C6—- Kill The Emperor[6]

  Shen Jue listened to Feng Qingbao’s words and had a seemingly smiling look.

  Feng Qingbao was inexplicably chilled, and for some reason, he felt that Shen Jue’s eyes were strange, but how, he couldn’t say.

  He sat in Shen Jue’s room, quite restless.

  Shen Jue, however, ignored Feng Qingbao’s small thoughts and poured a cup of water for himself; he had no tea here, only cold water. In the meantime, when Shen Jue took a sip of the cold water, he squeezed his brows. Because Qin Yuan had beaten him, he had accidentally bitten off the tip of his tongue, and now it was still injured, so even drinking cold water hurt a little.

  He slowly finished the cup of water and saw that Feng Qingbao hadn’t left yet, so he glanced over, “Why are you still here?”

  Feng Qingbao gave an oh and stood up, “I’m leaving.”

  Feng Qingbao took two steps and then turned back, “You be careful these days, don’t be cheated next time, I’ll be sure to look for you myself ah.”

  He knew that this morning someone had used him as a pretext to trick away Shen Jue.

  This Shen Jue was inevitably deceitful as well.

  How else would such a person get along in the palace?

  Feng Qingbao was worried for Shen Jue as he walked outside.

  He thought about it all the way through and came to a conclusion-.

  ”Shen Jue is still too young.”

  At the end, he nodded his head.


  Since his return, Murong Xiu looked at him with complicated eyes for several times, and then rewarded him with many things. Although it wasn’t a rare treasure, it wasn’t something that a slave could use, and Murong Xiu even gave Shen Jue most of the Mist Water Tea that he often drank to Shen Jue.

  Mist tea was only a few taels a year, so after Murong Xiu gave it to Shen Jue, the tea in his palace was changed to another kind of tea.

  As soon as the regent tasted it, he found that the tea had been changed and put down the cup, “Changed the tea?”

  Murong Xiu was used to having a straight face in front of the Regent, and this time was no exception, “Mm.”

  ”I even had some sent over last time, why did you run out of it?” The regent raised an eyebrow, “Your Majesty hasn’t rewarded anyone with this tea, has he?”

 Murong Xiu’s face didn’t change, “It’s just tea, so what if I reward someone?”

  There were only the two of them in the palace at this time, and as soon as the regent came, he had Murong Xiu send the palace staff out, and even closed the palace door.

  Shen Jue was the last one to exit, and he looked back at Murong Xiu as he exited.

  His eyes were filled with worry.

  Murong Xiu didn’t want to show weakness in front of Shen Jue, so he just turned his head away as if he didn’t see it.

  With a gentle smile, the Regent stood up and gently strode up to Murong Xiu, his phoenix eyes slightly raised, like a hunter looking for prey, firmly placing his sight on Murong Xiu. Murong Xiu was currently wearing a bright yellow dragon robe, he was slender and beautiful, so beautiful that people could hardly move their eyes.

  At first the regent wasn’t prepared to help Murong Xiu to the throne, but at the first sight of Murong Xiu, he changed his mind and directly slashed the second prince who was kneeling at his feet with his knife. Blood splattered, and Murong Xiu’s pretty little face was also stained with blood at that time.

  He thought that Murong Xiu would show fear and fall to his knees, but how could he know that he was like a peacock, obviously afraid, but still craning his neck and holding up his tail feathers, as if he was afraid that the bystanders would not see his beauty.

  ”How beautiful.” Regent murmured softly.

  Now the peacock was still the same peacock, but there was a dirty gray mouse by his side, and his peacock seemed to have grown fond of the little mouse recently.

  This made him a little unhappy.


  Shen Jue was standing outside the palace with Feng Qingbao.

   Across from them stood the guards that the regent had brought in, those guards arrogantly wore swords, but no one dared to tell them to drop their swords.

  Feng Qingbao was a little worried as he looked at the forbidden doors of the palace, every time the regent came, the emperor was in a particularly bad mood that day. He sighed softly and sneaked a glance at Shen Jue, who was standing beside him.

  Shen Jue lowered his head, his eyes woodenly looking at the floor tiles beneath his feet.

  This guy must have been terrified, the regent had taken a special look at him.

  Feng Qingbao thought in his heart.

  He was a little worried about Shen Jue.

  Qin Yuan was the Regent’s lackey, and now that Qin Yuan was dead, he was afraid that the Regent would not let Feng Qingbao go easily.

  While Feng Qingbao was imagining things, a voice suddenly came from within the palace.

  ”Shen Jue, you come in.”

  Feng Qingbao’s body stirred, this was the regent’s voice. The Regent actually knew Shen Jue’s name, Shen Jue he… he was afraid that this time he would be in danger.

  Feng Qingbao saw Shen Jue moving next to him and couldn’t help but pull on his sleeve.

  Shen Jue’s footsteps slightly paused, and with a somewhat surprised glance at Feng Qingbao, he hooked his lower lip and pulled back his sleeve from his hand. Feng Qingbao was slightly stunned, why was Shen Jue’s smile somehow a little seductive?

  He was too busy lowering his head, he must have been dizzy.

  Shen Jue didn’t care what Feng Qingbao was thinking, he entered the palace with lowered eyes.

  As soon as he entered the palace, Shen Jue realized that something was wrong.

  Because he heard the rubbing of clothes, ambiguous sounds, and Murong Xiu’s faint voice.

  Sounds like they were coming from tightly pressed lips.

  Shen Jue guessed what was happening in front of him, and he wanted to laugh a little.

  During his years as a ghost, he had watched countless love scenes between Murong Xiu and the Regent.

  He restrained the laughter in his eyes and knelt directly on the ground. Shen Jue really didn’t want to see it, so he had to lower his head, and if he could, he wanted to cover his ears. Why should he watch and listen to such filthy things?

  Murong Xiu glanced at the small figure of Shen Jue, his eyes were red with anger, and he struggled with all his might, but he couldn’t break the Regent’s shackles. He was shaking with rage, but he couldn’t utter a word. And the Regent insulted the beauty beneath him indiscriminately before raising his head, he reached out and wiped the watery gloss off Murong Xiu’s lips, tightly holding the man on his lap.

  Murong Xiu gritted his teeth and couldn’t stop trembling all over. When he closed his eyes, he focused on Shen Jue who was kneeling on the ground.

  He must have seen it.

  The regent silently admired the beauty in his arms, saw that the beauty wanted to kill the gray rat, and quirked the corner of his lips.

  It was a strange shame for an emperor to be humiliated by the sight of a slave.

  The more the Regent thought about it, the happier he became, and even spoke, “Shen Jue, crawl over here.”

  Shen Jue blinked his eyes and obediently crawled over, but his mind was a little distant as he crawled over. He suddenly remembered his senior brother, who had cultivated with him under the Red Ancestor, and his senior brother’s favorite thing to do was to become a mortal and talk about those love affairs. At that time, he couldn’t understand why his senior brother was so obsessed with love, for all the love in the world was just a lie.

  The senior brother shook his fan at that time and said with a smile, “Dull Jue, you don’t understand this, talking about love is the most interesting thing in the world, don’t keep cultivating and look outside too.”

  Shen Jue snorted coldly and walked away with his sword.

  He didn’t understand love . Love, and he didn’t understand it now .

  Why did people need love?

  All this talk of love was just a way to satisfy peoples desires. It was just a desire to satisfy one’s own desires.

  It was obvious that they were greedy for the other person, but they wanted to take the banner of love and finally possess the other person.

  If they couldn’t possess them, they pretended to be hurt, which was ridiculous.

  It was not like they were begging you to love them, they didn’t accept your love, so what reason did they have to be sad, it was just because their desire couldn’t be satisfied.

  Shen Jue had crawled up to the Regent and Murong Xiu, and he still had to hear the Regent’s voice before he could get back to his senses.

  ”This gray rat is the one that broke in last time, isn’t it?” The regent spoke softly, his hand still stroking Murong Xiu’s waist.

  Murong Xiu was livid and didn’t say anything.

  The Regent didn’t want Murong Xiu to answer either, and he turned his gaze to Shen Jue.

  No matter how he looked at it, this dirty rat didn’t deserve to be around the peacock he was raising.

  ”You raise your head.” The regent said to Shen Jue.

  Shen Jue paused before raising his head.

  The Regent frowned when he saw Shen Jue’s face.

  The injuries on Shen Jue’s face weren’t yet fully healed, and now that he was looking at it up close, the injuries were even more pronounced and his entire face looked even uglier.

  ”Tsk, ugly.” The regent disliked him.

  Shen Jue sniffed, but didn’t lower his eyes, but looked worriedly at Murong Xiu.

  Murong Xiu found out that Shen Jue was looking at him and turned his face away in annoyance, his lips even more tightly pursed.

  The regent found that Shen Jue actually dared to look at Murong Xiu, and couldn’t help but feel a little amused as he released Murong Xiu, bent down, and looked at Shen Jue who was kneeling on the ground, “Do you know who he is and what you are?”

  Shen Jue met the Regent’s eyes and said calmly, “His Majesty is the Son of Heaven, and I am a slave serving the Son of Heaven.”

  The Prince Regent nodded, “Right.” He paused, “Then I will now spoil your Son Of Heaven, so you can serve him well beside me.”


Tsk, this reminds me of game of thrones, the regent is joffery , the emperor is a twisted version of Sansa, who the heck is the MC though, is he that red headed slave that was whipped by joffery [ it matches 😅]

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