C50—- Two Way Misunderstanding

Lu Wenxing recently had a discovery, Gu Yanshen seemed …… not quite right.


His specific performance in ……



During the scenes, Gu Yanshen was distracted many times. After the scenes, Gu Yanshen stayed alone.



Lu Wenxing remembered that when they were in the “Hundred Ghosts” crew, Gu Yanshen often asked him if he would like to have dinner together. When he was free, he would take the initiative to talk to him. When he was tired, he would do nothing and would also gather together for a rest.


Now Lu Wenxing felt that Gu Yanshen was hiding from him, but he couldn’t guess why.



When the other artists in the crew asked Gu Yanshen for advice or to practise their scenes, Gu Yanshen always treated it seriously, after speaking about the scene, he would ask their understanding and views, until he was sure that the artists had really understood the script.


“Mr. Gu, would you like to have lunch together at noon?”


Lu Wenxing send out a tentative invitation. Gu Yanshen looked down at the script, still holding a pencil to revise it.


“Go ahead, I’m adding comments to the script.”



Gu Yanshen’s reaction made Lu Wenxing more sure of his guess. He pretended not to know anything and pulled out his chair and sat down beside Gu Yanshen.


“I’ll wait for Mr Gu.”


Gu Yanshen’s pen shook and poked a black dot on the paper. He looked down at the time on his watch.


“At half past twelve, you must be exhausted after so many martial arts scenes in the morning. Go ahead and eat.”



Lu Wenxing made up the scene of the first episode, fighting with the enemy in the battlefield.



Qin Yu knew it was difficult to wear heavy armor so he asked Lu Wenxing if he needed a body double.


But Gu Yanshen pursues precision. He asked Lu Wenxing to try first, and if he couldn’t, he would think of another way. Lu Wenxing’s idea was the same as Gu Yanshen’s, he didn’t want to find a double. In the morning, when other people were filming, Lu Wenxing asked a martial arts instructor to polish the scene.

When filming started, he was able to act coherently, followed by a few close-up shots.



The moment the helmet was taken off, fine beads of sweat emerged from the corners of the forehead, Gu Yanshen shouted for the end of the scene, the assistant went up to Lu Wenxing to wipe his sweat, hand him water, and feed him some snacks.



“i just ate the bread bought by the crew, I’m not very hungry.” Lu Wenxing picked up the script, “Since Mr. Gu is busy, I’ll wait here.”



A few seconds later, Gu Yanshen closed the script.


“Let’s go, let’s go eat first.”


The corner of Lu Wenxing’s mouth slightly hooked up, “Okay.”


In the afternoon.


Wen Miao sat on the steps, poking the ice cubes in the cup once or twice. Lu Wenxing walked to her side and turned the small fan in his hand towards Wen Miao. “Is it cool?”


Wen Miao nodded repeatedly, they shot the winter scenes, the costumes were heavy, and removing it was troublesome, and then the heat was unbearable.


“It’s only April, how come it’s so hot.”


Lu Wenxing took out the “cooling sticker” from his pocket, “Do you want to try it?”


Wen Miao looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise, “Where did you come from?”


Lu Wenxing pointed to his assistant, “Get to know Chen Doraemon Che.”


Chen Che was the life assistant selected by Wen Zheng for Lu Wenxing. He receives a very heavy salary, plus the bonus given by Wen Zheng.



Unlike other assistants, Chen Che wouldn’t be too polite and wouldn’t worship to Lu Wenxing, and he would even take care of Lu Wenxing in terms of life.



Especially in the aspect of sleep, as long as he didn’t shoot night scenes, he would collect all his electronic devices so Lu Wenxing could do nothing but sleep.



Of course, this was what Wen Zheng wanted.



Chen Che nodded to Wen Miao as a greeting, and continued to give the rest of the crew small tools to reduce the heat. The fans purchased by the crew hadn’t arrived yet. Chen Che’s small fans and cooling stickers were very popular.


“What you have isn’t an assistant, it’s Doraemon’s pocket, he has whatever you want, Yesterday, I saw that he had a bag full of food.”


Lu Wenxing curled his eyes and smiled, “You can also ask him for food if you’re hungry.”


“How embarrassing is that.” Wen Miao blinked, “I want to eat small cookies.”


Lu Wenxing’s sentence ‘It’s okay’ stuck in his throat.


“When Chen Che comes over, I’ll ask him to give you.”



“Wenxing, you’re so nice.”


Wen Miao continued to poke at the ice cubes, poking and prodding in her heart.


Not only did she get to see her CP at close range, she also got snacks. It was like going to the cinema with popcorn.



Lu Wenxing didn’t think much about Wen Miao’s strange sight, “Teacher Gu invited us for drink the other day.”



Wen Miao’s eyes brightened.



“Yes, not only popcorn, but also free cola. Oh, how happy! This is the crew I can stay with.”


Lu Wenxing: “……?”


How come he didn’t understand?



“The day Mr. Gu invited us to drink, how come he didn’t take anything?”


Lu Wenxing mainly wanted to ask this matter, but it wasn’t good to be too straightforward, seeing Wen Miao sitting here alone to rest, he came over and talked for a while then brought the topic to this.



“We were all drinking outside, he went back to the car alone.”


Wen Miao was stunned for a moment, “No, when he came to drop the drinks, you just picked up the phone, so he went to bring you milk tea.”


He didn’t see Gu Yanshen after he answered the phone but Wen Miao said Gu Yanshen went to find him.


Gu Yanshen shouldn’t have heard the phone call with his brother.


But the timing was right.


On that day, Lu Wenxing went to Gu Yanshen with the script. If it had been in the past, he would have asked him to get on the bus directly. But it was after Lu Wenxing said what he came for that time that Gu Yanshen let him in.



Gu Yanshen heard?



Lu Wenxing recalled that he didn’t say anything bad about Gu Yanshen to appease his brother.




Did Gu Yanshen hear what he said when he came out to his brother?


“I like boys, but I don’t like Gu Yanshen.”


Lu Wenxing: “…”



Did Gu Yanshen hear the first half of the sentence or the second half?


If it was the first half of the sentence, maybe he could think Gu Yanshen was homophobic.


But if it was the second half of the sentence… It sounded like he disliked him.


Lu Wenxing changed his position and thought for a while. If he tried to help someone several times, and then heard from the other person that he disliked him……



There would never be another time.


He wasn’t a philanthropist. He couldn’t get a ‘thank you’, and he had to be rejected.


Tut, this misunderstanding was big.


Lu Wenxing thought about it carefully. Gu Yanshen really kept a strange distance from him in recent days, but he delicately approached Gu Yanshen. When the other couldn’t hide, he still treated him as usual.



Lu Wenxing’s sexual orientation was common in the entertainment industry. Gu Yanshen must have been exposed to it, so he shouldn’t be homophobic.


Lu Wenxing preferred Gu Yanshen to hear the second half of the sentence.



On this thought, Lu Wenxing suddenly felt that Gu Yanshen was really a very good person.


If it was him, he thought he was disliked, then the other came up to disturb him when working, it was another story, but if it was after work, Lu Wenxing would certainly avoided the person.


But he went to Gu Yanshen for lunch today, Gu Yanshen’s first thought wasn’t to avoid him, instead he advised him to go to dinner first.


Lu Wenxing didn’t go so Gu Yanshen put down his script for him and accompanied him to dinner.



Gu Yanshen was really generous. He wasn’t angry.


After thinking about it, Lu Wenxing decided to treat Gu Yanshen better first, so that he could have a clearer and more intuitive feeling. It would be convincing to explain it later.


When Chen Che finished sending out the ‘cooling device’, Lu Wenxing took out a bunch of snacks from his pocket and gave them to Wen Miao, and took a small bag to find Gu Yanshen in the studio.


As soon as Lu Wenxing came in, Qin Yu looked at him with a smile.


“Here to find Yanshen?”


Lu Wenxing nodded and poured out snacks from the bag and spread them all over this table. “Director Qin, will you eat?”






Qin Yu’s eyes shone brightly, seemingly talking to Lu Wenxing, but in reality, he was speaking to Gu Yanshen in front of the monitor.



“Wenxing even came to send snacks, so thoughtful.”



“Yanshen, do you want to eat?” Qin Yu asked pretentiously.



“You guys eat, I’m watching the scene that was shot in the morning.”


Gu Yanshen was watching the scene where Lu Wenxing and the enemy fought.


Lu Wenxing took a few of the most delicious snacks from the table and walked over to the monitor.


“Mr. Gu, did I perform okay?”



“Not bad.” The Gu Yanshen at work was very strict, he sat on the chair and his eyes were fixed on the monitor.



Lu Wenxing slightly leaned down and handed over the snacks in his hand.


“For the sake of my performance not being bad, Mr. Gu, can you reward me by eating some snacks? I sent it here on purpose.”



Because of the close proximity, his voice fell on his ear as if whispering, Gu Yanshen’s body stiffened then he uncomfortably inclined his head.



When he lifted his eyes, his eyes bumped into Lu Wenxing’s clear eyes, Gu Yanshen was instantly stunned.



“Mr. Gu won’t help me hold it?” Lu Wenxing blinked, “My hands are so sore.”




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