C55—- Dating

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“It’s better to focus on the drama.”


Lu Wenxing heard the extreme distrust from Gu Yanshen’s words, he was unconvinced, “Theoretical knowledge is also knowledge.”


“Yes, you’re right.”


Lu Wenxing: “Teacher Gu is being perfunctory.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”



“Single dogs should not mislead each other.” Qin Yu walked in, “Did you find the feeling?”



Lu Wenxing shook his head.


“Wenxing, now look at Yanshen.”



Lu Wenxing did as he was told, “Then?”



“Look carefully, look carefully.” Qin Yu thought about it, and added a sentence. “See if you can find the feeling.”


Lu Wenxing subconsciously asked, “What if I can’t find it at all?”



Qin Yu was choked for a moment, he didn’t have a good answer, “Then Yanshen’s attractiveness has decreased, let him reflect on it.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


After Qin Yu left, Gu Yanshen sighed, “You’re not unable to act restrained, you are unable to act being in love.”



“Forget it, wait for me.” Gu Yanshen turned around and walked out.



Lu Wenxing didn’t know what he went to do, he waited for a while, then Gu Yanshen walked in. “Do you need to bring anything?”


“Bring what?”


“There’s need to shoot this afternoon.”




Gu Yanshen looked at him, “I’ll take you to see a movie.”


Lu Wenxing:?


When he heard that Gu Yanshen wanted to take Lu Wenxing out, Chen Che’s first reaction was ‘no’, but he was forcibly held back by Qin Yu.


The two drove to a private theater, the theater was particularly romantic, there were mostly young couples here.


“Only couples’ seats are left.”


The staff sent up fruit plates and popcorn, as well as cups of Coke.


The name of the film appeared on the screen, Lu Wenxing probably understood Gu Yanshen’s meaning, “you want me to find the feeling here?”


Gu Yanshen nodded, “You haven’t liked anyone, but you can feel the love of the male and female lead from the film.”



Lu Wenxing watched a lot of films, he especially loved science fiction, he had also watched romance movies but it was never his first choice.


“So, is that how you experience it?”


Gu Yanshen nodded, “I can’t ‘feel’ the emotion from the script. I ‘feel’ in the form of watching a movie.”


“Is this called cultivating empathy?”


Strong empathy could help artists better integrate into the role of the script, but sometimes it was difficult to act. If it was a plot with particularly strong emotional outburst, it would be a kind of mental torture if you couldn’t get out of the scene.



However, most artists wouldn’t only play a role in one way, but choose the right way under the right scenario.



Gu Yanshen chose a classic love film, in which the maple and female lead in the plot were inextricably kissing under the rain.


Lu Wenxing watched very seriously as if he was studying.


Gu Yanshen was a little amused, and thought Lu Wenxing’s expression was really cute. After seeing Lu Wenxing’s paintings on the variety show, he was often attracted by Lu Wenxing’s seriousness.


“Relax a bit, don’t think about fitting into the character. Now you are the audience, enjoy the plot.”



Halfway through, Lu Wenxing gradually integrated into the plot as he followed the perspective of the male and female protagonists that were experiencing a broken love.


Gu Yanshen accompanied him to watch two more, Lu Wenxing somewhat understood, but not quite.



“This is just right.”



Lu Wenxing: “?”


“Feng Xiao has been in the field for a long time, has never fallen in love with anyone, and is in a semi-ignorant state after finding himself in love with Lu Feixue. You’re in just the right state like this, want to act here?”




The private cinema was quiet. Just after watching the movie, the emotion had been aroused by the movie, which was helpful for Lu Wenxing to bring in the emotion.


The plot was that the assassin snuck into the palace, and Feng Xiao knocked down the concealed weapon thrown by the assassin. After wrestling with several moves, the assassin fell behind, and knew that the fight was futile. The assassin wanted to turn around and escape.



“Is Xiao Wangfu a place where you can come and go whenever you want?”



The assassin took out two shells from his sleeve and smashed them, Feng Xiao’s first reaction wasn’t to go after them, but to turn and shield on Lu Feixue who was also on the scene.



He told himself that Lu Feixue’s origin was suspicious, but in a crisis, the action of shielding Lu Feixue was completely subconscious.


The place where Lu Wenxing made mistakes was this eye to eye scene.


Lu Feixue’s dark eyes flashed a trace of amazement, because he didn’t expect that Feng Xiao would protect him. At the same time, he was surprised.



Surprisd Feng Xiao was concerned about him and showed his love subconsciously, but he was also afraid that Feng Xiao would alienate or drive him away after knowing his mind.


This was Lu Feixue’s restraint.


The restraint of Feng Xiao was that he didn’t figure out until this moment that he had feelings for Lu Feixue. The insecure and suspicious Feng Xiao, after understanding his own feelings, instantly hid.



Concealing his care for Lu Feixue.


It was uncontrollable to look at each other. In order to cover up their gaffes, the two people had to wait for the other to move their eyes first.

From uncontrollable to secret contest.



Lu Wenxing’s pale eyes reflected Gu Yanshen’s appearance, and his calm eyes were covered with little waves, which were soon suppressed by him.


“There is progress.”


Gu Yanshen didn’t realize that there was a bit of pride behind the praise.


“Let’s go back.”



They drove back to the set, changed their clothes and put on makeup again. When they came out, the scene was already arranged.



The previous shooting had already passed, and the scene started from throwing artillery shells.



Feng Xiao’s eyes looked awe-inspiring, he turned around and threw Lu Feixue to the ground.


——The shell exploded with a bang.


Feng Xiao tightly shielded the person under his body, “Is everything okay?”


Lu Feixue regained his senses from the shock and nodded half-heartedly.



The camera drew closer, and the two men’s stares were all captured.


“Cut.” Qin Yu was a little surprised, “Very good, Wenxing has improved a lot.”


Lu Wenxing tried to get up from Gu Yanshen by holding his hand on the ground. He didn’t know if it was because he held himself up too long, his wrist was weak, and he fell on Gu Yanshen.


His forehead hit Gu Yanshen’s chin.


“Sorry, Teacher Gu.”


Lu Wenxing sat up and immediately checked Gu Yanshen’s chin. The smooth chin had a red print.



He was too anxious and got close. His breath fell on Gu Yanshen’s chin and neck, but he was completely unaware.


However, Gu Yanshen was disturbed by Lu Wenxing’s breathing.


Lu Wenxing raised his hand and touched Gu Yanshen’s chin.


It was OK. It wasn’t swollen.


“Does it hurt?”


“No.” Gu Yanshen grabbed Lu Wenxing’s finger to prevent him from touching it.


“How can it be okay?” Lu Wenxing was still worried, “My forehead is very hard.”



Gu Yanshen: “……”



The rest of the crew had already come over, and Gu Yanshen was silent for a second.



“Get up first.”



Lu Wenxing came back to his senses before he noticed that he was sitting across Gu Yanshen, a position that was too ambiguous and also easy to draw people’s imagination.



“Yes, I’m sorry.” Lu Wenxing hastily apologized.


He lowered his eyelashes and trembled lightly, like a child who did something wrong, his ears were red, he looked cute, so much so that Gu Yanshen wanted to bully him for a moment.


“There is an ointment in the medicine box that can be smeared.” The assistant said.


“No need.”


“How about rubbing it?” Lu Wenxing nervously looked at Gu Yanshen.



“It’s not as delicate as you think.” Gu Yanshen was a bit amused.


But Lu Wenxing was uneasy and thought about it, “Is Teacher Gu’s chin insured?”



He asked the assistant on the side.


Assistant: “……”



Gu Yanshen: “My chin is not padded, there’s no need for insurance.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



Seeing that Lu Wenxing was still secretly glancing at him, Gu Yanshen felt helpless for a moment, “It’s really nothing.”




Lu Wenxing responded, raised his hand and rubbed his forehead.


Gu Yanshen noticed his action, “It hurts?”


“A little.”


“Who just said his forehead was hard?”



Lu Wenxing didn’t answer, he was nervous just because his forehead hurt a little, so he decided that Gu Yanshen’s jaw hurt more.


“Come here.”



Gu Yanshen took the assistant’s medicine box and walked towards the shed.


Lu Wenxing followed in with uncertainty.


“Sit down.” Gu Yanshen pointed to the small stool on the side.


Lu Wenxing sat down quietly and saw Gu Yanshen turning over the medicine box. Doubtful, he asked, “Teacher Gu, you said you didn’t need it.”



Gu Yanshen looked up and looked at him jokingly. “It’s to apply medicine to you, delicate baby.”



Lu Wenxing’s face reddened, “Don’t, don’t give people nicknames indiscriminately.”



“You’re not delicate? Just now the bump hurt, right?”



“How did you know?” Lu Wenxing blinked in surprise, forgetting to refute Gu Yanshen’s comment that he was ‘delicate’.


Gu Yanshen pointed at Lu Wenxing’s forehead, “It’s red.”


He found a jar of green ointment and used a cotton swab to dab a small amount.



“Lower your head.”


Lu Wenxing was sitting on a small pony, Gu Yanshen was half kneeling.


The cold ointment was wiped on Lu Wenxing’s forehead.


He lowered his eyes, his long and thick eyelashes were like black butterfly wings, creating a shadow on his fair face.


Gu Yansheng applied the ointment carefully. Lu Wenxing lowered his head and let him move. Gu Yansheng was extremely focused but he didn’t know when his gaze moved down, and fell on Lu Wenxing’s cherry red lips.



Seeing that Gu Yanshen’s movement had stopped, Lu Wenxing lifted his eyelids and met Gu Yanshen’s deep eyes.



Time seemed to still.





Both of them were awakened by the sound at the same time and turned their heads to see Qin Yu standing in front of the fragments of the ceramic cup.



Qin Yu was still in a daze, he looked at Lu Wenxing who was sitting on a small pony, and then looked at Gu Yanshen who was half kneeling in front of Lu Wenxing.


His eyes finally fell on the cotton swab in Gu Yanahen’s hand, Qin Yu knew he thought wrong, but this couldn’t be blamed on him, this action looked evocative.


But it was impossible.


On the same day that he entered the group, Gu Yanshen said he didn’t want to pursue Wenxing. It had only been more than a month. How could Gu Yanshen, a primary school kid who had never been in love, be enlightened so quickly.




Primary school kid Gu Yanshen had a dream that night.



In his dream, he was in the studio. Lu Wenxing kept his head down and let Gu Yanshen put medicine on him. Time seemed to slow down.


Gu Yanshen slowly smeared it, and suddenly his wrist was held. Lu Wenxing looked at him with beautiful eyes, as if to reflect him in the bottom of his eyes.


The cherry red lips were getting closer and closer to him, the warm breath sprinkled on his face, Gu Yanshen swallowed nervously, already anticipating the soft lips about to ……




Gu Yanshen jerked awake, he sat up from the bed, the phone continued to ring. He glanced down at the caller ID…..


Qin Yu.





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