C49 – Paranoid Patient

Shen Delu placed the portrait in place, and took the medicine box in Chu Chen’an’s hand.


Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and no longer looked at the painting in front of him.


Maybe it was a psychological effect.


It wasn’t like he was the only one with a red mole.


“Let’s go sit on the sofa.” Shen Delu suggested, walking towards the bedroom door and opening it, “Otherwise the doctor might get a little tired of standing.”


Shen Delu sidled up in the doorway, looking over at Chu Chen’an, “Come on in, Doc.”


Chu Chen’an was snatched away from the medicine box, and could only reluctantly follow him into the bedroom.


The furnishings of the bedroom were the same as before, the walls of the room were filled with his old picture frames, and the leather sofa was still draped with a brand new cashmere blanket.


Two cartoon wind chimes were hung in front of the window, which were hung by Chu Chen’an before.


Shen Delu’s inner bedroom wasn’t like an ordinary hospital room at all, this bedroom was luxuriously decorated, and could be divided into three areas: the sofa, the library, the desk, and the hospital bed.


Like a boutique room.


The hospital bed was inside, two rows of pearwood bookcases were located directly in front of the bed, the left side was the sofa and the entrance cabinet.


Chu Chen’an looked around then he lowered his eyes and sat on the right side of the sofa, sitting far away from Shen Delu.


Shen Delu opened Chu Chen’an’s medicine box, took out the medicines in it one by one, and placed them on the marble coffee table.


He got up and sat on Chu Chen’an’s side.


Chu Chen’an panicked and wanted to sit to the right, but found himself sitting on the very edge of the sofa, there was no way to retreat.


He was so nervous that his earlobes were red, and whispered, “Your illness …… Just take the medicine.”


“But doctor, I feel that taking medicine doesn’t relieve me,” Shen Delu took out the measuring instrument on the table and handed it to Chu Chen’an, “Doctor, help me look at it.”


Chu Chen’an squeezed the instrument tightly, he knew nothing about psychiatric medicine, but he still asked, “What symptoms have you had in the past few days that make you feel your condition has worsened?”


“There are many, help me check, I will slowly talk to the doctor.” Shen Delu rolled up the sleeves of his black shirt.


“Oh.” Chu Chen’an opened the instrument, this instrument was customized for patients in the insane asylum, he just pinched the thin syringe and stuck it on Shen Delu’s arm, but only heard the instrument “beep”, the screen suddenly turned black.


Chu Chen’an pulled out the syringe, dipped a cotton swab in iodine to stop the bleeding.


Shen Delu pressed his hand against the cotton swab, smiling lightly, “This instrument seems to be broken.”


Chu Chen’an was happy it broke, he packed the instrument back, “Then it’s better to do it …… next time.”


“But there’s another one in my room. It’s on the nightstand on the left, can the doctor go get it for me?” Shen Delu interrupted Chu Chen’an’s words, his eyes roaming over Chu Chen’an’s neckline as he lowered his head.


Chu Chen’an nodded, “Okay ……”


He got up, walked towards the bedside table on the left, and opened the first cabinet on it.


Chu Chen’an’s hand shook.


There were two blue and white simulation models placed inside, and a few vibrating ones. The toys …… had a layer of dust on them.


Chu Chen’an panicked and pushed the cabinet back with a “Peng” sound.


As soon as he saw these, he couldn’t help but think of those crazy nights.


“What’s wrong with the doctor?” Shen Delu watched his back from a short distance away, his voice was low and light, “Oh, those are my wife’s toys. He likes them very much, I give them to him to play with every night.”


Chu Chen’an bit his lower lip, his cheeks reddening.




He didn’t like it at all.


“The instruments should be in that cabinet below.” Shen Delu reminded him.


Chu Chen’an took a deep breath, gripped the handle of the cabinet below and pulled it open.


What came into view were three jars of essential oils.


To be more precise, they weren’t just essential oils either.


One jar was the traditional clear color.


One jar was strawberry colored essential oil, which had already reached the bottom.


Chu Chen’an backed away in a panic, he couldn’t be more familiar with it.


Because, they were all used on his body.


There was also a can of rose essential oil, it was mixed with rose petals refined into a beautiful color, with dense intoxicating floral aroma, this can was new.


Looking at this gorgeous rose color, he couldn’t help but think of last night’s hazy dream.


Chu Chen’an busily pushed the cabinet back.


“I’m sorry, doctor, I remembered wrongly, it seems to be in the cabinet on the right.” Shen Delu said.


Chu Chen’an gritted his teeth and still turned towards the bedside cabinet on the right.


Finally he found the instrument in the first cabinet on the right.


He took the instrument and sat down beside Shen Delu.


After checking, as he expected, all the indicators were normal.


Chu Chen’an asked, “What symptoms do you have?”


“I have insomnia lately.” Shen Delu glanced down at the tips of Chu Chen’an’s hair.


“Why?” Chu Chen’an asked.


Shen Delu said, “I dreamed that my wife woke up.”


Chu Chen’an nervously laughed and raised his eyes, “And …… what else, why can’t you sleep?”


“I’m afraid that he will come back when I fall asleep, so I can’t sleep, if he wakes up and can’t find me he’ll be scared, I have to wait for him until dawn.”


Shen Delu said, gently stroking up the small ceramic cat on the table.


This was something Chu Chen’an previously made, it was very ugly, but Shen Delu lovingly placed it on the coffee table.


Chu Chen’an was stunned, his mind kept echoing Shen Delu’s words, and his heart was full of mixed feelings.


Suddenly he wasn’t so nervous.


It was as if everything around him was quiet.


How was he worth letting Shen Delu get to this point?


Shen Delu was really similar to Xu Moshu in a way, they both loved him in a paranoid way.


“Doctor, do you think,” Shen Delu looked deeply at him, “that my wife will wake up?”


Chu Chen’an looked at his disheveled gaze and suddenly lowered his head in vain.


He hesitated for a moment, but he still couldn’t be ruthless, “…… He will.”


“I also think he will wake up, thank you doctor.” Shen Delu smiled lightly, his eyes filled with a reverent light.


Chu Chen’an listened, he felt guilty again.


He suddenly felt that Shen Delu was a bit pitiful.


If he didn’t go to provoke him first, how could he be like this …


The current Shen Delu was probably just lonely for a long time, and the thoughts and sorrows that had been suppressed in his heart for years had no way to be dispelled, so he took him as a dependent object.


And him and the former Chen An had six points of similarity, Shen Delu inevitably misidentified him as Chen An.


However, Shen Delu was now still convinced that Chen An, who was lying in the refrigeration machine, would wake up, so he was still safe for the time being.


Chu Chen’an pondered this way, winding himself out of this complicated circle of thought.


After he smoothed out his thoughts, he was instantly not as scared as when he came.


Shen Delu asked, “By the way, doctor, did Dr. Liang get into some kind of argument with you this morning?”


Chu Chen’an packed up his medicine box, looked into Shen Delu’s downcast eyes, and suddenly thought of something. He tentatively asked, “No, are you and Liang Xu very familiar?”


“We’re not really familiar, but Dr. Liang has been here for two years, and the person who delivers medicine to me and my wife is him.” Shen Delu said, pouring a cup of warm water for Chu Chen’an, “What’s wrong doctor?”



“No, nothing.” Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment and decided to take a gamble, he asked, “Do you know what the relationship between Peng Longlong and Liang Xu is?”


Shen Delu looked at Chu Chen’an’s careful appearance, like a weak-eyed kitten waiting to be bullied.


His eyes were dark as he responded, “I know.”


Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened and a hint of hope flooded his eyes, “What kind of relationship is it?”


“Why are you suddenly asking?” Shen Delu looked at Chu Chen’an’s moist red lips, forced down the dryness in his heart, and asked.


“Because, because of curiosity.” Chu Chen’an tightly pondered for a short while, fearing that Shen Delu was suspicious, he added, “Peng Longlong is my friend, I see that Liang Xu cares a lot about him, so I want to know what Liang Xu’s relationship with him is ……”


“It’s like this.” Shen Delu rubbed his fingertips and said, “Liang Xu is his younger brother.”




Peng Longlong actually had a younger brother.


Chu Chen’an finally acquired an important piece of information, and his heart skipped a beat.


“Is there anything else the doctor is curious about,” Shen Delu had a sincere look on his face as he picked up a cup and took a sip of water, “I’ve been here for more than two years now, I know more or less everything, so the doctor can ask me about anything.”


Shen Delu gave Chu Chen’an a good reason.


Chu Chen’an only needed to jump down in this trap.


Chu Chen’an hesitated for a moment and finally asked, “I have something I’m a little curious about… Do you know why those people jumped off the building?”


“Jumping …… off a building,” Shen Delu pretended to think, “Doctor you think they weren’t su*icidal?”


“Uh-huh.” Chu Chen’an eagerly nodded.


He completely jumped into Shen Delu’s trap.


He was extremely curious.


“If the doctor is curious, you can go and look at the surveillance,” Shen Delu added, “You don’t know yet, right? There are invisible surveillance on every floor of the hospital, and on the rooftop as well.”


Chu Chen’an raised his eyes, placed his hands on his knees, and listened attentively as Shen Delu spoke.


“There is a chip on the back of your work tag, that can open the monitoring room.”


Shen Delu looked at his round and well-behaved eyes, and his heart softened.


He pretended to be caring again, “Of course, I still recommend that you don’t go. The monitoring room hasn’t been visited for a long time, so I don’t know if it’s still useful, besides, it wouldn’t be good for the doctor to be scared after watching the monitoring.”


Shen Delu said that on one side, but in his mind, he had already imagined the appearance of him trembling with fear.


Moist and attractive red lips, red pitiful circles under his eyes, weak and soft all around.


It must be delicious.



Very tempting.


The more one was advised not to do something, the more it would stimulate one’s rebelliousness and curiosity.


Chu Chen’an was no exception.


He glanced at the work tag he was wearing and busied himself with packing up his medicine box.


“Is the doctor going back? I should go accompany my wife as well.” Shen Delu smiled and stood up as well, “Then doctor take your time.”


Chu Chen’an nodded as he left Shen Delu’s hospital room.


He was a little worried.


Even though he had found a gossipy and curious reason to take the initiative to ask Shen Delu, he still couldn’t guarantee whether there would be any risks.


He probably shouldn’t have asked.


After all, he was so stupid and Shen Delu was so smart.




Shen Delu stood in the doorway, gazing at Chu Chen’an’s back as he left.


Suddenly, the corners of his lips hooked up in an obvious arc.


Was his An An curious? Did he have to find out?


It seemed like it would be safer to uproot along the vine.


Shen Delu slowly followed after Chu Chen’an left the stairway.


Chu Chen’an turned towards the fourth floor of Building A.


The innermost part of the ward gallery on the fourth floor had a tightly closed iron door.


This was the only place Chu Chen’an hadn’t been to before, and inside was perhaps the surveillance room.


He picked up the work tag hanging on his chest, and pasted the back of it onto the iron door’s sensor.


With a “tick”, the iron door automatically slid to the left and opened.


Chu Chen’an walked inside and was shocked by the scene before him.


The three walls in the innermost part of the monitoring room were all monitoring screens with two giant data processors placed inside.


Every corner of the hospital could be clearly seen here.


The monitoring room was tightly closed, and the inner wall surprisingly had an elevator.


The iron door of the surveillance room seemed like it couldn’t be closed, so Chu Chen’an had to leave it open as he looked around the three screens.


In a chance glance, he spotted the figures of Lu Chengdong and the head nurse.


They seemed to be kissing on the long corridor outside the nurse’s office.


It looked like the head nurse initiated it first, her obese hand held onto Lu Chengdong’s arm, and they turned toward the door of the rest room.


Then the head nurse’s back was facing the camera.


When Lu Chengdong’s hand on her back moved, the hair on the back of her head thinned out and fell down, revealing a piece of empty scalp.


The head nurse’s hair loss was a bit out of control these days.


Chu Chen’an immediately lowered his head and didn’t look any further, turning to look up the monitoring screen on the rooftop of Building A.


He studied the operation handle of the data console and tried five or six times before learning how to adjust the time.


He searched for the rooftop monitor of Building A, cupped the adjustment handle in his hand, and began to try to adjust to yesterday afternoon.


He was so nervous that his heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and while adjusting the time, he was also afraid of what weird and bl*oody images would suddenly appear on the screen.


Two o’clock in the afternoon, no one was on the rooftop.


At 2:30 PM, there was no one on the rooftop either.


Chu Chen’an nervously looked at the screen and adjusted it back another fifteen minutes ……


Two forty-five in the afternoon.


A person’s back appeared on the rooftop, and that person walked out from the rooftop iron door, wearing a white coat.


Chu Chen’an squeezed the handle tightly as he stared at the screen, his palms sweating.


The person’s back was turned to the camera, he didn’t look back for a long time, Chu Chen’an gritted his teeth and pressed the fast forward button.


Suddenly, the man turned back, it was Liang Xu.


He lit a cigarette, which was burning to the end.


He pressed the cigarette butt down on the railing on the rooftop’s outer perimeter, and placed his hands in the pockets of his white coat.


Taking out a sharp dagger.


It was really Liang Xu!


He was the one who started it all.


Chu Chen’an was both scared and excited, he thought he had completed his mission.


But the system hadn’t come out to congratulate him when the screen suddenly crossed a black screen.


A hideous bloo*dy face suddenly enlarged and appeared on the screen!


The features of this face were cut to pieces by knives, he was head down, and a stream of deep black and red blo*od flowed out of his empty eye sockets.


He seemed to be alive.


His mouth was writhing slightly, and the scene was both hideous and bizarre.


Chu Chen’an shuddered violently, staggering back in fear as he subconsciously tried to run towards the iron door.


But just as he turned around, the lights in the surveillance room suddenly went out, and the surroundings turned into a terrifying black silence.


Chu Chen’an screamed in terror.


And at this time, another black shadow suddenly appeared at the door.


Chu Chen’an was so scared that he backed up and fled in a panic, then he turned towards the elevator door in the surveillance room.


He pressed the button several times in a row, hurriedly ducked in after the door opened, and then pressed the close button in a panic.


Chu Chen’an didn’t know where this elevator led to, but he didn’t have time to think that much in a life and death situation.


He collapsed in the elevator and watched as the doorway was about to close.


A pair of large palms suddenly appeared between the door cracks, little by little, peeling the elevator door open ……


Chu Chen’an looked at the gradually growing doorway and panicked.


He was about to die?


Suddenly, a flash of white light hit Chu Chen’an’s body.


Chu Chen’an borrowed the faint light and saw the face of the visitor.


It was ……


Shen Delu?


“Sorry doctor, did I scare you. I was a little worried about you, so I came over.” The elevator door automatically closed after Shen Delu walked into the elevator room.


He squatted down in front of Chu Chen’an’s body and said in a warm voice, “Are you okay?”


Chu Chen’an looked at his face, and the fear in his heart suddenly subsided.


He let out a breath.


Inexplicably, his emotions instantly magnified when Shen Delu came.


He pursed his lips, his eyes reddened little by little, and he looked both weak and pitiful.


Shen Delu was heartbroken, and he suddenly somewhat regretted telling Chu Chen’an that there was a monitoring room.


He hadn’t anticipated that the monitoring room would have a sudden power outage.


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have suggested this, you seem scared.” Shen Delu half-squatted in front of him, wanting to hug and comfort him.



Chu Chen’an was just about to say something when the elevator suddenly shook violently, emitting a sharp iron and stone rubbing sound.



Chu Chen’an was so scared that he fell forward, Shen Delu took the opportunity to firmly embrace him, his palms gently moving along his back, wordlessly comforting him.


The sharp sound of iron rubbing against stone lasted for half a minute, and Chu Chen’an felt like he was falling down.


“Don’t be afraid, hold me tight and you will be fine.” Shen Delu supported Chu Chen’an’s back, holding his entire body on his own.


“But, but we can’t get out, oooh no one will come to save us ……,” Chu Chen’an pursed his moist red lips, tears stuck to his eyelashes, his head leaned against Shen Delu’s shoulder and whispered, “We’re finished. ”


They leaned closely, feeling each other’s temperature.



Shen Delu sighed.


He loved this feeling, the feeling of being relied on and embraced by An An.


It was wonderful.


It made him want to confine him in his arms and not let go again.


“Don’t worry, the administrators will come to rescue us soon.” Shen Delu knew the terrain here very well, so his comfort gradually changed, “The temperature of the elevator will become cold, we can balance our body temperature by hugging tightly, hold me tightly.”



“Oooh oooh oooh oooh, okay,” Chu Chen’an listened to Shen Delu’s words, his small hand grasped the hem of Shen Delu’s coat, his eyes were red and pitiful, “What you said is true?”


“Well, there is also monitoring in the monitoring room, the admin can see.”


Shen Delu hugged Chu Chen’an tightly, looking at Chu Chen’an’s soulful and pitiful eyes, his eyes grew darker.


Greed and selfishness took over his heart.


He suddenly wanted to stay here with An An a little longer.


Chu Chen’an’s face was pressed against Shen Delu’s neck with small tremors wracking his frame, “Then when will they come?”


“Soon, let’s wait patiently.” Shen Delu said, but his eyes were locked on his moist red lips.


They waited for an unknown amount of time.


Chu Chen’an was so hot and sweaty from being hugged that the sweat on his back soaked through his white shirt.


“Doctor, you’re sweating a lot, you’ll catch a cold if you go on like this,” Shen Delu pretended to be worried as he took off his black jacket, “Why don’t you change into my jacket for?”


Chu Chen’an tried to raise his hand, but realized that he was so nervous that his hand was numb.


He frowned.


“What’s wrong? Is your hand numb? let me help you change it.” Shen Delu suggested.



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