C37 – Paranoid Patient


By the time he stood to take a closer look, the railing of the upper corridor was empty, and the only sound to be heard was the sound of water leaking from the ceiling slabs.



Brown water dripped continuously onto the old porcelain floor.


Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock ……


The yellowed walls were pitted, with a lot of yellow siding falling off, and the brown water snaked down the siding like blood spreading down from the upper floors.


The air was filled with the smell of disinfectant and blood, disgusting and unpleasant.


Chu Chen’an looked toward the empty iron bars, his face suddenly paled.



That person’s sorrowful smile was still constantly reflected in his mind, lingering for a long time.



Chu Chen’an shivered coldly, staring blankly.


Looking at the old hospital building with a bloody smell in front of him, he suddenly lost the courage to step up.



Dog system.


He really wasn’t ready.



The person just now ……



It was the main NPC, Shen Yu.



A, complete and utter madman.


“An An is mine.”



“Don’t worry, I’ll haunt you even after I die.”



“In case I die, I’ll turn into a ghost and have se.x with An An.”



“An An, my An An ……”




Shen Yu’s words suddenly kept echoing in his ears.



“Dr. Chu …… Dr. Chu?”



The dean turned around, saw Chu Chen’an frozen on the steps for a long time and didn’t reply, he walked down a few steps, “Dr. Chu what’s wrong?”



Only then did Chu Chen’an turn around, raising his eyes to look at the dean, “No, nothing.”



The dean’s features were straight, his age should be less than forty, he nodded, “Oh …… then let’s continue to walk, I’ll take you to see your work environment.”


“Okay.” Chu Chen’an carried his suitcase and nodded.



His face was as handsome as white porcelain, his peach blossom eyes were clear and bright, and his curly eyelashes fluttered.


He glanced warily around the long corridor of the outer passage upstairs and followed the dean toward the second floor.



He always had the feeling that somewhere there was a pair of somber eyes hibernating in the darkness, gazing at him furtively.


It made him feel more and more chilled at the back of his neck with every step he took upwards.


The hospital building consisted of four floors and was connected by two semi-cylindrical buildings, Building A and Building B respectively. On the third floor, there was a long corridor of iron plates that was a hundred meters long, bridging these two semi-cylindrical buildings.



And below the iron plate was a wide square, that was used to gather patients.



A circle of three-meter-high iron gates was created around the periphery of the hospital building, enclosing the place.


The doctor’s dormitory was on the second floor of Building A. The third floor was where the doctors and nurses had their offices.



The fourth floor of Building A housed the moderately and mildly ill patients.



Building B, on the other hand, managed the severe and S-class and above serious patients, and the higher the floor, the more serious the illness was.



Because Building B was located at the back side of the hospital, it had iron bars and protective gates, making it easier to hold and manage the patients.


This suburban insane asylum was the hospital with the highest morbidity and mortality rate of patients in S city. The patients were unruly and horribly insane.



Almost every two days a person would die.


The medical staff had taken mandatory management measures to ensure safety, and even used rubber b.ullets.



But the effect of management also remained unremarkable.



In less than three years, this place had replaced five deans and dozens of doctors in a row, and the number of nurses replaced was even more numerous.


Death seemed to have become a common occurrence here.



Not only that, all of these doctors and deans were either mentally dead or disabled. Some doctors had even been driven mad by their patients, suffering from severe mental illnesses, turning from doctors into seriously ill patients, and becoming a member of the madhouse …….



As a result, this insane asylum ran out of doctors and nurses, and no new doctor dared to take up employment here in recent years.



And Chu Chen’an, was the only new doctor who came in over the past two years.



[Please confirm your player identity]


[Player Name: Chu Chen’an]


[Occupation: Attending Doctor of the Asylum]


[Your tasks are:]
[One: Complete the cannon fodder mission]
[Two: Complete the main plot mission]
[Three: To be unlocked]


The system’s mechanical voice sounded in his head:


[Ding~ Your cannon fodder mission has been upgraded]
[You are a delicate, powerless, gold-digging doctor, and a million-fan blogger on a certain platform.]



[Please note! You’re not here to cure the sick, but to collect information on patients in the asylum who are S-rated or above, and sell it to the outside media at a high price.]


[In order to make a fortune, you’ll spend the next few days collecting pictures and information about these patients and discrediting them, spreading horrible rumors to the outside world, creating a huge public outcry and attention.
While collecting these pictures, you may encounter dangers, so be careful!
Come on, go do something that a cannon fodder does]



That meant that his life would still be in danger from the cannon fodder missions in this copy?



The corners of his mouth twitched.


“Three nurses came yesterday as well, and they all happen to live next door to you.” The dean walked ahead, completely treating Chu Chen’an as a VIP, enthusiastically introducing, “Your office is on the third floor, and the dining hall is on the first floor in the east room, our institution usually turns out the lights at eleven, so you should remember to wash up early ……”


Chu Chen’an listened and followed him to the third floor office.


There were only three doctors and six nurses in this large hospital building, plus they had the ability to carry g.uns. There were more than ten administrators who could carry firearms.


In the doctor’s office, there were two doctors sitting on the left and right.



The doctor on the left side of the hair white, looked forty or fifty years old, his eyes looked like a pool of stagnant water.



And the doctor on the right side, wearing a pair of glasses, with a cool look and narrowed eyes, was looking at the newspaper.


“Both of you, this is the new doctor , Mr Chu.” The dean said.


The two people sitting didn’t react, still sitting with their heads down.


Neither one took care of the other, and the atmosphere in the entire office was dead.



The dean reluctantly smiled and looked at the two doctors on his left and right, “Dr. Chu, why don’t I take you to the dormitory first?”



Chu Chen’an nodded and glanced around at the two, feeling that the atmosphere was inexplicably weird.


“Okay.” He nodded and followed the dean out of the silent office.



The accommodations on the second floor looked pretty good, at least it was better than the small bedroom he had stayed in Copy One.


A bed, a desk, a row of small bookshelves, a single chair, and a small balcony next to it.



The evening sun gradually dimmed, and night crept over the hills.


The suburb was silent, and the cylindrical iron gate seemed to have cut this place off from the outside world.


He and the dean made more pleasantries, and the dean went back.



The dean said, “Well then, rest first, and remember to go hand over your work with the head nurse at night.”



Chu Chen’an nodded.



After he watched the dean leave, he closed the door and threw himself into the wooden chair in front of the desk.



He leaned against the hard chair and looked at the twilight in front of the window, still in a bit of a trance at the moment.


A few hours ago.


It seemed like he was still lying in Xu Moshu’s arms.


Chu Chen’an raised his hand and clicked on the system control panel.


He questioned the dog system, “001, last time I entered this copy my cannon fodder mission didn’t even change, why did it suddenly upgrade this time? Say, are you dealing with Errors?!”



[Ding~ Smart 001 is online]



[No, 001 fixes bugs every day.]



[The upgrade of your cannon fodder mission is a decision made by the system headquarters after adjusting the rules of the game.]



“Wasn’t Zhang Liang a BUG last time?” Chu Chen’an narrowed his eyes, “How was he able to reveal his identity to the players, and how was he able to kill so many people?”



[It was due to the fact that the system headquarters had recently discovered a lot of inferior players like Zhang Liang who lacked character and morals, which led to an urgent upgrade of the system program and some adjustments to the rules of the game]]


[001 is here to warmly remind you that the system’s policy has now been liberalized, and you are free to reveal your identity to game players~]



Chu Chen’an was so angry that he almost had a heart attack, “Why didn’t HQ upgrade it three years earlier?”



If it had changed this rule of not being able to reveal a player’s identity earlier.



Would he have recognized NPCs as teammates?



Why did he have to resurrect in these copies clean up the mess?


[Because of the lack of funds.]



Chu Chen’an was furious, and just when he wanted to scold 001 severely, a few knocks came from outside the door.


He raised his hand to rub his eyelids, then turned off the system control panel, and got up to open the door.



As soon as he opened the door, he froze.



Outside the door stood a youth wearing a pink nurse uniform, this youth had a bright face, topped with a head of blonde curly hair, he squinted his eyes and was showing Chu Chen’an a standard smile with eight teeth.



This person carried a sense of natural comicality that made Chu Chen’an a bit uncomfortable.



“Hello!” The youth, with a Cantonese accent, squeezed himself into Chu Chen’an’s room and closed the door behind him.



“My name is Lu Chengdong, I’m the new nurse who came yesterday.” The youth circled around Chu Chen’an, “You’re the new doctor, right?”


“Yes, my name is Chu Chen’an.” Chu Chen’an blinked a few times as he looked at the pink nurse’s uniform he was wearing.



“Hi,” Lu Chengdong shook his hand twice, “They ran out of men’s clothes when I came here, so I had to make do with women’s clothes. So what, don’t worry ah, I don’t have any special fetishes, cough ……”



Chu Chen’an nodded, but still took two steps back.


Lu Chengdong’s eyes glanced twice at the doorway and approached Chu Chen’an warily.


Lu Chengdong seemed hesitant, approaching him, backing away again, approaching again, and backing away again ……



Chu Chen’an turned his head and looked at him to see if he was about to say something. “What do you want to say?”


“That …… I’ve tried those two nurses, they’re both indifferent. But I’m different! I have ideals, I have ambitions, I have insurances, I have a wife, and a minimum living allowance……” Lu Chengdong looked at Chu Chen’an tentatively, his voice was extremely low, “What about you, what kind of person are you? Is it the same as me ……”



Chu Chenan also became nervous, frowning, “Eh?”



“It’s the successor of communism!” Lu Chengdong’s eyes were full of anticipation as he looked at him.


The corner of Chu Chen’an’s mouth twitched slightly.


He was surprised that he could still meet such a cheerful person in this kind of horror game copy.



Lu Chengdong violently backed away, pointing at his face, eyes full of shock, “You didn’t scold me …… You actually didn’t scold me ……”



“Found, finally found ……” Lu Chengdong instantly burst into tears, busy holding Chu Chen’an’s hand, “I finally found a normal person.”


Chu Chen’an’s hand was shaken by him.


He still didn’t dare to confirm his identity immediately, in case this person was just really stupid.


Chu Chen’an drew back his hand and asked, “How many levels are you?”


Lu Chengdong understood, but still asked in a low voice like a thief, “Is this something that can be said?”


Chu Chen’an: “……”


“Hohoho …… Sorry, it’s just been upgraded but I’m still a bit uncomfortable.” Lu Chengdong covered his mouth and snickered two more times, mysteriously whispering in Chu Chen’an’s ear, “I, level 6!”



Chu Chen’an’s eyes widened, a little shocked.


Level 6 player.


Wasn’t that equivalent to a high-level player who was about to pass?



“I’m level 2.” Chu Chen’an cast an envious gaze at him, “Is this your last copy?”



“Yes!” Lu Chengdong was so happy to have found a teammate that the corners of his mouth couldn’t be flattened, “Hey …… teammate! I’m telling you, when I pass this copy, I’ll immediately! Immediately go back to marry my wife! I’ll be able to get my life back right away hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe ……”



Saying that, Lu Chengdong covered his mouth and bent over as he laughed.


Chu Chen’an: “……”



Lu Chengdong called himself normal?


He suspected that Lu Chengdong had already been infected by the sick people here.




Lu Chengdong laughed for more than ten seconds before he politely got up on his own.


He wiped the corners of his mouth, “Sorry, I’m a little excited to find a comrade so quickly for the first time.”



Lu Chengdong covered his mouth and coughed twice, he withdrew his open smile, and said in a proper voice, “Then comrade in arms, rest first, see you tonight ha.”


“Okay ……” Chu Chen’an smiled and watched him leave.



It was the first time he had encountered a teammate with such a heart in a game copy.



At night, he didn’t go to the restaurant in the first floor lobby to eat, but followed Lu Chengdong as he squatted at the stairway to nibble on two loaves of bread.


“Eat your own food and contain the source of all danger. I’ll vouch for my experience as a level 6 High Player, you’ll be fine if you follow me.” Lu Chengdong was choking on the bread but was very confident.



Chu Chen’an nodded his head repeatedly like a chicken pecking at rice, and closely followed his level 6 big brother’s steps towards the third floor.



The head nurse on the third floor was already waiting in the hallway, and she was followed by three g.un-toting administrators.


The head nurse was on the chubby side, and when she saw Chu Chen’an, she immediately smiled, “Dr. Chu you’re here, aiyah! Your looks are really good, similar to the stars outside ……”


“This is the medicine and injection that you are responsible for delivering tonight.” The head nurse handed him the medicine box, “They’re all on the fourth floor.The medicines for Building A and Building B are separated, so remember not to get them mixed up.”



“Okay.” Chu Chen’an gripped the handle of the medicine box.


The head nurse looked kind and sent two administrators with gu.ns to accompany him up.



On the other hand, Lu Chengdong was given a cold-faced lecture by the head nurse and was sent to patrol the second floor of Building B with her.



Lu Chengdong was scolded so much that he didn’t dare to say anything, the big tall man cowered in front of the head nurse.


He sneaked a look back at Chu Chen’an and mouthed, “Be careful.”


Chu Chen’an nodded repeatedly and also mouthed, “Okay.”


It was just a matter of giving out a medicine and a shot, and besides, there were two administrators following behind him.


Tonight’s mission shouldn’t be difficult.



Chu Chen’an thought.



He walked towards the fourth floor.


What he didn’t know was…..



After the head nurse led Lu Chengdong to turn down the stairs, she sneered, “What are you following him for, dumbass, do you think he’ll live through tonight?”



The dormitory on the fourth floor of Building A was large, with two large collective dormitories.


When the patients saw that Chu Chen’an had an administrator following behind him, they all collected their temperament and quietly cooperated.


Less than ten minutes.



Chu Chen’an finished dispensing most of the medicine in the medicine box.



Chu Chen’an lowered his head and counted the medicine box, realizing that only the medicine for Building B was left undelivered.


Building B ……


He squinted his eyes and read the notation on top of the medicine and injection.


Building B, fourth floor!





It must have been more than two years since he left, he thought ……


Wasn’t that where Shen Yu lived!?


Chu Chen’an’s hand that was pinching the medicine was shaking as he slowly walked towards the fourth floor of Building B.


After standing at the entrance of the building, the two admins behind him looked at each other and stood at the doorway without leaving.



The administrators were wearing special night vision goggles, and their complexion couldn’t be seen at the moment.


Chu Chen’an felt that the situation wasn’t good, he looked at the two of them, “Why are you …… not coming?”



The admin on the left side stood at the entrance of the building, holding his g.un and sidestepping against the wall, his tone was cold, “The patients on the fourth floor do not allow admins to enter, you’d better go in yourself.”


Chu Chen’an wanted to protest and leave, but was keenly noticed by the administrator on the left side, who said in a cold voice, “A doctor who doesn’t fulfill his duties is worthless. Dr. Chu think carefully, if you don’t want to be thrown into the S-class patient area.”


Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped.


He almost forgot that the one with the highest power here was not the dean.



Rather, it was these administrators with g.uns.



He pinched the handle of the medicine box tightly and, pressured by the administrators, he gritted his teeth and walked towards the fourth floor corridor.


There were two single rooms on the fourth floor, but only one patient lived there.


The corridor was dimly lit, and the door to 401 was open with a tiny crack, and the white light slanted through the doorway and hit the hallway, the light and shadows swaying slightly.



It was obvious that Chu Chen’an was panicking.


He carefully pushed open the door 401 and softly walked into this single ward.


The single ward consisted of two rooms, and the outside one was an empty hall with some eerie paintings hangings on the wall.



The wind blew over the ghostly wind chimes on the wall, emitting a “tinkling bell” sound.



The hall was brightly lit, and the door to the bedroom inside was closed.


Chu Chen’an was instantly relieved to see that he wasn’t in the hall.



He placed the two boxes of medicine lightly on the table cabinet on the inner side of the hall, and immediately turned around to escape from here.


He couldn’t stay in this place much longer.



Before his feet even stepped on the edge of the door, he heard a soft “creak” from behind him.


Chu Chen’an’s footsteps stopped, his pupils dilated.


The bedroom door …… opened.


The person behind him held up the medicine box, his voice was low and hoarse, his tone was light but contained a creepy gloom, “Doctor, you haven’t prescribed medicine for my wife yet.”


Chu Chen’an’s face paled as he mechanically turned around.



“My wife is next door, let me take the doctor, he’s sleeping.”




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