C13—-Kill The Emperor[13]

 Shen Jue ignored the dagger from Dao Zhan as he calmly walked over to the table, the broken table with a teapot and two or three teacups on it. Both the teapot and the teacups were of the most ordinary white porcelain, very ordinary.

“Would the two lords like some tea?” Shen Jue turned over the teacup that was clasped backwards on the table and prepared to pour the tea.
After glancing at the extremely ordinary teapot, Dao Zhan said, “No, thank you for your kindness, young Eunuch.”

Shen Jue tilted his head and smiled apologetically at Dao Zhan, “Slave is really a little thirsty, can slave drink some water before answering your lordship’s question?”
Thinking that Shen Jue was about to die, Dao Zhan waved his hand with little concern, “Drink.”

Shen Jue laughed again before lifting the teapot to pour water into the cup. He slowly drank a cup of water before turning to look at Dao Zhan and Yang Xu, “I wonder what the two lords would like to ask slave?”

Dao Zhan narrowed his eyes, “On the night of the Emperor’s birthday, you were serving in front of the Emperor?”
“Yes.” Shen Jue said.

“And did you see the Regent?”
“There.” Shin Jue said again.

Yang Xu pulled out the knife at his waist.
Dao Zhan continued to ask, “Did you see the person who attacked the Regent that day?”

Shen Jue clasped the teacup in his hand back on the table, “Slave only saw someone attempting to plot against His Majesty that day, so in order to protect His Majesty’s safety, slave boldly hit the criminal on the head with a candlestick. As for whether or not there was a sneak attack on the regent, slave really doesn’t know.”
Knife Zhan’s eyes became even colder, “So, the Little Eunuch did indeed injure someone that night, right?”

“No, what slave hurt was not a person, but an animal.” As Shen Jue’s words trailed off, Dao Zhan’s dagger stabbed over. He immediately turned around to dodge it, and when Dao Zhan saw that, he sneered and tried to attack again, but he felt a pain in his heart.
He opened his lips, but could only weakly fall to his knees, while the same sound came from behind him.

Yang Xu had also fallen.

Dao Zhan showed an incredulous expression, “Why? We obviously didn’t drink that tea?”
He had suspected that the tea was drugged, so he didn’t drink it at all.

“If you drank it, you would be fine, but unfortunately you didn’t.” Shen Jue said calmly, “I knew someone would come looking for me, so this room was all poisoned, only you touched it and  it gradually became poisonous, and the antidote was also in this room, the tea on my table, I kindly invited you to drink it, but if you didn’t, then I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Dao Zhan heard the words and stormed off ready to grab the teapot, but Shen Jue, quick-eyed and quick-witted, lifted the teapot. He took several steps back with the teapot and gently shook his head, “It’s too late now.”

  Shen Jue had been planning this before Murong Xiu’s birthday, although he was now a mortal and couldn’t use immortal magic, he had memories after all, and when he was bored, he used to do other things, so he developed some poisonous drugs. He went to Imperial Physician Xu’s medicine boy and asked for a few plants, and the medicine boy, not unlike Imperial Doctor Xu, didn’t carefully interrogate Shen Jue about what he was doing with those medicines, and generously gave them to him, because they were extremely common.

Almost no one knew that those plants mixed together were poison.

In addition to carrying that poison. He also sprinkled it all over his own place. It was colorless and odorless, and it would poison a person if he inhaled it, so Dao Zhan and Yang Xu stayed in his room for a long time.

The eyes they looked at Shen Jue were so vicious that they wanted to eat his flesh to relieve their hatred.

“Do you think the Regent will let you off the hook if you kill us brothers?” Dao Zhan sneered.

“Naturally, your prince won’t let me go, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent you to kill me, but unfortunately I don’t want to die yet, so only you will die first.” Shen Jue tilted his head, his ordinary face showing an innocent smile, “You guys came to kill me first, you can’t blame me.”

Dao Zhan still wanted to say something, but his heart grew painful and he gasped for air before collapsing completely to the ground. The same was true for Yang Xu behind him.

Only when Shen Jue saw that the two of them were completely still did he carry the teapot out of the room. He moved the firewood piled in the corner of the courtyard to the front of the house and then splashed oil on it. He lit the fire fold and only turned and walked out when he saw the flames engulfing the doorway.

The news of the fire quickly spread.
When Liang Rong hurriedly ran to Murong Xiu to report the incident, Shen Jue was already standing in front of Murong Xiu’s table, grinding ink.

Liang Rong’s eyebrows jumped suddenly when he saw that Shen Jue was still alive.
Murong Xiu lifted his eyes and looked at Liang Rong nonchalantly, “What’s wrong?”

“Your Majesty, the place where the eunuch lives caught fire and burned several rooms.” Liang Rong said cautiously.
Murong Xiu snorted with little concern.

Liang Rong stole a glance at Shen Jue and frowned when he saw the other’s calm expression.
“Your Majesty, Eunuch Shen’s house was the source of the fire, that house burned clean, and there was some firewood piled up in front of the house, and…”

“I already know, it’s just a matter of burning a few rooms, you go down, there’s no need to talk about such trivial matters.” Before Liang Rong finished his report, Murong Xiu interrupted him. Liang Rong opened his mouth but could only stop. After he retreated, Murong Xiu looked to the side at Shen Jue, “You did it?”
  ”Hmm.” Shen Jue admitted.

“Someone is trying to kill slave.” Shen Jue’s grinding motion was non-stop.
Murong Xiu quietly watched his grinding movements for a moment before slowly saying, “Next time, tell me first about such things, don’t do it alone, it’s too dangerous.”

Shen Jue pursed his lips and smiled at his words, revealing the shallow pear dimpples on his face.
He was really smiling like a teenager who didn’t know how to worry.
“Slave knows.”


The regent’s face was expressionless as he looked at the two burned-out corpses in front of him.
Liang Rong knelt in front of the regent, not daring to breathe. Even he knew that Dao Zhan and Yang Xu were extremely trusted by the Regent, but the two people went to kill an unarmed eunuch and actually missed and were burned to death by the other.

After examining the two corpses, the examiner knelt before the Regent and reported, “Back to the Regent, there are no external injuries or signs of struggle on the two lords, and it looks like they were burned to death.”

“Impossible.” The Prince Regent said coldly, “If they were burned to death, how could they not struggle, go see if they were poisoned?”

The examiner went to check again, but still nothing came out.
The Regent had simply lost his smile, this Shen Jue was really good at killing people, but their side couldn’t even figure out how he had killed them.

The Regent was used to being proud, and felt that this time he was completely beaten by Shen Jue, so he didn’t bother to hide it, and directly brought people to Murong Xiu’s palace. When Murong Xiu saw him, he was stunned for a moment then he straightened his back, “Why did you come without briefing?”

When the Regent saw Shen Jue standing behind Murong Xiu, he sneered and picked a chair and sat down, “When does this Regent come to His Majesty’s place and inform? Rather, this slave behind you, why don’t you curtsy when you see this Regent?”

When Murong Xiu heard the Regent’s words, he knew that the other party was coming for Shen Jue this time. He frowned and wanted to say something, but his sleeve was gently tugged.
He turned back and saw that Shen Jue shook his head gently at him.

  Murong Xiu knew that Shen Jue was asking him not to confront the Regent.
He pursed his lips and could only say nothing.

Shen Jue loosened the hand on Murong Xiu’s sleeve and knelt respectfully, “Slave pays his respects to the Regent.”

The Regent looked at him with cold eyes, all of Shen Jue’s and Murong Xiu’s actions had been seen by him, “Why are you kneeling so far for? Kneel in front of this Regent and crawl over here.”

Murong Xiu stared at the regent with ill-intentioned eyes upon hearing that.
Shen Jue obediently did as he was told, bending his knees all the way forward, and as soon as he crawled to the Regent’s heel, he received a kick in the heart.

The regent used his strength and Shen Jue was kicked over the edge, spitting a mouthful of blood right onto the floor tiles.
“Ni Xinyan, what are you doing?” Murong Xiu didn’t expect the regent to actually attack Shen Jue right in front of him, his hands were shaking with anger.

The Regent’s gaze withdrew from Shen Jue, when he saw the ugly scars on Murong Xiu’s face, his eyes were dull, but his mouth said, “This Regent is teaching a dog slave a lesson, Your Majesty is kind, if you can’t see it, this Regent can go out and teach him a lesson.”

“My people are also being taught a lesson by the Regent now?” Murong Xiu quickly stepped forward and blocked Shen Jue, “If you want to teach him a lesson, why don’t you teach me first? If you want to kill him, then kill me first.”
In the meantime, the Regent’s eyes went cold, “Is Your Majesty speaking in anger? Or can Your Majesty really not want the throne for a slave?”

Murong Xiu’s eyes did not hide or flinch, he was even certain, “I will protect Shen Jue, if the Regent is not satisfied and wants to change me, I will never regret it.”
The regent laughed in anger, “Murong Xiu, you’re really good, then I’ll show you today if I can move him.” He raised his voice in anger, “Come in!”

As he spoke, Murong Xiu took out a dagger from his sleeve and pointed it at his neck.

“I’ve said, if you want to kill him, kill me.”
Murong Xiu tilted his head, his fair neck like a swan neck, looking unbearable, but he still tilted his neck, his eyes stubborn and crazy.
  Shen Jue hid behind Murong Xiu’s legs and peeked out to take a look at the regent.
His small action was naturally caught by the other party, but Shen Jue wasn’t afraid and even reached out his fingers to wipe the blood from his lips.

Shen Jue smiled sweetly at the Regent and licked off the blood from his fingertips with the tip of his tongue slowly.
It was an extremely ordinary face, but it looked so terrifying at this point.

It was only then that the Regent gradually realized what he had done wrong. He had actually asked Shen Jue to serve by Murong Xiu’s side, and Shen Jue was like an evil ghost lying on Murong Xiu’s back, hiding in the shadows, watching them fight to the death.

This evil ghost had no good intentions, it was because he was clumsy and underestimated the other before.

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