C011 — The Program Starts Broadcasting

In everyone’s anticipation, the <Strongest idol> ushered in the first phase of the start of the show, the program used Shi Fei for publicity before airing, although the latter relied on the star promoters to clarify, but many people were still very confused about the singing level of Shi Fei.

Even many people also suspected that the face value of Shi Fei was also fake, after all, these days under the powerful beauty filter, even Wu Dalang could also have clear eyebrows.

The start of the show omitted a lot of unnecessary material from the previous show, and started directly with the beauty track competition.

Shi Fei as the first popular king first appeared in front of the screen.

“Ahhhhh so handsome, who said his face was worked on, this face value is too much.”

“This is really too handsome, mother has come to take you home.”

“These face dogs are crazy, before the Internet said he had shady promotions, this is the selection of the strongest idol, face value has nothing to do with the strongest idol.”

“Is the upstairs sick? The shady promotions have been explained before by the Star Promoters, we’ll know if it’s true or not in a moment, is there a need to rush to scold here?”

Shi Fei as the popular king sat directly on the promotion seat, causing many netizens who were originally dissatisfied with Shi Fei started cursing again, feeling that the rules of the competition were unfair.

When all the contestants were finished, He Lulu picked out 8 promoted contestants and 12 pending contestants.

When the host asked if there was anyone who wanted to challenge the promoted players, Qin Zhi was the first one to come out and asked to challenge Shi Fei.

Qin Zhi was the first to come forward and challenge Si Fei, which brought the hearts of the audience to their feet, and finally the climax came.

When he asked if there were other people who wanted to challenge him, eight people actually came out at once, and netizens were nervous for him.

He was going to pick a few?

The result again saw Shi Fei rejecting the challenge, again surprising the netizens that he was able to do so.
  ”He refused the challenge, and he didn’t even have the courage to fight. He really had a shady promotion.”

“It’s a pity for those players to be decided on the stage. I remember that the voice of Qin Zhi is also very powerful. Unfortunately, the limited number of places was occupied by people like Shi Fei.”

“If it were me, I wouldn’t go to this kind of excitement without some strength, Shi Fei go down.”

“Are you crazy? Watching a program also shows you superiority. Is this program finished? So anxious to make a conclusion, be careful not to be beaten. ”

On the barrage, a lot of people quarreled badly, and Shi Fei’s high face value circled a lot of fans for him as soon as he appeared.

At that time, when Shi Fei asked questions to change the challenge rules, some people thought he was too arrogant, while others felt a little hot-blooded.

If you dare, like this arrogant and confident person. He was right to choose carefully.

To the back, Shi Fei picked Qin Zhi, and everyone understood that this was what Qin Zhi said on the Internet that Shi Fei changed the rules of the game.

Qin Zhi sang a song called “Wild Long”, which everyone thought was quite nice. Many people thought that such a nice song would make his challenge a success. What exactly did Shi Fei sing that he impressed He Lulu?

It wasn’t really shady, was it?

At that time, when Shi Fei said that he would also choose the song “Wild Long”, there were a lot of people on the barrage who called Shi Fei crazy.

As a result, by the time the music started, his previously slightly lazy temperament had completely changed, and the words on the pop-up screen began to change as well.

“Open mouth bombing ah, regardless of whether or not Shi Fei is crazy, this strength is really strong.”

“My mother, his singing is too strong. I feel the power of two meters and eight meters across the screen, and I love it.”

“I got goosebumps when he opened my mouth, I originally thought that Qin Zhi sang this song well, but I didn’t think that Shi Fei was stronger.”

“Before there were still doubts, now I am completely convinced that Shi Fei is definitely promoted by his own strength, who just said that Shi Fei was promoted by shady promotions. Quickly come out and hit your face.”

The first two-thirds of the show played the preliminaries of the beauty track, and the second third played the preliminaries of the original track, which could not be played due to the time limit, and stuck the end at the climax.

The fans of each of the promoted contestants on Weibo were growing, with Shi Fei rising the fastest.

The three tracks that had been promoted were still trying to prepare for the next competition as people chose which little brother to pick.

A conspiracy was premeditated among these contestants.


A city, inside a villa area.

Gu Yueze, who had just finished working out, entered the study after taking a shower and wearing black casual pajamas to start reviewing documents.

The warm yellow light overhead shone on his handsome face, illuminating his features in a hazy manner.

Something flickered in his mind as if today was important, and the feeling of forgetting something still filled his mind strongly.
Gu Yueze sat on a chair and called his assistant Zhang Wu with his cell phone.

Zhang Wu, who was trying to help with his daughter’s homework at home, received a call from the CEO in the middle of the night, and immediately took out a stern gesture of readiness to return to the company to work overtime.

“Is there any work I haven’t finished today?”

“Mr. Gu, what are you referring to?” Halfway through wearing his suit, Zhang Wu did not understand what he meant. The Gu Group’s industries were spread all over the world, and as the youngest family head and company helmsman of this generation, Gu Yueze’s daily work schedule was very tight.

Don’t say today, that was, what work was available in the next month was arranged clearly, and the schedule was more than that of a first-tier star.

Of course, it would all be reasonably arranged.

“It feels like there’s some work that was forgotten.” Gu Yueze’s memory was very good, and he could remember the documents even after scanning through them, as well as the itinerary, but he couldn’t remember what he had forgotten.

“Today’s meeting with Mr. Zhang, as well as the connected video conference, the shareholder meeting has been held, and the reports for the second half of the quarter for each branch office have also been submitted… “Zhang Wu listed today’s work schedule, all completed ah.

“Hang on.” After Gu Yueze’s clear and cold voice finished, the phone hung up.

With his suit half-worn, Zhang Wu still felt a little confused, what was wrong with Mr. Gu.

He was planning to go back to continue to tutor his daughter to do her homework, through the living room, he saw his wife take the phone wirelessly connected to the living room on the big screen of the TV to watch the program, a face of adoration: “ah ah ah pup, mom loves you, come on son…….”

Zhang Wu: …….Which brat was she obsessed with again?

Just in time to see the TV screen, Shi Fei’s handsome and unmistakable face, focused and serious, was singing a song.

By the way, today seemed to be the time when the first phase of “The Strongest Idol” aired, and Zhang Wu thought that he might know what Gu Yueze had forgotten.

On the other hand, after receiving a call from his assistant, Gu Yueze thought about opening his laptop and searching for the program “Strongest Idol” to watch the first phase.

Previously, he had only seen a picture of Shi Fei, and this time he would see someone him on TV, he thought that he would be a rather gentle person, and after watching it, he found that Shi Fei was a thorny rose with a slightly difficult personality, like a kitten with claws.

His confident ease in the face of challengers, to his confident aura when singing, was difficult to look away from.

As a CEO, Gu Yueze had a busy day job and never wasted his time on such variety shows.
 He seriously watched the program. After watching the program, the expression on his face had hardly changed, and it was cold and indifferent.

After watching the program, Gu Yueze reopened an English file and looked through it. After reading it for less than five seconds, he stopped, picked up his mobile phone, recalled that he could download the videos on penguin at the end of the program, he found the praise channel of Shi Fei, and posted a compliment.

Then he continued to work as if nothing had happened.
  Yesterday’s first episode aired, and overnight, Shi Fei rose tens of thousands of fans, making those contestants envious.

While everyone was envious, Shi Fei was practicing with He Xiaobei in practice room #3 for the next competition.

“Shi Fei, your stage style, singing skills, and expressions are all very mature, and those who don’t know would think that you are an old singer who has been on stage for many years. For you, there’s nothing special I can teach you, as long as you keep playing at your level during the competition.” After a lesson, the vocal teacher commented on Shi Fei, then looked at He Xiaobei and said, “Xiaobei, your voice is very good, there is still a lot of room for development, that is, your stage style and singing expressions still need more practice, usually when you have time, Shi Fei you teach him.”

Shi Fei nodded, He Xiaobei also said hard work.

After the lesson was over, the vocal teacher left.

Shi Fei went to the shelf where the water was kept, grabbed a bottle of vitamin C water, opened the cap to drink it, and paused as he brought it to his mouth.

Holding the bottle and sniffing it, with sweat on his forehead, his thin lips slightly hooked up. Acted so quickly.

Also tired, He Xiaobei came over, picking up the vitamin C water to drink.

Shi Fei grabbed the water and sniffed it too, indeed it was also drugged.

“What’s wrong Brother Fei? If you want to drink it, then I’ll give you this bottle.” He Xiaobei thought that Shi Fei didn’t want to open the lid, and didn’t care.

His hand went to touch the next bottle, when Shi Fei took a bottle of water from the very back of the shelf, opened it and smelled it, then tossed it to him and said, “Drink this.”

“Oh.” He was oddly surprised, did it make a difference to switch it around?

He Xiaobei was really thirsty, he gulped down a small half of the bottle at once.
  Shi Fei looked at the two bottles of faulty water placed on the side, he was reborn, chose a different track, and as a result, some things were still unavoidable.

He Xiaobei was poisoned in his previous life, ruining his voice and forcing him to withdraw from the competition, otherwise, with his strength he would have at least entered the top five or even the top three.

The reason why he was poisoned, which Shi Fei later found out when he was about to die, was because he was implicated, simply because when he was in trouble, the always cowardly He Xiaobei came out to speak up for him on Weibo.

He Xiaobei’s accident, the program official Weibo page did not explain the reason why He Xiaobei withdrew from the competition, only said that due to his personal schedule, unable to participate in the later competition, he decided to withdraw.

Because of the lack of a decent reason, He Xiaobei himself was reviled by his fans, and he saw on the news that when he left the airport, he was blocked by the fans who smashed eggs and scolded him for withdrawing from the competition.

At that time, Shi Fei himself was being blackballed all over the Internet, he had no extra time to pay attention to He Xiaobei, and then heard that he had committed suicide.

Some choices had changed, but some things still repeated themselves.

There were some things that he couldn’t find out in his previous life that he had to find out in this life.

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