C6—- Learned A Little

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Gu Yanshen stared at the poster, and already started thinking about how to teach Gu Yanning a lesson when he returned.

No wonder he couldn’t get rid of him last night, he was actually looking for an opportunity to stuff the poster into his suitcase.



The day Gu Yanshen went to Mang Cheng Entertainment, he verbally asked Sheng Chao to help him ask for an autographed photo, after the interview Gu Yanshen forgot about it. …

Sheng Chao also got distracted, and then they both forgot about it.

After knowing that Gu Yanshen didn’t help him ask for an autographed photo, he called to make trouble several times. Gu Yanshen couldn’t bear it, he called Gu Yanning’s head teacher directly and asked him to confiscate Gu Yanning’s mobile phone.

At the end of the final exam on Friday, Gu Yanning squatted at Gu Yanshen’s door as soon as he left school, and refused to go home in spite of his efforts. He also said that starting next week, the school would preview the next semester’s classes in advance, so that he could rest for two weeks.

Gu Yanshen was annoyed by him, so he let him in.

The result!

Gu Yanning slipped into his room and forcibly prepared such a big surprise for him?

Gu Yanshen had a wooden face and explained without emotion. “I have a friend who is a fan of Lu Wenxing, he entrusted me to bring him an autograph.”

“So that’s how it is.” Li Xiangming immediately believed it.

The others also cooperated by showing a ‘so it’s like that’ expression.

Song Jiajia didn’t react on the surface, but she felt that Gu Yanshen didn’t have such a friend, she couldn’t stop glancing at Gu Yanshen, but his gaze was frank and natural, she couldn’t see a flaw.

“Wenxing, please sign this for me later.”

“Okay.” Lu Wenxing breathed a sigh of relief.

He didn’t suspect him, Gu Yanshen being his fan was a really weird thought.

The director took a toy trumpet and blew, drawing the crowd’s attention to him.

“We are a variety show with free choice, you can all share any opinion during the recording of this episode.” The director finished emphasizing and started mentioning the room division.

  ”There are a total of four rooms upstairs, so you guys can discuss and see how to divide them.”

It wasn’t the first time Song Jiajia was participating in a variety show, the director team often dug a hole for the guests to jump into, she wasn’t too sure and asked again, “You’re letting us choose freely?”

  ”Right.” The director smiled with a peaceful expression, “I just said that we are a variety show with the right of free choice, and we also give you the right to give your opinions.”

Song Jiajia couldn’t ask anything else and had to give up for now, she held Wen Min’s shoulder, “I can live with Min Min.”

Li Xiangming didn’t immediately make a choice, he first analyzed the situation.

“There are seven of us in total, which means that one of us can have a room to ourselves.”

  ”Then, does Mr. Li mind staying with me?” Zhou Zitong sent an invitation towards Li Xiangming, and Li Xiangming returned an ‘OK’ gesture.

The only ones left were Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen and Wen Yu.

  Lu Wenxing didn’t want to have too many interactions with the main characters off-camera.

If possible, he definitely wanted to live by himself, but as a junior, it was right to let Gu Yanshen, who was a senior, take priority.

Gu Yanshen hadn’t yet struck a spark with Wen Yu. At present, Wen Yu was just a guest in the variety show. Lu Wenxing speculated that he would choose a single room.

The two people’s thoughts coincided.

  ”Xingxing, can we share a room?”

   Wen Yu seemed to be asking for Lu Wenxing’s opinion, but in fact it was for Gu Yanshen’s sake.

Even a movie star couldn’t say directly in front of the camera that he wanted to live alone.

  The reason why many artists in the company liked Wen Yu was that he was gentle, generous and had a good emotional quotient, and he knew how to put himself in other people’s shoes, such people were very popular everywhere.

Whether Wen Yu was being genuine or using a fake persona, Lu Wenxing couldn’t deny that Wen Yu was smooth in his dealings.

If he didn’t know the plot in advance, Lu Wenxing couldn’t tell that Wen Yu was a spoiled young master.

He didn’t have a good feeling about Wenyu, nor did he have any antipathy.

However, if he had to choose one, Lu Wenxing would definitely choose the protagonist. After all, the identity of the protagonist’s Male Lead was there, and he and Wen Yu would be suspected of trying to use him to get popular.

This was the reason why Wen Yu chose Lu Wenxing, because he knew that Lu Wenxing was thinking the same thing.

Lu Wenxing was just about to nod his head in agreement when the director suddenly spoke up.

  ”There are only three of you left, how about rock-paper-scissors?” The director looked at them in amusement, “The person who wins lives in a single room.”

The three people were slightly surprised as they looked at the director.

  ”Just rock-paper-scissors.” Probably because they were worried that Gu Yanshen would refuse, the director team added another sentence.

“That is fair.”

Gu Yanshen didn’t object, but in his heart he was actually not very willing. He didn’t have the habit of living with people, the bedroom was a private space even if two people slept in separate beds, but living in the same room was about the same as having no private space.


The one who spoke wasn’t Gu Yanshen, but Wen Yu, his eyes shining brightly.

“The director just said that it’s okay to have an opinion, then I think that since Xingxing and I and Mr. Gu all agreed just now, there’s no need to split the winner and loser to choose the room.”

Lu Wenxing was quite surprised by Wen Yu’s words, then he turned his head to look at the director, receiving the gazes cast by the three, the director smugly smiled.

“Yes, that’s what I just said, I just hadn’t finished. My next sentence was ‘You guys feel free to make suggestions, we won’t change it anyway’.”

Wen Yu: “……”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

Gu Yanshen: “……”

Song Jiajia pulled Wen Min and said with a happy expression, “I knew it, how could the directing team let us off so easily.”

The three people formed a small circle, as several other people stared at them.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

The last word fell and all three people made different hand gestures, then started the second game.

“Rock, paper, scissors.”

Lu Wenxing came out with scissors, Gu Yanshen coincidentally came out with the same one as him, and then Wen Yu ……

He came out with rock.

As the winner, Wen Yu would live in a separate room. Lu Wenxing had to live in a room with Gu Yanshen, the result couldn’t be changed, Lu Wenxing only wished there were two single beds in the room.

 The director succeeded in making things happen and blew the trumpet again to express the joy of his heart.

“Then Mr. Gu and Wenxing will share a room, it just so happens that today’s room partners are also partners tomorrow. Take advantage of tonight to communicate well and promote feelings, tomorrow is a test of tacit understanding.”

“Now starting the first task, the team that gets the first place can have the help of the guest, this time the guest is Wen Yu.”

The director’s team stopped at the critical point, Zhou Zitong whispered,   “Judging from the disoriented style of the directoring team, can we rob people? Shall I grab you now or later? Can I carry you on my shoulders? “

Wen Yu silently moved away from Zhou Zitong, as if he was really worried that Zhou Zitong would carry him over his shoulder. The others were amused by the two of them, and the variety atmosphere was playful.

“Aim for one set and you can go to dinner, then go to your rooms early and rest, and the rest of the mission is tomorrow.”

“Is that the only task today?” Song Jiajia’s tone was full of distrust.

“Just this one task, it’s very simple.”

Then music was played.

The crowd:????

  Several people stared at each other with wide eyes, “Why is there music playing?”

“Please turn on the TV.” The director finished speaking, and the others immediately interjected.

“Watching a movie?”

“It’s not going to be guess the movie, right?”

“I can!!!” Song Jiajia pushed away Li Xiangming beside her and actively raised her hand, “I, Song Jiajia, am a woman who has watched countless movies, there is no movie I can’t recognize.”


Lu Wenxing turned on the television set and what came into view were the two people standing on the stage.

  Soft music was inserted, the two people swung their bodies with the rhythm of the music, the music ended, and suddenly the song turned to classical music, and the sound of the piano gradually accelerated, faster and faster.

This was light-hearted and combustion-oriented music, the dance was – house dance.

“Why are you watching this? Aren’t you guessing the name of the movie? Put the movie quickly.” Zhou Zitong urged Lu Wenxing to change the channel.

The screen switched to a movie about a monster, and it played for less than thirty seconds before Song Jiajia shouted, “I know, ‘Sinister Girl’.”

After answering, Song Jiajia proudly looked at the directing team, “Is it possible to just show the movie and guess the movie name?”

The director team didn’t answer, and gave her a meaningful look of praise. “Jiajia guessed quickly.”

Song Jiajia was proud, took the remote control of Lu Wenxing’s phone and randomly changed the stations.

“I know!!! Here Comes the Grim Reaper!”

For the next ten minutes, the crowd scrambled for answers.



“The killer is not too cold.”

The atmosphere was hot and the answers were fierce.

Everyone’s eyes were glued to the TV screen, eager to dive into the screen to predict the next movie.

  ”Okay, time’s up.” The director team shouted to stop.

Song Jiajia walked up to Wen Yu, “I guessed fourteen movies correctly, you are now in our group.”

Just after Song Jiajia’s words, the director smiled slyly, “The competition begins.”

Song Jiajia: “????”

Several other people: “……?”

“Isn’t the competition over?” Song Jiajia was confused.

A thought flashed in Lu Wenxing’s mind, he grabbed the remote control from Song Jiajia and switched to the very beginning of the house dance video.

“Wenxing, what are you doing?”

A few people looked at Lu Wenxing in confusion, he didn’t answer, seriously looking at the movements of the two, the crowd immediately noticed that something was wrong.

“The section of the house dance you just watched, repeat the action, the higher the degree of imitation, the more you points you get, tomorrow you can get the help of Wen Yu.”

Once the director said this, people other than Lu Wenxing were struck by lightning and directly froze on the spot, staring at the director with a blank stare.

“It wasn’t guessing the name of the movie, why did we still have to guess for half a day?”

“We almost fought, you guys were just watching the show!

Faced with several people’s questioning, the director coughed, “I didn’t say guess the name of the movie, that was what you guys started somehow, I couldn’t even shout to stop.”

“Then why didn’t you tell us to learn the dance?”

The director team pushed the pot naturally, “I just got halfway through my sentence when I was interrupted by Zhou Zitong.”

Zhou Zitong received several death glares.

The director continued, “My cue was obvious, the music was turned on.”

“Would a normal person watch a movie with music playing?”

Song Jiajia: “……”

“Didn’t you guys notice that the music playing was the same as the music in the dance video?” The director pushed the pot cleanly.

Several people: “……”

Watching a few people get into the game, the director and staff tried extremely hard to suppress their laughter.

So many people laughed that their shoulders shook, the stars were frozen in their own world.

The director already thought that after the program was broadcast, the comment section would be absolutely full of “hahahahahahahahahaha”.

“Just send one person from each group up.” The director forced down his laughter and tried to control his expression.

“Compared to what, I didn’t even look at it?” Being played by the director, Song Jiajia was unwilling to cooperate now, so she snorted softly.

“Unless, let us watch for another ten minutes, we didn’t even watch just now.”

“Sister Jiajia is right.”


“Wenxing and Brother Shen, you two say something.”

Even if Gu Yanshen watches it for 24 hours in a loop, he wouldn’t be able to do it.

Dancing in public was even less likely.

As Gu Yanshen thought, his eyes couldn’t help but fall on Lu Wenxing, he knew that most of Lu Wenxing’s work was mainly magazines, he uncertainly asked.

“You, can you dance?”

“Learned a little, I have the foundation.” Lu Wenxing answered modestly.

Gu Yanshen’s eyebrows knitted slightly, his reply to him was no.



If Lu Wenxing had sung and danced well, he would have been stuffed into a boy band instead of receiving so many magazine endorsements.

The others weren’t sure about Lu Wenxing, but hearing him say that he had learned a little, they were relieved.

He just learned a little, that meant he probably didn’t know how.

“Director, let us watch it again, we can’t remember it.” Song Jiajia insisted on watching for a few more minutes because her teammate Wen Min was a member of the female group and could definitely dance better than the people present.

Anyway, each group only needed one person on the stage, and she had absolutely no problem getting Wen Min to answer the call.

Song Jiajia persuaded the director for a few minutes and finally got five minutes of viewing time.

  Satisfied, she pulled Wen Min to the front, Li Xiangming wasn’t willing to show weakness, he pushed Zhou Zitong, “Quickly watch, I can’t dance.”

“I can’t dance either.”

Seeing the two pushing back and forth, Lu Wenxing’s eyes turned to Gu Yanshen.

  ”What are you looking at me for?” Gu Yanshen had a wary expression, his refusal was obvious.

After thinking about it and feeling that he couldn’t force Lu Wenxing, Gu Yanshen comforted him.

“It’s okay, feel free to try, even without the help of the guest, it doesn’t mean that you’ll lose.”

After Gu Yanshen’s comfort, Lu Wenxing was a little amused, but also didn’t say anything.

  ”Five minutes are up.”

Song Jiajia began to play rascal, she  stopped the staff from turning off the TV, “Wen Min, do you remember?”

  Wen Min was entrusted with the task and was panicking, “Yes, probably.”

  ”It’s okay, you can do it.” Song Jiajia patted Wen Min’s shoulder, “Just feel free to dance, Li Xiangming and Zhou Zitong can’t dance at all. Hurry! Crush them with your dance moves.”

Wen Min: “……”

  Wen Min was the first one on the stage, the music started, she remembered the dance she had just watched, and started with a lot of momentum.

  Song Jiajia’s eyes widened, and if she wasn’t worried that clapping would disrupt Wen Min’s movements, she would have stood up and cheered for encouragement.



  Two and a half minutes of dance, Wen Min moved smoothly as water, easily dancing for forty seconds.

  The first moves weren’t difficult, and there were many repeats, just the warm-up house dance, for Wen Min who had stage experience, it wasn’t difficult to learn this.

Li Xiangming knew nothing about dance, only that Wen Min could learn so fast in just a few minutes, it was too powerful. “Are we still dancing? It’s obvious who the winner is.”

  ”That won’t work, even if the winner is already decided, we still have to insist on finishing the competition.” The director immediately cut off the idea of them abandoning the competition.

Zhou Zitong was helpless and was forced to go up and jump around a few times, except for the first two moves, he couldn’t remember anything else.

When Zhou Zitong finished dancing, Song Jiajia laughed without any reserve, “Hahahahahahahaha, I told you we could definitely win.”


Several people’s eyes fell on Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing.

  Gu Yanshen silently took a step back and made a ‘please’ gesture, showing his gentlemanly demeanor.

  ”It’s starting, music.”

  The director’s words fell, Lu Wenxing stepped forward, and the music started.



The opening moves caused Song Jiajia and Wen Min to shout in astonishment, “His momentum is so strong!!!”

“I don’t believe it! It’s just superficial, let’s see how many moves he can remember.”

Lu Wenxing followed the beat and moved handsomely and cleanly.

The others couldn’t sit still and stood up.


He finished the dance.

  Even without lights, Lu Wenxing was tall and had long legs, with his modelling experience plus dance foundation, he was very good at posing, his wink at the end even stunned the directing team.

He! Complete! Whole! Dance! To! The end!



They came back from the shock and looked at Lu Wenxing with a sorrowful expression, cursing in their hearts.



What did Lu Wenxing just say?

“Learned a little.”



They simply wanted to go crazy, could this be called ‘learned a little’!


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