C54—- Love Experience

“You guys are going to dinner? Together?”


Xu Yichen changed out of his costume and came over.


“Why don’t we all get together if we have time?”



Xu Yichen was also a popular artist in recent years. He had no airs and liked to play. He was recognized as “energetic and responsible” in the crew, and never seemed tired.



“I’ll go, too.” Wen Miao stood a long way away and shouted.


“OK.” Lu Wenxing smiled and turned to Qin Yu. “Director Qin, do you want to come?” Qin Yu looked at Gu Yanshen, who was calm.


Anyway, there were so many light bulbs, so he agreed without much hesitation. He wasn’t going to interfere, he was going to be an assistant.


“It’s your brother Shen’s treat. Who else is going?” Qin Yu asked.


The two people’s “date” turned into a party of more than ten people.


The car drove to a place not far from the hotel, the store was a very famous ‘private kitchen’ near the film and television city. It wasn’t Gu Yanshen’s first time here. He had eaten this restaurant before, and tried their local delicacies. Many people came here to experience it.


The private kitchen had three floors, one was a wooden building, the second and third floors were private rooms. The menu was passed around, and the waiter took down their orders, pushed the door and walked out.



“It’s not Mr. Gu’s first time here, right?”



Lu Wenxing noticed that he ordered the food without hesitation, at first glance, he had obviously eaten here before.



“Yes. That was two years ago.”


Xu Yichen took over, “Brother Shen, then how come you only took Wenxing to eat alone?”



Lu Wenxing looked at Gu Yanshen and relieved him. ” I owed Teacher Gu dinner before, so I let him choose the place.”



“Okay.” Xu Yichen nodded, “That’s right, Teacher Gu often invites everyone to eat, how could he eat alone?”


Wen Miao’s concern was another topic. “So, Wenxing is treating us today? Then we ……”



She was a little heartbroken that she had disturbed her CP’s date, but a little happy, it brought the candy directly to her mouth, how could she not open her mouth?



“It’s okay.” Lu Wenxing smiled, “Yichen is right, people make it more lively.”


The more people you have, the more you wouldn’t be bored, all kinds of topics were picked up. Wen Miao had a chat and secretly observed her CP, there were no intimate actions, so she focused on her phone again.


And clicked on the hot search list.


Wen Miao:????


What happened?


Wen Miao clicked into the hot search list with a dumbfounded expression, and then found….


#LuWenxing endorsement
#qiqi’s endorsement
#wu’s endorsement



A few hot searches down, Wen Miao finally found it.

The reason for this was that Wen Yu’s fans mocked Lu Wenxing, saying that he imitated Wen Yu’s rich kid persona, and then Wen Yu’s status as a rich family was exposed. Then, Wen Yu’s fans put out various comparison pictures to step on Lu Wenxing.


Finally, it became a dozen hot searches that now dominated the screen.



The whole network, who knew or didn’t know Lu Wenxing, was stunned by this fierce operation.


So far, no entertainer in the entertainment industry had been able to take over the hot search, from the first to the fifteenth.


Wen Miao: “……”


But Wen Miao was sure that the owner of fifteen hot search topics in one day, Wenxing, didn’t have a small background.


“What did you see?” Xu Yichen observed Wen Miao for a while, and saw her go from confused to shocked, and finally a suspicious expression.


At this moment, Wen Miao was too shocked to speak, she silently handed the phone to Xu Yichen.


Then, Xu Yichen, who had been actively involved in various topics, suddenly lost his voice.


“What is he looking at?” Qin Yu asked suspiciously.


All eyes fell on Xu Yichen.


“Wenxing, have you seen the hot search?” Xu Yichen, who came back, looked at Wenxing.



“… I saw it, but I didn’t look carefully.”



“What happened to the hot search?”



Eveyone picked up their mobile phones in unison. After being stunned, they looked at Lu Wenxing with astonishment.



The atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly solidified, and Qin Yu was still in a daze.


“Wenxing, are you the rich young master who came out to play? If you are not popular, you will go back to inherit your family’s business?”



Wen Miao suddenly remembered the comment he saw last time, “The cookies I ate… are they really two thousand yuan a box?”


“I don’t know. It was all prepared by Chen Che.”


“Didn’t you ask him to buy it?”



Lu Wenxing shook his head, “Chen Che is the assistant my brother found for me.”



Wen Miao understood, “Your brother is too good to you, right?”


Wen Miao couldn’t afford to eat 2000 yuan, but once or twice was nothing, but she took the cookies as a snack every day. After half a month, she ate tens of thousands.


Wen Miao: “…” She ate three meals a day. If the price of the boxed lunch was calculated by the crew, she didn’t even eat 100 yuan a day except for the extra meals.



“I always thought you were just an ordinary rich second generation.” Wen Miao was still in shock. “Can there be so many endorsements… So a rich person was around me?”


Xu Yichen: “…… It turns out I’m so mediocre.”



Wen Miao: “……” Another rich second generation.


Xu Yichen’s parents also ran a company, they weren’t in the top two hundred rich list in C city, but his family drove a luxury car and lived in a small house. He felt so ‘ordinary’ for the first time.


Qin Yu: “So I’m so mediocre.”


Several artists in the same group: “So I’m so mediocre.”


Wen Miao: “……” So, this crew is all rich kids except her?



She wasn’t envious at all.



“Then the endorsement thing ……”


Lu Wenxing was also confused at the moment when he saw the list, but he quickly concluded that it should be his parents or his brother.



“The people in my family are a little protective. Maybe they saw bad comments on the Internet…”



Qin Yu: “Lu Wenxing, please go back to the primary school to study Chinese again. Is it just a little bit? For you to get the endorsement of more than ten luxury brands at the same time… you call it a little protective?”



Qin Yu suddenly sent a sympathetic look at Gu Yanshen. He thought it was hard enough for Gu Yanshen to chase him, but it turned out that there was such a protective family, Gu Yanshen had a bumpy road ahead.



But Qin Yu thought of their high school years, the few girls he liked ran after Gu Yanshen, he finally believed the phrase ‘the heavens spared no one’.


The Gu Yanshen, who had been proud since childhood, would finally have the day to run after someone.



The first person to know Lu Wenxing was Gu Yanshen, he was no less surprised than anyone else. At that time, Lu Wenxing was still being suppressed by the agent of Mango Cheng Entertainment, Lu Wenxing’s family was so protective that they didn’t intervene.


But also because they didn’t intervene, it gave Gu Yanshen the opportunity to get to know Lu Wenxing.



“Although no one in the industry can be as good as Wen Yu, it’s enough for your family to give you such endorsements. Can you make it into the top 50 rich list?” Wen Miao looked at him curiously.



Lu Wenxing thought for a while, “Maybe it’s similar to the Wen family?”



Wen Miao: “… If you are not popular, can you really go back to inherit your family’s business?”



“That’s not true.”


Lu Wenxing thought about Wen Zheng’s temperament. It was reasonable to speculate that Wen Zheng would spend money to make him famous.



“That…… Wenxing. Since your family is similar to Wen’s, will your brother invest for you?”


Lu Wenxing: “…”


“Then the investment will never be withdrawn.”


Only Lu Wenxing didn’t understand. If Gu Yanshen took his home during the shooting, his brother would definitely withdraw his capital!



Gu Yanshen: “Don’t think about your 100 million.”



“Can I still get a refund?”


Qin Yu whispered, “That’s not necessary.”


The waiter knocked three times before he came in to deliver the food, and they didn’t continue the conversation just now.


The next day, on the set, Qin Yu roared with his loudspeaker.


“Eye-to-eye! A slightly affectionate kind of feeling.”


Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing stared at each other for a few seconds, and Qin Yu shouted again to stop.


He walked out of the shed, “Now you have a good feeling for each other, but you’re trying each other out. There should be drama in your eyes and restraint in your feelings.”

“Feng Xiao is calm, but grew up on the battlefield, so he lacks a sense of security. He just needs to grasp the situation to relax. At the moment, he knows he has a good feeling for Lu Feixue, but he doesn’t like the situation being out of his control. Feng Xiao’s eyes are more restrained than Lu Feixue’s.”



Lu Wenxing understood the role and Qin Yu’s meaning, but he couldn’t act affectionate and restrained.


In the past few minutes, Lu Wenxing had been stopped several times.


“Let Yanshen lead you.”



Lu Feixue’s role was completely different from Feng Xiao’s, but it was the same when trying each other out. Lu Feixue hoped Feng Xiao would understand him while hoping Feng Xiao didn’t.



His patience lied in …… Feng Xiao wouldn’t drive him away after he knew.


It was also forbearance. It was different for different reasons and different personalities.


“Teacher Gu, how do you find the feeling?” Lu Wenxing looked at Gu Yanshen eagerly.


“Have you ever liked anyone?”



Lu Wenxing thought about it, “Not in terms of love.”



“No crush either?”




“Adolescent feelings budding?”



“Also no.”


Lu Wenxing held his chin in one hand, a little annoyed.


“Look at me.” Gu Yanshen slowly approached him, “Then hypothetically.”



“You don’t have to rush to bring in Feng Xiao, just think of yourself.”


Gu Yanshen thought that Lu Wenxing didn’t understand the feeling of ‘secret love’, so there was no feeling in his eyes, so he tried to guide Lu Wenxing.



“If you like a person, but you’re not sure whether the other likes you, you have to try ……”


For Feng Xiao Lu Wenxing understood, but if it was Lu Wenxing himself ……


“Go after him if you like. Why should I test him?”


Gu Yanshen: “… because you don’t know if he likes you.”



“So I’d want to let him know. If he likes me, then we will be together. If he doesn’t like me for the time being, then the process of chasing him is an inevitable process before we are together.”



Gu Yanshen: “…” seems reasonable.


“What if he doesn’t like you?”



“If he doesn’t like you, you can’t like him?” Lu said with a twinkle in his eyes. “There is no rational way to control emotions.”



“Have you really never been in love?”


Lu Wenxing nodded, “No, but I have a lot of experience.”


The contradictory words made Gu Yanshen a little puzzled.


Lu Wenxing was quite proud, “I summed up the experience from my four roommates.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”




I understand Lu Wenxing deeply 😫

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