and in the evening the show called everyone together to the main lounge to announce the results.

The star promoter was not present, the results were announced by the director, the notice was eight o’clock in the evening, and as a result some people had not arrived when the time came.

“What’s the status of Shi Fei? Didn’t he know we had a meeting tonight?” Director Teng had a dark face and his mood was all over the place.

One by one, the players at the bottom were also silent and nervous.

“Does he think he can disobey the rules just because he got a better score?” Director Teng’s face was dark, the stage book in his hand rolled into a circle and squeezed tightly, “Go call, get someone to call quickly.”

Dai Liang stood beside Zhuang Xinran, hands placed behind his back, looked down at Zhuang Xinran, after tonight he probably could only see him on TV. Thinking like this, his eyes grew tender, such a good Xinran should shine on the stage, and all those people who obstructed his path should just move aside.

  Dai Liang’s bare sight, of course, Zhuang Xinran had felt it, and he treated it as if he hadn’t seen it, looking straight ahead at Director Teng’s position, waiting for the result, and he was a little nervous, wondering if the result was what he thought it would be.

As the minutes ticked by, Director Teng’s face became more and more ugly, his lips pursed in a frown.

When he saw the staff running back alone in a hurry, without waiting for him to speak, Director Teng tensed and asked, “Why are you the only one who came back, Shi Fei?”

Probably running in a hurry, the staff was panting very hard and stood there breathlessly saying, “Shi Fei, he he he… he can’t come…”

“What’s the matter with him, he’s trying to play a big game with me, and he’s drifting off before he’s even popular?” Director Teng also had reason to suspect that Shi Fei did this, this person had some skills and some pride, it was not strange to do something like this.

Director Teng rubbed the back of his neck, resisting the urge to let his blood pressure rise and said, “You go and tell Shi Fei, does he still want to compete? If he doesn’t want to compete, he should just say so and get out.”

Tianxing Media was fond of Shi Fei’s conditions, but a not yet popular person who dared to be arrogant, Teng Cong couldn’t stand it

The contestants were in an uproar, wasn’t Shi Fei too popular to be fired?

“No… he, Shi Fei, he was poisoned.” The staff hurriedly finished the sentence in one breath.

Director Teng’s face changed, his eyes widened, he walked two steps forward and grabbed the staff’s clothes and asked, “What poisoned, what happened, speak clearly.”
  The staff said, “I’m not sure, when I went to look for Shi Fei, I heard the follow up VJ say that Shi Fei was taken to the medical ward, he couldn’t make out his vocal cords, he was poisoned.”

Director Teng turned pale, “Why didn’t you say so?”

A contestant being poisoned during a program competition was a big deal, once it wasn’t handled properly and was pursued from above, the program could all be shut down.

Teng Cong hurriedly followed the staff to the medical room and said to everyone before leaving, “Let’s disperse for today and announce the results before we decide.”

He Xiaobei was confused and still couldn’t believe what he had just heard, grabbing the person next to him and asking, “Did I just hear wrong, they said Brother Fei was poisoned?”

How was that possible, they were still eating together at dinner and training together, when obviously nothing was wrong.

In the meantime, Yu Zixing said, “Don’t worry about it, let’s go check it out first.”

Zhuang Xinran also took a step forward and said worriedly, “Let’s also go and see how Shi Fei, how could something like this happen in the program.” As he spoke, he also touched his throat, feeling a bit dry.

Whether it was sincere or not, they all headed to the medical room together to see what was going on.

Dai Liang followed behind, secretly happy that his plan had worked, but unfortunately only Shi Fei was hit, if he could pull He Xiaobei down as well, then Xinran’s chances of winning would be even higher.

He had thought of doing it to other players, but he was worried that the competition would be affected by too many poisoned people.

  When the group of people arrived at the medical room.

The doctor wore a mask and said, “Too many people will affect the patient’s rest, you all should go back.”

He Xiaobei took a step forward and asked worriedly, “Doctor, I’m just asking, how is Shi Fei doing?”

Doctor: “The situation isn’t too good, you guys shouldn’t be stuck here, you can’t help here.”

He Xiaobei’s face went a bit whiter, “Who on earth went so far as to poison Brother Fei, the heart is too vicious.”

“Poisoned? What poisoning?” The doctor who was planning to leave heard He Xiaobei’s words and asked in confusion.

“Didn’t you say that Shi Fei was poisoned and his voice was gone?” He Xiaobei asked.

“Nonsense, Shi Fei is just having tonsil inflammation, how come he’s involved in poisoning?”

“I thought you said things weren’t looking good?”

“Is it optimistic? A throat infection during a tournament affects a player’s normal performance, and I hear you have a tournament in a week, yes?” The doctor asked rhetorically.
  At this time, the staff inside and Director Teng also came out, seeing so many people blocking the door, Director Teng directly said, “Don’t all gather around, disperse, Shi Fei is fine. As for announcing the results for the pending contestants, change the announcement to tomorrow morning at nine.”

The staff also explained, “I misheard just now, he’ll be doing nebulization treatment inside, I think he’ll be fine, let’s all disperse.”

The crowd was confused, “…….” so wasting half a day when Shi Fei was not poisoned, was a farce.

The doctor looked at everyone’s confused expressions, smiled and shook his head and said, “What are you young people thinking? This is the program team of “The Strongest Idol”, how could the program team allow something like poisoning to happen.”

As a result, as soon as the doctor finished his words, Zhuang Xinran suddenly felt some pain in his throat, “My throat, it hurts…”

Upon opening his mouth, Zhuang Xinran himself was surprised, how his originally clear voice had turned into a duck’s voice.

Dai Liang took Zhuang Xinran into the medical room and saw Shi Fei sitting aside receiving the atomization, and a flash of haze flashed through his eyes.

 Shi Fei glanced faintly and removed his gaze from them. When he saw the person behind them, he waved his hand. There was no such thing as an irritation in his throat that would affect the situation of the game. It made Dai Liang feel unhappy again.

On the way back everyone was discussing.
“It’s been a bit dry for the past two days, it’s easy to get a throat infection ah, it seems like we all need to be more careful and drink more hot water.”

“The two of them became ill at the wrong time, it’s going to be a competition in a while, what if it affects their play then.”

“Don’t worry too much, it’s still a week away, there’s still time, they’ll definitely be fine.”

“They’ll get better, but the practice of the past few days has also been missed ah, it will still be affected.”

The lack of practice time would inevitably affect the play of the game then.

When Zhuang Xinran and the others came in, Shi Fei was already about to finish his atomization, and while he was still checking, Shi Fei took the medicine and left with He Xiaobei.

In addition to announcing the results of the pending contestants’ popularity contest today, it was the airing time for the second phase of “The Strongest Idol”.

Playing the preliminaries of the Original track and the Magic Sound track, Shi Fei didn’t go to watch it and went straight back to his dormitory, and of course He Xiaobei accompanied him.

After returning to the dormitory, Shi Fei washed and went to bed, He Xiaobei saw and urged him to take his medicine first.

After taking the medicine, he thought that Shi Fei would rest and go to bed early, but he saw that he was holding a drawing book again to draw that unreadable painting.

“Brother Fei, you’re still not sleeping?”

“It’s impossible to sleep if you want to.” He was afraid this night was going to be eventful.
  An hour or so later, the message for people to assemble was blaring on the dormitory radio.

Everyone went to the large waiting room again as fast as they could, some with sweat on their bodies, obviously coming over from the practice room, and some yawning as well.

In the waiting room, Director Teng was standing there with an inspection report in his hand, and Dai Liang was standing to the side with an expression as if someone owed him millions.

“Director Teng, are you planning to announce the results of the pending contestants?” Ding Chen nervously asked, he was a pending contestant, one more day to stay was one more day of hope.

“The results of the pending contestants’ advancement will be announced tomorrow, today I’ve called you all here for something more important, fellow student Zhuang Xinran was poisoned during the show’s practice.”

“Poisoned, again, it wouldn’t be another throat infection misunderstanding, right?” There had been a misunderstanding at Shi Fei’s place before, this would be something that no one took to heart.

“I won’t joke about such things, Zhuang Xinran has been sent to the hospital, what I have is Zhuang Xinran’s test report, he was poisoned with lead poison, his voice is now torn painfully and he’s unable to speak.” Teng Cong’s face was very serious, his lips were pursed tightly, and his falcon eyes were staring at the group of contestants, hoping to see something wrong on their faces.
  Dai Liang’s expression was similarly unpleasant, a pair of red eyes looked at the opposite player with a scrutinizing gaze, and finally placed his gaze on Shi Fei’s body, saying with a surge of hatred, “Director Teng, don’t bother with them, the murderer is Shi Fei, hurry up and arrest him ah.”

The crowd placed their eyes on Shi Fei, not understanding how he had decided it was him.

He Xiaobei said urgently, “Dai Liang, don’t talk nonsense without proof.”

“Who else could it be but him, Xinran is usually nice to people and gets along well with everyone, only with Shi Fei there were some conflicts in the past, Shi Fei’s attitude towards Zhuang Xinran, everyone can tell, if it’s not him, who else could it be.” Dai Liang’s eyes were red with rage, if it wasn’t for the little bit of sanity that was left, he would have gone up and torn Shi Fei apart.

Listening to Dai Liang’s words, everyone felt as if there was some truth to them.

Shi Fei looked a little cold but in fact he was familiar with people, everyone knew he was quite easy to get along with, when he saw people, he greeted, it was only Dai Liang and Zhuang Xinran he loved ignoring, the kind of ‘did not want to communicate’ expression was always directly on his face.

They had some conflicts before, the entire program team knew, be Zhuang Xinran was poisoned, the biggest suspect was indeed Shi Fei.

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