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In that instant, the Broken Temple was quiet.

At first, Shen Jue looks at Ni Xinyan incredulously, but when he looks at him, his face turns red and white. He wanted to put his clothes back in place, but Ni Xinyan’s hands were stronger than Shen Jue’s, so Shen Jue wanted to grab them back, but Ni Xinyan wouldn’t let him, and the two of them were at a standoff, and all they could hear was the sound of clothes being torn.

Shen Jue: “……”

Wearing a mask, Ni Xinyan’s face wasn’t seen, but his eyes were on the skin that Shen Jue had exposed.

The wheat-colored skin was scattered with red marks, as if it had been pecked out by someone.

Shen Jue closed his eyes, when he opened them again, his face had returned to normal, and he calmly looked at Ni Xinyan, “I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear what you just said, but you want me to leave Murong Xiu, and I can’t, not yet.”

Ni Xinyan’s eyes flashed with displeasure, “Why? He made all these marks, didn’t he? I wondered why did he come all this way to take you with him? He had this in mind. If he treats you so badly, why don’t you go? Could it be that you like being treated this way?” He paused, “I still say the same thing, if you like it, I’m not unavailable.”

Shen Jue was helpless, he now felt that not only was Murong Xiu sick in the head, but Ni Xinyan was now sick and ill in the head as well.

“I want to kill him, so I must stay by his side.” Shen Jue could only speak the truth.

Ni Xinyan was silent for a moment at the news, “Kill him? Who do you want to kill with your strength? Did you try to kill him in bed?” He finished but he became angry again, “I won’t allow you to use that method!”

Shen Jue: “……”

“Sick.” Shen Jue finally cursed out, “What kind of nonsense are you full of? Remove your hands.”

“Not removing!” Not only did Ni Xinyan reject Shen Jue’s words, he also went forward and hugged Shen Jue, “I won’t let you come in contact with that sissy Murong Xiu again, I’ll take you to the Yong Kingdom, my current general’s residence is huge, you can stay in whichever room you like, if you want to sleep in one room with me, that’s fine too.”

Shen Jue knitted his brows, not knowing why he had fallen into such a state, Ni Xinyan was being unreasonable, simply another Murong Xiu. Shen Jue struggled for a while, but instead of pushing the other away, he was held tighter by Ni Xinyan.

And with Ni Xinyan holding the person in his arms, he suddenly felt that his anger was blocked, as if he had originally started a small fire in his heart, and then after holding Shen Jue, that small fire was doused with water.

But the fire in his heart was extinguished, but he felt a fire in his body.

While Ni Xinyan’s heart was fighting between heaven and earth, he suddenly heard a sound outside.

He turned his head sharply, while in the next instant, a sword had stabbed straight over. Ni Xinyan’s pupils shrank, and he hugged Shen Jue and dodged.

The person who came was none other than Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu seemed to have just gotten up from his bed, not even wearing a coat, his hair was only loosely tied with a rope, and a long strand of hair was hanging down at his cheek, his phoenix eyes were staring fiercely like a storm, as if the next moment, he would sweep in and destroy everything in front of him.

He held his sword and looked icily at the two people hugging each other, and when he saw Shen Jue’s torn clothes, the anger in his eyes grew even more, almost igniting a fire, “Shen Jue, come here.”

Shen Jue didn’t expect Murong Xiu to come so quickly, he was stunned, and when he heard Murong Xiu’s words, he felt the hand on his waist tighten a bit before he spoke.

“He won’t go over.” Ni Xinyan opened his mouth before Shen Jue, he said and affectionately pulled Shen Jue’s torn clothes, “Don’t worry, I won’t let him take you away, just wear my clothes when we leave later, don’t be angry.”

Before his words could fall, Murong Xiu’s sword stabbed towards him again.

This time the killing intent was even more obvious, Murong Xiu was furious by Ni Xinyan’s words, his eyes turned crimson, he wanted to immediately kill the man in front of him who was in the way. It was Ni Xinyan in his last life, and again in this one, why did Ni Xinyan always have a hard time with him? He would kill Ni Xinyan and then lock up Shen Jue so that no one could see him and no one would steal from him.

Murong Xiu’s eyes became redder and redder, and his hand became more and more ruthless.

With such a killing move, Ni Xinyan was forced by Murong Xiu to let go of Shen Jue. He pushed the man into a corner and also drew a soft sword from his waist. For a moment, only sword light could be seen flying.

Shen Jue frowned as he watched the two fight, feeling it was absurd.

Murong Xiu and Ni Xinyan fought more and more fiercely, but Murong Xiu was weaker than Ni Xinyan, who had fought on the battlefield for many years, and gradually Murong Xiu fell behind and was beaten by Ni Xinyan in every step. After Shen Jue discovered this, he took a step forward, and when he realized that Ni Xinyan’s sword was about to stab at Murong Xiu’s throat, his pupils widened slightly and he yelled, “Stop! Ni Xinyan, stop!”

He shouted as he ran over to Murong Xiu’s side.

If Murong Xiu died under Ni Xinyan, what was he in this life?

Didn’t he suffer for nothing and would have to do it all over again?

Ni Xinyan didn’t think that Shen Jue would actually forbid him from killing Murong Xiu, so he clenched his teeth and stabbed over even more harshly.

Seeing this, Shen Jue rushed directly in front of Murong Xiu and blocked the sword.

Neither of them expected Shen Jue to rush to the middle, Ni Xinyan wanted to retrieve the sword, but it was too late, and when Murong Xiu saw Shen Jue rushing over, a smile appeared on his beautiful demonic face, he hugged Shen Jue and then turned around.

The sword stabbed into Murong Xiu’s back.

And he was still holding Shen Jue and wouldn’t let go.

Shen Jue busily turned around to check on Murong Xiu’s condition, and was relieved when he found that the sword hadn’t pierced deep enough.

Murong Xiu was still smiling as he looked at Shen Jue, his eyes curved at the corners.

Ni Xinyan drew the sword out, and he watched as Shen Jue checked Murong Xiu’s injuries, his face so ugly that it was almost a dark cloud, “Do you know what you’re doing? If it weren’t for the fact that this sissy still has some conscience, it would have been you who was injured by me.”

“I told you, you can’t kill him.” Shen Jue said as he was about to let go of Murong Xiu, whose wounds weren’t too deep, but Murong Xiu didn’t want to. He deliberately slumped in Shen Jue’s arms with an expression of “I can’t get up because of my wounds”.

“Why?” Ni Xinyan suddenly removed the mask from his face, revealing his scarred face as he roared, “He has harmed my father, me, and tens of thousands of innocent people and generals all over the city, why shouldn’t I kill him?!”

Shen Jue was silent for a moment and shielded Murong Xiu behind his back, “He is indeed unpardonable, but the one who kills him cannot be you.”

Murong Xiu’s eyes changed slightly when he heard Shen Jue’s words.

And when this fell on Ni Xinyan’s ears, it was that Shen Jue was still defending Murong Xiu.

He was shaking with anger, “Yes, I won’t kill him now, I will kill him on the battlefield in the future, Shen Jue, you can protect him once, but not for a lifetime, if you dare to defend him next time, I will ……” he slammed the mask to the ground, and the golden mask was broken into two halves, “I’ll make you regret living.”

Ni Xinyan walked out after saying that.

Murong Xiu didn’t look at Ni Xinyan, but quietly looked at Shen Jue.

When Ni Xinyan left, only then did Shen Jue turn around to look at Murong Xiu.

Murong Xiu’s face was a little pale because of his injury, but his lips were still sweetly red, and his appearance was gorgeous, like a good woman. He looked at Shen Jue without blinking and asked softly, “What did you mean by that just now?”

“What words?” Shen Jue.

“The one who killed him couldn’t be you?” Murong Xiu repeated what Shen Jue had said, “Then who should be the one who kills me? You?”

Shen Jue was silent for a moment, then nodded.

Murong Xiu’s gaze changed suddenly, his warmth was swept away and he just looked at Shen Jue coldly, “Why?”

Shen Jue also looked at Murong Xiu, he looked calm, “Because the person who killed you in the last life was also me.”

Murong Xiu’s pupils shrank, for a moment, he squeezed out a sentence from his teeth, “So you also have memories ah, I thought I was the only one who had them, hehe, no wonder you were so different from the last life, so good, so I asked you why and you didn’t answer, you can say it now.”

“Because I had to kill you.” There was no emotion in Shen Jue’s voice, “Murong Xiu, if you love me, I’ll kill you.”

Murong Xiu seemed stunned, he looked at Shen Jue for a long time before he smiled, only it wasn’t a real smile, “I love you, you will kill me, is there even such a thing in the world? That’s interesting, that Ni Xinyan loves you, why don’t you kill him?” In the latter sentence, he yelled fiercely.

He was like a wounded animal now, in pain, and could only yell.

“There’s no point in me killing him.”

Shen Jue said indifferently.

In Murong Xiu’s eyes, the current Shen Jue seemed to overlap with the snowy night of his last life, when Shen Jue was also looking at him like that, like he was looking at an ant, at someone who didn’t seem to exist.

Murong Xiu raised his hand and grabbed his hair, his face was one of obvious pain, “Why? Why, exactly? After all I’ve done, you still want to kill me? Shen Jue, do you have a heart or not? Huh?”

He leaned sharply closer to Shen Jue, his eyes frantic, “Shen Jue, then why didn’t you kill me?” He paused as if something had occurred to him, his eyes changed slightly, “Ah, you’re waiting for the right time, right? You don’t want to go with Ni Xinyan, but you’re also waiting for the right time to kill me?”

Murong Xiu fiercely grabbed Shen Jue’s shoulders, “When is it time for you to kill me? You talk!” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he fiercely kissed Shen Jue’s lips and even undressed Shen Jue regardless.

He had thought that he could take his time with Shen Jue, that one day Shen Jue would forget about Ni Xinyan and be with him willingly, but now he realized that Shen Jue was going to kill him, no matter what.

So why did he endure?


I feel conflicted, sad for him, sad for Shen Jue, no one is winning.

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