C5—- Kill The Emperor[5]

 It was midday.

  Early spring rain was always extraordinarily much, outside the palace under the patter of rain, water dropped down the eaves dropping on the stone tiles, which was quite like a pouring of large and small pearls into a plate of jade. The fine cotton rain wound around the ground, which only made people fidgety. 

 Murong Xiu at this time, would have liked to reach out and open the cage in the capital above the layers of dark clouds.

  After watching the rain silently for a moment, he heard footsteps behind him before removing his gaze.

  ”How’s it going?”

  ”Back to the Emperor’s words, the injury on Eunuch Shen’s face doesn’t matter, your humble servant has prescribed an ointment to be applied three times a day, and it will heal in a few days, as for the tongue, Eunuch Shen should pay attention to his diet and eat less spicy food.”

  The one who returned Murong Xiu’s words was Imperial Doctor Xu.

  He was also the one who helped Shen Jue last time.

  When Murong Xiu nodded slightly, he said, “You go down.”

  Imperial Doctor Xu’s sight flew around Murong Xiu’s body before he lowered his head and left.

  This movement by Imperial Doctor Xu was very subtle, but Shen Jue, who was standing over him and Murong Xiu, saw it clearly. He calmly took in Imperial Doctor Xu’s infatuation, and it really was another one who adored Murong Xiu. The entire palace, no, he was afraid the entire capital, as long as it was a man, all of them adored Murong Xiu. But the interesting thing was that so many people adored Murong Xiu, but Murong Xiu could only be a puppet emperor.

  ”Shen Jue.” Murong Xiu’s voice interrupted Shen Jue’s thoughts.

  Shen Jue lowered his eyes and whispered “Your Majesty”.

  Murong Xiu looked back at him and saw that Shen Jue was like a frightened gray mouse, he felt somewhat good and amused, “Come here.”

  Shen Jue obediently walked to Murong Xiu’s front.

  Murong Xiu spoke again.

  ”Raise your head.”

  Shen Jue did as he was told.

  In front of him was Murong Xiu’s face that was so beautiful that one couldn’t look away.

  Shen Jue had been bewildered by this face in his previous lives, but now that he had recovered his memories, he only felt that the face in front of him was no different from the face of a Rakshasa ghost in the eighteen layers of hell.

  Such a thing as a skin was nothing more than a skin, with all the bones underneath it.

  Murong Xiu didn’t know what was in Shen Jue’s mind, and his gaze stopped on Shen Jue’s face.

  The left side of Shen Jue’s face was swollen high, and now there was a layer of white ointment on it, he didn’t know if it was applied by him or by Imperial Physician Xu, and with his somewhat broken lips, he looked even uglier.

  More like the black-haired dog he’d originally seen.

  Ugly and dirty.

  But what did Qin Yuan see in him?

  Murong Xiu felt strange in his heart, although he hated Qin Yuan, he also felt that there was no beauty in Shen Jue that was worthy of Qin Yuan going that way, in terms of looks, it was Qin Yuan who was better born, but those eyes really didn’t look like a good person, making people disgusted at the sight of him.

  Thinking of this, Murong Xiu couldn’t help but reach out his hand and cupped Shen Jue’s chin, turning the other’s face over and examining it carefully.

  It was really not a good-looking face.

  Murong Xiu rubbed his fingertips against his skin, Shen Jue was in the prime of his youth, and although he did daily rough work, the skin on his face was still smooth.

  With the slight force of his hands, Shen Jue had to open his mouth.

  Murong Shuo looked at Shen Jue’s teeth, which were fine white, as if they hadn’t finished growing yet.

  He turned his gaze slightly and withdrew his hand, asking in a deep voice, “What was Qin Yuan doing to you just now?”

  Shen Jue’s face paled at the words, white and red, ugly. He mumbled and opened his mouth slightly, unable to squeeze out a clear word for a long time, Murong Xiu lost patience, stretched out his leg and almost kicked Shen Jue.

  Murong Xiu was sitting now, but standing Shen Jue wasn’t much taller than him.


  As if embarrassed, Shen Jue shook his shoulders and lowered his head, “He wanted slave… wanted slave…”

  ”Well?” Muroung Xiu asked.

  ”To have slave touch…touch him.” Shen Jue finally completed his words.

  Murong Xiu’s expression changed slightly, “Touch him where?”

  Shen Jue buried his head even lower, “Slave doesn’t want to sully His Majesty’s sacred ears.”

  Actually, Shen Jue’s words had been made very clear, along with what Murong Xiu had seen before, but Murong Xiu was surprised and couldn’t believe it. Even if Qin Yuan’s vision was really different from everyone else’s, but wasn’t Qin Yuan a castrated man? Did that place react to being touched?

  Murong Xiu suddenly had a feeling of impact.

  His gaze moved unnaturally to three inches below Shen Jue’s belly.

  Murong Xiu had never had a close understanding of how eunuchs purified themselves, but he knew that eunuchs were incapable of doing that sort of thing.

  ”You… take off your clothes.” He was really curious.

  The hand on Shen Jue’s sleeve moved slightly and stood there without saying anything or moving. When Murong Xiu saw him like this, he couldn’t help but regret a little, what was there to see in a castrated person’s body, he was about to tell Shen Jue not to take off his clothes, and then he saw Shen Jue’s hand go to his belt.

  The other party undressed too fast, Murong Xiu didn’t have time to stop it.

  Clothes were haphazardly piled around his ankles, and although it was midday, the light in the palace wasn’t very clear. The dim light was imprinted on the teenager’s bare body. His naked body wasn’t beautiful, and it still had some old scars on it .

 Murong Xiu looked at him and was a bit speechless.

  So there it was looking like that.

  ”So ugly.” Murong Xiu couldn’t help but say the truth.

  As soon as he did, he saw that the body in front of him seemed to have turned pink.

  It seemed to be because of shame.

  The young man bent down and embarrassedly grabbed his clothes trying to cover his private . . place.

  The fact that he was covering up like that was rather amusing to Murong Xiu, who hooked his lower lips and decreed, “No covering up.”

  Shen Jue’s movements fiercely stiffened, then slowly loosened his hand . He lowered his head, like a mussel that had been forcibly de-shelled, revealing the softness inside and was too afraid to do anything about it.

  Murong Xiu had seen enough, even judged it internally, before he withdrew his gaze with satisfaction.

  ”Does touching there get a reaction?” Murong Xiu asked again.

  Shen Jue closed his eyes before whispering, “No.”

  ”Really?” Then why did Qin Yuan want Shen Jue to touch him?

  Murong Xiu was really curious.

  Shen Jue sniffed but didn’t say anything.

  Murong Xiu’s mind moved, “You touch it for me to see.”

  Murong Xiu said this, but he saw that Shen Jue was hesitant to move, he just frowned and saw a bit of water sliding down from Shen Jue’s chin. Murong Xiu was stunned, he had seen bystanders cry in front of him, mostly while begging for mercy, but he hadn’t seen a silent cry that didn’t even make a sound.

  ”Shen Jue you… “Murong Xiu couldn’t help but reach out to pinch Shen Jue’s chin, forcing the other man to raise his head.

  Shen Jue obviously didn’t want Murong Xiu to see the tears and twisted his body to hide a few times, but it was only when Murong Xiu finally snorted that he honestly didn’t move. Murong Xiu cupped Shen Jue’s chin and slightly pressed, which was how he was able to see the tears on the other’s face.

  Shen Jue was still crying now.

  Big tears were falling out of his eyes one after another.

  Murong Xiu’s eyes slightly paused, was Shen Jue crying from his bullying?

  He was silent for a moment and quietly withdrew his hand, whispering, “Alright, stop crying and put your clothes on.”

  Shen Jue dressed as quickly as he undressed, only his hands kept shaking as he tied his belt. Murong Xiu saw it and sighed inaudibly, he seemed to have really bullied Shen Jue.

  But Shen Jue was his slave ah, he was just looking at Shen Jue’s body, he bathed on weekdays while Shen Jue waited on him, didn’t he also look all over him?

  However, he was a normal man and it was fine to be looked at, but Shen Jue wasn’t.

  He also seemed to have said that Shen Jue was ugly in that area.

  For the first time in his life, Murong Xiu was in a different position, thinking how he would feel if he were Shen Jue.

  It would be sad, he supposed.

  Murong Xiu knew of Shen Jue’s family history, knew that he was an orphan and had been sold into the palace since he was a child. In this world, no man was willing to enter the palace as a eunuch as long as he could still live. Shen Jue entered the palace because he couldn’t survive.

  For the first time, Murong Xiu felt guilty.

  Shouldn’t he be nicer to Shen Jue?

  But why exactly did Qin Yuan want Shen Jue to touch him?

  In that room, Shen Jue had already put his clothes on, he raised his hand and wiped away the tears on his face with the back of his hand, this uncaring approach made Murong Xiu frown. Murong Xiu waved his hand with some disgust, “Go down and wash your face, you don’t need to serve in front of me today, first take care your face.”

  ”Thank you, Your Majesty.” Shen Jue heard the words and immediately exited the palace without touching his feet.

  Murong Xiu watched as he walked away quickly.


  Shen Jue left Murong Xiu’s palace with fast footsteps, and after returning to his own residence, he boiled water and took a bath, soaking his skin and flesh to a reddish red color before he got up from the tub. As a favored eunuch by Murong Xiu’s side, one of the heavenly advantages was that he could boil water and take a bath at any time. Ordinary eunuchs were only allowed to bathe at night, and sometimes it wasn’t even their turn to have hot water, so they had to use cold water to take a shower.

  When Shen Jue changed into clean clothes, he sat in front of the bronze mirror and began rubbing medicine on his face.

  Although Imperial Doctor Xu adored Murong Xiu, he was a doctor with medical ethics, unlike Qin Yuan who was jealous of Shen Jue, the medicines he prescribed to Shen Jue were all top quality.

  As Shen Jue was applying the medicine, there was a knock at the door.

  ”Shen Jue, are you in there?”

  It was Feng Qingbao’s voice.

  Shen Jue’s hand didn’t stop and he didn’t speak.

  Feng Qingbao at the door shouted again and just pushed the door in, and when he saw Shen Jue, who was rubbing medicine in the house, he called out, “Why didn’t you respond in the house?”

  ”So didn’t you still come in?” Shen Jue tilted his head up and took a closer look at his face in the mirror.

  Feng Qingbao blushed a bit, “I was trying to push the door because I thought you were in there.” He walked up to Shen Jue and after seeing the injuries on the other’s face, Feng Qingbao sucked in a breath, “You were beaten by Qin… on this face ah?”

  He didn’t pronounce Qin Yuan’s name.

 ”Hmm.” Shen Jue finished applying the medicine.

  Feng Qingbao went to close the door before finding a stool and sitting down, looking left and right before saying, “He was ordered to be executed by His Majesty, I think you should be careful in recent days.”

  They all knew who Qin Yuan was under.

  Shen Jue nodded his head.

  Feng Qingbao said again, “Why did he lie to you over there today? Just to beat you up?”

  Shen Jue put the ointment away close to his body before saying calmly, “No, he was trying to take advantage of me.”

  ”Huh?” Feng Qingbao was dumbfounded, he looked Shen Jue up and down, a little incredulous, “He’s going to take advantage of you… you?”

  Shen Jue nodded his head as if it were a matter of fact, “He wanted me to touch him.”

  Feng Qingbao sucked in another breath, “Ooh, crazy, no, this is the Lust . Devil, even someone like you.” The way he looked at Shen Jue suddenly became a little more sympathetic, “No wonder he was always at odds with you, so he got a crush on you ah, scary as hell.”

  Shen Jue saw that Feng Qingbao’s words implied that he didn’t deserve to be taken advantage of, so he narrowed his eyes and whispered, “Actually, he originally wanted to make a move on you, but he was afraid that you’d say something, so that’s why he approached me, and when he wanted me to touch him, he wanted me to use your voice.”

  Feng Qingbao: “!!!”

  A moment later, Feng Qingbao’s little snow-white face turned red and said indignantly, “No wonder I always felt that he looked at me strangely.”

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