C51—- Golden Backer

“Power and Strategy” had been in production for more than a month, except for the promotion photos, the official page hadn’t been updated.


The fans of each star had long been impatient, their favorite had been in the group a month without any news, they didn’t even post anything on Weibo. The fans rallied online and left messages under the official page of the drama.



[If I didn’t know he went to film, I’d think he had been kidnapped]


[There is no doubt that upstairs is a fan of Xu Yichen. Xu Yichen is famous for his diligence in the industry. He posts on Weibo everyday to check in. Xu Yichen, who is never absent no matter whether it is windy or rainy, hasn’t posted for a month after joining the group]


[I almost cried. My family’s Miaomiao hasn’t posted anything for a month]



[Director Qin is not updating his Weibo page, we need to call the police.]



[Director Qin, don’t hide, we know you are watching]


[The 33rd day of thinking about Wenxing]
[The 33rd day of Brother Xiangshen]
[The 33rd day of missing Miaomiao]
[The 33rd day of Brother Xiangshen]





Qin Yu smiled and finished reading the comments, and said to the staff member who was in charge of the official blog, “When the footage is edited, you can post it first.”




The fans didn’t expect their ‘grievances’ to be successful, and were surprised to find that the official page was updated.



The official page posted a scene.


Clicking on it was a black screen, and then the fans heard the voice of their own beloved.





Soon the screen was full of ‘Wenxing’.



The fans looked confused. Why was everyone calling for Wenxing?



The scene turned to Wen Miao who was getting ready.


“Wenxing, I want to eat cookies.”




After a while, Lu Wenxing appeared in the scene with a bag of cookies in his hand. “Here you are.”



“Wenxing, I’m so hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”



Xu Yichen came over while taking off his coat.


He got Lu Wenxing to give him a bottle of milk and two buns.


The camera followed Lu Wenxing, who walked into the green room. Qin Yu was discussing with Gu Yanshen how to shoot the next scene to show the desired effect.


“Wenxing, do you have any snacks?”



“There are potato chips, do you want them?”




When Lu Wenxing handed the potato chips, Qin Yu didn’t look up, “My hands are dirty. You can give them to me.”


Lu Wenxing took out potato chips from the bag and brought them to Qin Yu’s mouth, a long and beautiful hand appeared in the camera and snatched the chips away from Qin Yu’s mouth.


“Don’t eat if you don’t have hands.”


The one who spoke was Gu Yanshen, the camera also gave him a close-up.


Qin Yu glared at him, “I didn’t ask you to feed me, give it back.”


Gu Yanshen ignored him and ate the potato chips, deliberately annoying Qin Yu.



[Daily life of two big friends in kindergarten]


The scene lasted only a few minutes. At the end of it, Lu Wenxing held a large bag of snacks for the artists in the same group to eat together.



The subtitle group went online again, with the last sentence [a busy day for caretaker Wenxing].


[God, caretaker.]



[Ha ha ha, I’m laughing to death. Are Director Qin and Director Gu three years old today?]



[Director Qin dares to let our Wenxing feed him… How can I join your crew?]


[Are you jealous when he feeds someone potato chips? Yes?]


[Gu Yanshen: Don’t eat the potato chips fed by our Wenxing]



[Was I the only one to find that the snacks fed by Wenxing… are all brands I have never seen before?]


[As a senior eater like me, Theresa no brand of snacks I don’t know, until I met the snack bag in the hands of Wenxing.]




[I don’t know about other things, but we had the small cookie that Xingxing gave Wen Miao before. The boss asked me to give it to the partner as a small gift. Because the package was beautiful, I asked my colleagues in the Procurement Department about it. It was imported from country F, and a small box would be 2000 yuan.]



[Fuck, it must be fake. That Wen Miao directly ate half of my salary]


[? ? ? 】


[Is Lu Wenxing so rich? How many people does he have to feed in the crew every day? Damn, I’m beginning to love his wallet]


Then, this video was ranked 10th in the hot search list.


#Heartbroken for Lu Wenxing’s wallet#



Lu Wenxing sat in the dressing room for his makeup.


“Wenxing, your skin foundation is so good. It’s not as white as foundation make-up. Girls all over the world want to have such skin.”



“Maybe I drink too much milk?”


Lu Wenxing had always been white since he was a child, and he never got sunburnt in military training. Whenever he stood among a group of students who were sunburnt, he always received the “envious” eyes of female students.



“Sister Rong’s big eyes are also enviable. They are so beautiful without eye makeup.”



Sister Rong’s eyes were full of smiles.


“Wenxing, your partner is so lucky.”


She was a makeup artist in the drama team. After a month of getting along with him, she found Lu Wenxing wasn’t perfunctory at all. Every time, he could point out the advantages of others.


“Don’t laugh at me, Sister Rong, I haven’t been in love.”


“Dont lie.” Sister Rong laughed, and didn’t his words take it seriously. It was impossible for a guy like Lu Wenxing to lack a suitor, she only thought that Lu Wenxing’s standards were high.


And Lu Wenxing hadn’t been in love mainly because of sexual orientation issues, in high school, he was surrounded by straight men.



When it came to college, Lu Wenxing studied in the art college, there were many people with the same sexual orientation, but at that time Lu Wenxing signed with Mang Cheng Entertainment, so he worked and studied at the same time, he simply couldn’t spare time to fall in love.



The year he went to study in Y country, there were many boys with good character and appearance who confessed to him, but Lu Wenxing didn’t intend to stay in Y country. He didn’t have to think about it to know that it would be a relationship that would end, so he didn’t give anyone a chance.


After joking with Sister Rong, Lu Wenxing’s phone vibrated a few times. It was WeChat sent by Author Feng.


[¥#%¥]Xiao Lulu… Shall we find a time to meet?


Before the author was on guard against Lu Wenxing. Lu Wenxing could also feel it. Why did he want to meet him suddenly?


[$#%$] You are my second friend, I want to meet with you.


The second friend?


His social circle was so small?

However, since it was the author he was curious about, Lu Wenxing was more accepting.


[…] OK, but I’ve been busy with my work recently you’ll have to wait for a while.



[¥#%¥] It doesn’t matter. I am free at any time. Please contact me when you’re free.



[…] I didn’t expect that I would be your second friend. So you should have a good relationship with your first friend before?


[¥#%¥] Very good, but he seems to be too busy recently. I shouldn’t always bother him.



[…] If he’s a good friend, he won’t feel disturbed. He should just be too busy.


Lu Wenxing went on talking to him.



Before that, Lu Wenxing didn’t understand how Feng Bu didn’t write stories to make money. Then why did he take the initiative to add him on Wechat when he sent him a gift? He also suddenly resumed updating after a longer break.


After Lu Wenxing finished reading his novel, he realised that in the previous chapters, Feng would actively interact with everyone, but there was less interaction after his break.



Through this period of communication, Lu Wenxing found that Feng was lacking in confidence.


He said Lu Wenxing was his second friend, which made Lu Wenxing sure of his suspicions. Feng Bu’s social circle was very small, although he didn’t know, but Lu Wenxing was sure that he wanted to be recognized, no matter who the other party was.


He added Lu Wenxing not because he sent gifts, but because of the compliments. So, when the two of them had a good chat, he returned the money he sent in the form of a transfer.



[$#%$] Yeah! He is my best friend and my first friend, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have been able to write “When the Top Star”. By the way, he is an artist, very popular one.


Lu Wenxing didn’t expect such a coincidence, his friend was also an artist.


[.] So did he inspire you?



[¥#%¥] Almost. I don’t mix in the entertainment industry. I just know what he told me. Anyway, he is a big star. He is especially popular. He has more than ten million fans.


Feng Buu sounded proud as he showed off his powerful artist friend. At the same time, Feng Busui also revealed his star worship.


After a while, Sister Rong had already finished making up for him. Qin Yu asked his assistant to call for him so Lu Wenxing had to give Chen Che his phone.





During first scene of the afternoon, Qin Yu sat in the studio a few meters away from the shooting site, he took the speaker and asked Lu Wenxing, “Do you need to practice for the scene?”



Lu Wenxing’s scene was a scene with Gu Yanshen, “Mr. Gu, can we start directly?”





Lu Wenxing made an ‘ok’ gesture towards the camera, Qin Yu understood, “Ready!”


After the field reporter shouted ‘Action’ and knocked down the board, the camera focused on Lu Wenxing as Feng Xiao.



He stood at the door of the room in his court robe and didn’t walk in directly, pausing for a few seconds as he sensed someone in his room.



Feng Xiao quietly pushed open the door of the room, the moonlight sprinkled down, he could vaguely see with the light in the room, a figure was crouching in front of his bed.



The candle in his hand was lit by him, and the candle flame reflected the handsome face of Lu Feixue.



“Who gave you permission to enter this king’s room?”


“I ……”


Lu Feixue’s eyes flashed with a touch of timidity, as if trembling slightly in fear.


Where Feng Xiao didn’t notice, Lu Feixue’s fingers resting on the pillow touched a cold jade pendant, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes, without being obvious, he put it into his sleeve.




Feng Xiao took a big step forward and yanked up Lu Feixue on the floor with a fierce gaze.



“Who sent you here?”


Lu Feixue’s eyelashes blinked, looking at him uncertainly, revealing a look of being scared by Feng Xiao, “I, I don’t know what Sir is talking about?”


“Don’t know?”


Feng Xiao’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the palm holding Lu Feixue’s wrist increased in strength.


“Do you not know, or are you afraid to say?”


“I really don’t know.” Lu Feixue looked at Feng Xiao nervously,, “Your Excellency saved me outside the city that day, how could I be sent by anyone when I was alone and miserable.”



Lu Feixue was wearing blue and white clothes, the warm candlelight set off his snow-white complexion with a charming and pitiful charm.


“I just want to return the kindness of saving my life.” Lu Feixue lowered his eyes.



“I thought I would have a chance to repay you if I followed you home, but when I arrived at the residence, I realized that you are the ‘invincible’ King Xiao, as the people call you, and there are many servants and maidservants at your residence, there is nothing I can do to help.”



Lu Feixue’s brow was slightly knitted, as if he was suffering from pain.



“Is that so? Since there is nothing to do in return, then why not leave?” Feng Xiao pinched his chin, as if probing the truth in his words.


“My lord, but what have I done wrong? Don’t drive me away, the world is big but there is no place for me to stay, thanks to your care, Feixue finally has a place to stay.”


Lu Feixue paused, like he was overwhelmed with the fear of being expelled from the royal family.



“Being saved by his highness is Feixue’s blessing, but there is no one that would have done it. I ……”



Feng Xiao let go of Lu Feixue and put his hands behind his back.



He wouldn’t have saved Lu Feixue, but naturally he couldn’t stand the bullies. Saving him was an accident, but when Lu Feixue insisted on following him and used the excuse of repaying kindness, Feng Xiao became wary.



He brought him back to the palace to wait for him to show his weaknesses. But for several months, he heard useless reports from his subordinates. Until today, Lu Feixue broke into his bedroom.



“OK, I’ll give you a chance to explain. What did you do in my room just now?”



“I ……,” Lu Feixue said with slightly shy eyes. “I saw that Brother Ah Fu would come to serve before the Duke’s bedtime, and I also thought of doing my small part as a reward.”


“If you don’t believe me, you can ask Brother Ah Fu, but please don’t punish Brother Ah Fu, I begged him to give me a chance to serve you.”



“Brother Ah Fu said that Sir wasn’t sleeping well, I specially asked the owner of the spice store and he said that this incense can help you sleep.”



After Lu Feixue mentioned it, Feng Xiao then smelled the faint cold plum fragrance in the room.


After saving Lu Feixue, Feng Xiao found someone to abolish the robbers’ nest outside the city, and indeed proved that Lu Feixue and that group of robbers were not connected. But he couldn’t imagine why someone like Lu Feixue would somehow appear in the suburbs alone.


Feng Xiao had been in the army since he was twelve years old, and had seen all the dark men playing with swords, where he had come across such a man as Lu Feixue, who was even softer than a lady in the boudoir.



But when he held Lu Feixue’s wrist just now, he tried. He really had no internal power, he was so weak that he could be blown down by a gust of wind.


However, Feng Xiao was a suspicious person who had been stationed in the army all the year round. The less flawed he was, the more suspicious he was. Lu Feixue had already aroused his doubts, so it wasn’t easy to dispel his doubts.


His internal power was concentrated in his palm. Ignoring Lu Feixue’s devoted expression, he raised his hand to hit Lu Feixue.


Lu Feixue didn’t hide. He froze as if he was scared. After reacting, he crossed his hands in front of his forehead and closed his eyes in fear.




He hit the chair next to him.



The room was set up by the prop team, the mahogany chaise lounge was originally in pieces, they first added the sound and then with the editing, it’d look like it was broken up by internal force.



Lu Feixue cowered for a moment, “S, Sir, don’t get angry, if you hate Feixue, Feixue will leave.”


Feng Xiao carefully sized him up, in this critical juncture, Lu Feixue didn’t defend himself, was his acting too good …… or he really thought too much?


Well, a fox would always reveal its tail.


“You said you want to serve this king?”



Feng Xiao’s icy gaze turned to Lu Fei Xue, “Then do you know what Ah Fu does on a regular basis?”



“I’ve observed it. Brother Ah Fu is usually a close attendant, responsible for serving tea and water and delivering snacks, holding an umbrella for you when it’s sunny and raining, making your bed and loosening your clothes before going to bed, and serving you to dress and wash up in the morning.”



Lu Fei Xue finished and added another sentence.


“I can do it too.”


“Good, from today onwards you’ll stay by this king’s side.”



Feng Xiao didn’t suspect that Lu Feixue was sent by the new emperor, because none of the attendants in this courtyard were as good looking as him, so the emperor wouldn’t have sent him.



Then what was his purpose?



Feng Xiao stared at Lu Feixue for a while, “Have someone prepare water, this king wants to bathe and change.”






The prop team brought up the bath tub, re-set the scene, and sent the extraneous people out of the set.


Lu Wenxing entered the scene in a second.


Feng Xiao stood in front of the tub, opened his arms, and waited for a while but didn’t see Lu Feixue come over.



“What are you doing standing so far away, how can this king bathe if you don’t serve?”



“Sorry, it’s my first time serving someone. I, I will try my best.” Lu Feixue’s eyes were full of fighting spirit.


Lu Feixue leaned down, his finger touched Feng Xiao’s belt, his fingertips trembled slightly, then he clumsily put the untied belt.


Lu Feixue lifted the side of Feng Xiao’s outer collar, and slowly lifted the other side, after taking off the outer robe, there was a white lining.


The collar of the robe was lower than the outer robe, revealing a large white chest, Lu Feixue leaned down for Feng Xiao to untie the waistband of the robe.


The fine soft belt was held in Lu Feixue’s hand, he raised his hand to pull Feng Xiao’s collar, he just lifted the side of the collar ……


“CUT.” Qin Yu’s voice came out from the speaker, “stop stop stop.”


“Gu Yanshen, what are you doing? Are you going to ever take it off? If not, I will send someone to teach you.”



Gu Yanshen: “…”


Qin Yu was serious and said everything.


“Are you peeling onions or taking off clothes one layer at a time? The colorful scene was ruined by your onion peeling technique.”


Lu Wenxing, regarded as an onion: “…”


Gu Yanshen, the onion peeler: “…”


Qin Yu walked directly to Gu Yanshen and stood in front of Lu Wenxing.



“Look, your hand should hold the collar on both sides, and then go down…”



“What are you doing?”


Qin Yu was shocked by the sudden voice and his hand shook.



Turning his head, he was about to reprimand the person who was making noise on the set, when he raised his eyes and saw Wen Zheng, the big moneymaker in the crew. He didn’t know when Wen Zheng arrived.


He felt the back of his hand ‘tingling’ from Wen Zheng’s stare, he silently withdrew his hand, and ‘golden backer’ almost came out of his mouth.



“Chief Wen …… you’re here to visit the set? How come you didn’t notify me in advance, I would have sent someone to pick you up.”


Wen Zheng’s eyes fell on Lu Wenxing. Without waiting for Lu Wenxing to act, Gu Yanshen had put his coat on Lu Wenxing, covering his chest.



Wen Zheng felt the veins on his forehead jump, and three couplets of questions popped up in his mind.


Was that how the crew usually filmed?


What was this scene?

Would the drama be given permission to be broadcast if it was done like this?




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