C4—- This House Must Not Be Sold


These words were like a deadly blade that cut straight through Wang Daquan’s heart.



He squinted at Qiu Mingquan and saw the strange eyes that were different from those of a child, and suddenly an eerie fear came over him.



–This boy wasn’t lying.


He even suspected that if he spoke hard again, the boy who was as calm as the devil might really stab his head in the middle of talking and laughing!



Feeling the sudden approaching heat on his temple, all his toughness flew, the fear of death overwhelmed him, he suddenly stomped and shouted: “Let go of me, I’m just kidding! I’m not going to mess with you, and I’m not going to mess with your family!”


His teeth chattered, his body was tense and motionless, and he kept begging for mercy: “Really, really, I promise I’ll never bother you again, put it down and talk properly.”



Qiu Mingquan didn’t move.



He tilted his head, looked at the cold sweat gathered on his temples, and then looked at the suspicious smear on his trousers, and a contemptuous smile appeared on his mouth.



“Listen, I know there is someone behind you.” He whispered in Wang Daquan’s ear, “I also know that the land here will appreciate.”



Wang Daquan’s eyes suddenly widened and he squinted at him in horror.



This suburb may have a big construction and development. Experts were being invited everywhere and a seminar was about to be held. It wasn’t uncommon for people behind him to know, but how did a young boy in this poor place know?!


“I’ll just say it once. If you make us homeless, I will use the law to make you all die without a place to bury yourself.” Qiu Mingquan sneeered and suddenly loosened his grip and pushed Wang Daquan out.


There was a slight wind in the back of his head, with a sinister and malicious intent. Qiu Mingquan’s pupils shrank and he suddenly turned around. He saw a man swinging a wooden stick.


At this moment, Grandpa Qiu beside him suddenly shouted loudly and he raised a piece of coal ball beside him and hit the man’s head!



The coal hit the man squarely, causing his head and eyes to be covered in black soot, while Brother Wu also gritted his teeth and grabbed a few coals, and ruthlessly smashed them at several people who had come up to help.



Qiu Mingquan seized the moment and quickly moved forward, and a tongs was drawn on the crus of the attacker.

[TN: Crus —- the part of a leg or hind limb between the knee and the ankle; shank. ]

The person was wearing cotton padded trousers in winter, but since they were close enough, they could hear a sound similar to bone crack, and then, a wail hit everyone’s eardrums.



Liu Dongfeng was dumbfounded.


Was this his strength or a coincidence? If he hadn’t grown up watching Mingquan, he would think that this was a well-trained soldier.


In a matter of moments, three people were injured, but he was unharmed?


Qiu Mingquan took a few silent steps back, his small body shielding his red-eyed, gasping grandfather Qiu behind him.



“Grandpa, leave it to me.” He whispered softly, but his gaze straight ahead was like that of a bloodthirsty beast, staring unblinkingly at the hoodlums.


Wang Daquan got up in a cold sweat, stumbled and turned around and ran out, behind him, several landlubbers hurriedly picked up their two injured companions and ran out as quickly as they could.



In the compound, the silence was finally broken, Aunt Wang trembled and fiercely pulled her husband Wu Dagen back, complaining in a low voice: “You’re crazy! You hit those people?”



Liu Qinhua also stood there dumbfounded, her heart was in turmoil.



The hoodlum leader said he would give her family a fair price, but who really wanted to move their family and leave the place where they had lived for years?



Besides, according to the practice of these bullies and the temper of her son, could he really endure to the end?


Sure enough, Liu Dongfeng gritted his teeth: “Mom, I’ll go report to the bureau!”


Liu Qinhua wanted to speak but stopped with a bitter smile: “we have been to the police station, but they were very nonchalant, this matter belongs to voluntary discussion, and the other didn’t really hurt people, it’s just harassment, they can’t do anything for the time being.”


Liu Dongfeng angrily retorted, “Id these hooligans really kill people and set fire to them, it will be too late. I don’t believe in this evil!”



Grandma Qiu was frightened. Hearing what everyone said, she anxiously pulled over Qiu Mingquan, “Did Xiao Quan get hurt? Show Grandma!”

Qiu Mingquan had already taken over his body again and resumed his good behavior, holding his grandmother’s hand tightly: “I’m fine!”


Grandpa Qiu stood silently on the side, his old hand vaguely trembled.


Grandma Qiu was still frightened and asked in a trembling voice, “Next time, don’t do that, in case you really hurt someone…”


Her grandson had just pressed a red-hot poker onto a person, which seriously hurt him.



Qiu Mingquan gently hugged his grandmother and saw that the old woman wasn’t concussed as she had been in his previous life, and his heart stirred.



“Grandma I’m an adult now.” He comforted her from the bottom of his heart, turning around, he similarly wrapped his arms around his stiff grandfather, remembering how the old man had just acted as if he was crazy, and his heart felt a pang of sorrow.



The president of the company, Mr. Feng, was satisfied with his success: “What a scum, from now on, like today, hit back hard. The soft ones are afraid of the hard ones, and the hard ones are afraid of the ones who don’t want to die. Have you heard?”


He said seriously, “You can take care of the following things yourself, remember to unite the masses.”


Qiu Mingquan turned his head and spoke to the neighbors who were talking, “Those people will not stop, they will come back.” He looked at the adults around him seriously, without the coyness of a child, with a natural demeanor.


The people in the compound all looked at each other, and Liu Qinhua hurriedly asked, “Xiao Quan, what are you trying to say?”



Qiu Mingquan was silent for a moment, although he was at the bottom of society in his previous life, but how could he not know the most basic urban changes?



“Uncles and aunts, a few days ago, I secretly heard a few of them at the tobacco store saying that there will be some big construction here in the future and the land will appreciate.”

Everyone in the courtyard exclaimed, even those who no longer understand the economy knew the simple common sense: no wonder those hooligans suddenly wanted to force them to sell their houses and land at low prices.


“How much is our house and the land worth?” Aunt Wang looked at Qiu Mingquan.


The boy could be ruthless, but at least he was honest.



Qiu Mingquan raised his eyebrows and said honestly: “If this is true, it’s a big deal – in the future, this will be the new district of Da Dongshen City, and the house we’re holding will appreciate tenfold, and in another ten years, it’s not impossible to appreciate a hundredfold.”


“Hey, you’d better not say such advanced words as New Area!” Feng Rui immediately reminded, “It’s still too early for the top to make a real decision, so don’t reveal the truth.”


Sure enough, the people in the compound were too shocked to say anything, their brains were muddled.


Liu Qinhua stammered in disbelief, “Mingquan, you’re not making this up, are you?”


Ten times, a hundred times, what was this concept?


Qiu Mingquan didn’t explain further, but showed a confused expression: “Then why are these people forcing us to sell our houses even if they kill us?”


This time, the neighbors finally kept quiet, and the minds of all were moving eagerly.



This little kid had a point, these people who pounced like bloodthirsty sharks couldn’t be without a reason, right?



At the thought of that possible prospect, everyone’s heart was racing, and someone slapped his thigh: “In that case, we’ll fight them even if we die!”


At this time, the housing price in the suburb of Dongshen City was only a few hundred yuan per square meter. The original total housing price was tens of thousands of yuan, but now, it was very likely to be a huge amount. How could they give up in vain?



“Yes, yes, let’s unite and work together, not to compromise with them!”


“If anyone is bullied by them, let’s go together and help others, that’s to help ourselves! If you want to keep our house, you must not be afraid!”



President Feng looked at the impassioned neighbors and casually commented, “Good job. At this time, in order to tie everyone to work together, we can only throw out information and point out the benefits.”


–The only unbreakable alliance in this world is the alliance of interests, which becomes a friendly army.


Qiu Mingquan thought back to his excited expression just now, and suddenly asked, “Do you you think it’s enjoyable to beat people like that?”



The president was silent for a moment, reminiscing in his heart, before smiling mysteriously: “You don’t understand.”


It’s not only enjoyable, it’s simply great!


“By the way, if there is such a thing in the future, you can directly give it to me”



Qiu Mingquan was stunned for a moment: “Won’t it be hard on you?”



“What do you think? I was so good in my previous life, but now I don’t even have a body left. I only have a ghost left. I can’t eat or move. What’s the difference between me and the elderly with high paraplegia?” President Feng carefully observed Qiu Mingquan’s reaction, deliberately lowered his voice, and added the rare sense of sadness and bleakness.



Qiu Mingquan didn’t say anything, but his heart was inexplicably sour. The corners of his mouth twitched a few times, and he suddenly reached out his hand and gently touched the pendant on his chest.


Feng Rui froze.


This fool, this was to show comfort? Sure enough, a good person that was soft-hearted, was impulsive, easily brainwashed and moved.


If he occupied his body for a long time, would he slowly increase his control and finally occupy the nest?


The president was cold-blooded and greedy, he almost laughed at the prospect.



Qiu Mingquan’s coal stove was kicked, and the breakfast was scattered all over the place. Several neighbors looked at each other, then they scrambled to send over some breakfast, hot rice, snow-white steamed buns, and even three salted duck eggs from Liu Qinhua. Qiu Mingquan didn’t excuses himself too much, and carried a bunch of breakfast into the house.


He greeted his grandparents with a meal first, while he himself ran to the door to wash his face and brush his teeth with cold water.



Bored, Feng Rui looked around and sighed.


To tell the truth, when he came here from the rich class in his previous life, it was a bit of a trance to see the bottom of the society in the late 80s at first glance.


It wasn’t that he didn’t know that there were extremely poor people in this world, but when it came to life in front of him, it was an extraordinary shock.



Two old people and a child lived in a small room of about ten square meters, the whole house had a large flat bed, two old people and a small child slept together, the bedding on the bed were torn at the corners, broken cotton wool exposed.


Next to the bed was a similarly dark and dilapidated box and a five-drawer cupboard, and near the door was a small wooden table for eating, which doubled as a place for Qiu Mingquan to do his homework, and then on the side were some paper boxes and plastic basins for washing.



In addition to these, this home had no other household items.



“There are only three people in your house?” Feng Rui watched Qiu Mingquan wash his face and brush his teeth, and asked curiously, “Where are your parents? Did they die?”


No way, what a bummer!


Qiu Mingquan spat out toothpaste: ” I don’t have parents.”



“Did you pop out of a rock?”



Qiu Mingquan’s heart felt dark. Although this was a new life, when it came to this issue, there was still a slight pain in his heart.



He looked blankly at the toothpaste foam in the public sink: “I was picked up as an abandoned baby.”




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