C12—– Campus Gladiatorial Arena (X)


Zhang Qingyu’s eyes were calm, and he looked sideways at Xu Qing.



Pretending, right?! He must be scared to death right now! Xu Qing was terrified, soothing himself in his heart.


The distance was fiercely drawn closer, seeing only a couple of meters left. As if in the blink of an eye, his attack would land on Zhang Qingyu.



Xu Qing was wildly happy, and just then.



“Boom!!!” An overwhelming burst of sound came from the sky.


Xu Qing was so startled that he took a step and subconsciously looked back, and when he did, his scalp was tingling.


The windows of the entire floor were shattered, small broken glasses hung upside down, eagerly pointing towards him.


There was no doubt that if he took one more step forward, the glass would greet him without mercy, stabbing him into a hedgehog.



Xu Qing hesitated for a moment, and then sneered repeatedly. If you can’t beat Zhang Qingyu, then take Xia Yihui as a hostage!


He heard that Zhang Qingyu wouldn’t easily hurt people, and even save the old and sick. He didn’t believe it, with a hostage in his hand, these glass still dare to greet him on the head?



Xu Qing immediately turned and changed the target to Xia Yihui. Large pieces of glass were driven by someone to chase him.



After upgrading to lv2, Xu Qing’s speed was much faster, in a blink of an eye, he took Xia Yihui hostage, holding him from the side and choking his neck, then he shouted: “Zhang Da Shen, I said, leave a line in everything. If you let me go today, I will naturally let go of this little brother.”


Zhang Qingyu frowned, his eyes deepened, and apparently began to hesitate.



Beside him floated countless crystal bright small glass, at this time these glass at the same time issued a certain frequency of buzzing, neat and tidy, appearing dangerous to the extreme.


Cold sweat flowed down Xu Qing’s forehead, he could feel the power of these sharp glass.


It was because he could feel the danger, his heart was more frightened.


After thinking about it, he threatened Xia Yihui in a low voice, “Say something to beg for mercy to convince Zhang Qingyu. Hurry up, or I’ll kill you!”


After waiting for a while, the person in his arm didn’t react much. Was he scared silly?


Xu Qing was disgusted, he took a moment to look at Xia Yihui, but saw that Xia Yihui lowered his head, the corners of his lips were slightly hooked.


“You, what are you smiling at?” Xu Qing got a chill, and spoke with some incoherence.



Xia Yihui raised his eyes, a flash of light appeared in his eyes, as he whispered, “I’m laughing at you.”



After saying that, Xia Yihui raised his left foot and stepped down hard, heavily stepping on Xu Qing’s toes. At the same time, his left hand clenched his fist and hammered hard backwards, hitting his crotch.


Xu Qing howled in pain, his body bowed down, and the veins on his neck burst out, “Ow!!!”


Xia Yihui didn’t give him the opportunity to slow down, he directly yanked Xu Qing’s arm, turning it into a sharp over-the-shoulder drop.


Xu Qing, an eight-foot man, was dropped by Xia Yihui like a flying cake, his internal organs seemed to be misplaced, he couldn’t even say a word because of the pain.


Xia Yihui stepped on Xu Qing’s belly with his right foot and patted his hands in disgust. His foot stomped harder.



“I’m laughing at you. What’s the use of fast light speed? I’ll wait for you to stop and hit me? Besides, if you’re holding a hostage and you pinch my neck with your hand, can I be strangled by you? Brother, remember to take a gun next time, even if you don’t have a gu-n, a knife will do.”



Xia Yihui painstakingly taught Xu Qing how to take hostages, but the latter was too dumbfounded to respond.


After teaching, Xia Yihui turned his head to look at Zhang Qingyu, and winked proudly: “How was it? Not bad, right?”



Zhang Qingyu’s lips hooked up, a trace of approval flowed in his eyes, “You can save yourself, very good.”


“Hahahaha, it wasn’t much. “Although he was so humble on his lips, Xia Yihui was already so happy that he couldn’t find the north in her heart.


This was the first time he had seen this Zhang Dashen show an expression beyond facial paralysis. He didn’t have facial paralysis, but his previous level was too low, so he didn’t bother to pay attention to him.



The two feelings were completely different from being worshipped by the comment screen and being praised by the no.1 god.



The watchers’ worship only showed that he was in the middle to upper level. The god’s praise, that was the top of the pyramid ah!

By comparison, Xia Yihua felt that the praise from the Great god was even more exciting.


He was about to speak, when suddenly there was a bright flash of light at the side of his eyes.


Xu Qing lying at Xia Yihui’s feet, held a sharp glass, enduring the pain on his crotch, he aimed at Xia Yihui’s hamstring. He seemed to have listened to Xia Yihui’s ‘sage advice’, and immediately practised.


His speed was really too fast. Xia Yihua only saw Xu Qing wielding his blade in the previous second, and the glass hit his ankle in the next second


Stupid stupid stupid stupid!!!


Xia Yihui cursed in his heart, he was simply dumb.


He couldn’t believe he taught someone to stab him with a knife.


How could he not stumble after that?


He thought the next second would cause great pain, however, it didn’t.



His skin felt the hint of coolness, but only a light stroke, the glass was stoned in the air.


Xu Qing moved his hands together, the piece of glass remained fixed in the air, not moving at all.



Xia Yihua was stunned for a moment and pulled up his school uniform pants to see if there were any red marks. He turned his head and instinctively looked at Zhang Qingyu. The latter raised his palm and was clearly controlling the glass.


Xia Yihua froze, touched his nose and sighed, “Hey, it turns out you still have to save me.”


“No matter.” Zhang Qingyu manipulated the glass and slashed at Xu Qing’s body.


Xu Qing was shocked and thought that Zhang Qingyu was finally going to strike hard and take him apart, but instead he saw that the glass simply cut a long slit on the chest of his black school uniform.



Fatty flesh propped up that slit, and Xu Qing was stunned.


“???” Xia Yihui was also dumbfounded.



What kind of special fetish was this? Or did the Great god just not control the strength and slashed the clothes alone?


An arc was drawn in the air, and Xu Qing’s watch flew into Zhang Qingyu’s hands.


Seeing that there was no room for maneuvering, Xu Qing pulled Xia Yihui’s trouser leg before he died and said viciously: “Don’t be too happy, Zhang Qingyu even kills his own kind, how can he let you, an outsider! We’ll settle the score in the real world!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, his face quickly turned gray, and it was obvious that time had been taken away.


At the same time, 2 bottles of milk burst out of his side.


Counting up, there were more than 10 people present, all science students, which meant they were all hunters. All of these people were defeated, their time was taken away by Zhang Qingyu, and many ‘small gifts’ were left behind.


Adding up the time Zhang Qingyu took, after a rough calculation, it was at least 240 hours. With this place of milk bread, he could at least stay in the copy for ten days.


Xia Yihui was instantly alert.


Xu Qing was a bit stupid, but he was right about that. Zhang Qingyu as a prey, since he could take the time of other prey, he may also be able to take his time as a hunter.



Once a live viewer posted a comment saying, ‘To Zhang Qingyu, there is no difference between hunter and prey’.


At that time Xia Yihui didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, now he finally understood.


But there was no difference, now Zhang Qingyu basically stood at the top of the food chain, regardless of whether it was the hunter or the prey, anyway, they had to avoid him.

Although he didn’t know what he did, there was no doubt that for Zhang Qingyu, this dungeon was essentially a feeding den.


Xia Yihui looked relaxed, “Since the matter is over, I’m leaving. Thank you for saving me just now. You can find me in the future if you need me.”


He immediately turned around, eager to flee. He took two steps like a race walk and suddenly rose into the air, floating there.



This damn familiar rush!!!


Wasn’t that the same rhythm when Zhang Qingyu tidied up Xu Qing? Hang in the air first, then beat hard.


Zhang Qingyu slowly approached, with little glass spinning behind him. Some of the small glass approached Xia Yihui and immediately cut open Xia Yihui’s shoulder clothes.


When Xia Yihua was hit by the cool and piercing wind, he suddenly felt uncomfortable and exclaimed, “Why are you cutting through my clothes?”



After a pause, he negotiated with a little breakdown, “Or I can take it off myself?”


As he spoke, he directly began to pull up his white school uniform, trying to prove that his words were true.



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