C14— Kill The Emperor[14]

 The people who were ordered to come in were stunned at the sight, not knowing what to do.

  The one at the head of the group hesitantly shouted, “Your Highness?”

The Regent was in a grumpy mood at this point, and when he heard the voice, he just blew up, “Get out!”
Those people immediately obeyed and retreated again.

“Murong Xiu, if you protect him today, you will definitely regret it later.”
The regent left this sentence and turned around to walk away.

It was only once he left that Murong Xiu put his dagger down, and he even turned around to check on Shen Jue’s condition behind him.
“Shen Jue, how are you doing?”

Shen Jue smiled weakly at him, “How could Your Majesty use something as dangerous as a dagger? Your Majesty shouldn’t threaten the Regent with that thing next time.”
Murong Xiu saw that Shen Jue’s collar was bloodstained, but he was still worried about him, so he frowned, “You’re still worried about me? Worry about yourself first.”

Murong Xiu immediately summoned Imperial Physician Xu to see Shen Jue, and when Imperial Physician Xu was done, Murong Xiu eagerly asked, “How is he?”

Imperial Physician Xu lowered his head and deliberated before speaking, “Eunuch Shen’s injuries are to his heart and lungs, I will prescribe medicine later and have the medicine boy decoct medicine for Eunuch Shen daily.” He paused for a moment and then said, “But if Eunuch Shen continues to be injured like this, I’m afraid he’ll live for three to five years at most.”

Murong Xiu’s pupils shrank, “You said he can only live for another three to five years?”
Imperial Physician Xu said, “If he doesn’t get injured and take your medicine on time, it’s not much of a problem to prolong your life, but Eunuch Shen’s body hasn’t been fully recovered, always getting injured repeatedly, and adding heart injuries to old injuries, it will definitely not work in the long run.”

Murong Xiu turned his head to silently look at Shen Jue lying on the couch at his words.
Before Imperial Physician Xu came, Shen Jue had passed out from the pain and was still unconscious.

The injuries on Shen Jue’s body were all because of him.
He clearly said he was afraid of death, but every time Shen Jue stopped him and blocked the Regent for him. When he was little, too, when he did something wrong, Shen Jue, a slave, took the punishment for him, and Shen Jue never said anything about pain in front of him.

Murong Xiu now realized that the other party had already suffered too many injuries for him, and might not even live long.
Now that he thought about it, the one who had stayed with him the longest in his life was actually Shen Jue, who had followed him since he was a few years old, and at that time, he was still a little unsteady in his walking, so he chased after him and called out ‘His Highness’. He was a few years older than Shen Jue, and even though he grew up with him, he only treated him as a slave and was not very kind to him.

But Shen Jue had almost given his life for him.

How could Murong Xiu not know that although he was now an emperor, if it was a different emperor, the people who served him now would be able to serve the next emperor well. Weren’t those who were respectful to his father rushing to kiss the Regent’s ass now?

All people were selfish and lived for themselves.
Only Shen Jue was different.

“You do your best to heal him, I won’t let him get hurt again.” Murong Xiu said thoughtfully word by word, like a promise.
Imperial Physician Xu who heard this secretly frowned, he was actually more worried about Murong Xiu, but he just couldn’t say it. It was just that as long as Murong Xiu wanted it, so he would do his best.
  Shen Jue’s quarters were set on fire, and Liang Rong hated Shen Jue and didn’t give him another place to stay. But this had no effect on Shen Jue, because Murong Xiu directly let Shen Jue stay in his chambers. When Murong Xiu finished bathing, Shen Jue could still bathe in Murong Xiu’s bath, which was a first for such a favored person.

At night, Shen Jue slept on the footstool, and now he didn’t have to wait for Murong Xiu to fall asleep before he could lie down.
Because Murong Xiu said that he had to recover from his injuries, he couldn’t stay up all night.

Because of the pain, Shen Jue really couldn’t sleep. He could only open his eyes and look at the quietly burning candle.
The flame was thin and fat, and sometimes swayed side to side.

Murong Xiu also didn’t sleep, he laid on the bed for a while, then sat up again and lifted the bright yellow bed curtain, “Shen Jue, you come up to sleep.”
Shen Jue was stunned and turned his head to look at Murong Xiu, “Your Majesty?”

During the night, the scars on Murong Xiu’s face seemed to be less obvious, hinting at his original showy and beautiful appearance. His beautiful eyes firmly looked at Shen Jue, “Your wound hurts, it’s uncomfortable to sleep there, my bed is big, it’s more than enough for two people to sleep.”

Shen Jue shook his head, “Slave is cheap, how can I sleep in the Emperor’s dragon bed?”
Murong Xiu heard the words, but he frowned, he patted the spare spot next to him, “I told you to come up and sleep, just come up and sleep, I have to get up early tomorrow, how long are you going to discuss this matter with me?”

Shen Jue still said, “Your Majesty, this…”
“Come up!” Murong Xiu directly interrupted Shen Jue as he ignored the embarrassment on Shen Jue’s face and urged, “Hurry up.”

When Shen Jue saw this, he had no choice but to climb onto Murong Xiu’s bed. He only leaned against the bed and sat down, his face full of embarrassment and apprehension. Murong Xiu moved inside and motioned for Shen Jue to sleep. Shen Jue pursed his lips and whispered, “Your Majesty, it’s fine for slave to sleep here.”

“Sleep there and wake me up again at night by falling down?” Murong Xiu coldly said, “You don’t want to sleep inside a bit, simply we’ll switch places, I’ll sleep outside.”
When Shen Jue heard this, he could only move inside, but there was only one quilt on the bed, which was now covering Murong Xiu, and Shen Jue himself had a quilt, but that quilt was usually placed on the footrest, and bringing it up he was afraid that it would dirty Murong Xiu’s bed.

While Shen Jue was hesitating, Murong Xiu took the initiative to share half of the quilt.
Now that it was already late autumn, the warm blanket suddenly covered Shen Jue’s body, making him enter a trance.

“Don’t be foolish, are you trying to get sick by not covering yourself with the blanket?” Murong Xiu’s voice sounded beside Shen Jue’s ear, “You’re such a big man, and you can’t take care of yourself?”
Shen Jue quietly touched the soft blanket with his hand, and the trance gradually receded as he whispered, “Why is His Majesty treating slave so well?”

After Murong Xiu shared the blanket over, he also laid down himself, this was the first time he shared a bed with someone.
Maybe it was because he heard the movement of Shen Jue turning over from time to time and knew that the other couldn’t sleep due to pain, or maybe it was because he was too lonely and wanted to share the bed with someone until dawn.

No matter what his reason was, when Shen Jue came up, he felt the warmth of another person, but had no unpleasant thoughts.

There was no odor at all on Shen Jue’s body, only the faint scent of soap.

No matter how warm the smoky blanket was, he would still feel cold when he slept until midnight.
But with one more person sleeping with him, it seemed to be different.

Murong Xiu pursed his lips, feeling really a little strange, but he couldn’t explain this feeling, so his tone was much worse, “Don’t think too much, I only let you come up to sleep when I saw that you were injured, so roll down to sleep when you’re healed.”
Shen Jue smiled lowly, “Slave won’t think too much about it.”

Murong Xiu glanced at him, “That’s good, go to sleep.”

The night wasn’t really as good as Murong Xiu had imagined, he woke up shortly after falling asleep because Shen Jue was too close to him.
Shen Jue usually slept peacefully on the footrest there and didn’t even move a bit, but as a result, when he got to his bed, he didn’t know if it was too big or if the bedding was too comfortable, but Shen Jue simply moved around and didn’t settle down all night.

All at once, he hugged his waist, all at once, stuck to his back.
Murong Xiu was so annoyed that he wanted to push the other awake, but when he saw Shen Jue’s sleeping face, he hesitated.

Shen Jue was injured, and it was hard to fall asleep, so if he pushed the other awake again, it should be hard for Shen Jue to fall back asleep, right?

Amidst Murong Xiu’s hesitation and irritation, it was gradually time for the morning court.
When it was almost time for morning court, Shen Jue suddenly woke up, he quickly took back his hand on Murong Xiu’s waist and gently got off the bed. Murong Xiu on the bed barely slept all night, and now was supposed to rest with his eyes closed, heard Shen Jue’s movement, opening one eye, he saw that person sneak out of bed, he seemed not to take the hand on his waist seriously at all, he even hummed.

Shen Jue was dressing by the bedside, and when he heard the snort, his back stiffened.
But he only stiffened for a moment, and then continued to dress.

Murong Xiu saw the other party ignoring him and became even angrier, thinking that the reason he slept so poorly this night was because of Shen Jue, but Shen Jue didn’t say anything. He sat up directly and said in annoyance, “Shen Jue, you have a lot of nerve.”

Shen Jue had to stop dressing up and turned around and knelt down.
“Asking for Your Majesty’s forgiveness.”

Murong Xiu raised his eyes to look at him, “Forgiveness? Do you know what crime you have committed?”
Shen Jue opened his mouth and closed it again, and after a while, he slowly shook his head.

Murong Xiu moved to sit on the edge of the bed, bent slightly and pinched Shen Jue’s cheeks, “You treated me like a pillow last night, causing me to stay up all night, if I fall asleep in the morning court today, I will definitely punish you when I come back, get up, and change my clothes.”
He used a little strength, and Shen Jue endured the pain, but didn’t dare to cover his face.

Murong Xiu saw his red face, but his heart was much happier.
However, this good mood didn’t last long. The headache of the early dynasty today was the imperial examination. The original examiner appointed by the imperial examination was presided over by Lord Xu, but Lord Xu fell back at the gate last night and injured his head. He was carried up, but he couldn’t do be the examiner.

So the examiner had to be replaced.

Lord Xu laid on the board and hummed, “Your Majesty, I thought it would be best for the Regent to serve in this capacity, with the Regent’s literary splendor, it would be easy for the Regent to preside over the examinations, he would certainly be able to select a large number of useful talents in our country.”

  Of course, Murong Xiu did not want the Regent to be the examiner, so he said with a cold face: “The Regent is busy with everything, how can he have time to host the imperial examinations? In my opinion, I’d rather have another candidate. I wonder if the ministers, do you have any other candidates?”

The regent lifted his eyelids and looked back at the civil and military officials standing behind him, and those officials lowered their heads at the sight of him.
Murong Xiu noticed this scene, and his face couldn’t help but look much worse. He swept his gaze over those officials and suddenly noticed a thin and frail man.

That man seemed to be the one that Shen Jue had mentioned.

Murong Xiu hesitated, but still named the other party.
“Shi Jianan, what’s your opinion?”

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