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The police came to his door several times, then Wen Yu finally accepted the police investigation.



Attempted substitution wasn’t a crime. As long as he didn’t admit it, could the police still detain him?



They didn’t have evidence and relied solely on revelations and events that occurred many years ago, if it weren’t for Wen Zheng’s actions, this matter wouldn’t have gone on the hot search list, and the police couldn’t have come to inquire.



After listening to Li Xiao’s suggestion, Wen Yu suppressed the mental panic. After the police investigation, he could buy the evidence in the hands of the informer and sue the other for violating his honor.



He became like this, all because of the Wen family forced him.



Wen Yu attributed the fault to Wen Zheng, who had never given him a good face in the ten years he had lived in the Wen family. They said they were a temporary guardian, but those who knew him said that the family was kind and they weren’t using him to gain fame. The children in the orphanage envied him, thinking that he was living a good life in a rich family, but for Wen Yu, he was just a parasite.



When the Wen family was happy, he dared to speak up, and when they were in a bad mood, he could only hide in the sidelines, not even daring to breathe.



“It’s the same as you said, he won’t admit it.”


Xu Weiyao showed the video of Wen Yu under investigation to Wen Zheng.



Wen Zheng glanced at it and moved his eyes away, “Did you record the couple’s words?”


“It’s all recorded.”



Wen Zheng had long felt that Wen Yu was strange, he didn’t look too smart, but he always had all kinds of ways to make things worse, or Wen Yu’s judgment was very accurate.


But now Wen Yu’s prediction didn’t seem to be working. Wen Zheng squeezed the photo in his hand, which was recorded on the monitor. It took him a long time to restore the surveillance video that was damaged more than a decade ago.



The kindergarten’s surveillance didn’t capture it, but the surveillance installed by the nearby store to prevent thieves did capture Wen Yu’s figure. To be precise, it was Wen Yu and Lu Wenxing as children.



The time shown on the photo was the exact day that Lu Wenxing was lost.


Wen Zheng attended a semi-enclosed elementary school and went home once a week. When he came home every Friday, Xingxing would prepare so many snacks for him, even though he didn’t really love snacks.


The day Xingxing went missing was Friday, Wen Zheng went home early, expecting to see him waiting for him in the garden, but there was no one home that day.



When it was time for dinner, Mom and Dad were not back, and neither the driver nor the nanny was there to pick up Xingxing. Wen Zheng then realized that something was wrong, and only after calling Ji Yuan did he realize that he had disappeared.


And that day …… Wen Yu also came home very late.



Everyone was looking for Xingxing, Ji Yuan and Wen Huaihe went to the police station to report the case, and when they got home it was already after eleven o’clock, no one had the energy to pay attention to anything else.



“Fuck, is it really Wen Yu?” Xu Weiyao took the photo from Wen Zheng’s hand.



“But wasn’t Xingxing always picked up by Auntie Ji or the nanny? Why would he leave with Wen Yu?”



Kids nowadays had phone watches, so it was easy to contact their parents if something happened, but in the past, they wouldn’t have given small children electronic devices, nor did they have phone watches.



“There was a car accident that day, and the nanny and driver were stuck in traffic. Wen Yu appeared again so coincidentally ……”


Xu Weiyao was stunned, “Because they didn’t come to pick him up and Wen Yu happened to show up, then Wen Yu said he came to pick up Xingxing, and Xingxing followed him away.”



Wen Zheng tugged his pen into his hand, his brows knitted tightly.


“Wen Yu was only seven years old then, right, just starting elementary school, yet he had such a deep heart? But he doesn’t look too smart now.” Xu Weiyao asked suspiciously.



“Why did Wen Yu target Xingxing, the one who doesn’t treat Wen Yu well is you, right?”


Xu Weiyao and Wen Zheng had known each other since they were kids, they went to the same school from elementary to high school, and he knew about Wen Yu living in the Wen family. There were very few people and things that Wen Zheng particularly liked or disliked. He had thought that Wen Yu’s appearance wouldn’t have much effect on Wen Zheng, but he found that Wen Zheng was a bit hostile to Wen Yu.



However, Wen Zheng wasn’t averse to Wen Yu in the beginning, it was just the jealousy of a child.



Jealous that Wen Yu lived at home and could go home every day after school. While Wen Zheng lived in school and only came home once a week. He was jealous that Wen Yu spent more time with his parents and Xingxing than he did, and worried that Xingxing would have a better relationship with Wen Yu in the future.



He had seen Wen Yu coaxing Lu Wenxing to call out ‘brother’, and he had also seen Wen Yu pleasing Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe.



The little kid was just jealous.



“Xingxing told me the other day that he had a dream. He dreamt that someone hit him with a car, and Cheng Xuan probably witnessed the whole process.”



“This was also done by Wen Yu?”



“It happened on the same day, only Wen Yu showed up.” Wen Zheng’s eyes sank, “Xiao Chen found the two people who hit him, and they even said …… that they were just joking with the kids.”



Xu Weiyao felt exasperated even as he listened, “They call this a joke? Want me to find someone and joke with them like that too?”



“There’s evidence of Xingxing getting lost, as well as the blood sample being swapped.” Wen Zheng’s voice was like ice, “Those staff members who collected money from the orphanage, as well as the human tra.ffickers, none of them can escape.”



“The police said that they have found the current addresses of the former director of the orphanage and her husband.” Xu Weiyao admired Wen Zheng’s methods.



“You deliberately didn’t release the evidence and only released the news that Wen Yu had found someone to take his place, in order to make Wen Yu so anxious over this matter that he didn’t have time to worry about anything else. Wen Yu must have thought that you wanted to use this matter against him. But actually ……”



“The evidence you’ve found is far more than what Wen Yu feared, and you’re planning to send him straight in.”


Wen Zheng didn’t respond and answered an incoming call.


“I’m here, I’ll have Xiao Chen go down and pick you up.”



Wen Zheng’s tone instantly softened, and Xu Weiyao didn’t need to ask to know that it must be Lu Wenxing calling.


“Xingxing came to see you?”



“Yeah, there should be something.”



Wen Zheng packed up the materials on the table and asked his assistant to make three cups of coffee and send them in.


Xu Weiyao, who had been in Wen Zheng’s office for more than half an hour and hadn’t even gotten a sip of water: ???


“Brother, are you busy?”




Lu Wenxing walked in, “Brother Weiyao is also here.”



“Hello, little Xing’er long time no see.”


“Came over from work?”



Lu Wenxing nodded, after Gu Yanshen told him that he wanted to participate in the variety show, he went to the company to find Xu Rong, but Xu Rong asked Lu Wenxing to come and find Wen Zheng, if Wen Zheng agreed, then she’d help Lu Wenxing pick it up.



Seeing Xu Weiyao holding information in his hand, Lu Wenxing glanced at it, “Investigating Wen Yu?”



“Yes.” Xu Weiyao handed it to Lu Wenshing, “Want to take a look?”



Lu Wenxing took it smoothly and was a bit surprised to see that Wen Yu was the illegitimate son of the former orphanage director’s husband.



He originally wanted to mention the novel to Wen Zheng, but with Xu Weiyao here, he didn’t have the luxury of opening his mouth and skipped the topic for now.



“Brother, I’ve recently taken a long break, I need to work.”


Lu Wenxing’s leisure during this period of time was attributed to Wen Zheng, not allowing the company to pick up miscellaneous interviews for him, and identifying good scripts before giving them to Lu Wenxing.


“A movie?”


“I want to pick up a variety show.”



“Recently there is a variety show that I think is quite good ……”


Wen Zheng raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, and Lu Wenxing’s voice gradually trailed off.



“Which variety show?”


“An outdoor entertainment variety show.”


“What’s it called?”


Lu Wenshing originally wanted to muddle through, but Wen Zheng asked so carefully that he had no way to prevaricate.


“The Happy New Year.”


Wen Zheng: ?????


Xu Weiyao: ?????


“It’s still early in the summer before New Year’s ……”


“Preparing for the New Year.” Lu Wenxing casually babbled.


The variety show called “Joyful Celebration of the Chinese New Year” was certainly not a true celebration of the Chinese New Year. For CP fans, the candy they got was the celebration of the Chinese New Year, and the origin of the variety show’s name was also the same.



Concealing the deeper meaning of it, Lu Wenxing said, “Brother, this variety show is quite good, just let me go.”


Lu Wenxing pulled Wen Zheng’s suit, his light-colored eyes looked straight at Wen Zheng, he didn’t say anything, but Lu Wenxing’s action reminded Wen Zheng of his childhood.



“Brother, let me have another bite, just a small bite.”


Xingxing was addicted to sweetness when he was a child, but small children couldn’t eat too many sweets, every time Ji Yuan put away the snacks, Xingxing would pull on Wen Zheng’s sleeve and look at him pitifully.



“I really want to eat, brother just let me have a bite, I’m sure I won’t eat much.”


Xu Weiyao wasn’t able to resist, he spoke before Wen Zheng. “Xingxing wants to go, so let him go, this program sounds very festive, is it recorded or live?”





“Live broadcast, if you are bored at work, you can still watch ……,” Xu Weiyao didn’t finish his sentence, and was glared at by Wen Zheng.



Wen Zheng picked up his phone and checked the variety show, his eyes fell on Lu Wenxing and asked him quietly, “Gu Yanshen will also participate?”



Lu Wenshing struggled, “The new drama will be aired soon, this is just the right time to publicize it.”



Wen Zheng’s face gradually sank, he could accept that Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen were in a relationship, but he didn’t want the two of them to open up to the public in a situation that wasn’t stable.


Gu Yanshen’s status as a movie star was there, and with millions of fans, there were bound to be only fans or paranoid fans. All in all, going public wouldn’t do Lu Wenxing any favors, and if Gu Yanshen couldn’t control his fans, it would definitely be Lu Wenxing who would be hurt.



Lu Wenxing didn’t know that Wen Zheng thought that far ahead, he just didn’t understand why Wen Zheng didn’t agree. “A lot of artists will group together to appear on this program, it’s really just publicity…”


Lu Wenxing showed Gu Yanshen the artists who had been invited during the same period, “Wen Miao and Xu Yichen will also participate.”



Wen Zheng was half-convinced, and Lu Wenxing continued.



“Wen Miao and Xu Yichen are also actors on ‘Power And Strategy’.”



“The four of them appearing on the show together is just the right time to publicize the new drama.”


It wasn’t to publicize the new drama, but Wen Miao and Xu Yichen would be invited, of course, because …… the two of them were a pair in the drama.


Under Lu Wenxing’s soft words, Wen Zheng loosened up. Lu Wenxing told Xu Rong about this and asked Xu Rong to finalize it with the show first.



Only after Xu Weiyao left did Lu Wenxing bring up the novel.



Wen Zheng accepted it very calmly this time.



“Brother, what I said about the novel is true, you can ……”


“I know.”


Lu Wenxing froze, and Wen Zheng explained, “I’ve read it.”



Wen Zheng didn’t believe it, but then he thought, Lu Wenxing wouldn’t joke about this kind of thing, although he felt that it was mysterious, but Wen Zheng later went to read the book reviews and comments, it was just like what Lu Wenxing said.


Wen Zheng felt that Wen Yu was suspicious, but didn’t connect the disappearance of Lu Wenxing with Wen Yu, he only felt that Wen Yu was jealous and blocked Lu Wenxing from recognizing them.



Later, after listening to Lu Wenxing’s words, he went to look for that novel, and also looked for Cheng Xuan to understand the situation, and he was even more certain that Wen Yu had something to do with Xingxing’s disappearance.



Just like what Xu Weiyao said, Wen Yu was only seven years old at that time, and he wasn’t even much smarter as an adult, so why would a seven year old have such a deep heart. Combined with the content of the novel, although Wen Zheng didn’t believe it, but Wen Yu’s prediction was explained.



“Is it possible …… that Wen Yu is reborn.” Lu Wenxing himself didn’t believe it, but Wen Yu gave him a strange feeling.


The same unbelieving Wen Zheng: “…… It is not impossible.”


The two looked at each other, both seeing skepticism in each other’s eyes.


Lu Wenxing: “……”


Wen Zheng: “……”


Although he wasn’t quite convinced, Weng Zheng again told Lu Wenxing about the photos he had found in the orphanage.



“Wen Yu arrived at our home when he was seven years old, and in the photo he’s also seven years old.” Lu Wenshing looked at the photo.



The Wen Yu in the photo looked cute and innocent, and Wen Zheng turned over the photos taken after Wen Yu arrived at the house, all of them with a smile on his face.



But it was more than just a different look, it felt like two completely different people. One smile was pure, the other one was smiling a bit fake.



“If Wen Yu is reborn, but what is his purpose in approaching Cheng Xuan?”


Wen Yu wasn’t short of money to put it mildly, he must have gotten quite a lot of money by conspiring with Li Xiao, and it was impossible for him to spend time to gain Cheng Xuan’s trust just to get Cheng Xuan’s gifts.


The two of them looked at each other with no solution for the time being.




Lu Wenxing looks down at his phone, it was from Gu Yanshen.



[. ] I heard Sheng Chao say that you will participate in the variety show?



Lu Wenshing didn’t expect Xu Rong to be so fast, it was less than half an hour before even Gu Yanshen got the news.



[ET] Yes



[ET] it’s our fourth cooperation, Mr. Gu…please teach me more!



After replying, Lu Wenxung looked up and saw Wen Zheng looking at him, he looked especially like a head teacher who caught early love in high school.


Lu Wenxing: “……”




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