The sickle in Wen Yun’s hand brushed and swung, and in an instant he cut two more big handfuls down. In fact, ever since he was in high school, his family didn’t really let him work in the field anymore, only letting him concentrate on his studies. The family’s farm work was done by Wen Run’s father with his other two brothers. Later, when he went to college, he only went back once a year, and his family wouldn’t let him work. So, Wen Run was a bit handy.

After cutting a few handfuls to get the feeling, Wen Run straightened up and smiled as he demonstrated to Zhang Lu and Qu Haowen, “Actually this is very simple, the sickle is very fast, you have to be careful not to cut yourselves.” Saying that he held the knife in his right hand and grabbed the rice with his left hand, he gently moved and cut another handful down, smiling, “See, it’s not difficult at all.”

The show froze a screenshot of him grasping the rice with a bent-eyed smile, and the four words “not difficult at all” was boldly typed below the photo, along with a very haunting soundtrack.

It was all over the screen.

[Did you see the expressions on Zhang Lu and Qu Haowen’s faces? Hahahahahahahaha, they must be cursing internally]

[Deng Shake.jpg, not hard, not hard at all!]

[Is being a star so strict nowadays? And you have to be able to farm?]

Ye Hansheng also laughed, he was the one who had seen Wen Run’s information and knew that he came from a rural background, these things might not be really difficult for him. But then when he thought of the tiny Wen Run, who was also bending over like this, holding a heavy sickle and cutting rice in the paddy field, his heart inexplicably felt a little sore.

Ye Hansheng’s gaze rested for a long time on Wen Run’s face, his eyes were large, the ends of his eyes slightly drooping, and bent up when he smiled, like a pleasing little dog. He had obviously suffered so much, but he was always smiling, and Ye Hansheng suddenly remembered what Zheng Xuan had once said.

He was indeed a big baby.

The show was still going on, after Wen Run’s demonstration, Zhang Lu was already in high spirits to go down with his sickle, he was a host, and he had played many games in the past as a variety artist, although this time it was more difficult, but he wasn’t afraid of it. Instead, Qu Haowen had been standing on the ridges without moving, stared at the rice field with a solemn gaze, not revealing what he was thinking.

Many fans on the pop-up screen were heartbroken for him.

[Ahhhhh my brother is a germaphobe, how can he stand the paddy fields being so dirty!!!]

[I’d rather my brother not be on this show anymore…]
 Qu Haowen had a lot of fans. At that time, the barrage was full of such words as “love my brother”, “don’t take part in this kind of program in the future” and so on. Such comments, immediately someone began to ridicule.

[Is your brother more delicate than others? When others can work in the fields, your brother has to be used to it. ]

[Yes, attending a program can still be so melodramatic. ]

[Qu Hao Wen is… [Qu Haowen is a coward!]

For a while, there was a scuffle among the three parties of fans, anti-fans and passers-bys, sometimes comments about Wen Run were added. Ye Hansheng twisted his brow, looked at the fierce tearing barrage, clicked on the  speech box, he learnt from others and sent a message: [Wen Run is capable! ]

After sending it, he was a little uncomfortable. When he wanted to see the barrage again, he found that it had already been brushed away. He became even more uncomfortable, and then turned off the barrage.

The program was still going on. Qu Haowen had gone out of the field and learned to grab a bunch of rice. His eyebrows were twisted and his face looked like he was about to die. Although the rice fields had been dried, it was hard to describe how the ears of rice and leaves scraped his body while walking through the rice fields. Qu Haowen held a sickle with a green face.

Wen Run noticed his abnormality and reached out to help him. He didn’t expect someone to be so clean. He smiled and said, “Relax, I’ll teach you to use a sickle.”

Qu Haowen pursed his lips, nodded, lowered his head and followed him to learn.

Wen Run stood in front of him, slightly bent, his head low, and his white and slender neck bent into a beautiful arc, and even his voice was soft. “Hold on to it, and then use the sickle.”

Qu Haowen learned his posture he held the sickle with, grabbed the rice in front of him, and tried to put the sickle on it to cut. He used it for the first time. He didn’t master the skills, so he used the blade to grind it one by one. Although it took a little effort, it was good to cut it off.

“Here you are.” Qu Haowen handed the rice in his hand to Wen Run, and his face was still cold, but his lips were slightly curved.

Wen Run smiled and pointed to the field. “Just pile it over there.”

Ye Hansheng narrowed his eyes when he looked at it. He couldn’t resist and opened the barrage. At this time, the barrage had stopped fighting, but it was all there.

[lying trough, lying trough, lying trough, both of them match! ! ! ]

[What is this story! ! Farming is good. Why is it suddenly stuffed with dog food? ? ? ]

[ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! ! ]

[Wen Run’s neck is white and slender. What a fairy he is! ! ! ]

Ye Hansheng hasn’t figured out exactly what was said in front of him, but he was attracted by the barrage behind him. He glanced at Wen Run’s neck unconsciously. In order to record the program conveniently, Wen Run wore a lemon yellow T-shirt with round neck, and the semi-circular neckline was somewhat large, which not only showed a slender neck, but also revealed a small and delicate clavicle. It was really white, not only his neck, but his whole body.

In the barrage, the wind suddenly changed and they began to praise Wen Run crazily. Actually, Wen Run was very good-looking, not the kind that was stunning and aggressive. His good-looking was the type that the more they looked, the more beautiful he was.
 His facial features were very delicate, and it was an advantage, making people feel comfortable when they looked at him, so that when they first looked at him, what they noticed was not his delicate facial features, but his temperament like spring breeze. However, if they looked at him a few more times, they would find that he looked right everywhere, without any flaws, just like the fine porcelain burned in ancient official kilns.

His skin was extremely white. Standing in the sun wearing a lemon yellow T-shirt, white as if shining. The most important thing was that under the high-definition lens of the program group, he basked in the sun for a while. His face was only slightly red, and the pores on his face were almost invisible.

Zheng Xuan once said that he was so good-looking and his acting skills were not bad, but he was buried abruptly for more than a year. Who was to blame? The blind Agent Song Li was to be blamed.

Ye Hansheng used to listen casually, but now he was deeply impressed.

There were countless artists he had seen, but only one had grown into this appearance. He seemed to be born with that kind of comfortable temperament. He didn’t need to do anything specially. He was already in a good mood just by looking at it.

In the middle of the broadcast of Farming, the number of hits had already exceeded 10 million, and it was even soaring. # Let’s farm together. #, # Hard-core farming #, and # Farming CP# had all climbed the hot search. The first one was bought by the program group. The latter two were unexpectedly brushed by fans who had been beaten with chicken blood.[tn: means extreme excitement]

Zheng Xuan also prepared a hot search for Wen Run, that would only start after the variety show was broadcast. As a result, Wen Run was too competitive, and only half of the first issue was broadcast, yet he was on the hot search list.

Three hot searches, two of them, he took the lead.

In the topic of # Hard-core Farming #, some people screenshotted the moving pictures of Wen Run cutting, a group of nine moving pictures, which were liked 10,000 times in half an hour. Everyone ridiculed that it was really strict to be a star now, and some people seriously commented that the action was very standard, and it could be seen that he really worked in the fields.

There were more people joining the conversation, and gradually the topic became crooked. A few hot comments had been put up in Hot Turn Weibo, all of which asked why Wen Run wasn’t found before, and some people asked if he was a newcomer who just debuted.

Then someone went down and found that he was not a newcomer. He had played five or six supporting roles since his debut more than a year ago. It was just some walk-on roles, and many of the scenes were disfigured, so there had been no splash.

And he recently starred as Yan Wu in Jinling Terrace!

So Jinling Terrace’s book fans went to the official blog of the crew for verification, because the crew only put a few fixed makeup photos of the main characters, and Yan Wu’s still hadn’t come out, so the crew of Jinling Terrace released Yan Wu’s pictures, and specially hyped them.

In addition to the makeup photos, the pictures released by the crew also had some tidbits photos of the studio, among which there was a photo of Wen Run and Shen Muxun. Wen Run was acting the role of Yan Wu, while Shen Muxun acted the role of Wang Shizi of Zhenbei. After Wen Run saw the official post, he also conveniently forwarded and tagged Shen Muxun.

[Wen Run V: Wang Shizi of Zhenbei @ Shen Muxun, has come out for business. ]

Because of the crew’s post and Wen Run’s response afterwards, Weibo exploded again, and Wen Run’s followers on Weibo went up, breaking one million that night.
Under the originally deserted Weibo page, fans from all walks of life, such as Book Fans, Farming CP Fans, Variety Fans, etc., punched in his Weibo username one after another. Even because of the photo released by the crew of Jinling Terrace, a handful of “North-South CP fans” [CP means couple] came out. Because Yan Wu was from the south in the original book, and Wang Shizi from Zhenbei was born in the north, so they named it.

The Farming CP fans certainly refused to accept it. The first issue of Farming was broadcast in two episodes. After the first episode was broadcast, fans who screamed with chicken blood[extreme excitement] would of course find a place to vent. They pushed # Farming CP# to a hot search, so the newly emerging North-South CP was held down. Farming CP fans were determined to strangle the cult CP in its cradle.


The first broadcast of “Farming Together” was a blast, and the popularity on Weibo continued for two or three days, especially discussions about Wen Run was very high. Because he was not famous before, there was not much information naturally exposed on the Internet. It was not until “Farming” was broadcast that the number of Weibo fans rose to more than one million, and finally there was a fan support group. Extremely excited fans improved the information on various platforms and started selling Amway everywhere. [tn: Amway, to passionately recommend; to introduce; to promote.]

Because their nickname for Wen Run was “Tender Milk”, fans were also called “milk fans”.

Over there, the milk fans were eager to sell Amway. Zheng Xuan brought the renewal contract of Farming Together, the program team invited him to be a permanent guest. In fact, when Wen Run went, the program group didn’t intend to let him record the second season, so the contract was only signed for one season, and the price was still very low. However, what they didn’t expect was that after the broadcast, he became popular and the online discussion was very high. Therefore, the program team saw the direction and sent out an invitation again, hoping that he could be a permanent guest in the program. Of course, the contract price also doubled.

Wen Run opened his eyes to see the price on the contract, and finally signed his name as he smiled.

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