C85 – Account Exposed


“Who cares who you are. I’m not talking to you, give the phone to Xingxing.”



Gu Yanshen’s heart had long turned over the altar of vinegar, and his expression was a little cold.


Cheng Xuan: “……?”


The question was asked by Gu Yanshen, he just answered accordingly, why was he so mean to him?



Last time, he was also like this, he kindly told Gu Yanshen that ‘Xingxing was asleep’, and Gu Yanshen had the same tone.


Cheng Xuan didn’t understand what went wrong, and when Lu Wenxing came in, he saw Cheng Xuan looking at him with a resigned expression.


Lu Wenxing: “Does it hurt?”


“Who is this, Xingxing?”


Cheng Xuan hadn’t answered yet, Gu Yanshen’s tone was even more aggravated than his, “Why is he in your room.”



Cheng Xuan, who had just been cut off, said: “He was not like this just now.


“He wasn’t like this just now.” Cheng Xuan huffed and complained, “He asked me why I’m here, I answered and he still threatened me.”



Lu Wenxing’s eyebrows jumped, “How did you answer?”



“I said we sleep together every day.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



“I didn’t say it wrong.” Cheng Xuan also repeated what Lu Wenxing said to him on the first day.


“The day I joined the group, you asked me if I wanted to sleep with you.”



Gu Yanshen on the other end of the video: “……?”


Lu Wenxing held his forehead, Gu Yanshen must have misunderstood.



“Teacher Gu, it’s not what you thought. I ……”



“Xingxing, my feet hurt.”


“I’m sorry, let me help you put medicine on it first.” Lu Wenxing looked apologetic, “Teacher Gu, I’ll explain it to you later.”


Gu Yanshen who was planning to listen to the explanation, “……”



Who didn’t know how to be a green tea?


[TN: Chinese girls (and others) who pretend to be sweet and innocent but are dishonest. ]


Gu Yanshen answered in a low voice, “Don’t worry about me. He is injured, it should be quite painful, first give him a look.”


Lu Wenxing: “……” What a thick vinegar flavor.



“It will hurt a bit.” Lu Wenxing rubbed the ointment on Cheng Xuan’s ankle, “This has to be rubbed away for it to heal quickly.”





Lu Wenxing was worried that he’d be in pain, so his hand was already very light, but Cheng Xuan was still in pain and broke out in a cold sweat.



“Have you finished writing your script today?” Lu Wenxing tried to distract Cheng Xuan by chatting.


Cheng Xuan nodded.



Lu Wenxing asked again, “Do you want to change the script? What do you think of the director’s suggestion this morning?”




“Leave a suspense?” Cheng Xuan thought for a moment, “I think the audience would prefer him to stand on the podium. Instead of an open-ended ending of running to the finish line.”



“It’s not suspense.” Lu Wenxing explained his understanding of the character.



“After unraveling the knot in his heart, getting the award is not the most important thing to him, the experience is.”


“After he found the meaning of life, skiing has turned from a hobby and fame chasing into an immersive enjoyment, and he enjoys the excitement and life experience that skiing brings.”



Cheng Xuan was enlightened.


Lu Wenxing was right, he started writing a novel because he had a desire to express himself and wanted to write a story. But later, under Wen Yu’s guidance, he took writing novels as an expression of his self-worth.



Attracted by Wen Yu’s glowing descriptions, he wanted to be recognized by his family, he wanted to be recognized by his readers, he wanted to win awards, and he even began to long for the life he would have after becoming a great writer.



Cheng Xuan seldom had contact with the outside world, he was lonely inside, but he was afraid of contacting the outside world, determined that after becoming a big writer, even if he did not contact the outside world, many people would still like him.



But actually he was wrong.


Even if he wasn’t a big writer, his family still liked him, and Xingxing treated him as a friend. Those who really liked him wouldn’t just focus on what he has accomplished.



After deleting the previous novel that didn’t belong to him, Cheng Xuan picked up where he left off writing the beginning of a few chapters of a novel that had been rendered worthless by Wen Yu, the one that was now being made into a movie, Back to the Snowy Mountains.



This novel was also Cheng Xuan’s vision of a hero who was portrayed as the person he wanted to be, and he wasn’t trying to be a skier.


What Cheng Xuan appreciated and aspires to was the hearty thrill that the hero felt when he was skiing. He wished that he too could find his love instead of being protected at home doing nothing.



The hero’s low state was a reflection of Cheng Xuan’s heart that he had never revealed to anyone. He didn’t want his parents and his sibling, who was often busy until late at night, to worry about him, so he always acted happy.



When Cheng Xuan gave up the ideas imposed on him by Wen Yu, he wrote what he wanted to write. The desire for expression and creativity had a place to flourish, and then he realized ……


The fame and fortune he had been hoping for came to him.


Selling film and television rights, being made into a movie, the empty words Wen Yu had given him had actually come true one after another.


“You’re right.”


Cheng Xuan’s eyes were filled with light as he happily looked at Lu Wenxing.



“The moment he slid down the snowy mountain, he was already victorious. He got his zeal back, and it’s already a victory for him.”



“Alright.” Lu Wenxing closed the lid, “But you’re in charge of your work, if you have a better idea, I can help you convey it with the director.”



“Xingxing, you’re so nice.”






An ill-timed cough interrupted the two’s ‘warm’ stare, and Gu Yanshen, who was still ignored by the two and listened to the whole thing, was about to be soured to death by himself.


“I’ll go wash my hands.”



Lu Wenxing washed the residual ointment from his hands, “I’ll help you back to bed to rest.”



Hearing this Gu Yanshen moved towards the screen, but the phone was placed on the bed by Lu Wenxing and he could only see the ceiling.



“Slippers on.”


Hearing these words, Gu Yanshen’s heart rejoiced. That kid was really lying to him, Xingxing was sending him back to his room, so it must not be what he said.


“Teacher Gu, I’ll help Cheng Xuan back to bed first.”


“It’s fine, go ahead.”


Gu Yanshen’s voice was tinged with a bit of a leap.


The confused Lu Wenxing: “……?”


Was hs coaxing him to do well?


“If you need to go to the restroom at night, call out to me and I’ll help you. Or call me.”



“But you can’t get up even if I call.” Cheng Xuan blinked and told the truth, “Last time Gu Yanshen called you, you picked up and fell asleep.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”


Back in his room, Lu Wenxing picked up her cell phone and nestled under the covers.



“Teacher Gu, Cheng Xuan is the screenwriter for Return to Snow Mountain. He’s a bit scared of life, just a little kid actually.” Lu Wenxing thought about it and said bluntly. “I won’t put a hat on you.”



Gu Yanshen, who wasn’t cheered up by this, “Tch. Little friend, called so affectionately.”


Gu Yanshen asked again, “You’re not sleeping together?”



“Hotel suite, two rooms. He sleeps on the bed outside.” Lu Wenxing patiently explained to him, but patience was patience, and he didn’t want to be asked endlessly.



“Teacher Gu, should I say you have no confidence in yourself, or in me?”



Gu Yanshen could see that the two were not in that kind of relationship, and of course he believed Lu Wenxing, but with Cheng Xuan appearing in front of him, and being so close to Lu Wenxing, and the two of them staying together for months, Gu Yanshen was just jealous.


Obviously, he and Xingxing were much closer, but the time the two saw each other evened out was only once every two months.


He was sure that Lu Wenxing was absolutely loyal to his relationship because he viewed it seriously, Gu Yanshen saw it all in his eyes, but a man’s possessiveness was always strong.


Even if it wasn’t that kind of relationship, he was still jealous.


“Alright, don’t be angry.” Lu Wenxing’s tone softened a bit, “I didn’t intentionally hide it from you either, I just forgot to say it.”


There were two rooms in the suite, except for when they chatted, he and Cheng Xuan were mostly busy with their own business, and when Gu Yanshen video called him, Cheng Xuan was outside writing, so he forgot to say anything about it.



“You know last time, he told me you were asleep.” Gu Yanshen was trying to ask passively, but the words came to his lips and he didn’t have the patience to ask slowly, “You were sleeping together that night?”


“Yes.” Lu Wenxing paused, “No way, Mr. Gu. You want to be jealous of this? Then when I first joined the group, I slept with Cheng Xuan for several nights.”



Gu Yanshen: ????



“I slept with Wei Ze as well. By the way, there were also my roommates, also including the roommates from Y country.”



“If you’re going to be so calculating, there’s not enough vinegar in all of C City for you to eat.”



Gu Yanshen: “……”


“You’re not here to explain, you’re here to piss me off.”



Lu Wenxing innocently, “I’m just asking you to be more generous.”



“You’re angry with me.”



“Then I won’t visit your set, lest you say I’m angry at you again.”


Gu Yanshen: ????


When “Back to the Snow Mountain” was scheduled, Gu Yanshen, along with several artists in the industry who had a good relationship with Lu Wenxing, all gave their support in the form of chartered venues.



The Wen family directly issued movie tickets to their employees.


The box office on the day of release exceeded the estimated record by several times.



Lu Wenxing’s fans, as well as the CP fans with Gu Yanshen, also strongly supported the movie, and the director was overjoyed for Lu Wenxing, who ‘brought his own’ box office.


The audience who watched the movie were also completely amazed by the niche subject matter movie.



[To be honest, I was rushing the box office for Wenxing, I didn’t expect it to be so good before I watched it]



[I didn’t know it was a 3D movie until I went there, and it was the first time I saw a non-science fiction 3D movie.]



[Skiing following the protagonist’s vision is really amazing!!!! I felt like I was skiing with Wenxing in the last race.]



[The skiing part is really exciting. From the towering snowy mountains, the director’s filming is so great that I feel like I experienced a skiing thrill with Wenxing.]



[Seriously, I thought it was an inspirational movie about skiing, and the synopsis was about a big man going through a low point and getting back to the top, but after watching it, I realized it was really great!]



[I was so upset when I saw Ke Lan give up, but then I felt so sad when I saw him alone at the ski resort until dawn, thinking that it would be good if he gave up since it was so painful.]



[I was really touched by the story. I’ve never been to a snowy mountain, but the moment Ke Lan skied down from the snowy mountain, I felt the impact of the snow field and suddenly understood his yearning and longing.]



[Sometimes what we are afraid of is not the reality that we are about to face, what we are afraid of is that we are not mentally prepared, but in fact…after stepping out, we will realize that it is not as hard as we think it is]



Du Xiangyuan’s face became more and more ugly as he read down the comments, originally he was happy when the movie’s box office and word of mouth were good. But all the comments were centered around the main character, Ke Lan, which made Du Xiangyuan even more furious.



If it wasn’t for Lu Wenxing, he would be the one being praised right now.



Du Xiangyuan was so overwhelmed by anger that he had long forgotten what his agent had told him.



He wasn’t stupid enough to buy a water army to scold this time, but instead bought a small account to find a few gossip bloggers with quite a large number of followers to break the news.



[ Big Breaking News! The original protagonist of “Back to the Snowy Mountain” was not Lu Wenxing], he put up a few ‘proofs’ and joyfully turned off the phone.



As expected, the next day, the change of role issue was topped on the hot search list.



[Waiting for the director to speak out]


[Lu Wenxing really overturned it this time, getting a role with capital is nothing, but using capital to replace someone else’s role is a little excessive]


[Wenxing won’t bother to do this kind of thing]



【 Lu Wenxing was also climbed up from the point of being unknown and had resources snatched by others. Is it true that after becoming popular, he has no worries? 】



[Gossip bloggers are really just rumor mongers, “back to the snowy mountains”is written by a new author, the director is not a famous director (not derogatory), why would Wenxing spend money to to support an unknown artist?]



After the director saw the hot search, he immediately used his own Weibo account and the official page of the movie to dispel the rumors.


But the effect wasn’t significant. Of course, those who believed it believe it, but anti fans still jumped around.



[The director only turned to Lu Wenxing after watching his drama that became popular.]


[Showbiz is disgusting, I threw up.]


[I feel sorry for those hard-working little stars, hard work is really useless, when they meet people with capital, it’s all for nothing].


The topic was getting more and more intense, and public interest was still high.



Lu Wenxing woke up to see himself hanging on the hot search list, his heart jumped, and he only found out about the fake gossip after clicking on the topic.



He immediately breathed a sigh of relief, it wasn’t about Gu Yanshen.


With Gu Yanshen’s sometimes undisguised words, Lu Wenxing was really worried that his relationship would be exposed when he woke up.



He first clarified the rumors, then directly tagged Du Xiangyuan.


-There is no substitution, if I have to say it, it can only be that if I didn’t take this movie, the male lead would probably be @Du Xiangyuan -If the top role you’re talking about is this one, the director has already explained it well enough.



As Lu Wenxing’s clarifying post went out, Gu Yanshen acted quickly. He released the fake accounts that targeted painter S and posted it on Weibo and tagged Du Xiangyuan, along with three screenshots.



The first one: it was the same IP address of several accounts that made posts when they hacked Painter S. It was very likely that it was one person, and the address of was close to or near the ski resort where the movie was filmed.


The second one was the small account that offered painter S 200,000 yuan, and the Weibo IP address was the same as above.




The third picture: A Weibo post was circled that showed that Du Xiangyuan insulted celebrities in the industry, probably because he didn’t think he would be hacked, he passionately attacked other artists and fans.


[Crap, I’m seeing the essence of life for the first time]


[Even the death of the whole family, such words were used, Du Xiangyuan’s quality …… heh.]


[I’m speechless, after half a day, it was just Du Xiangyuan jumping]


[This person is crazy, right? Whoever is popular deserves to be hacked at?]


[No wonder all the dramas he’s been in aren’t hot. He deserves it.]


The director released a video clip of Du Xiangyuan provoking Lu Wenxing to compete with him.



The original video of the match was a blooper reel, with clips of the two conversing and provoking being edited out. But the director, who was too pissed off to bother defending his reputation, directly released the unedited one.



[Du Xiangyuan roll away, so it turns out that he has been targeting Wenxing during the filming]


[I laughed, Du Xiangyuan must have thought he could win over Wenxing and wanted to use this as a taunt, but he didn’t expect to be thrown far away by him, this slap in the face makes me feel good].


[I remembered that Wenxing was questioned by the netizens about his inability to ski, so I think it was because of Du Xiangyuan.]


[So, was S. being blackmailed because he wouldn’t take on Du’s painting, and that’s why he paid those fake accounts to attack him?]



[Brother Shen: I’ve just come from S’s Weibo account and now I’m on Wenxing’s account.]



[Upstairs is very insightful.]



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