C58 — [2.21 — The Rose Manor]


The black Norman beside Jiu Shu saw Norman, too.

He saw another happy version of himself.


Possessing a happiness that He had never had before, so happy that he had never even experienced the taste of death.



Obviously the same soul, but he had a different fate.


Obviously they all should be abandoned, but only the other self was loved, loved by a beautiful lover with all his heart–





Almost instantly, the black, bloated body spread out, countless mouths full of sharp teeth wriggled on the surface of the semi-solid liquid.


Black sea waves poured out towards Norman.


The inorganic voice that emanated from it screamed hunger, mixed with perhaps resentment and jealousy that even the owner of the voice himself hadn’t noticed.











Eat the other self.


This was His only thought at this moment.


His semi-solid liquid surface opened up with countless empty, appalling eyes, each of which was solidified with inorganic indifference and murderous intent.



By simply eating His other self, He would have everything He never had.


His thoughts were that simple.



From the very beginning, after seeing bits and pieces of Norman’s happiness with his lover from those fragments of emotions that traveled across the world, His devouring instincts screamed for killing and blood.



His first thought after coming here was also to eat this different self, to eat the lover he never had.



He even temporarily spared the Reid who disgusted Him for this reason.


Until now, He still thought the same way.


Only perhaps infected by the emotional fragments of His other self, His thoughts changed a bit.



Instead of choosing to eat the lover who was standing right next to Himself, He chose to eat this homunculus that He couldn’t see eye to eye with first.



There was no other reason.



It wasn’t because the lover’s pretty, lovely fingers felt so good caressing him.


It wasn’t because of those warm and strange sensations, and it wasn’t because of those kisses that made all of His tentacles feel strange.



It was just that He didn’t want to devour this strange lover so quickly.


Although He would certainly eat very carefully, he wouldn’t let the lover feel the slightest pain.



But the thought of this beautiful face stained with crimson blood and blue eyes that had become deadened made Him feel strange.



Some pain similar to the pain that He felt when His internal organs were shattered in life swam through His body, making it a little difficult for Him who had long been accustomed to pain to endure it.



Speaking of which, it seemed that since coming to this world, He had become increasingly strange.



He did not know what the reason was.


After thinking about it for a long time, he guessed that maybe it was because this human was too clingy.



The first time they met, he embraced and kissed Him, and even afterward, he kept holding His tentacles and didn’t want to let go.


It was really a delicate and pitiful human.



The feeling of biting down would definitely be soft and tender like pudding, not bitter like His own body, but a fleeting sweetness on the tip of the tongue.


Like a lover’s warm and sweet kiss, it would disappear if yHe didn’t pay attention.


It made Him want to keep him around until He could no longer control his desire to devour him, and then He would greedily and satisfactorily devour Him.



In fact, for a number of times, He wanted to wrap this small and lovely human in his body and never let go.



If it wasn’t for the fear of hurting this delicate and clingy human, He might have already done that.


Yes, it was all because this human was too pestering.



If it wasn’t for the fact that he had been holding his tentacles, looking as if he couldn’t leave him, he would have been unable to resist eating him.



Looking at Jiu Shu’s fingers gently holding his tentacles, He thought so.

Then the next second, the lover’s fingers loosened.



He also removed every tentacle that had been wrapped around the body, taking with it the residual body heat on those slippery surfaces.






In an instant, all of the liquid eyeballs spread across the hallway began to shake frequently, extreme shock mixed with an aggravation they didn’t even know they had.



“Norman, stop, I don’t want to see you kill each other.”



The lover’s soft voice carried a note that could not be denied.



Hearing this voice, Black Norman’s already huge and swollen body suddenly became even more swollen and appalling, crowding in this narrow corridor.



The countless dark, empty eyes on the walls all trembled as they watched the Jiu Shu that had left him and walked towards another Norman.


His frantic thoughts seemed to become more confused as well.



How could He listen to a weak human!



He abhorred all living things, all humans were noisy.


He wouldn’t listen to anyone, and ever since His death, He was doomed to madness, doomed to recklessness!



Especially since this human had loosened his grip, loosened that soft, warm hand!



He would never stop.



He was going to eat that ugly grayish-white thing that had taken His lover’s attention and plunder everything back, everything He deserved!



Eat everything that annoyed Him about His existence!





All of the black-colored behemoth’s originally flailing tentacles fell to the floor with a despondent thud.



Even those hideously open mouths slowly closed, only opening and closing to emit some fine inorganic sounds.


At this moment, He was actually somewhat like a large dog that had been reprimanded, aggrieved and timid, He didn’t dare to act rashly.



So he could only emit a low wail from his throat.



Watching the master, who had just spoiled himself, walk towards his other self, without looking back at Him.



It was like going back to the time before death, when He was all alone, and no one had ever loved Him or cared for Him from the beginning to the end.



And no one would ever love Him.



“Don’t cry, there, I’ve been looking for you, I didn’t not want you.”



Opposite of the black Norman, Jiu Shu was holding a large mass of translucent substance that was constantly seeping out, as if his entire body was about to sink in.



Somewhat helplessly, he softly consoled, and from time to time, he also lightly kissed it a few times, letting the slippery liquid soak his shirt.








Norman let out a rustling sound that couldn’t be heard by humans, and subconsciously hugged his lover in his arms with countless tentacles, unwilling to let go of the slightest bit.



It was so hard to find the way home, so hard to escape, He didn’t expect His lover to be so gentle with his other self.



Was He not His beloved’s favorite?



Norman had always felt inferior to his own ugliness; he was indeed old and ugly and worthless, unworthy of his young and beautiful beloved.



But he felt that his other self was even uglier.



How could his lover leave him and fall in love with another self?



Norman didn’t understand, and he didn’t want to understand.



He only dared to hide in His lover’s arms, coveting the warmth that was lost and found, and didn’t even dare to ask Jiu Shu why he was so gentle with that black self.



Nor did He dare to ask if Jiu Shu had moved on.



Just like what those stupid humans said before, falling in love with His future self from another world.



It was as if by not asking, He could keep this endearing warmth a little longer.



Even for a moment.



After all, He was unworthy.



“There’s no moving on.”



“Don’t get any ideas, Norman, I’ve always loved Norman and only Norman.”



Jiu Shu sighed as he looked at the object of discipline that was gradually radiating a melancholic blue color, intermingled with an inherent grayish-white color.



He was getting really good at understanding His emotions.



Both of them.



It seemed that this body was having a great effect on the object of Discipline’s mind, and either one was acting like a child, with their emotions becoming simpler and clearer.



“Don’t cry Norman, I love you and that will never change.”



Jiu Shu patiently coaxed Norman in his arms, letting the water-soaked tentacles wrap around his body.



Uneasily writhing on the soaked shirt, the snow-white tight muscles underneath the white shirt could be vaguely seen, being rubbed til it was an ambiguous red color.



Norman hadn’t been able to stop crying.



The walls in the corridor continued to leak water, soaking and cracking the wallpaper and portraits, and even the carpet had an additional layer of seawater that smelled like the sea.



It hadn’t reached Jiu Shu’s ankles.



His body was also wrapped tightly in tentacles, but his voice remained soft.



Tirelessly soothing the bloated and massive monster in front of him, repeating words of love over and over again.



Until an inorganic voice that seemed like many voices overlapping came from behind him.



“Good boy.”


“I’m good.”



“Very well behaved.”



From the ceiling to the walls on all sides, a myriad of mouths with their shark-sharp teeth retracted opened and closed over the black, semi-solid liquid, emitting voices that were as cold as machinery, but seemed to carry the innocent, timid hope of a child.



He was saying that he was good.



So, could he touch Him, just like before?



Saying “Norman is good” and then gently touching him.



Instead of turning away coldly and never looking at Him again.






Hearing the voice, Jiu Shu paused and looked up at the darkened Norman not far away.



An object of discipline who had experienced all the suffering of the original and had been wailing and agonizing in the ground for eighty years.



Even more lacking in love than the current Norman.



But the thought of falling into madness after suffering to the extreme had numbed Him to the point where He was unable to discern his own emotions, leaving only the instinctive desire to devour.



It was not easy for Him to take the initiative to say such a prayer for love now.






The inorganic voice was still repeating itself within the corridor, and to an outsider’s ears it was incomparably horrifying, as the pitch of each utterance was exactly the same.



It was as if the speaker was a machine with no feelings or reasoning to speak of, but with a voice similar to that of a human, it was utterly bizarre.



But the only human within the corridor didn’t seem to feel the same way, he heard the wince and loss in these voices.



So he held out his hand, his blue eyes brimming with soft light, his voice soft and gentle, “Yes, Norman is very good, come and have a cuddle.”






As if encouraged, the tentacles lying on the ground immediately approached cautiously and slowly wrapped around their lover’s slender ankles.



After receiving no rejection in return, they became bolder and bolder, wrapping around the beautiful snow-white body like before, wanting to tightly trap him in their embrace.



Until they came across another tentacle.



Rustling – dark tentacles met grayish-white ones.



Jiu Shu’s body was long and lean, perfectly proportioned, and even though it was covered in tentacles it looked exceptionally slender, with skin as white as snow.



Those soft and slender limbs didn’t have any resistance to these haphazardly wriggling tentacles, which was originally enough for the tentacles to wrap around each other without touching each other.



But the greedy desire made the tentacles not budge, crowding each other’s territory.



Where Jiu Shu couldn’t see, both sides hideously revealed their mouthparts covered with spiral sharp teeth, and within the mouthparts were covered with densely packed sharp teeth, layer after layer, as if they were meat grinders.

Slime that was only corrosive to each other stretched in the mouthparts, seemingly ready to chew each other into cinders.



[You ugly, disgusting white rat! Get out of here!]



[You’re the one who should go away! You ugly black thing!]



Rustling noises, audible only to each other, echoed through the corridors as murderous intent spread.



“Norman, you’re all one person, okay? So you can’t kill each other.”



Just when they were about to devour each other, Jiu Shu seemed to have eyes behind his back, his voice was calm, but with some majesty that one wouldn’t dare to reject.









The tentacles instantly settled down.



They only interlocked with each other to climb and wriggle on the body of Jiu Shu, it seemed that the dark tide was surging, they left red marks on his snow white skin.



It wasn’t painful.



Instead it flooded with an unbearable itch.



It made the corners of Jiu Shu’s eyes redden, and his breathing was misplaced for a split second, which also made him show helplessness in his eyes.



“Wrapped too tight, don’t touch there ……”



Surrounded by two behemoths, even Jiu Shu got a little fidgety.



He glanced at the liquid that gradually stopped flowing in the corridor, and finally spoke out to make the tentacles stop.



“Alright, stop it and listen to me.”



With a bit of a headache, Jiu Shu’s painstakingly poked his hand out of the pile of tentacles.



The fingertips were just about to point in the direction of the side when they were instantly covered by insatiable tentacles hovering over them and pressed back.





Jiu Shu paused at the sight, but ultimately didn’t say anything, indulging the object of discipline’s favor-striving demeanor.



Continuing, he said, “…… Norman, listen to me, the manor is a mess right now, and I need to go to the storeroom to get some materials to deal with it.”



“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything and you’ll be fine.”



Jiu Shu needed to go make a spell material and lay down a spell to make the two Normans one.



While having the two of them directly devour each other would achieve the same effect, he had already found out that the object of punishment had a sense of pain.


Therefore devouring each other became the first option to be ruled out for Jiu Shu.



Thinking about how both Normans had not hesitated to cut off parts of their own body tissues earlier, Jiu Shu was a little heartbroken and didn’t want to put them through any more pain.



Making a spell was slightly more troublesome, but it was worth it.



“Loosen up if you agree, I’m going to the storeroom.”






[It was possible to merge into one without using a spell.]



Two strange rustling voices answered in this way, Jiu Shu seemed to be able to hear their voices and smiled, “No way.”



“One more warning, no killing each other.”



Inside the corridor, the two black and white behemoths seemed to have become a little dimmer.


They didn’t seem to understand Jiu Shu’s intentions, and only felt that it was Jiu Shu favoring the other.



His beloved had fallen in love with his other self, had stopped loving Him, and would even reprimand Him for his sake.



His tender lover had found his true love and would never look back at Him again, would never love Him tenderly again.



–He was, after all, a monster that no one loved.


“…… Don’t get carried away.”



Jiu Shu’s voice was a little feeble as he looked at the two objects of discipline whose colors were beginning to fluctuate.



“To me, you are both Normans, and only after becoming one can we live more happily together.”



“Don’t be afraid, your minds will merge together, and none of you will disappear, because it was meant to be one.”



Jiu Shu’s voice was gentle as he explained his thoughts and plans in as much detail as possible.



According to the research he had done before, the characteristics of a god’s heir were just like that.


Constantly merging and growing, no matter what split individual possessed a certain amount of consciousness, in the end, they would all become their most complete selves.

He even guessed that perhaps the Normans of all the parallel worlds were not true gods, and all could only be the heir of god.



Only the fusion of all the parallel worlds’ Normans together would be that most complete Supreme god.



This was the true meaning of the line about controlling time and space written in the ritual ceremony.



“Do you understand?”






The two behemoths that were busy nibbling on each other’s tentacles behind Jiu Shu stopped their movements and nodded in unison.






“Got it.”



Black Norman was the first to make a sound, and He had many more vocal organs than Norman, inorganic voices that overlapped and seemed extraordinarily well-behaved at the moment.



Jiu Shu curved his eyes and kissed His dark surface appreciatively.


Norman watched the scene, his tentacles trembling a little in anger.

He also wanted to make a sound, but He was not skilled in the matter of growing a mouth, and could only grow a huge mouth covered with sharp shark teeth, sticking to the side of Jiu Shu, looking violently as one of the most classic huge monsters in a horror movie was about to swallow a person’s head.



Baffled for a moment, Jiu Shu let out a soft laugh and kissed His moist grayish-white surface as well, ignoring the sharp jagged teeth next to it that were almost as big as his hand.



“Well, Norman is good, all right.”


The grayish-white surface flushed with flakes of pink, and Jiu Shu’s eyes curved up in a smile, and the two behemoths that had been hating each other froze for a long time at their lover’s smile.



They didn’t return to their senses until Jiu Shu stepped out of their tentacles and led them to the storage room to find the materials.



He led the two hulks beside him, who were crowding each other in the corridor walls, towards the storeroom, where they soon reached and began to prepare the materials for the spell.



“You guys just stay here with me, no wandering off okay? Soon enough, today or tomorrow, everything will be back to normal.”



Jiu Shu softly soothed the behemoths beside him, letting their tentacles begin to densely wrap around his body again.


He was extraordinarily focused when preparing the materials, the professional virtue belonging to a researcher making him stop paying attention to everything outside, only moving away slightly when the tentacles got in the way.



As a result, he also didn’t notice that the two behemoths swimming in the walls had become even larger, so large that they could fill up the entire storeroom with their bodies, and even overflowed a lot.



Especially Black Norman, His figure was almost going to take up half of the manor, but it had been hidden in the walls to reveal the tip of the iceberg.



Even these parts of the manor that looked incomparably huge were actually only one ten-thousandth of Him.



The bottom of the ground was His true body.



Norman wasn’t as huge as Black Norman, but it was still large enough to encompass half of the manor, and it seemed to have grown hundreds of times just in this short period of time and space fluctuations.



They gazed at each other icily.



Without alerting their busy lovers, the tentacles were still battling it out, while the instants outside were ready to start fighting.



He had deliberately come to a corridor on the far side of the storeroom, his open, bloody mouth covered in spiraling jagged teeth, mucus dripping from his muzzle.



The killing intent had been undisguised and was imminent.



Even with all the persuasion of their lover, the rejection of each other had been etched into their souls.


None of Him wanted to be a part of the other.



Then the only way was to devour each other, with the final victor having everything.



Apparently, the madness in Black Norman’s thoughts seemed to have infected his other self, and both of these behemoths became insane and bloodthirsty.



Especially Black Norman, He had never possessed love, and He didn’t know anything about love.



All He knew was that He didn’t want to lose the tender lover, the one who would give Him hugs and kisses.


He thought to himself that he might not eat him.



Perhaps influenced by his other self, Black Norman was now becoming able to understand feelings and knew he couldn’t let go.



Couldn’t let go of the only human who would give him love and free him from his century-long loneliness.



But He wanted to eat His other self, because only then could He truly have a lover to replace Him and become that happiest self in countless parallel universes.



He didn’t want to go back to the dark, lonely misery of the past.



No more madness, no more pain.



He only wanted Jiu Shu.



Norman sensed Black Norman’s thoughts and his gaze became extra cold.



He would not let this sudden intruder ruin His life.



It was so hard to become young and have a skin that matched His lover’s, He had yet to reach the bright future He was hoping for, so how could He disappear just like that!



He wasn’t willing, He didn’t want to leave Jiu Shu!



He didn’t want to leave his beloved.



They still had a long time to spend together, and He still had a lot of love left to give him.



All He wanted was to go back to the old days, to live in the manor with His beloved Jiu Shu, forever and ever.



Therefore, the other self had to die.



The two ever-expanding behemoths thought so at the same time.



“You crazy people! Why are you really starting to discuss it! What sent Angus to the future? Are you really crazy?”



“Simply ridiculous!”



Just as they were about to start killing, They suddenly heard the sound of people talking and their movements paused.



There were a dozen people coming towards this corridor, arguing as they walked.



“Could it be that the future Old Count will really turn into a god? Stop joking, I’ve been putting up with you guys for a long time now, talking crazy all the time!”



Reid looked impatient as he yelled at the people beside him.



Instead, the three men of the science team just looked at him with expressionless faces and continued to discuss the plan.



They were going to find Angus, to find the beloved of the evil god.



“Is it okay for the old count from the past to lose Angus?” Jack was still wrestling with the question.



“The old count of the past isn’t dead, so how can he be compared to the old count of the future who became a god!”



“Angus is best for the future old count!”



Clance replied somewhat nervously, his mind becoming more and more unhinged in this increasingly frightening manor, now bent on finding Angus.



There was a rustling-



In the thick fog, there seemed to be a massive gray and white presence gazing eerily at the mouthy humans.



He had already let them off the hook a yard before, but He didn’t expect them to get some ideas.



The crazy teammate beside Clance suddenly widened his eyes, and he seemed to see something, stiffening and falling to his knees, his face pale.



“Two, two, two ……” He couldn’t speak complete words, only his pupils reflected the grayish-white behemoth that the others couldn’t see.



[There’s nothing wrong with what they say, why kill them, you’re too brutal].



Black Norman’s pitch black body floated beside Norman, blocking Norman’s tentacles that were trying to slap the human with them.






Norman looked at Black Norman sinisterly, not making another move in fear of His massive size.



“But, that old count who’ll lose Angus is pitiful, it’s still better to be alive than dead, after all, the dead old count has turned into an evil god, how can he still love people!”



“Just make sure that the current Angus doesn’t die and the old count doesn’t turn into an evil god, won’t the future evil god disappear!”






The dark, massive tentacles were blocked by the grayish-white tentacles.


[They are indeed right, killing will make Jiu Shu unhappy, you are the misbehaved one.]



He was the most well-behaved.



Norman arrogantly looked at the black Norman in front of him.






The lunatic teammate looked at the huge black and white silhouette, almost suffocating from shock, his dry throat could only make a cackling sound.



He desperately wanted to close his eyes, not wanting to look on, but there was nothing more he could do.



“You guys are a bunch of crazy people, huh? Ridiculous, so according to this, Angus should be killed and sacrificed, then wouldn’t the future Evil god receive a sacrifice?”


“After all, it’s a god, Don’t we all have to shred the corpse? Won’t you guys prepare a saw for splitting the body beforehand?”



Reid’s tone was sarcastic, he was already being driven crazy by this group of lunatics, inexplicably talking nonsense about the old count being a god.



It was insane to the extreme!






The moment the words fell, the air within the corridor seemed to be frozen as if the mist had stopped flowing.



Everyone felt a coolness coming from their bones, like falling into an ice cellar.



Their breathe took on white air, and their eyes widened in inexplicable fear.



The crazy teammate’s eyes were even wider.



Because he saw that in front of him, in the midst of the large mist, spread throughout the walls and ceiling of the entire castle were multiple dark eyes, flowing like liquid.



All of them stared straight at their position the moment Reid’s words fell.



The grayish-white giant shadow was also filled with a single cold white eye, and the same gaze was like a piercing ice blade, enough to cut through the fragile skin of a human being, revealing the bloody viscera within.





As far as the eye could see, the entire world seemed to be full of eyeballs.



All of them were gazing at them, humans as small as ants, with murderous intent.



This depressing scene to the extreme reflected in the pupils of the crazy teammate. He struggled frantically, but could not break free from the constraints of his teammate’s worries. In the end, he could only foam at the mouth, twitching and making a “gurgling” sound.



It seemed tempting to curse.






In the distance, Jiu Shu, who had followed the shadow of the punishment object, looked at the tentacles whose colors fluctuated violently and frowned.





In an instant, the cold air disappeared.


Everyone looked around with fearful faces, not knowing what had happened, only the crazy teammate who fell to the ground couldn’t support himself at all, and fainted with his eyes rolled back.


In the distant corridor, Jiu Shu touched the tentacles wrapped around his body, pursed his lips, his voice a little cold: “Come out quickly, Norman.”



As soon as Jiu Shu’s words fell, he walked around the corner of the corridor and saw the two objects of discipline looming in the mist.



The grayish-white Norman’s dense tentacles still had unhidden mouthparts, as well as large chunks of unchewed pitch-black semi-solid tissue in them.



A chunk more than three meters wide, black blood clattered on the floor, extremely eye-catching.


“…… Norman.” Jiu Shu’s voice was calm.






“Be good.”


“I’m good.”



The dark-colored behemoth made an inorganic sound that seemed despondent and resigned.



It didn’t complain to Jiu Shu, but silently hid a large chunk of its own body that had been gnawed off, as if it did not want him to get angry over the fight between them.


He only wanted Jiu Shu to be happy.






Norman looked at the large piece of flesh and blood tissue suddenly stuffed over his tentacles by Black Norman, and was extremely shocked.




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