C81 —- Criteria for Choosing a Spouse

Lu Wenxing eventually decided to take on the movie, and for that reason, he put off endorsements and variety show offers for nearly two months.



Wen Zheng found a coach for him, and he studied hard for two months.


An athlete’s skills were usually ingrained after more than a decade of daily practice, Lu Wenxing definitely couldn’t compare, but two months was enough time for him to become familiar with this sport. He also participated in a competition set up by the ski resort and experienced the fun of competition.



He also met freestyle skiers and watched them perform stunts on the steep snow slopes, skating, jumping, flipping and a series of other maneuvers. Although he marveled at the difficult and dangerous actions, he wasn’t allowed to learn them, so he learned some of the simple stunts under the eyes of the coach.


At the beginning of September, the movie “Back to the Snowy Mountains” was finalized.



Today was the first time that the actors and actresses of the movie met each other. When Lu Wenxing arrived at the movie set, he bumped into Du Xiangyuan who got off the car before him.


He didn’t pay attention to it at first and just thought it was an accident, until the director asked them to introduce themselves and get acquainted with each other, Du Xiangyuan greeted everyone warmly, but he was only indifferent when facing Lu Wenxing.



He didn’t shake Lu Wenxing’s hand back, and responded indifferently, “Du Xiangyuan.”


Du Xiangyuan was the second male lead in the movie, and it was the first time that they met, and Lu Wenxing didn’t know what had annoyed him, but he couldn’t think of a reason and quickly put it behind him.



“Where is Cheng Xuan?”


“He’s in the rest room, should I take you there?”



“No, I can go by myself.” Lu Wenxing looked for the crew’s staff and asked for the location, walking towards Cheng Xuan’s rest room.


Cheng Xuan worked as a scriptwriter in the crew and participated in the movie shooting. Due to his personality, he didn’t meet up with everyone, and the producer was hesitant to let Cheng Xuan work as a scriptwriter at first, because it wasn’t easy to communicate with him, and it might delay the progress.



However, the Cheng family was rich and invested generously, so they were able to support the entire crew’s expenses and equipment and props purchases.




Cheng Xuan hadn’t seen Lu Wenxing for a long time and greeted him happily as soon as he saw him.


“Do you want to stay with me at night?”


Lu Wenxing was worried that Cheng Xuan wasn’t used to staying in a hotel by himself, and as soon as his words left his mouth, he met Cheng Xuan’s brightly glittering eyes.


“Is it okay?”


“It’s okay.”


“Xingxing has met the other artists, right, have you seen Du Xiangyuan?”


“Uh, what’s the situation?”



Cheng Xun spoke to him, “The director looked for you at first, but your agent didn’t immediately agree.”



When directors invited artists, they would also give them time to think about it. But the movie didn’t have a popular plot, and it was different from the popular movies that the public liked. Probably thinking that the possibility of Lu Wenxing agreeing was small, the producer wanted to choose Du Xiangyuan.



Although the director didn’t agree, he provided the script but didn’t disclose the role Du Xiangyuan would play. So if Lu Wenxing refused, the director would let Du Xiangyuan serve as the male lead.



“I heard his assistant badmouthing you when I came.”


“It’s okay.”



Lu Wenxing couldn’t care less about other people gossiping, as long as Du Xiangyuan made a clear distinction between public and private matters and didn’t delay the shooting, he didn’t care what Du Xiangyuan thought of him.


On the other side, Du Xiangyuan’s rest room.



“Didn’t you say that Lu Wenxing doesn’t know how to ski?”



“He really can’t.” The little assistant explained, “I saw him at the ski resort the other day, and he couldn’t even do a simple flat slide. Someone still had to hold him up.”



Du Xiangyuan snorted.


“What’s the point of filming if you don’t know how to ski? He’ll use a body double for the whole thing?”


Du Xiangyuan’s life assistant, Tang Yichuan, shook his head, glared at the young assistant, and turned his head to Du Xiangyuan.



“Brother, please keep your voice down. Sister Ke said that you shouldn’t speak recklessly, it won’t good to be heard.”


Du Xiangyuan stopped speaking, and his mood also became restless as the weather was hot.


What wZ Lu Wenxing?



Didn’t he get the lead role through his face? Everyone knew that filming this type of drama could easily attract fans. If it wasn’t for the high number of CP fans he had, how could he compete with him?



“What’s going on with Brother Shen’s studio?” Du Xiangyuan was a bit exasperated, “The CP fans are dancing like this and yet they haven’t come out to clarify.”



“No one would purposely dispel rumors because of CP fans, it’s not like a romance was exposed.” Tang Yishushi sighed and warned him.



“If Gu Yanshen didn’t cooperate, Lu Wenxing can’t make such moves either, so shoot the movie properly and don’t make trouble.”


“Got it.”



He was busy every day, Lu Wenxing stayed on the set for more than a month, and after shooting the outdoor scenes, the rest of the drama was on the ski slopes.



With Cheng Xuan and Lu Wenxing, the investor was also generous, the director boldly booked the ski resort, putting down a two month deposit, the boss joyfully took his family out on vacation.



The props team was still setting up the scene when Du Xiangyuan came over.



“Lu Wenxing, dare you compare?”



He was wearing a bright purple ski suit, in the movie Du Xiangyuan played the second male lead who was the protagonist’s good friend and a ski enthusiast, considered a comedy role, during the main character’s disillusionment, he tried a variety of methods to try to help the main character get out of the woods.


Du Xiangyuan acted well in front of the camera. Apart from making a few sarcastic remarks about Lu Wenxing outside of the scenes, he didn’t make any outrageous moves. Most of the time, Lu Wenxing didn’t pay attention to him.



Du Xiangyuan didn’t expect Lu Wenxing to agree, he just thought that he wouldn’t answer him, so he sneered.



“Don’t dare? Or you don’t know how? Or else I’ll teach you ……”


Lu Wenxing pulled the snow goggles down from his forehead, covered his eyes, then hooked his lips in a smile, and responded carelessly.



“Okay ah.”


Du Xiangyuan froze for a few seconds then hummed lightly. “I’ll give you a three seconds headstart?”



“No need.”



“Are you guys going to race?” Lin Qingxue, the heroine who played the owner of the ski resort, walked over. “I’ll be the referee?”



The other artists also got excited, those who could ski jumped at the chance to join them, and those who couldn’t ski came together to watch the race.



“I’ll come too.”





“I remember that Qingxue can ski too, why don’t you come along, I’ll be the judge.”



“Then you guys wait for me.”



Lin Qingxue had nothing to be shy about and went to change into her skiing clothes in a big way. The director asked the cameraman who could ski to follow and record the highlights.



At the referee’s command, the six artists skied down the mid-mountain slope.



The initial speed was about the same, it couldn’t be divided into rankings, the other five people chose to avoid the raised small snow slope, Lu Wenxing was the opposite, he rushed to the small snow slope, borrowing jumps to accelerate the speed.



A few snow slopes down, Lu Wenxing pulled a large distance from them, he was the first to arrive at the finish line.






“So cool!”


After Lu Wenxing took off his snow goggles, the female artists in the same group surrounded him. “Wenxing turned out to know how to ski, so valiant!”



“Strange, why did Mr. Du say that Wenxing can’t ski.”



“Because Wenxing didn’t say so, Mr. Du didn’t know, right?”



Du Xiangyuan was the second to arrive, seeing Lu Wenxing surrounded by a group of people, his face instantly darkened, and the little assistant who greeted him was fiercely scolded.



“Brother Yuan.”



“Didn’t you say that Lu Wenxing doesn’t know how to ski? Was it a deliberate attempt to make me lose face?”



“He, he must have learned it secretly.”



Lu Wenxing’s two months of special training wasn’t a waste of time, and he respected the movie and television roles he took on, so he definitely wouldn’t have taken on this movie if he had absolutely zero foundation.



The director was also surprised, he hired a professional action instructor with a high salary, and even prepared a stunt double. Several artists in the group were well-proportioned, wearing snow goggles, helmets, and ski suits. One double could replace three artists.



If it were someone else, Lu Wenxing would have won quietly, but when facing Du Xiangyuan, Lu Wenxing’s provocation wasn’t concealed and he walked up to Du Xiangyuan in a high-profile manner.


“I won.”



Du Xiangyuan was annoyed.


“So what if you won?”


Lu Wenxing pretended to be innocent.



“I know Brother Xiangyuan is worried that I don’t know how to ski and I’ll slow down the progress of the crew’s filming. I just want to say that Brother Xiangyuan doesn’t need to worry so much for me.”



To the others, Lu Wenxing was just proving that he wouldn’t slow down the progress. But to Du Xiangyuan, Lu Wenxing was obviously provocative and mocking.



“Right, not having to spend time directing the movements can speed up the shooting schedule.”



Du Xiangyuan rolled his eyes, pushed away the obtrusive assistant, looked at the artists who were sucking up to Lu Wenxing, and huffed and puffed his way up the slope.



All day today, Du Xiangyuan didn’t give Lu Wenxing a good face, but he didn’t come to annoy him either, so Lu Wenxing was happy to be free.



In the evening, the director announced something, and everyone’s eyes narrowed.



“Tomorrow, Movie Director Gu is coming to visit the set, so be all more restrained, and there will also be reporters coming for interviews. It’s been nearly two months of filming, it’s time to create some buzz to promote the movie.”



“Brother Shen is coming to the set, really?”



“How can it be fake? Movie star Gu is also an investor in this movie, it’s normal for him to come and visit the crew.” The director said and looked at Lu Wenxing, “I’ll leave the heavy responsibility of receiving Movie Emperor Gu to you tomorrow.”



Lu Wenxing:?



“Right, Wenxing and Brother Shen are friends, and have also worked together on two dramas, and have a lot of CP fans. This topic of Brother Shen visiting Lu Wenxing will be very high!”



“There’s no need for a special reception, he’s more interested in seeing the progress of the shooting, and the artist’s work situation.” Lu Wenxing said seriously, “If there’s delayed shooting because of the special reception, the investor will not be happy.”


He didn’t know whether Gu Yanshen would be unhappy or not, but if it were other investors, they definitely wouldn’t want to see the artists delaying filming to welcome him.


No matter how rich one was, money wouldn’t be nothing. Renting a venue cost money, manpower and material resources were all aspects of money. On the contrary, while ensuring quality, investors were definitely more willing to see their efficient work.



“That’s right, it’s like the boss would prefer to see the employees working hard.”



Du Xiangyuan hummed meaningfully, Lu Wenxing was clearly trying to create a dedicated persona because an entertainment reporter would be coming to interview them, he was too good at deceiving people.



The next afternoon, because there were visits and interviews, they didn’t shoot any difficult scenes, and just made up some of the front shots.


After the interview day arrived, the interviewer directly opened a live broadcast to share with the netizens.



The news that Gu Yanshen was going to visit the set was released a few days ago, and the fans and CP fans of various stars came to watch it.



When the reporter asked Gu Yanshen the fifth question, Gu Yanshen said half-jokingly, “If you ask any more questions, the netizens will think that this is my exclusive interview.”



The implication was for the reporter to focus on the cast and crew artists.



The reporter was regretful, “It’s a rare occasion to meet Brother Shen, usually there are no interview opportunities.”



After saying that, he looked at Lu Wenxing again.


“Wenxing and Brother Shen have a good relationship, right?”



Lu Wenxing’s answer was very official, there were no mistakes.



“I’m relatively friendly and have good relationships with many people.”



The reporter smiled and turned to the others.



“Did the filming process go well?”



“It was okay.”



“There were one take shots and multiple bad takes.”



“It’s a snowboarding movie, do you all know about the sport?”



“I did my homework.”



After Lin Qingxue answered, several people followed and nodded in agreement.



“Do any of you know how to ski?”


“We all know how to ski.”



The reporter was a bit surprised and asked with a smile. “The key to the director’s casting was to know how to ski?”



“Hahaha, not exactly.” The director laughed, “Coincidence. The roles in the drama that can ski happen to all be cast with artists who can ski.”



“That’s quite a coincidence.”


“I’d like to ask Wenxing, what do you think about the rumors on the internet that you can’t ski?” The entertainer started digging again.



“It’s actually not a rumor.” Lu Wenxing graciously admitted, “It’s true that I didn’t know how to ski a few months ago, and I was rather hesitant when I received the script.”



“But ‘Back to the Snowy Mountains’ is also about the inspirational story of moving forward in the face of adversity, and the plot was something that poked me. I gave myself two months and hired a private lesson.”



“Just to learn on purpose?”





“I learned and realized skiing is fun.”



After asking and asking, it finally came back to the issue of people being more curious about their emotions, and in order not to show too much inclination, the entertainer threw the question to all of them.



“What are your criteria for choosing a spouse?”



“I like gentle girls.”



“A Gentleman that treats me well and is good-looking.”



“Good looking, I won’t know the rest until we meet.”



“What about Wenxing?”



“There’s no specific criteria, as long as I like it.”


“Brother Shen?”



Gu Yanshen, who had been cued multiple times, not only didn’t avoid it, but answered straight-faced.



“Three views are compatible, serious and progressive, fun and cute.” Gu Yanshen paused, “Good-looking hands, can draw, and preferably only draws me.”



The others looked surprised, and then suddenly realized, so it turned out that film Emperor Gu liked people with talent.



Lu Wenxing, who knew the deeper meaning of Gu Yanshen’s words, “……”



This was close to directly calling out Lu Wenxing’s other Weibo account.



Of course, this wouldn’t have made fans think too much. But recently, Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing’s collaboration, “Power and Strategy”, had been on the hot search several times due to its grand finale, and CP fans were crying out that they didn’t have enough sweetness.



As a result, Painter S, who had continuously increased his fan base a few times because he had painted Gu Yanshen, was also pushed onto the hot search due to this topic.



Knowing that he only drew Gu Yanshen drew the attention of other fans, and at first it was all just a joke, they hoped that Painter S would draw their own favorite star, and even got into a game of competing.


CP fans also joined the game, every day someone @ed Painter S, turning him toward the CPs, hoping that he would be interested.


But no one was able to be the second lucky one.


It was at this time that someone on the screen made a bold association.



[The previous criteria won’t be evaluated, but good-looking hands, can draw, and only draws brother Shen, isn’t that the famous Painter S?]


[!!! I don’t believe. No one is allowed to tear down my WangFei CP, ooohhhh.]



[What kind of ghost story is the one upstairs telling? Shut up.]


[But it’s actually kind of nice. Movie star x fanboy.]


[Have you guys seen the video tutorials that Painter S shared? His hands are really beautiful.]



[Brother Shen has never given an official response to such questions, but today how ……]



The fans were already wailing, and the reporter didn’t think it was enough and added more fire.


“Recently, the Wangfei CP fanbase has increased dramatically, how does Brother Shen see the CP fans?”



Gu Yanshen skipped the first question and answered calmly.



“If there are artists who mind this matter, then fans shouldn’t dance in front of the rightful owner. But as long as it doesn’t infringe on other people’s rights and lives ……”



Gu Yanshen paused.



“I, for one, don’t mind.”



“Wow.” The reporter asked the other main character, “Does Wenxing mind?”



“Same as Mr. Gu.” Lu Wenxing said.



“I respect everyone’s preferences as long as they don’t infringe on other people’s rights and lives.”




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