C67 – The Biggest News


A costume drama starring Wen Yu was currently on the air, and it had gained a lot of fans after being searched, ranking fifth on the TV drama chart.



Having added millions of fans, it could also be considered a overnight hit. The TV series had bought a number on the hot search list and water army, and was about to reach the top of hot search list.



The result was…..


The cast and crew of “Power and Strategy” previewed the time when the drama was scheduled to be released, and with just the stills and a few footage, it went straight to the top of the hot search list.



The original number one dropped to number two, and Wen Yu’s search went from number two back to number three.


Wen Yu spent money to buy a wave of water army again.


[That Power drama is buying hot searches, right? This publicity is too much, the drama hasn’t even been broadcast yet, how many times has it been on the hot search before and after?]


[Is it strange that the lead actor’s work is on the hot search?]



[Brother Shen is the lead actor, and it’s his first drama in ages, he has fans of all ages, does he need to buy popularity posts?]


[I don’t believe that Qin Yu, who is a newbie director, plus Gu Yanshen, who hasn’t directed a movie before, have not marketed the drama.]



[In the first half of the year, Lu Wenxing also went on the hot search list. It seems that he is a wealthy second-generation, and more than a dozen brands are vying to invite him to endorse. Isn’t that obvious? The second-generation brought funds into the group.]


[Those CP fans are really crazy, dancing everywhere. Gu Yanshen went to act for the sake of Lu Wenxing? I think Gu Yanshen went to acr for the sake of capital, what if he won the third consecutive Best Actor award? It’s nothing in front of capital.]


[Upstairs, the smell is too strong. Are you pretending to be a passersby or part of a water army?]



[yygq, your family’s drama isn’t doing good, so others are blamed for grabbing the top spot? It’s really funny]


[TN: The “yygq” style always looks positive and kind, but often conveys a contradictory meaning, such as satire, discontent, or even anger.]



[Gu Yanshen’s fans are really funny. When someone else and Gu Yanshen get closer, they say they are being shameless. Why don’t they curse Lu Wenxing? Everyone knows that Lu Wenxing is Gu Yanshen’s backer, so they dare not mock him and have to hold him up for their movie emperor.]



[Where did the maniac from upstairs come from? Gu Yanshen has hundreds of millions in assets, does he need a backer? You can’t even make things up.]


[Mr. Gu, come on! There’s new material. The movie star and his little boyfriend ……]



[Here it comes, the other way around is good too. Canary and his movie star boyfriend?]


[It could also be that my childhood friend is a movie emperor’s young master]


The anti fans and water armies were so angry that they almost fell on their keyboards, were the CP fans brain-damaged?



They couldn’t stand it. Shouldn’t they be cursing with them online at this time? They’d edited all their comments to counterattack, and they were all just here to talk about CP?


And this was unbeknownst to the two protagonists of the hotly debated show, they were strolling through the exhibition.


“Looks like the tickets were bought right.”


Gu Yanshen walked on the left side of Lu Wenxing, accompanying him to admire the paintings on the wall, some of which were world famous paintings, and some of which were works by contemporary painters.



Lu Wenxing didn’t favor famous paintings, as long as they were creative he loved them, after Gu Yanshen bought the tickets he asked Lu Wenxing to come to Lin Cheng to see the painting exhibition.



There were a lot of people coming to the exhibition, many of them were students from the Academy of Fine Arts, and when they stood in front of the same painting with Lu Wenxing, it caused quite a stir.


After a few exclamations and sighs, the fans quickly calmed down again, not picking at Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen for autographs or pictures, they kept their distance with an excited face, trying not to disturb the private schedule of their favorite stars.



To be able to see them was already a surprise. Some people secretly filmed from afar, and there was no scene of them holding their phones close to them. Lu Wenxing smiled and waved at them as a gesture of greeting.



The staff of the painting exhibition were leading a few people, telling them about the history of famous paintings, with a few listeners behind them.


“So this painting was almost gone?”



The staff nodded, “You guys are actually looking at traces of damage underneath, our curator was hesitant to do the restoration before.”



Lu Wenxing also heard through the crowd, and followed along rather curiously, he and Gu Yanshen both followed behind the crowd, and because they were tall, even if they didn’t squeeze in, they could still hear the introduction and see the paintings.



The people who were already engrossed in the painting exhibition and listening to the introductions didn’t realize who was following behind them, and the fans also wanted to see more of them, after all, it was a rare opportunity, but none of them got too close.


“Put the mask on.”



Lu Wenxing was already wearing a duck-tongued cap, pressed down low, but now the number of people strolling through the exhibition gradually increased. He responded, and before he had time to move, Gu Yanshen had already reached out and put on the mask he had pulled over his chin.


Lu Wenxing: “……”



“What’s wrong?”



Seeing Lu Wenxing looking at him like this, Gu Yanshen’s asked with an innocent expression, as if helping to put on the mask was just a normal action for him.


Of course, if it was inconvenient for Lu Wenxing because he was holding something in his hand, then this action was really nothing, but Lu Wenxing was able to wear it himself with both hands being empty.



And Gu Yanshen was the one who reminded him first, making him realize that he should wear a mask, but then helped him wear it one step ahead of him.



Lu Wenxing’s gaze was faint, “I can wear it myself.”


“I know.”


Lu Wenxing: ?????


“But I wanted to help you wear it.”


Lu Wenxing: “!”



Definitely not an illusion, how long had it been since the movie was filmed? Was Gu Yanshen acting like because he got too deep into the drama? He was clearly getting gayer and gayer.



Lu Wenxing was instantly horrified, he had previously guessed that Gu Yanshen was a straight man, because the other was very natural when getting along with people of the same s.ex and didn’t have any avoidance. The current Gu Yanshen also had nothing to avoid, but he was too unapologetic!


Lu Wenxing had a moment of bewilderment, wanting to ask Gu Yanshen but the current occasion wasn’t quite right, and with Gu Yanshen’s calm tone and natural demeanor, as if it really was just a casual gesture, it seemed strange for him to ask specifically.


Thus, in the next show, Lu Wenxing was in a trance.



In the past, when Gu Yanshen helped him open the cap of the bottle, he didn’t think there was a problem, it was just a casual thing, because the water was handed to him by Gu Yanshen on his own initiative. Except for the first time, Lu Wenxing laughed and said, “I’m a bit tired from filming, but it’s not so bad that I can’t even unscrew the bottle cap.”



Then later, Gu Yanshen would help him unscrew the bottle cap every time he handed him water, and over time, Lu Wenxing got used to it.


Until now ……



Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen sat on a bench to rest, then he heard the boy next door complaining in a small voice.



“My roommate’s girlfriend can’t do anything, she can’t lift her hands, and even needs her boyfriend to help open the bottle caps. Why can’t you give me a chance, it seems like I’m redundant as a boyfriend.”



The girl’s action of opening the bottle cap paused, “But I can open the bottle cap.”



Boy: “……”



“Baby, are you misunderstanding something about screwing on bottle caps.” Boy solemnly said, “My roommate’s girlfriend isn’t really unable to open a bottle cap, and it’s not called being petulant, it’s a display of love in the heat of the moment. You have to let me do something for you, right?”


Gu Yanshen unscrewed the cap of the soda bottle and handed it to Lu Wenxing who was listening to the gossip.



“See, this is called a love move.” The boy raised his chin, signaling the girl to look towards Lu Wenxing.


Gu Yanshen’s back was to them, Lu Wenxing panicked and pressed down the brim of his hat, the couple only thought that Lu Wenxing was being shy, and the boy covered his mouth, but his voice wasn’t small when he spoke.


“You see, shyness is actually a kind of love interest.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



Then he heard the girl weakly say, “Then I’ll screw it back and you’ll reopen it for me?”


After pausing for a second, the boy seriously said, “Well …… it’s okay.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”


Gu Yanshen looked natural, and when he saw that Lu Wenxing didn’t drink, he even asked. “Don’t want to drink soda? Then …… what’ll you drink?”


Gu Yanshen handed Lu Wenxing the soda that he had already opened but hadn’t drank from.



“…… No, I’ll just drink the soda.”



Gu Yanshen gave an ‘oh’ sound and continued to drink water as if nothing had happened, and Lu Wenxing held back.


“Mr. Gu, don’t you feel ……”


“Feel what?”





Lu Wenxing thought expressionlessly, if it wasn’t for Gu Yanshen’s preexisting impression that he was excessively straight, he would have thought that Gu Yanshen was teasing him.


In the rest of their time together, Gu Yanshen’s repeated actions were really hard to ignore, especially after Lu Wenxing had so much doubt, he always felt that nothing was right anywhere.



He picked up his cell phone and while paying attention to Gu Yanshen’s moves, he secretly sent messages to his housemates who were quite experienced in relationships.



[ET] How to define the boundaries of friends?



In the small group of five, someone quickly gave a reply.



[Monkey Mountain King] Specific problems will be analyzed specifically



[Lord of Pansi Cave] Right, tell your story.


[Peach Blossom Islander] The soul of gossip is burning brightly



Lu Wenxing: “……”



No wonder the people in the group were so excited, they had been classmates with Lu Wenxing for four years, and had never seen him ask emotional questions, had never seen him mention anyone specifically, much less hesitate to get tangled up because of someone.



Looking at the less reliable housemates, Lu Wenxing typed what happened, censored and edited it, then posted it.



[ET] Accompanied me to the mall, took me to dinner, asked me to go to the exhibition, and opened the bottle cap for me?


[Monkey Mountain King] Just the two of you?



[ET] Yeah.


[Lord of the Discordian Cave] Oh, it’s pretty normal, I’d do the same for my girlfriend.


Lu Wenxing: “……”


[Peach Blossom Islander] Wenxing, don’t think too much. He’s definitely interested in you.



Lu Wenxing: “……”



[Monkey Mountain King] What is this? Isn’t it just a daily portrayal of a couple?


Lu Wenxing: “……”



[ Leader] You guys don’t bully Wenxing for not being in a relationship



Lu Wenxing blinked, waiting for a reliable answer.


[ Leader] This is called the ambiguous period, it is the inevitable passage before developing into a couple, relax, soon you will no longer be a single dog.



Lu Wenxing: “……”


Lu Wenxing was dumbfounded at the screen, his fingertips moved, deleting and modifying the wording in the input box.


“What are you looking at?”



A low and nice voice rang out, frightening Lu Wenxing’s hands into trembling, seeing Gu Yanshen lean over, Lu Wenxing subconsciously wanted to exit the chat interface, but due to his weakness, he continuously clicked multiple times, and a group video call request was sent out.


The opposite side seemed to be idle, and all of them picked up in less than a second.


Gu Yanshen happened to lean over, and the two of them showed up together, and three seconds passed.



After three seconds, it was the opposite side’s turn to have their hands shake, and all sorts of things happened. There was a cell phone falling to the ground, there was also a sharp shifting sound from hitting a table leg, and there was also the sound of spraying water.


Lu Wenxing: “……”



Gu Yanshen apparently froze for a moment as well, he didn’t want to peek at the screen, he just called out to Lu Wenxing twice and he didn’t answer, so he went closer.


“You’re on a video call?”


Gu Yanshen was instantly alert, “With whom?”


“College roommates.”




“Oh ……,” Gu Yanshen’s tone loosened a few points, “Then did I just lean over and was seen?”


Lu Wenxing: “!”


“I accidentally clicked on the video button, and Mr. Gu happened to be in the frame.”



“They all saw it?”


Lu Wenxing nodded solemnly, thinking that Gu Yanshen was worried about the trip leaking, he moved to explain, “They won’t ……”



“That’s good.”



Lu Wenxing: ????


Good what?


On the way back to the hotel, Lu Wenxing couldn’t figure out what was good. Because they were in Lin Cheng, the two booked a hotel early in the morning, and it was only after the two returned to the hotel that Lu Wenxiing saw the hot search.


The first reaction was to WeChat Gu Yanshen and ask him if he had seen the hot search.



Those water army and anti fans had already been told off by fans of Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing, and the comments with the most likes had been reposted by Gu Yanshen’s iron fans.



[Too lazy to reply, a certain water army really think us fans have no combat power?]


[These jumping accounts have jumped at other artists before, and it looks like they are affiliated.]



[Now the water army are pretending to be passers-by, real passers-by please just pass by, and keyboard warriors, you’re everywhere, are you a dog? You always have to pee and leave a mark.]



[Don’t insult dogs, they’re so cute, they don’t deserve it.]



Soon someone pulled out the most powerful water army, and some were completely copying the comments of other water army, it seemed to be a person who operated multiple accounts.


Lu Wenxing didn’t wait for Gu Yanshen’s reply, but waited for the knock on the door.


Outside the door stood precisely Gu Yanshen, he showered and changed clothes, he hair was still a little wet, there was a light smell of shower gel on him, the two were close, even if there was no physical contact, Lu Wenxing felt Gu Yanshen’s body temperature.


Lu Wenxing closed the door, “Do you want to blow your hair first?”



“The accounts of the water army were all pulled out and blocked, Sheng Chao is checking who it is.”



At the same time, those anti fans who were gripping Lu Wenxing and not letting go, without the water army fighting side by side, tearing up the two sides’ fans, suddenly went out.


“Are you going to sleep?”



Lu Wenxing shook his head, he didn’t go to bed that early, if Gu Yanshen didn’t come, he would be in bed watching a movie or playing with his phone.


“I can’t sleep, do you want to watch a movie together?”



Lu Wenxing hesitated for a split second, in the past he definitely wouldn’t have hesitated, but remembering his roommates’ unreliable comments, Lu Wenxing put it on his mind.





Lu Wenxing was trying to take advantage of watching a movie and the fact that no one was disturbing him to decipher Gu Yanshen’s attitude.



The two of them hadn’t taken the hot search matter to heart, one watching the movie seriously, the other thinking seriously about how to steer the conversation without being abrupt.


The coexistence was harmonious and pleasant, but Wen Yu, who was far away from home on a variety show, wasn’t so pleasant.


He hadn’t intended to pinch Gu Yanshen’s fans, but a group of anti fans came from nowhere and stirred up the water army into a mess. Originally, Wen Yu was still robbed of his top spot on the hot search, but he was unwilling.



It was around 11 o’clock at night when Wen Yu made it to the hot search as he wished.



Seeing the topic with his name, Wen Yu joyfully clicked in, after reading the top of the post, he felt like he fell into an ice cellar.


[Shocking big news! The fans’ gentle young master overturned the car]



The long post wrote clearly how Wen Yu had found someone to replace someone’s guaranteed spot, and also wrote how many small transparent artists’ resources Wen Yu had taken since his debut.



Everything was written clearly, and a timeline was made to list it.


Some netizens had already started cursing Wen Yu.



[The most disgusting thing is that impostor, the person who was replaced is also too miserable.]


[Impostor, get out of here.]


[Wen Yu is too disgusting, right? What kind of heart does he have to find someone to take someone else’s place? You almost ruined someone’s life. I feel sickened.]



“If I won first place and got replaced, I’d smash the person with a brick, KAM!]


[My fists are itchy. This is too much.]


[This shouldn’t be in the entertainment news. Isn’t this social news?]


[Wait, isn’t Wen Yu the young master of the Wen family? Is that how rich people behave?]


The online comments continued to fester, and just as people were discussing the Wen family, the Wen Group sent out an official post.


[Wen Yu’s own behavior has nothing to do with the Wen family, and his account was moved out after he turned eighteen. Finally, Wen Yu is not a child of the Wen family, and is only related to the Wen family by sponsorship.]


Attached were a couple of proofs.



The first one, the proof that Wen Yu moved out of his household.


The second one was the paternity test.



The third one was the proof of the Wen family’s monthly money transfers to Wen Yu’s account.



The fourth one was the temporary guardianship certificate issued by the Wen family in the household registration department.



[My fucking jaw dropped.]



[Wen Yu’s fans are still mocking Lu Wenxing for imitating their brother’s persona, I’m dying of laughter, Wen Yu is not a member of the Wen family at all, it’s really a big one.]


“It’s not just Wen Yu’s persona that’s flopped, the rich kid persona has flopped too.”


“What kind of a man is Wen Yu?”





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