Made a mistake, ZY has finished High School, my badddddddd

Zhou Yuhe was stunned for a bit too long, in order to avoid embarrassment, Xie Yifeng came out to relieve him: “When I was a sophomore in high school, Yuhe was only in junior high school, how would he know?”

The hostess couldn’t believe it: “Have you at least heard of it? Yifeng, you should be in the category of a campus missing person.”

Zhang Liran, who had excellent eyesight, picked up the conversation and spat, “Compared to a person of the wind, a missing person on campus would be more appropriate, wouldn’t it?”

Everyone tacitly smiled in deep agreement.

Xie Yifeng had been hanging out on the set since he was a kid, and his classmates probably hadn’t seen him as much as the scene attendant who played the board.

This topic was just a detour.

But there was no way to get around it in Zhou Yuhe’s heart.

He and Xie Yifeng were alumni?

How had he never mentioned it to him in a previous life?

Oh, right, when he was a student, his mother was very strict with him, that period of life was so boring and depressing to Zhou Yuhe, so much so that after his debut, he was reluctant to talk about those things in the past, Xie Yifeng’s emotional intelligence probably figured out that he was very bored with the old school life, so he didn’t mention the old school things to him.

Zhou Yuhe raised his head and looked through the shadow of the person in front of him to Xie Yifeng who was standing on the other side of the stage, and the other person also saw him.

The subtle thing was, he didn’t stare at Xie Yifeng like the last “Xie Yifeng’s fan” incident, but looked at him for a moment and then he quickly turned his eyes away.

Zhou Yuhe: “……”

What was this man guilty of?


After Zhou Yuhe became popular, he didn’t immediately start taking on new scripts, but instead followed Yang Yu’s arrangement and carried out a series of activities to consolidate his popularity, or rather, increase his exposure.

The first was that no period of popularity was easy to achieve overnight, and it wasn’t like he was going to be a hot newsmaker today and a superstar tomorrow. If Zhou Yuhe chose to take on a new script when he had just become popular and his commercial value had not yet been demonstrated, he may not be able to get any good scripts, as not every big and respected director had the courage to use only newcomers in his films like Director Cai, and the pay wouldn’t be that high.

The second was that once the actors entered the group, it meant that they were in a “vacuum” period, and without continuous exposure, the online exposure may quickly die down.

Popularity was also a complicated thing.

If he didn’t do anything, no work, no exposure, the audience would soon forget him.

However, if he exposed too much during this time and bought hot searches, like Meng Churong who had to buy hot searches, then the goodwill of the passersby would soon be lost.

This was commonly known as “fried”.

So when he didn’t have a new script, the way he exposed himself and how often he was exposed would affect the development of a newly popular artist.

In this regard, Yang Yu was doing a moderate job.

He neither took a whole bunch of messy advertising endorsements for Zhou Yuhe, nor did he only take one or two high-end collaborations to keep Zhou Yuhe, who hadn’t taken any endorsements since his debut, mysterious.

The first was that Zhou Yuhe had already made an appointment with Cao Qiyue for a music video shoot, Cao Qiyue had a good personal image and was super influential for Zhou Yuhe, so naturally Yang Yu had no reason to stop him.

In addition, Yang Yu only gave him an endorsement for a first-tier fast food and a new series of products for a famous mobile phone brand, and he declined all the other endorsement ads for the right reasons.

Together with the two magazine pictorial shoots and some drama promotional activities, that was all Zhou Yuhe had to work on in the past two months.

The public’s affection for him was steadily rising as he secured exposure without being too conspicuous.

Zhou Yuhe himself was also quite satisfied with this kind of nonchalant career path, the so-called prosperity would decline, he had tasted enough of the instant fall from the clouds in his last life, to start again, he would build a bigger and more stable foundation.

Tian Sen Star Charity Night.

Tian Sen Magazine was the reigning king of the fashion industry, and they held a celebrity charity night every August, bringing together the biggest names and most talked-about entertainers of today to contribute to charity.

The original intent of the charity night was of course good.

However, as the reputation of Tian Sen’s charity night became more and more prominent in the industry and the more big names participated, the event gradually changed its taste.

In the entertainment industry, especially where big names were gathered, there was always a lot of competition.

This year, female celebrities, each and everyone tried to insert themselves into the smallest beautiful dresses; private discord between the stars would become a chance to show all kinds of plastic friendships in front of the camera; they smiled and hugged openly and secretly fought ……

These were the norm for charity nights, and everyone wanted to paint the page for themselves at this event.

But this year was a little different.

There were two people who, even if they did nothing, would still be the focus of all the media reporters.

As soon as they stepped onto the red carpet, the reporters’ magnesium lights clicked and clicked and clicked non-stop, giving out a burst of astonishment.

It was said that even the best-looking stars were inseparable from the finishing touches, often the domestic male and female stars travelled out of the country to participate in foreign award ceremonies, domestic reporters’ editing compared to foreign reporters’ original picture made people disillusioned, such things were common in the entertainment industry, but ……

Zhou Yuhe, whose face was actually surprisingly handsome even under the flash, truly three hundred and sixty degrees without a dead angle, had countless reporters snapping around him in amazement, almost ignoring the actress beside him, Zhang Liran.

Zhang Liran maintained a polite yet elegant smile as she twisted Zhou Yuhe’s arm with a stiff mouth, “I really regret walking the red carpet with you.”

Zhou Yuhe felt the pain but did not change his face, he smiled slightly, “Who called us a commercial cp[couple], look up and smile, Sister Zhang.”

Hey, this brat still held a grudge.

If Zhou Yuhe’s face was hard to ignore, then Xie Yifeng’s aura of a heavenly superstar was so dazzling that it was impossible to look at!

Three movie star trophies! Best Actor at the Burfi Awards! The scariest new king this year!

No, it may not be possible to call him a “newcomer,” but all in all, Yifeng Xie was definitely the most talked-about actor of the year!

Xie Yifeng wore a straight and slim black suit, with a faint smile on his lips, every step carried an extremely powerful aura.

Generally speaking, a star couldn’t stay on the red carpet for too long, or else it would cause a delay for the stars coming up behind them, especially if it was Xie Yifeng behind them, and generally artists would definitely hurry down from the red carpet to avoid any bad news about trying to gain popularity.

But Xie Yifeng and the two of them were the stars of the same movie, the relationship between the three was extraordinary, if the two of them went down first, it would look like they were embarrassed, so Zhou Yuhe and Zhang Liran didn’t rush, instead, they stood in place, waiting for Xie Yifeng to come forward, leisurely signing posters for their fans, and then he came forward, with the two of them to accept the interview.

Xie Yifeng and Zhou Yuhe stood together, especially for this kind of formal occasion, both of them dressed up in a more glorious way than in the drama, the kind of lethality was completely self-evident.

One black and one white, one handsome and unparalleled, one imposing, different temperament, completely not losing against each other, and at once the entire picture’s presence was accounted for, and Zhang Liran, who was already unable to attract attention, was now more like a small decoration standing next to the two.

Xie Yifeng very naturally looked to Zhou Yuhe next to her after the reporter’s brief interview, “Why are you guys walking so fast, you didn’t even wait for me.”

Zhou Yuhe had developed a general tacit understanding with him from his last life, as soon as he saw this look in his eyes, he knew that he wanted to tease, so he glanced at him and said, “Isn’t this waiting for you? Do you want me to walk you down the aisle?”

Xie Yifeng laughed and winked, “There’s no rush, just remember your words, we’ll have plenty of opportunities later.”

The female reporters in front of the magnesium lights were already about to faint, howling while the cameras in their hands rang non-stop.

Our CP[ couple pairing] is giving out sugar ahhhhhhhh!

And next to the two, the completely ignored heroine of the show-

Zhang Liran looked indifferent: “……”


This photo became one of the classic photos of the night.

They didn’t know how Zhang Liran would feel if she saw that she was on a hot search after a long time, but the title was “Heartache for Zhang Liran”.

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