C5—- Gentle Neighbour

Chu Chen’an shook his head, waving all those memories in his mind.


Don’t remember.


The more he thought about the past, the more he would reveal himself.



He put the unconscious Su Yu on the sofa, turned to the faucet and washed his face with cold water.



His hair was wet, a transparent droplet of water slid from the side of his face to his chin, his eyelashes were also covered with a few small droplets of water, and his face was extremely pale.



The collar of his shirt was wet, transparent to the point where the delicate contours of his collarbone could be seen.


He opened the window to look down the block.


Sure enough.


The gate of the neighborhood had automatically enclosed a three-meter-high iron high wall after they came in.



It was like they were prisoners in a living hell.



He haphazardly tidied his hair, then took the mop and walked to the stairway.


He didn’t want to see the blood on the ground again.


However, Wu Longyang’s body had to be cleaned up.


The landlord here was the equivalent of the conductor of the game.


Whoever didn’t follow the rules, would be eliminated.



He had just walked out the door of 702 when the sound of Lu Cheng’s voice came from the entrance of the building.



It was that big, cranky tall guy again.


Chu Chen’an walked over at the sound.



He saw that Lu Cheng was forcing Li Yaya back to the corner, pointing at her forehead and cursing, “Don’t you fuc-king pretend! Just now you and Su Yu went out together, then Wu Longyang went to look for you, but he died in the stairway, Su Yu saw it, how come you were not there?”



“I told you,” Li Ya Ya was so anxious that she was about to cry, she tried her best to argue, “I forgot to buy salt, so I made them go first, and went back again! If you don’t believe …… If you don’t believe when Su Yu wakes up, ask her yourself!”



Lu Cheng was so agitated by the scene just now that his thinking deviated. “Oh, why did you stay there for so long? How could it be so coincidental? As Wu Longyang had an accident, you came back?”



Lu Cheng and Wu Longyang were friends who had known each other for several years, they also failed in business, with no money and no job, they came here together to share a room.



His friend died right in front of his eyes.


How could Lu Cheng easily accept what happened?


Zhang Liang carried the ladder by himself, he glanced at Lu Cheng who was still shouting in silence and withdrew his sight.



Li Yaya’s voice was naturally louder than Lu Cheng’s, she was so anxious that she had tears in her eyes, “It’s really not me, I can’t ……”


Lu Cheng said, “What are you crying about? Dammit, you ……”



“Lu Cheng,” Zhang Liang walked a few steps and expressionlessly looked at him, “think a little more.”


“Just now, didn’t you see clearly? That’s not something a person can do.” He finished, carrying the ladder into the stairway.


Lu Cheng’s eyebrows furrowed and he exhaled angrily.


Chu Chen’an patted Lu Cheng’s arm and advised, “Yes, Lu Cheng. Li Yaya is just here like us, there’s no way she’s related to her.”



Lu Cheng looked at Chu Chen’an, only to see Chu Chen’an’s bright and moving peach blossom eyes, the light of his eyes was like a gentle ripple, it inexplicably soothed his emotions.



“Forget it, Zhang Liang is right, let’s pack up Wu Longyang’s corpse …… body first.”


Chu Chenan’s voice was soft, like cotton.



“You guys can stay if you like, there’s no way this old man is going to wait here to die!”



Lu Cheng exhaled, listened to Chu Chen’an’s advice to let go of Li Yaya, turned around and turned into the stairway, intending to leave this hellish place.



Chu Chen’an and Li Yaya walked to the stairway together.


Li Yaya couldn’t hold back, she held the wall and began to vomit.


Chu Chen’an looked at the ground below and immediately also felt the need to join her.


Zhang Liang was quietly standing at the bottom of a few steps, he froze for a few seconds.


He turned back to look at Chu Chen’an, two seconds later, he turned sideways, so that the scene on the ground was on full display.



All that was left on the ground was a trail of broken flesh and bones.


Wu Longyang’s corpse had long since been gnawed away by unknown objects, seven or eight pieces of clothing were mixed in a pool of blood, on which also laid Wu Longyang’s global limited edition model watch.



“Been eaten …… eaten ……” Li Yaya endured her shaking limbs, stood up straight, retreating and looking around, “Here …… there must be ghosts here ……”


Li Yaya pulled on Chu Chen’an’s wrist, “Chen’an, let’s also go, let’s leave this ghostly place …… hurry up and run!”


Chu Chen’an was pulled down a few steps by Li Yaya, “No, Yaya. The landlord said that we can’t resist, or we will die.”



Chu Chen’an was a little surprised.


Even if Li Yaya was a novice player, it was unlikely that she would react so much in the face of such a scene.


Could it be that he had guessed wrong and Li Yaya wasn’t his teammate?


Li Yaya cried with snot and tears mixed together, “If we don’t run, should we stay here and wait to die!!!”


Li Yaya cried louder and louder, she looked like she had seen such a scene for the first time.


Chu Chen’an patted Li Yaya’s shoulder as he bent down and picked up a mop and began to wipe the blood on the ground.


“If we finish the landlord’s request, at least for now we won’t die.”


Although it was disgusting.



He still bowed and mopped up the blood.


The curve of his bent thin waist was just right, that face was clearly white with fear, but he still did his best to purse his moist lower lip to hold back.



The pair of peach blossom eyes were welling up, but there wasn’t only a delicate weakness in his eyes, but also a calm reasoning full of charm.


Xu Moshu leisurely leaned on the door of the stairway, observing him like an outsider.


He couldn’t help but cast his gaze on Chu Chen’an’s body.




Even his sensible times were so similar.


An arrogant kitten, but in reality, he was thoughtful, sensible and smart.


Xu Moshu didn’t understand the purpose of his disguise.


Xu Moshu stood up straight, then changed into a new pair of black gloves and went up to help.




After they cleaned up, night had fallen.


Lu Cheng left and didn’t come back.


After the scene that happened, it made them afraid to stay alone in their rooms.


They sat together in apartment 702, but none of them opened their mouths to make a sound.


The atmosphere around them was tense and silent.


Xu Moshu also came.



He was also a tenant on the 7th floor, and cheekily claimed that he had just moved in a few days ago.


This made Chu Chen’an disdain him.


He was lying!



Lying people’s noses got longer!



I’ve been in your ice cellar for ninety days!



Perhaps Xu Moshu’s disguise was too perfect, except for Chu Chen’an, no one else had any suspicions about any of Xu Moshu’s behavior or actions.


But Chu Chen’an couldn’t expose Xu Moshu either.


He wasn’t stupid.


If he exposed Xu Moshu, wouldn’t it be the same as exposing his resurrected identity?



Besides, the system had explicit provisions that players must not reveal the identity of the NPC behind the scenes to break the rules of the game.


The six people in the room were silent.


Xu Moshu sat beside Chu Chen’an, his long, strong fingers leisurely hit the old colored sofa surface, making a light sound.


Chu Chen’an suddenly felt like he was sitting on pins and needles.



He sat up straight, and his delicate earlobes flushed thin red when he was nervous, in contrast to his white porcelain-like skin.



Xu Moshu propped up his chin, quietly smiling.


His hands were folded, because it was too hot, he changed into a yellow short-sleeved, with a cute little duck pattern printed on it.


He squinted at the distance between them, his eyes wide open, and a posture of “I will be angry if you come again”.




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