C16 —- Campus Gladiator Arena (XIV)


The group of five in the distance slowly eased up after the initial tension.


The spectacled man in the center shrank to the very back and covered his mouth to say something. Then the big man in the lead stepped forward, shouting with a voice like a bell.


“The two brothers in the front, our side would like to offer a bottle of milk and two pieces of bread, it should be more than enough, please let us go.”


The big man’s words were addressed to Zhang Qingyu, clearly treating him as the captain.


In his perception, Zhang Qingyu’s aura was simply too strong to ignore. Even wearing the black school uniform that represented the prey could not stop the dangerous aura he carried.


Previously, when the five came this way, there was a note of the coordinates of the players on the list. After associating the causes and consequences, it was not difficult to guess that this person was Zhang Qingyu.


Then recalling the news that had been talked about everywhere all day today.


With the combination of arts and science, the other person should be Xia Yihui.


Figuring out the identity of the two, the glasses man analyzed in his mind and whispered to his teammate.


“Xia Yihui must have been enslaved by Zhang Qingyu. The Art students are the hunter, and Zhang Qingyu is the prey in this game. He can’t sweep everyone’s time, he can only capture a hunter to help him collect. When the four-mode identities are swapped, he’ll then take back the time directly from Xia Yihui.”



The teammates thought about it and felt that the glasses man was right. It was actually possible to operate like this …… The fear of Zhang Qingyu in their hearts increased a few more points.



While the group of five was talking, Xia Yihui and Zhang Qingyu’s side were also talking, only the content of the talk was very different.


“Look, I told you to hit me with a thermos cup, something happened, didn’t it?” Xia Yihui laughed flirtatiously, not taking into account that it was clearly him who first provoked Zhang Qingyu.


Zhang Qingyu glanced at him, silent.


“It’s just touching, why are you reacting so much. We’re all men, if you touch back, I definitely won’t be angry.” Xia Yihui added, “Now they misunderstood that we’re trying to rob things.”


Zhang Qingyu’s eyebrows twitched and he silently turned his face away from him, looking like an immortal who had already settled down and didn’t bother with idle matters.


Expecting him to reply was impossible. Knowing this, Xia Yihui took the initiative and shouted, “You guys go straight over there, no need to pay for supplies.”


The group of five began to hesitate, not knowing whether to believe Xia Yihui’s words.



After stumbling in place for a while, the man with glasses said to his companions, “This road is the way to the power room, we definitely need to go there. And the faster the better, we can’t waste time hesitating here. In case someone gets there before us and destroys the power equipment, the branch line will be completely cut off.”



With him giving the word, the few people no longer wasted any more time, carefully sticking to the wall and approaching Xia Yihui’s side.


During this time, they kept their eyes on Zhang Qingyu, fearing that Zhang Qingyu would suddenly lash out and take them by surprise.



Xia Yihui and Zhang Qingyu didn’t have that kind of leisure to fight with these people. They stood against the wall on the other side of the corridor, quietly watching them walk by.



They didn’t just kill everyone they saw, but in general, they would only kill players who took the initiative to come up to them.



Like the spectacled man, this kind of small group that was more interested in self-preservation, they wouldn’t take the initiative to provoke.



Soon the two groups crossed over without any conflict.



The glasses man led his group for another ten meters or so, during which he frequently looked back at Zhang Qingyu until he was sure that the two of them really had no intention of attacking, then he breathed a sigh of relief.


Just as he relaxed, he was violently pushed away by his companion. He stumbled a few steps and looked back to see that there was a handful of □□□ inserted in the position where he had just stood.



The man with glasses raised his eyes, saw the sudden appearance of several familiar hunters in black school uniforms, his expression was a bit ugly, “Why is it you guys again?!”


This shout attracted Xia Yihui’s attention, and he turned back to look.


Zhang Qingyu didn’t turn around, but continued to walk forward.



Feeling that Xia Yihui didn’t follow him, Zhang Qingyu reacted with hindsight that Xia Yihui had run off to watch the fun. He stood in place somewhat helplessly and waited.



“Enemies meeting enemies,” Seeing the two groups of people fighting, Xia Yihui sighed with emotion, then patted his chest and said to Zhang Qingyu, “Don’t worry, there’s no way I’m going to go up and save people foolishly. I’ll just eat a melon and see what their skills are, and when they’re almost done fighting we’ll continue towards the principal’s office.”


Zhang Qingyu was noncommittal. So Xia Yihui was content to be a passersby.


The difference in strength between the two waves of people was extremely large, and the victory and defeat was clear.


Although there was a big man with a tiger back and a bear waist in the team of the Glasses Man, even with a larger number of people than the other party, in the infinite escape game, the skilled one was the winner.



In the team, the Glasses Man was simply a housekeeping mastermind. His skills were either changing into brooms to automatically sweep the floor or knitting scarves and sweaters, one more useless than the other.



The opponent’s team was equipped with practical skills, which could increase physical strength or control wind and fire elements, creating a lively atmosphere.



It was worth mentioning that there was a rather critical situation in the middle.



When the opponent’s attack was about to reach the glasses man’s body, he yanked over a certain companion with a protective mask beside him and blocked in front of himself.



That person that blocked an attack, didn’t even have time to say anything, and was instantly out of the game.



The glasses man’s companions didn’t think it strange, and had an indifferent look on their faces.



And then, the big man also blocked for the glasses man. Immediately, he was seriously injured and bleeding, and couldn’t move at all. What was even more pathetic was that he also entered a state of continuous blood loss, directly accelerating the depletion of his stamina value.



Xia Yihui tsked from the side.



The viewers in the live broadcast room also cursed and condemned the glasses man’s behavior as extremely shameful.



The situation was critical.


The man pressed down on the big man’s wounds and gave him an emergency stop to the bleeding.



After doing so, he rushed at the enemy and said in a chilling voice, “Why do you always have to hold onto us? Have we offended you?”


The enemy pushed out a little too young girl with dyed yellow hair, and the girl shouted cheekily.



“Brother Liu said that he wants to compete for talent and enrich our gang’s interior. He said he wants to make the Tiger Claw Gang bigger in the Escape Game as well. If you follow us, it’s definitely more comfortable than surviving alone, and he’ll make sure that you’ll eat and drink well!”



The other man added, “If you tell us the branch clues you found, we wouldn’t mind bringing your companions along, what do you think?”



The man with glasses pushed his glasses up and said calmly, “I don’t think so.”



“Not good enough!” The enemy was furious and was about to attack the glasses man with open teeth and claws.


The situation was very critical, under the lighting, the glasses man immediately turned his head and rushed to Xia Yihui, who was watching the show next to him, pleading, “Help!”



Xia Yihui hesitated and instinctively took two steps back. Just as he was about to rush towards Zhang Qingyu to ensure that he would not meddle in someone else’s affairs, he saw countless desks, chairs, and benches flying out of the classroom, spilling floodwaters onto the group of thugs.



Some people tried to get up and were immediately smashed down by the benches.



Everyone was dumbfounded throughout the entire process. Including the glasses man’s group and the punk group, they only noticed a bunch of desks and chairs falling from the sky, but didn’t know what was going on.



But Xia Yihui knew ah.


This was obviously Zhang Qingyu manipulating the tables and chairs to save the glasses man and them.



Previously, he was worried that saving people indiscriminately would cause him to be disliked by Zhang Qingyu, but he didn’t expect Zhang Qingyu himself to save them.


Since he took a step, Xia Yihui couldn’t possibly say anything like ‘don’t care’ again, and he resigned himself to following behind Zhang Qingyu, looking forward and backward to help save them.


Although his behavior was saving people, Xia Yihui was still reluctant in his heart.



Whether he was selfish or indifferent, he wouldn’t save others in this context of personal security.




Even if other players died, they would only be out of the game and continue to survive in another place.



If he died, then he was really dead.



With two people joining the fray, the situation was quickly eased.



In the end, the little punk group was beaten and fled, and before they left, their mouths threatened, “Don’t run away if you have the guts, I’ll let Brother Liu come and clean you up!”



Xia Yihui raised his fist, “Take a word to your brother Liu, if he dares to come over, your brother Xia will beat his mom!”



The little sister was scared by Xia Yihui’s fierce eyes, and hurriedly fled, not daring to let out another sound.


The glasses man on the ground was a bit dazed. In the battle just now, Xia Yihui wasn’t as weak as he had previously presumed, although his skills weren’t as good as Zhang Qingyu’s Nian Li, he was unambiguous in beating up people.



In some ways, he was even more ferocious than Zhang Qingyu.



Zhang Qingyu manipulated items to smash people, and probably because of his unskilled skill manipulation, his accuracy wasn’t very high. Usually when he aimed for the temple, he might hit the back of the head.


Xia Yihui was different, his accuracy was incredibly high.


His hand was coiled with a scalpel that came from nowhere, his fingers were dexterous, his joints were flexible, and he was sleek and ruthless in the exchange of blows.



The enemy couldn’t touch him at all, but he was able to play around with a scalpel.



Stabbing the kidneys, pointing at the crotch, his movements were accurate and ruthless, and all were in very sinister places.



Those who fought against him were often in agony, preferring to face Zhang Qingyu’s ruthlessness, rather than Xia Yihui’s no-limit fighting style.


After clearing the enemy, Xia Yihui deftly turned the hilt of his scalpel with his fingertips, wiping the blade.



“I know you are Xia Yihui, I’ve heard a lot about you.” A male voice rang out, his tone was smooth and calm, without the slightest hint of formal courtesy, after a pause, he introduced himself, “Li Bai. Mu Zi Li, the white of black and white.”


Xia Yihui’s lips slightly hooked, his eyes swept over the glasses man, his eyes held a hint of consideration.




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