After Murong Xiu left, Shen Jue pulled his clothes on. He sat on the edge of the bed for a moment, went to the closet, and rummaged through the wardrobe for a barely-there coat to put on before going to the door.

As soon as he opened the door, the two men guarding it turned to look at him.

Shen Jue’s gaze sank, “I’m going out, are you going to stop me?”

The two men looked at each other, then one of them, with a whiter face, said, “If the gentleman wants to take a stroll around the palace, us two can follow him.”

“Whatever.” Shen Jue coldly said and stepped out of the room.

He had been bored in this room for over a month, and it was hard for Murong Xiu to leave, so he wanted to take a walk outside.

But when he left, Shen Jue saw Feng Qingbao unexpectedly.

Feng Qingbao didn’t see him, he was wearing a dark ink-colored eunuch robe and was talking to the maid in front of him, after a while, he pulled out something from his sleeve and handed it to the maid. The palace maid’s face suddenly turned red, quickly accepted Feng Qingbao’s item, twisted her body, and ran away.

After the palace maid left, Feng Qingbao was still staring at the direction the palace maid left.

Shen Jue stood behind the flowers and saw this scene and couldn’t help but smile. It seemed that in this life, Feng Qingbao had lived a good life.

Just as Shen Jue was about to turn around and leave, Feng Qingbao seemed to sense that someone was looking at him and suddenly turned back. He was visibly stunned when he saw Shen Jue, and seemed to be wondering who Shen Jue was.

When Shen Jue saw that Feng Qingbao saw him, he didn’t react much and turned around to leave.

When Feng Qingbao saw that Shen Jue was leaving, he couldn’t help but take a step towards Shen Jue, but as soon as he did, he saw clearly the two people following behind Shen Jue.

They were the Sixth Prince Murong Xiu’s henchmen, people who couldn’t be offended, and they were known to be murderous.

Feng Qingbao could only stop in his tracks.

And after Shen Jue dispersed for a while, Murong Xiu appeared. He strode over to Shen Jue, and the two people behind Shen Jue saw the situation and left in a flash, and by the time Murong Xiu reached Shen Jue, only the two of them were left nearby.

Shen Jue was now indifferent towards Murong Xiu, and when he saw him, he didn’t even say his name, not to mention his expression. Murong Xiu didn’t seem to be in a good mood, he looked at Shen Jue with a gloomy look, but after just a moment, he laughed again.

He grabbed Shen Jue’s hand and gently said, “You must have gotten bored here, I’ll take you out for a walk.”

Shen Jue looked at Murong Xiu and felt as if something was happening, “Where to?”

Murong Xiu’s face didn’t change, “I’m going to send troops to attack the Yong Kingdom, but I don’t trust you to stay in the capital alone, so you’re coming with me.”

Shen Jue didn’t think that Murong Xiu was still in an alliance with the Yong Kingdom, but he turned around and was going to send troops to attack, and although Murong Xiu was smiling now, there was no joy in his eyes, proving that he wasn’t joyful about the matter of attacking the Yong Kingdom, so most likely, he wasn’t going to attack on his own, but had to go.

Shen Jue could not help but think of Ni Xinyan in the Yong Kingdom.

   Ni Xinyan was a person who put his life on the line and always survived. He could do it in previous lives, and maybe he could also survive in this life.

    After Murong Xiu told Shen Jue that he was going to attack Yong, he ordered people to sort things out, but within three days, Murong Xiu took Shen Jue and set off to the border between the two countries. During this period of time on the road, Shen Jue was forced to eat and sleep with Murong Xiu. Murong Xiu never concealed his closeness with Shen Jue in front of everyone, but if anyone looked at Shen Jue more, he looked like he couldn’t wait to tear the other’s eyes.

    Over time, all the males in the army felt their hearts break into pieces.

    They thought that the sixth prince Murong Xiu was the bright moon in the sky, and in this round of the bright moon, not only had it descended but also an ordinary teenager who seemed to have no merit and didn’t love Murong Xiu

 Heartbreaking, really heartbreaking.

    Murong Xiu, no matter what others thought, he only thought of Shen Jue, and Shen Jue, who was thinking of him, was thinking about when he could kill Murong Xiu.

    He laid on his back on the carriage, frowning impatiently, and for a moment, he took a breath, grabbed the person’s long hair somewhat annoyed, and forcibly lifted the other’s face away from his chest, “Is it enough?”

    Murong Xiu’s lips were red, and his eyes were shining. He stretched out his red tongue and slowly licked his lips, “Not enough, you promised yesterday, if I slept outside the carriage last night, You would do whatever I want.” 

 When he remembered last night, Shen Jue’s annoyance became even heavier.

    Last night, he had fallen asleep and was suddenly awakened by the person next to him. Murong Xiu, like a giant dog, suddenly pressed against him, both his hands were still doing evil, Shen Jue was too annoyed, and wanted to kick the opponent off, but they had a fight in the carriage, and Shen Jue couldn’t win either. As he panted, most of his clothes were taken off.

    When he saw Murong Xiu laughing and talking, he became even more annoyed. He hardly had a good night’s sleep along the way. Now, as a mortal, Shen Jue had a temper due to lack of sleep and was even more disgusted with Murong Xiu, but he knew that he could not beat Murong Xiu, so he could only discuss with him in a low voice.

   So, there was this scene.

    Shen Jue pushed Murong Xiu away and sat up. He pulled the clothes that had slipped on his elbows to his shoulders and lowerd his head to organize his clothes.

    Murong Xiu watched Shen Jue lowering his eyes and sorted out his clothes. He only thought that the other party was pitiful and cute. He chuckled and leaned forward again, sticking to Shen Jue, “You’re wearing it now, and I will take it off later, why bother? “

    Shen Jue’s hand suddenly paused, and he raised his eyes and looked at Murong Xiu coldly.

    Murong Xiu was smiling at first, but when he saw Shen Jue’s eyes, the smile in his eyes gradually faded.

    The two looked at each other silently, and finally, Murong Xiu moved his face away first. He got up and sat on the other side of the carriage, and as soon as Shen Jue saw him leave, he continued to tie his clothes, but the discomfort in his chest was hard to ignore.

    Shen Jue frowned, trying to rub but not wanting Murong Xiu to see it, so he sat with a stiff face.

    At night, the army was stationed.

    Shen Jue went to the side of the stream for dinner. He was uncomfortable for a day and finally managed to endure it till now. He wanted to take off his clothes and turned to look at Murong Xiu who was not far away.

    Murong Xiu looked at him calmly, as if he didn’t have the thought of disturbing the other party.

    Shen Jue’s face turned ugly, “I want to take a bath.”

“Bathe,” Murong Xiu said.

Shen Jue clenched his teeth and saw that Murong Xiu wouldn’t leave, so he could only turn his head and continue undressing.

The moonlight was bright today, and as Murong Xiu looked at the slender body under the moonlight, his eyes turned darker, while he saw the young man carefully touching the water, his breathing became slightly heavy.

He let out a long, soft breath, a moment later, he was stepping towards the boy in the stream.

“You …… let go.” The annoyed voice of the teenager came from his ears.

Murong Xiu seemed as if he couldn’t hear.

“Murong Xiu!” The young man’s voice carried a touch of shyness that could not be ignored.

The water splashed everywhere, and the moonlight was like water on the person in the water.

Shen Jue kicked his opponent to the ground and then struggled to get up from the water, only for him to be dragged by his ankle as soon as he stood up, dragged into the water again. Murong Xiu’s long hair spread out, and his face in the water became more and more delicate, like a seductive water demon.

This water demon stalked the swimmer.


That night, Shen Jue was exhausted, and Murong Xiu was not much better, he sat outside the carriage, held the brass mirror, and carefully rubbed medicinal wine on his lips, he even dared not rub medicinal wine in the carriage, for fear that the smell of medicine was too strong and would wake up the other side.

The males in the army who didn’t sleep saw Murong Xiu rubbing the medicine, and their hearts broke again.

The beauty rubbing medicine on the mirror, this poor sight, and that criminal actually slept, too much!

The city that had been slaughtered in the beginning had become the border of the Yong Kingdom, and Murong Xiu’s army was stationed in Yongle City, the nearest city to that city.

When the local officials heard that Murong Xiu had personally sent out his troops, they had already vacated their own residence for Murong Xiu to live in.

After Murong Xiu arrived at Yongle City, he became unexpectedly busy, and Shen Jue would only see him at night. In the end, Murong Xiu sometimes wouldn’t come back at night, but he still sent someone to watch over Shen Jue.

One day, as Shen Jue was sleeping, he suddenly heard a noise outside his bed, and opened his eyes sleepily, thinking it was Murong Xiu returning, but when the bed curtain was lifted, he realized that the visitor was not Murong Xiu.

The visitor was wearing a golden mask and was staring sullenly at Shen Jue on the bed.

Shen Jue’s sleepy brain snapped awake, he stared at the other person, and sat up from the bed, “Ni Xinyan?”

The visitor didn’t answer the question, but suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Shen Jue. He directly clicked on Shen Jue’s acupuncture point and carried the man on his shoulders. Although Shen Jue couldn’t move, he was conscious, and he was taken out of the room by the other man, while the person guarding him had already fallen to the ground, he didn’t know if he was alive or dead.

The man who carried Shen Jue was highly skilled in martial arts, and he was able to fly over walls with him.

Finally, Shen Jue was taken to a broken temple in the city, where the man gently placed Shen Jue on the ground before relieving his acupuncture points.

Shen Jue moved his body before standing up from the ground, and he looked at the visitor suspiciously, “Are you Ni Xinyan?”

The man was silent for a moment, lightly nodded his head and said, “When the city gates open, I’ll take you out.”

Shen Jue didn’t think that Ni Xinyan would actually take him out, he knitted his brows, if he left, would he still be able to kill Murong Xiu? But staying here didn’t seem to help. While Shen Jue was thinking about what to do, Ni Xinyan suddenly said, “You don’t want to leave?”

Shen Jue looked at him, “I was just wondering if I should leave.”

Ni Xinyan’s eyes were slightly cold, “Is this still a consideration?” His eyes landed on Shen Jue’s collar, which was a little open from the journey here, and he saw the dark marks underneath it, and the hand in his sleeve tightened fiercely.

Shen Jue didn’t notice Ni Xinyan’s gaze, he turned his face away slightly, not wanting to tell Ni Xinyan about his concerns.

And Ni Xinyan was furious when he saw that Shen Jue avoided talking about it, he had wasted so much effort to get into Yongle City, almost risking his life, but the person he had rescued didn’t seem to care about him at all, and was even somewhat reluctant to leave.

Ni Xinyan thought about the way Shen Jue left that day.

Without even hesitating, Shen Jue left with Murong Xiu.

Ni Xinyan abruptly walked up to Shen Jue, and he grabbed Shen Jue’s shoulder, “Could it be that you’ve fallen in love with that Murong Xiu? You think he’s good-looking, don’t you?”

In the meantime, Shen Jue sniffed, not quite understanding why Ni Xinyan said something so unreasonable, “I didn’t.”

“Then come with me, I want Murong Xiu to never see you again.” Ni Xinyan said.

“No!” Shen Jue directly retorted, if Murong Xiu couldn’t see him, how could he kill Murong Xiu?

Ni Xinyan gritted his teeth, he suddenly reached out and yanked open Shen Jue’s collar, and when he saw the marks underneath the clothes, his pupils shrank and he said angrily, “You don’t want to leave, could it be because of this? You want lack of manly affection, then I’ll do it.”

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