C7—- Kill The Emperor[7]

  As soon as this was said, Murong Xiu directly revealed a horrified expression.

  He looked at the regent in horror, as if he was trying to discern if he was joking.

  Shen Jue was also stunned, and in that instant he forgot to hide his emotions and looked at the Regent somewhat dumbfounded. The Regent, the most relaxed of the three, was looking at Shen Jue with a faint smile on his lips.

  Fortunately, Shen Jue was only stunned for a moment, but when he regained consciousness, he gently sucked in a breath of air, and before he had time to make any other reaction, the Regent had already stood up and picked up Murong Xiu by the waist. He carried the man directly to the inner hall, ignoring Murong Xiu’s struggles as he walked inside, not forgetting to instruct Shen Jue, “Come in.”

  Murong Xiu’s face suddenly turned pale, and he looked from between the regent’s arms to Shen Jue with killing intent, anger, and unspeakable shame in his eyes. He had accidentally bullied Shen Jue a few days ago, and now it had turned into him being wantonly insulted in front of Shen Jue.

  But he was the current Son of Heaven.

  But where in the world could there be such a celestial son?

  Murong Xiu’s eyes became even harsher as he saw Shen Jue climb up, if he was… he would definitely kill Shen Jue to silence him tonight. Murong Xiu’s body trembled lightly like he couldn’t control it, and he clenched his teeth, desperately holding back the grief and anger in his heart.

  The smile on the Regent’s face deepened as he looked at the beauty in his arms, and he slowly walked into the inner hall before pressing the beauty in his arms onto the dragon couch.

  Was there anything in this world more bloodcurdling than crushing the ruler of a country into a bed?

  But even at this moment, the Regent didn’t forget to distract the gray rat outside.

  He turned his head and saw that the person was slow to come in, and his eyes couldn’t help but get a little colder. And Murong Xiu was pinned down on the bed, not to mention even more flustered and struggling even more. After the Regent found out, he simply took off the belt on Murong Xiu’s body and tied the other party’s hands to the bed rail.

  Murong Xiu’s eyes were red from being tied like this.

  Seeing this, the Regent King touched Murong Xiu’s face reassuringly, “Be good, I’ll be back soon.”

  He was now going to catch that grey rat that didn’t know whether it was dead or alive in here.

  When the regent walked out of the inner palace, he saw Shen Jue packing up the messed up tokens and tealights. He raised his eyebrows, “What are you doing?”

  Shen Jue neatly filed his things away before looking at the regent, “Slave is cleaning up the mess.”

  The regent narrowed his eyes, this grey mouse really was a bold one, Murong Xiu sometimes didn’t even dare to talk to him like this, but Shen Jue, a lackey, dared to disobey him and look at him with such eyes and speak in such a tone.

  ”So you’re done cleaning up now?” Because he felt that his opponent was dying, the Regent spoke in a very calm and peaceful tone at this point.

  Shen Jue nodded.

  ”Then go in.” The regent turned around first after saying that, but he took two steps and then stopped to see if Shen Jue was following.

  Shen Jue did obediently follow this time.

  And Murong Xiu, who was tied to the dragon couch, couldn’t help but clench his tied hands into fists when he saw the regent and Shen Jue come in one after the other. Shen Jue found Murong Xiu tied up and silently thought about what he would do later, he couldn’t let the Regent touch Murong Xiu, at least not tonight. If he hadn’t needed Murong Xiu to fall in love with him, Shen Jue would have happily watched the absurd scene in front of him.

  In Shen Jue’s heart, both the compulsive Regent and the unfeeling Murong Xiu were both snakes and mice in the same hill.

  It was really good that they were together.

  It was a pity that he had to separate these two people.

  The Regent stood by the bedside and said to Shen Jue gently, “You’re usually the one who helps His Majesty with his broadclothes, right? Then tonight is also up to you.”

  Murong Xiu was furious at the Regent’s words, his voice almost squeezing out through his teeth, “Ni Xinyan, I will definitely kill you.”

  Ni Xinyan was the Regent’s name, but no one in the world dared to call him by his first name except Murong Xiu.

  The Regent smiled, “Fine, as long as you can kill me, or…” he paused, his voice lowered, “How about killing me in bed first?”

  Shen Jue couldn’t help but blink at these words, so he wasn’t the only one who was perverted.

  Murong Xiu was so angry at the Regent’s words that he couldn’t say anything.

  The Regent, on the other hand, looked askance at Shen Jue and instructed him to go and undress Murong Xiu.

  Shen Jue lowered his head and silently went forward.

  Murong Xiu’s lips trembled and said in a quivering voice, “Shen Jue, you… you dare!”

  Murong Xiu had never felt as humiliated as he did today, he hated, he hated too much, he even hated why he wasn’t among those princes who died in the first place. He couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Shen Jue lean in close, laughing with tears in his eyes. The young man in front of him saw the tears in his eyes, pursed his lips, and said in a very small voice, “Your Majesty, you are the Son of Heaven.”

  His words trailed off as he backhandedly pulled out a dagger from his sleeve and stabbed at the Regent behind him.

  The regent had been learning martial arts since he was young, so how could he be attacked by a young eunuch who didn’t know martial arts, his phoenix eyes flashed a point of mockery, and he kicked the dagger in Shen Jue’s hand away with one kick, then followed it up with a second kick that kicked Shen Jue out.

  His second kick used internal force, and Shen Jue was sent flying, spitting out a mouthful of blood when he landed.

  The regent flicked his robe and looked coldly at the grey mouse that spat blood.

  ”I didn’t think it was still a loyal servant.” He said coldly.

  Shen Jue raised his hand to cover his chest, the pain making his brain go numb, and he bit his tongue, his body shook as he tried to get up. The Regent was surprised to find that Shen Jue could still stand up, and when the other man got close enough, he kicked him again. This time he kicked at the chest cavity.

  Once again, Shen Jue flew out.

  His ribs seemed to be broken, and this time he couldn’t stand up, so he could only crawl his way forward.

  There was blood all over his palms and collar.

  He crawled all the way, leaving behind a long blood trail mark.

  Murong Xiu was stunned at the scene in front of him, and when Shen Jue crawled over again, he finally couldn’t hold back and shouted out, “Shen Jue, are you crazy? Get out ah.”

  Shen Jue sniffed, but slowly raised his head, the lower half of his face was covered in blood, Murong Xiu didn’t know how much blood was in a person’s body, he just felt the red in front of him was too blinding.

  ”Your majesty… it’s the sky… son, slave is the one who serves… the sky.” Shen Jue’s voice was small and his speech was slow, and with every word he spoke, a lot of blood spilled from his lips. Murong Xiu saw the situation and struggled frantically, his wrists were all worn red, “You get out! Get out of here! Shen Jue!”

  The Regent’s eyes were also on Shen Jue’s body, and unlike Murong Xiu, he only felt that the red color on Shen Jue’s body was really beautiful. He couldn’t help but crouch down and cupped Shen Jue’s neck. The young man’s neck was very thin, as if if if he used a little force, this neck would break.

  When Shen Jue raised his eyes to look at the regent, he used the last of his strength to pounce on the other. He tackled the regent to the ground and bit down on the other man’s neck, and he did his best to take a vicious bite, not knowing whether it was his blood or the other man’s blood in his mouth.

  The Regent felt the pain in his neck, but he laughed.

  Funny, really funny.

  He could have just snapped the other’s neck when the teenager jumped at him, but he was really curious as to how far Shen Jue could go.

  He didn’t expect this dirty grey rat to dare bite him.

  The regent raised his hand and grabbed Shen Jue’s hair, but Shen Jue was still biting him, and his hand rested on the back of Shen Jue’s head for a moment.

  When he finished laughing, he pulled Shen Jue off his body.

  He used his strength, and Shen Jue’s face was distorted by the tug, and with the blood on half of his face, the man looked even uglier.

  The regent, however, very idly admired the ugly face before him, and touched the blood from the corner of the other’s lip with his free hand.

    Shen Jue’s entire body was now dizzy because of the pain, he was now a human . Mortal body, no longer an immortal body, couldn’t carry this beating at all, and he was willing to risk his life this time, more or less with the intention of taking a gamble . At least let Murong Xiu see his loyalty, and also preventing Murong Xiu from killing him afterwards.

  But Shen Jue was so focused on Murong Xiu that he forgot that the Regent was a sadist.

  This sadist was excited at the sight of blood.

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