The difference between a heterosexual drama and a same-sex drama was that there were emotional lines in the drama, but they weren’t as explicit and direct as in the same-sex theme, they were a little more subtle.


When Gu Yanshen gave the script to Lu Wenxing last year, Lu Wenxing only thought he wanted to invest, but he didn’t expect Gu Yanshen would buy the copyright to make a TV drama.


Wen Zheng asked Lu Wenxing what drama he was shooting. Lu Wenxing didn’t say it was a same-sex drama, but only a costume drama. He guessed that Wen Zheng would definitely oppose it, so he acted first and reported later. However, Lu Wenxing didn’t know that Gu Yanshen was the other leading character.


Lu Wenxing felt guilty after taking the drama behind Wen Zheng’s back. If his brother knew that Gu Yanshen was the other leading character, his brother’s attitude towards Gu Yanshen…..


Lu Wenxing thought for a moment and prayed that his brother wouldn’t see the publicity photos so soon.



After the promotional photos were sent out, netizens who were late in waiting for the official announcement quickly occupied the comment section.


[Crap! Brother Shen is in the main cast!]


[Ahhhhhhhhh! I thought I could only see assistant director Shen from behind the scene footage, the surprise came too suddenly.]


[Wenxing looks so handsome! I’m happy.]


[In the last stills, Brother Shen and Wenxing hug their waists and look at each other!! Sorry, I’m trying hard to knock CP out of my mind…]


[Who is going to pinch me? Why do I feel that this drama is like that?]


[You’re not alone]




[Wen Miao’s ancient costume is beautiful. Is she a princess?]


[I originally wanted her to be the female lead. When I saw Brother Shen holding Wenxing’s waist, it was all right, it was all right, and I wish you a long and happy life.]



[Ha ha ha ha ha, upstairs I’m laughing to death]


The topic of Gu Yanshen’s acting in the drama wasn’t surprisingly searched. For a moment, netizens didn’t know whether they should be shocked that Gu Yanshen bought the film and television copyright of the drama, or whether they should be surprised that Gu Yanshen was going to act.



During the lunch break, the employees in the company gathered to gossip. The topic couldn’t be separated from today’s hot search.


“Gu Yanshen unexpectedly acted in a same-sex drama, I was shocked when I saw it.”


“Brother Shen doesn’t like men.”


“No matter which artist in the entertainment industry is more or less involved in romantic affairs, Gu Yanshen has no such thing. He is 28 years old and has no love affairs.”


“Yes, is it because he doesn’t like girls that he hasn’t fall in love?”


“Acting in a drama doesn’t mean he isn’t a straight man, it’s just to get more attention.”


“Does Brother Shen still need more attention?”



“Don’t worry about whether it is necessary. Look at the other main character, Lu Wenxing.”


“You mean Brother Shen did this for Wenxing?”



“Who knows? Fortunately, I don’t like real people’s CP, only 2d characters can live up to my aunt’s heart.”



“In fact, the stills are very good. Wenxing’s eyes are killing me.”



“Yes, yes, Wenxing in the “hundred ghosts” is the absolute cutie, “Power and Strategy” gives me the feeling of …… small puppy that has grown up?”


“That said, does Boss Wen knows that the Wenxing is playing ……”



Footsteps interrupted the girl’s speech, she turned around and saw Wen Zheng walking over, several people immediately shut their mouth.


Without stopping, Wen Zheng walked directly into his office and used his computer to check Weibo.


The mouse clicked into the official page of “Power and Strategy”, which was topped with stills.


Wen Zheng ignored other unrelated people and directly clicked on the stills with Xingxing.


The first one was a single photo, not bad. Wen Zheng nodded his head, under his ten level filter, Xingxing could present excellent acting skills even in the stills.


Then he clicked on the second one, a double photo, with Gu Yanshen.



Wen Zheng frowned, wasn’t Gu Yanshen going to be a director. Why did he change into a costume?



Then came the next picture. As soon as the photo was enlarged, Wen Zheng’s eyebrows tightened.


Why was Gu Yanshen holding his brother?


This look at each other… It was problematic.


Wen Zheng opened his comments and could see the words’ same-sex drama ‘on the screen.



After reading the comments, Wen Zheng’s expression sank in an instant. Without thinking about it, he immediately called Lu Wenxing.



At this moment, Lu Wenxing was chatting with the crew, seeing the word ‘brother’ on the caller ID, he immediately felt weak, he held the phone and didn’t answer immediately.


“Wenxing, why don’t you answer the phone?”


When Wen Miao reminded him, Lu Wenxing took the phone and walked to an unoccupied place.


Gu Yanshen just came over and saw Lu Wenxing walking towards the distance, “Where is he going?”


“To answer the phone.” Wen Miao took a bite of her apple.


“Take what you want to drink yourself.”


Gu Yanshn took a cup of milk tea from several bags, he didn’t go closer, he stood at a distance from Lu Wenxing and waited for him to finish answering the phone.



“I knew you couldn’t accept it so I didn’t dare to tell you.” Lu Wenxing explained cautiously, “No, I really didn’t know that the other main actor was Mr. Gu.”


Lu Wenxing saw that the explanation was useless, and could only …… backtrack.



“Brother, you don’t believe me.” Lu Wenxing’s tone was full of accusations, as if he had suffered a great deal of grievances. “If I said it, you definitely wouldn’t agree.”



Lu Wenxing explained a lot, but his brother was probably angry with Lu Wenxing for hiding things from him, so it wasn’t good to muddle through.


“It’s really just filming, I have no other relationship with Mr. Gu.”


Gu Yanshen originally didn’t intend to eavesdrop, but he saw Lu Wenxing walking around under the tree, looking like he was in a hurry, and like he was in some kind of trouble.



Gu Yanshen moved faster than his brain, and when he noticed, he was already walking towards Lu Wenxing.


“Yes, I like boys, but I don’t ……”


Gu Yanshen’s footsteps immediately stopped.


Lu Wenxin’s next words seemed to be blown away by the wind, Gu Yanshen didn’t listen to a single word, his mind was full of Lu Wenxing’s ‘I like boys’.



The company was still talking to the person on the phone, Gu Yanshen had turned around and left, he didn’t know why he had to leave, may be because he thought he heard a secret that shouldn’t be heard, or may be it was for other reasons.


It took a long time for Lu Wenxing to explain to his brother that he and Gu Yanshen were simply friends, and even if they were now in the group filming, it would be just one more layer of colleague relationship. In order to make his brother believe, Lu Wenxing even reported his sexual orientation.


Anyway, sooner or later, he had to say something.



——I like boys, but I don’t like Gu Yanshen.



Wen Zheng fell into a short silence because of this sentence. For a moment, he didn’t know whether he should be happy that Lu Wenxing didn’t like Gu Yanshen, or was shocked that Lu Wenxing suddenly came out.


Neither of them spoke, and only after a while did Wen Zheng open his mouth.



“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have questioned you.”


He was really angry when he saw Gu Yanshen. He thought that Xingxing were deliberately hiding the fact that he was filming with Gu Yanshen. But when he thought calmly, there was no need for Xingxing to hide anything from him.



Even if he knew in advance that the other lead actor was Gu Yanshen, as long as Lu Wenxing wanted to go and said few soft words, Wen Zheng wouldn’t be willing to let him down. Moreover, even as an older brother, there was no reason to ask his younger brother to do or not to do anything.


Lu Wenxing froze for a moment, he thought his brother was a bit angry, he didn’t expect to apologize for this matter. “Brother, you don’t need to apologize, I’m glad you care about me so much.”

Wen Zheng held the phone, for a moment he didn’t know how to respond, he wasn’t good at words, he did more than he said. But Wenxing was different, he was sometimes overly blunt, Wen Zheng also liked his bluntness, it easily made their relationship closer.



“If one day I meet someone I like, I won’t hide it from brother, because I will want to get your blessing.”


Wen Zheng’s heart suddenly softened, how could there be any anger left?


“I’ll go visit the set sometime.”





After the explanation was clear, Lu Wenxing’s mood was also much lighter.



Back in the rest area, Wen Miao greeted Lu Wenxing and handed him a milk tea. “Brother Shen said this cup is for you.”



“Thanks.” Lu Wenxing inserted the straw and took a sip, “Where is Mr. Gu?”



“He went towards the other side, probably discussing the shooting with director Qin.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t take it to heart, he waited for a while and didn’t see Gu Yanshen return, so he took the script and went to look for him.



Gu Yanshen’s assistant came down from the nanny van.



“Is Mr. Gu in the car?”



“Yes.” The assistant opened the car door again, “Brother Shen, Wenxing is looking for you.”


“Are you free? I’d like to practice a scene with Mr. Gu.”



Lu Wenxing raised the script in his hand, the scene in the afternoon was the scene where Feng Xiao and Lu Feixue first met.





Gu Yanshen gave up a seat for Lu Wenxing to sit.



“The first line?”



Lu Wenxing pointed to the script, “Let’s start from here.”



Lu Feixue (pitiful): kind gentleman, save me. These robbers stole my money and want to sell me to a youth house.


Feng Xiao couldn’t stand to see the bullying of the weak and didn’t hesitate, he beat the robbers down and saved Lu Feixue. The robbers couldn’t defeat Feng Xiao and fled.



Feng Xiao (indifferent): Let go.


Lu Feixue refused to let go, hugging Feng Xiao’s arm with a very scared expression.



Feng Xiao (unable to endure): I repeat, let go.


Lu Wenxing waited for a while, and Gu Yanshen didn’t say the next line, his eyes moved away from the script and fell on Gu Yanshen’s body.



“Why didn’t you read your part?”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


Gu Yanshen had long been familiar with these lines, the first time he saw the script, Gu Yanshen thought that shooting a same-sex drama and shooting other dramas was no different, the actor just had to act front of the camera.



But now ……



Gu Yanshen looked down at the next line.


Lu Feixue (tilting his head): the gift of saving a life has no repayment, it can only be rewarded with my body. From today onwards, I am your person.


Gu Yanshen: “……”



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