C56 — Thinking About Life



Gu Yanshen hadn’t yet fully recovered, he frowned and picked up the phone.


“What is it?”


Gu Yanshen’s throat was a bit hoarse.


Qin Yu’s voice shook, “Yanshen?”


Gu Yan Shen looked down at the time, 3:30 am.



“Speak.” His voice was a little cold.


Qin Yu was silent for a second, he suddenly felt weak, “Do you want to come out to eat ……”


“Dududududu ……”


Qin Yu: “……”



Several people present were embarrassed. “You mentioned a ‘Gu’, but we didn’t know it was Brother Shen.”



“That is, it has nothing to do with me.”


“It has nothing to do with me. Drink. You were willing to take a gamble. You chose a big risk.”


Qin Yu: “Believe it or not, I will send you to the sea now.”



“The call record of this number was very frequent so I wondered which little beauty it was. If I knew that this was Brother Shen’s phone number, I dare not disturb him in the middle of the night ”


Qin Yu: “……”


On the other hand, Gu Yanshen hung up the phone but didn’t go back to sleep, he held the phone in a daze, because of the dream he just had.


He knew that some actors got caught in the emotions of their character, but he had so many roles, yet he never had. And it couldn’t be denied that in the dream he was expecting that kiss to happen.


Was it like Qin Yu said? He was single for too long ……




But the dream gave him an inexplicable sense of guilt.


Gu Yanshen: “……”


He opened the browser search.



Is it normal to dream that your friend kissed you?


All that popped up was – the interpretation of dreams by Zhou Gong.


Gu Yanshen: “……”


He didn’t want to interpret the dream, he only wanted to know why.


Then, Gu Yanshen clicked in the first Zhou Gong dream interpretation.


—— Single people dream that they are kissed by their friend, this foretells that love will come. You must not be passive, take the initiative and ride the wave of love, go! I wish you guys to get off soon.



Gu Yanshen: “……” this website was reliable?


Then, Gu Yanshen opened an anonymous forum.

Question: Is it normal to dream that your good friend kissed you?


[1l] It’s normal. How long has the lord been secretly in love with his good friend.


[2l] It’s quite normal. We have thoughts every day and dreams every night


[3L] It’s normal. I dreamed that I kissed a good friend. Now we are together


[4l] Then I’ll squat down with a good friend


[5l] Absolutely love!


Gu Yanshen: “……”


After reading and replying, Gu Yanshen fell into deep thought. He turned out to like boys?


Gu Yanshen wasn’t sure, and worried that it was just because of filming or because they were too close during this period, or because he watched a romance movie with Lu Wenxing …… all kinds of behavior had a possibility of inducement.


When the sky was slightly lit, Gu Yanshen fell asleep with fatigue, and didn’t wake up again until the knock at the door.


“Brother Shen, why did you sleep late today?”



” Qin Yu woke me up at midnight.”


Gu Yanshen buckled the pot on Qin Yu’s head and subconsciously ignored the dream last night.


“Good morning, Teacher Gu.”


Lu Wenxing walked into the elevator, he slept pretty well last night, along with a good mood, his whole person exuded the aura of youth.


Gu Yanshen: “…… Good morning.”



“Teacher Gu, hello.” Lu Wenxing took a step forward, “Didn’t sleep well last night?”


Speaking of last night, Gu Yanahen’s heartbeat skipped. He silently took a step back and pulled away from Lu Wenxing.



Lu Wenxing was very quiet, he was careful when filming and clever when listening to instructions. This made Gu Yanshen feel guilty and suspect that he was a ‘pervert’.



Lu Wenxing was seven years younger than him. When he turned 18, Lu Wenxing was only eleven years old and hadn’t graduated from primary school. So Gu Yanshen felt guilty again.


He was relieved because of Qin Yu’s call. Otherwise, he didn’t know how to face Lu Wenxing today.

“Here we are, Mr. Gu.” Lu Wenxing reminded him, “Why are you absent-minded?”


“Didn’t sleep well last night.” was a universal excuse.



Lu Wenxing didn’t doubt him. “Teacher Gu can sleep in the car for a while.”


The crew had a bus that took them from the hotel to the crew.


Gu Yanshen got on the bus before Lu Wenxing and found a seat in the back row. Lu Wenxing didn’t go to the empty seat in front of him when he got on the bus. He went straight to Gu Yanshen, “Is Teacher Gu going to sit in?”


“You want it?”


Lu Wenxing nodded, “Teacher Gu or I?”



Gu Yanshen sat on the seat against the aisle, and the window seat next to him was empty.


After a second of hesitation, Gu Yanshen stood up and let Lu Wenxing go in.



“Teacher Gu, are you in a bad mood?”



Lu Wenxing was very sensitive to people’s emotions, he felt that Gu Yanshen wasn’t not sleeping well, he seemed upset, even if he didn’t show it.




Lu Wenxing turned his head and looked at him seriously, “Really? It’s all written on your face.”


Gu Yanshen paused for a second, “What is written?”


He asked seriously. Lu Wenxing was amused. His eyes bent. The warm sun fell on his face, making his smile more beautiful.


“I’m joking. Why is Mr. Gu so gullible today?”


Gu Yanshen was first dazzled by his smile. His eyes met his red lip and then flew away quickly.


“Mr. Gu, go to sleep, I won’t bother you.” Lu Wenxing handed him an eye mask and an earplug. “It’s new.”



“Thanks.” Gu Yanshen didn’t refuse.



The hotel to the set was about thirty minutes, Gu Yanshen didn’t fall asleep, but after closing his eyes to recuperate, he felt a little better.



One morning later, Qin Yu also felt that something was wrong. Gu Yanshen didn’t mention last night, which was too strange. Qin Yu found him first.


“You are not angry about what happened yesterday?”


Gu Yanshen looked at him expressionlessly.


“Yesterday I really didn’t mean to, I didn’t make the call. Our high school classmates came here on business, and they got together when they met. We were playing a big adventure. They dialed the number randomly, and then I found it was you.”





Gu Yanshen didn’t react much, which made Qin Yu feel strange.


“You look quite sleepy today. You didn’t sleep well yesterday?.”



Gu Yanshen responded with another ‘oh’, making Qin Yu ask, “What’s going on with you and Xingxing?”



When Lu Wenxing was mentioned, Gu Yanshen looked a little unnatural.



Qin Yu’s sharp eyes caught it, “There is a situation.”


Gu Yanshen ignored him, but Qin Yu refused to let him go, “Yesterday you two went to see a movie together, and then what?”


Qin Yu thought the problem was in the cinema.


“For the scene.”


Qin Yu waited for a while, “Nothing more?”



“What else do you want to hear?”


Qin Yu looked at him with hatred, “Couples theater ah! The environment is so good, and it’s a romantic movie, and you guys actually just acted?”


Gu Yanshen narrowed his eyes, “You knew it was a couple’s theater, so you deliberately let me take Wenxing to it.”



Qin Yu: “…… So, what’s going on with you today? Usually when you get off the scene, you run towards Wenxing, why are you avoiding him?”


Gu Yanshen held the script tighter, “Is it very obvious?”


“It’s too obvious.” Qin Yu shook his head, “You are really good. Yesterday, you gently applied the ointment to his wound. Now you won’t recognize him after sleeping. Bah, scum man.”


Gu Yanshen: “People who have talked to five people are qualified to talk about me?”



“Don’t talk nonsense.” Qin Yu defended: “It’s obviously seven. The adults are willing to do things, how can it be considered slag? We got together and broke up, and we can still be friends. On the contrary, you, pure love shocked me.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”



“Why? Only Wenxing is suffering. Every time there is delicious food, he thinks of you first. Yesterday he bumped into you, and he blamed himself for a long time. Besides you, I haven’t seen him call anyone ‘teacher’. He is clever and obedient.”



Gu Yanshen: “…”


“I had a dream yesterday.”



“Of what?”


Gu Yanshen lowered his voice, it seemed a little difficult to say, but Qin Yu ‘the master of love’ was more reliable than asking people online.


“I dreamed that Wenxing almost kissed me.”



Qin Yu’s soul was burning, and his eyes were full of curiosity. “Go on.”



“No more.”


Qin Yu: “……”



He really underestimated Gu Yanshen’s pure feelings, he thought the dream was on home base, but it was just a kiss?


“You really ……” Qin Yu thought about it, “wet kiss or tongue kiss?”


Gu Yanshen: ????


Why was Qin Yu not shocked? What kind of questions was he asking? There was no kiss at all. Kissing could be divided into wet kiss and tongue kiss?



Gu Yanshen pulled back the thoughts that Qin Yu had led him astray. “What are you full of? There was no kiss, then you woke me up.”



Qin Yu was heartbroken, he wanted to go back and beat up the classmate who called yesterday.


A few seconds later, Qin Yu suddenly reacted, “So, you are avoiding Wenxing today because you had that kind of dream yesterday and find it difficult to face?”


“Is it too close contact with Wenxing recently, or ……”



“Or, what or? Then do I have less contact with you? You life assistant, except when you go to sleep, is basically always around you, isn’t it more than Lu Wenxing? But you only dreamed of Lu Wenxing.”


Qin Yu didn’t say more, he had spoken to this point, even Gu Yanshen should be able to understand.



Qin Yu went out and lowered the curtain, covering the sunlight that wanted to penetrate in, the shed was dark. Somehow, that moment, Gu Yanshen seemed to have returned to when he was younger.



In the damp and gloomy utility room, he stared blankly at the closed iron door, the house had no windows, and the storm rolled with thunder, striking his eardrums one after another.



“Teacher Gu?”



A corner of the curtain was lifted, the sunlight penetrated in, the whole room lit up, he raised his eyes to look.



Lu Wenxing stood behind the curtain, showing only a head, his beautiful eyes unblinkingly looked at him.



The sun shone on Lu Wenxing’s face, his delicate features were dazzling and hard to ignore. At this moment Gu Yanshen suddenly realized that stars didn’t only appear at night.



Now, at the moment, this second… what he saw was the most dazzling star.


From a very young age, Gu Yanshen persistently searched for the light in his heart, and only now did he realize that what he was chasing was not a light, but a shining star.


His heart opened up, Gu Yanshen suddenly smiled, Why are you just standing there? Come in.”



He realized that very early on, he had a special feeling for Lu Wenxing. Maybe not yet like, but it must have been the beginning.



And they were all traceable.


From the time he invited Lu Wenxing to be the male lead in his movie.


Maybe a little earlier.


When he gave Lu Wenxing a vinyl record, Lu Wenxing showed surprise and delight.



Or the night when he invited Lu Wenxing to audition for “Hundred Ghosts” and they talked deeply.



Or maybe it was the serious concentration when he saw Lu Wenxing drawing during the recording of the variety show.



Of course, he couldn’t rule out the fact that when they first met, Lu Wenxing’s few words of mindless banter had already left a deep impression on him.



So much so that they were later variety partners and movie collaborations. And now, he personally promoted Lu Wenxing as the lead actor.



There could be no reason to like someone, excluding love at first sight, the rest was the convergence of the daily drips and drops.



“So careful?”


Lu Wenxing smiled, “because director Qin said you are thinking about life.”


“So were you standing at the door worried about disturbing me? Or did you intend to come and enlighten me?”





Lu Wenxing stood in front of Gu Yanshen, with a smile in his eyes.


“I’m just curious …… what a teacher Gu who thinks about life would be like.”


Gu Yanshen froze for a few seconds, and suddenly lowered his eyes and smiled.


“Then you see it now.”




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