C8—- Preparing For A Surprise

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Gu Yanshen had a dream about many chickens crowing.

It also came with stereo surround sound, which made his brain hurt.

When he opened his eyes, he saw the little – culprit – rooster on the ground.

The little rooster raised its proud neck and ran on its short legs while running, the sound was so loud that it felt like the roof was about to topple over.

Then he looked at the owner of the little rooster, curled into the shape of a caterpillar, only revealing half of his maroon hair, he didn’t move and showed no intention to get up to catch the chicken.

Gu Yanshen chased it into the bathroom and finally caught it.

After turning off the alarm, Gu Yanshen suddenly felt like the whole world was quiet.

He carried the rooster and dropped it on Lu Wenxing’s bedside table, inadvertently glancing at the ‘sleeping’ Lu Wenxing, and only then did he realize something was wrong.

The person on the bed had red cheeks and furrowed brows, as if he was having difficulty breathing. Gu Yanshen reached out and pushed Lu Wenxing, trying to wake him up, but he was burned by his body temperature, and touched Lu Wenxing’s forehead, it was feverish.

“Do you want some water?”

  Lu Wenxing’s throat was dry, he licked his dry lips. He wanted to drink water a little, but he couldn’t answer his question.

A glass filled with water was handed to him, Lu Wenxing thought in his heart that he didn’t dare take it, but his hand was honest enough to take it for him.

  He drank a few mouthfuls of water before taking a breather and thanked him in a small voice.

His voice was croaky, he definitely had a bad cold.

  ”I’ll talk to the director, if you can’t hang on, go to the hospital.”

Lu Wenxing firmly refused, he didn’t want to be surrounded by the smell of disinfectant, he drowsily shook his head like a rattle.

“Then you can go back to sleep.”

Lu Wenxing wanted to nod his head, but was worried about missing the shoot. The crew gave him quite a lot of money, almost catching up with his income for half a year, Lu Wenxing was embarrassed to take the money and lay in bed to rest.

  He previously heard Wei Ze say that many small stars without exposure didn’t get paid to appear on variety shows. They did it for the chance to show their faces, but at any time, there was the possibility of being replaced.

By comparison, Lu Wenxing felt that the program group he met was very conscientious, and he should get up and continue working.

Gu Yanshen didn’t give Lu Wenxing a chance to get out of bed and took away the glass in his hand. “Lie down, I’ll talk to the director.”


The Wen family.

  Wen Zheng’s cold, hard face was reflected in the mirror. He looked himself up and down, making sure he was fully dressed before walking out of the room.

When he closed the door, he noticed that the door of the next room was opened a little.

Without giving it much thought, Wen Zheng pushed the door and walked in. Ji Won was standing in front of the desk near the balcony, carefully polishing a photo frame.


“Xiao Zheng.” Ji Won turned around and her eyes paused on Wen Zheng’s suit, “Going to the office even on the weekend?”

“Well, something came up.” Wen Zheng walked forward and took the cloth and frame from Ji Won’s hand, “I’ll do it.”

His eyes were fixed on the photo, and his harsh eyebrows gradually softened.

  On the photo was a four or five-year-old child, holding a large trophy in his arms, with a bright smile on his face and his eyes shining like they were full of stars.

This photo was taken when his younger brother participated in the children’s group street dance competition.

Wen Zheng still remembered the way his brother hugged the trophy and ran up to him to ask for praise.

“Brother, I won the championship, am I not great?”

  Ji Won looked at the boy in the photo, and her gentle eyes showed deep longing.

  ”I’m going to G City tomorrow.”

Ji Won’s eyes fluttered and she hummed gently.

“I have already communicated with that family in G City by phone, they said that the boy is exactly twenty years old this year, the same age as the Xingxing. And ……” Wen Zheng paused, as if he was calming his heart’s overwhelming emotions.

  ”The police department has a record, he and Xingxing were reported missing on the same day.”

Ji Won’s head jerked up, and her pupils slightly dilated, she reached out and covered her mouth, forcing herself to resist the urge to sob.

Wen Zheng handed the photo frame to Ji Won and patted her shoulder soothingly. “I haven’t seen the picture yet, I can’t be sure it’s him, but even if not, he should ……”

“Should have seen Xingxing.”


When Lu Wenxing woke up, it was almost noon. The fever had gone down, but his throat was hoarse and his cough had worsened.

  The winter in G City was very cold, and there was a temperature difference of more than ten degrees from C City, where Lu Wenxing lived. The jacket Lu Wenxing wore yesterday wasn’t very thick, so he probably caught a cold when he went out to eat last night.

The others had gone out to do their tasks, and now Lu Wenxing was alone.

Thinking of making friends with Gu Yanshen after what happened in the morning, Lu Wenxing picked up his phone and sent him a WeChat message.

  [ET] Where are you guys?

[. ] Movie Theater

  【.] There is cold medicine and fever-reducing medicine on the table

  Lu Wenxing turned his head to look at the box with a sticky note on it noting what kind of medicine it was, the medicine was probably prepared by the program team.

  [ET] Thank you, Mr. Gu

After the text, Lu Wenxing sent a picture of a little penguin bowing.

  [ET] What is today’s task? A movie theater ticket collector?

  [.] Pretty much

[…] It’s just that we can’t be recognized

  [ET] ……

  It was a little hard for guests like Gu Yanshen, Song Jiajia and Li Xiangming to not be recognised.

  If they were assigned to the ticket and drink counter, it’d be too conspicuous, since they would have to communicate with customers, it was difficult to remain unrecognized.

But if it was the ticket checker at the entrance of the cinema hall, they could hide a little longer.

Lu Wenxing felt that he was right to snatch Wen Yu yesterday, now Gu Yanshen could team up with him.

  [ET] What kind of work was arranged for you?

  [. ] Selling popcorn

  Today was the weekend, the movie theater traffic was very large, Lu Wenxing couldn’t help, so he thought about it and sent Gu Yanshen a [cheer duck] emoji.

Well, his spirit was with Gu Yanshen.


Lu Wenxing’s cold didn’t get better after the program was recorded, but it became more serious. Later, he had to get an IV drip.

  The body problems couldn’t be controlled, the director expressed understanding, and a little regret.

The first night in G City, the director’s team was quite optimistic about Lu Wenxing, he was good-looking, and had high intuition for variety shows, he just didn’t know how to get the camera to focus on him.

He thought that the next day he’d follow Gu Yanshen to do the task, but because of the sudden cold, he couldn’t even participate in the recording.

“It’s okay, go back and get well, and wait for the second episode.”

Before saying goodbye, Song Jiajia deliberately said goodbye to Lu Wenxing, then glanced behind Gu Yanshen, before quietly asking. “Why don’t you and I team up for the second episode?”

Before Lu Wenxing could say anything, Gu Yanshen pulled him back, the refusal was obvious.

Song Jiajia was undeterred, “Don’t you think swapping teammates is, in fact, very topical? I think the audience will really like it.”

  Gu Yanshen naturally didn’t agree, Song Jiajia was also just fooling around, she and Wen Min got along quite well, Gu Yanshen was always expressionless, so she wanted to mess with him a little.

  Song Jiajia and Lu Wenxing said a few words, then under the urging of her assistant, she pushed the suitcase and left.

Gu Yanshen didn’t rush to go. He had a shoot tomorrow in G City. His assistant had already booked a hotel near his work place. He would wait for the nanny van to arrive before leaving.

Only Lu Wenxing and Wen Yu were going back to C City, so the assistant only booked tickets for them.

The only thing was that Wen Yu was in first class and Lu Wenxing was in economy class.

“Should I help you upgrade to first class? It’s more comfortable than sitting in economy. You’re not well yet, and it’ll be uncomfortable after sitting for a long time. ”

“No, thanks.”

  ”Wenxing, listen to Brother Yu. You’re sitting in economy class, we won’t be able to take care of you if you don’t feel well later, and Brother Yu is quite worried about you.”

“Thank you for your concern, but it’s really not necessary.”

Lu Wenxing wasn’t feeling well and it had nothing to do with whether he was in first class or economy class, it was only a three hour flight for him.

  Moreover, Xie Chengfei would come to pick him up, Lu Wenxing didn’t want his family to come into contact with Wen Yu.

After passing through the security check, Wen Yu headed to the VIP waiting room, while Lu Wenxing sat on the lounge chair in the lobby waiting for the plane, then he sent a message to Xie Chengfei.

When Lu Wenxing got off the plane, it was already 8:30 pm.

Xie Chengfei was carrying a cup of milk tea, and when he saw Lu Wenxing, he handed it to him.


“Is it cold outside?”

  ”It’s quite windy, wear a scarf.” Xie Qingfei took out a gray scarf from the bag and wrapped it tightly around Lu Wenxing.

  It wasn’t enough for Xie Qingfei, he also put a hat on Lu Wenxing’s head, “Okay. Let’s go.”

  The hat was purposely lowered by Xie Qingfei, it could withstand the cold wind outside, and Lu Wenxing’s mouth and nose were buried in the scarf, only revealing a pair of clear eyes.

  ”How am I supposed to drink the milk tea?”

“Who said it’s for you to drink? It’s mine, I lent it to you to warm your hands.”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

In the end, Lu Wenxing didn’t get a sip, Xie Chengfei drank the milk tea and chewed the pearls in front of him.

He didn’t forget to stab him. “People who are sick are not qualified to drink milk tea.”


 On the other hand, Gu Yanshen, who had already arrived at the hotel, received a WeChat message from Song Jiajia.

  [Song Jiajia] The director wants us to send gifts to each other in the second episode, did you know?

  【.] I didn’t.

[Song Jiajia] I’m preparing gifts for everyone, what do you want?

[.] ……

[Song Jiajia] Since I’m giving a gift, I have to give something that suits the other person’s heart.

  [. ] Whatever.

[Song Jiajia] You’re such a straight man.


[Song Jiajia] Don’t you know I was waiting for you to ask me ‘what I want’?

Then, Song Jiajia sent another screenshot over, a screenshot of a chat with Lu Wenxing.

  With the same opening line.

  [Song Jiajia] The director wants us to send each other gifts for the second episode, did you know?

[ET] I hadn’t heard yet.

[Song Jiajia] I’m preparing gifts for everyone. What do you want?

[ET】I’ll like whatever Sister Jiajia gives me.

[ET】Does Sister Jiajia have something she likes in particular?

After Gu Yanshen read it, he typed with no expression.

[. ] What do you want?

[Song Jiajia] You’re being perfunctory.

【.] ……

[Song Jiajia] Okay, I’m just kidding.

[Song Jiajia] Do you know what Wenxing likes?

Gu Yanshen found the text puzzling, how could he know what Lu Wenxing liked?

Gu Yanshen typed a ‘don’t know’, his finger stayed on the send button and paused, he remembered Lu Wenxing’s pink bath towel.

The text in the dialogue box was deleted and he retyped a word.

【.] Pink?

Song Jiajia ignored the question mark and reported back to the others gleefully.

[Song Jiajia] Wenxing likes pink, let’s all send pink gifts.

After sending it to Wen Min, Song Jiajia casually copied and pasted it to Li Xiangming and Zhou Zitong.

After she finished, Song Jiajia suddenly felt that she had secretly done a good deed. When they met next time, Lu Wenxing would be very happy.

  At this moment, Lu Wenxing who had returned to the dormitory didn’t know that he would receive several ‘surprises’.

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