C43— A Gift

Lu Wenxing was sleepy. Looking at the words sent by Wei Ze, he suddenly had an absurd guess in his heart.


But no matter how absurd, nothing was more absurd than dreaming that you were a person in a book.


[Wei Lai Dingliu] He said that he wouldn’t abandon the novel. Indeed, he didn’t abandon it. For the most part of the year, it turned out that… it was rotten.


[ET] Who wrote it?



[Wei Lai Dingliu] The wind is not short, and the comments are all swearing at the author.



Lu Wenxing searched and found that ‘the wind is not short’ novels were serialized in Jinjiang Literature City, the latest novel was the one Wei Ze was talking about “When The Famous Top Star”.



The main characters: Xie Shiyi (suffer), Fu Sili (attack)



[TN: Suffer – bottom, attack – top]



Supporting characters: Lu Wenxing


Lu Wenxing clicked on the novel and quickly scrolled through.



In the beginning, the protagonist fought with his family because his father didn’t allow him to enter the entertainment industry. With the help of a friend, the protagonist was successfully signed into an entertainment company.



The main character was good-looking, sweet-talking, and especially modest and courteous, and the agent was particularly attentive to the newly signed artist. Because the resources on hand just finished, he planned to take one from the supporting role Lu Wenxing and give it to the main character.



The agent originally to give Lu Wenxing a replacement, however, Lu Wenxing made a scene in the company, and the same day he bumped into Boss Fu who went to the company to select guests. The leader was furious and canceled Lu Wenxing’s qualification to participate in the audition.





Lu Wenxing didn’t continue to read and switched back to the WeChat interface.




E.T [You’ve told me this story before?]




[WEI Lai Dingliu] the day you came to stay in my dormitory.




After Wei Ze reminded him of this, Lu Wenxing suddenly remembered.



Wang Man used the company banquet as an excuse to trick the sick Lu Wenxing into attending. Then Lu Wenxing went and found out that Wang Man was lying to him, there was no party at all, Wang Man wanted him to accompany Jiang Zhengqin.



Lu Wenxing wasn’t feeling well that day. Wang Man pushed him to Jiang Zhengqin. Jiang Zhengqin was getting closer and closer, and still wouldn’t let him leave. Lu Wenxing was already suffering from a headache, he was upset, then had an impulse to take the bottle on the table and smash it.




Taking advantage of the confusion, he escaped from the room.




The lock out time of the school dormitory was 11:30. Lu Wenxing couldn’t go back in time, so he called Wei Ze who lived in the company dormitory and wanted to stay with Wei Ze for one night.



That night, Lu Wenxing came out after taking a bath and saw Wei Ze writhing on the bed. He smiled widely, “It’s too sweet. The main character’s attack is really too sweet.”







If Wei Ze’s phone wasn’t still on a novel page, Lu Wenxing would have suspected that he was in love.



“I just started catching up today and read fifty chapters in one breath.”





Probably because Lu Wenxing’s reaction was too cold, Wei Ze’s desire to confide rose sharply.



“I’m telling you, it’s really nice. It’s just ……”





Wei Ze’s voice suddenly went down and became a little weak, “there is a cannon fodder that’s too bad, he hates the protagonist, oh, that cannon fodder is also called Lu Wenxing.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”




“Wenxing.” Wei Ze suddenly laughed, “I advise you to read this novel, in case you transmigrate one day ……”



Lu Wenxing ignored him, but Wei Ze pestered him. “As a good friend, it is necessary to tell you about the plot, in case you really transmigrate, the plot in hand can help you avoid being a cannon fodder.”



“The first step, you have to be far away from the main character attack[top]. The second step, find the right opportunity to hurry up and leave the entertainment company.”



Lu Wenxing had been lying down, Wei Ze ranted close to his ear.




“But it doesn’t matter. The protagonist is well liked by others, and you won’t be in trouble if you don’t frame him. But generally, you will be led by the world consciousness when transmigrating, which means that even if you want to get rid of the plot, you will be forced to take the cannon fodder route.”



“Or you can try to have a good relationship with the protagonist. The character of the protagonist is very good. If I transmigrate, I am willing to be 1 for my treasure.” Wei Ze yanked a corner of the quilt. “My treasure’s character is a little like Brother Wen Yu, but it’s a little softer.”


[TN: 1 – Top, 0 – bottom]



Lu Wenxing looked at him in surprise, “I thought you would say yourself.”





Wei Ze pretended to be shy, “It’s not impossible, but this time I’m a mom fan and CP fan.”



[TN: CP — Couple Pair]




That was all Lu Wenxing remembered, but these plots alone were seven percent similar to what happened to him before, the same resources were cut off. The main character was born rich, the attack [top] was a movie star, and the two were on the same variety show.





At that time he was drowsy, Wei Ze was beside him talking.



“I’ll tell you the latest chapter, the cannon fodder framed my treasure several times and was found by the fans, and then they collected evidence to upload online. The fans instantly attacked the cannon fodder”



“The cannon fodder is bad in the early stages, but he’s a bit tragic in the later stages. His legs were destroyed by a paranoid fan and he was stuck with a wheelchair for life. Oh yes, his parents were also indirectly k-illed, he also has a brother, because of the bad things he did, the brother was isolated by classmates.”



Later, Lu Wenxing with this bedtime story ……


fell asleep.




Lu Wenxing: “……”




[ET] Did you tell me that the main character is like Wen Yu?





[Wei Lai Dingliu] It seems that Wen Yu is also the child of a rich family. The richest man in our city is Wen Family Group. Of course, although Wen Yu’s surname is Wen, he shouldn’t be from the Wen Family.





[Wei Lai Dingliu] Since I became a fan of Gu Yanshen, the protagonists of all the novels I read have gained face.





Then Wei Ze threw several recent photos of Gu Yanshen to Lu Wenxing and intoxicated Lu Wenxing with Amway.




[TN: Amway — advertisement/promos]



[Wei Lai Dingliu] Isn’t he very handsome? Every time I see a movie star in a novel, I automatically compare them with the beauty of Brother Shen.



[ET] you added him in “When The Famous Top Star” ?



[WEI Lai Dingliu] When I read novels, I replace the male lead with him.




Lu Wenxing: “……”




His current mood was like a grass on the roadside.



He finally figured out that the dream he was extremely aware of …… was really just a dream.




Because Wei Ze was in his ear, although he didn’t transmigrate, he had a similar dream in the place of a cannon fodder.





As for the richest man in City C, Wen Yu or Gu Yanshen, that was also because of the topic they talked about before going to bed with Wei Ze.




And certain storylines in the novel coincided with what Lu Wenxing encountered during that time, and because of the dream that his brother’s family was implicated.





Lu Wenxing half-heartedly treated himself as a person in the book.




No wonder the subsequent plot direction and the novel wasn’t the same, because there was no butterfly effect, Wen Yu wasn’t the protagonist subject, the fact that he didn’t like men wasn’t strange now.




The novel’s protagonist attack wasn’t Gu Yanshen, but he dreamt of Gu Yanshen …… because of Wei Ze’s “all the male protagonists have Gu Yanshen’s face”





Lu Wenxing: “……”





After knowing that he wasn’t a cannon fodder, Lu Wenxing wasn’t happy for a while, he felt a little …… he didn’t know how to describe his mood.





In short, it was difficult to say.





[Wei Lai Dingliu] Why are you suddenly silent?





[ET] slept





[Wei Lai Dingliu] ah? I was just talking about the beginning.




[Wei Lai Dingliu] crying face.jpg


[Wei Lai Dingliu] Good night



Lu Wenxing laid down but didn’t sleep, complex emotions still hovering in his heart, he couldn’t say whether he was more glad or felt more helpless.



But also fortunately, this was only a ridiculous dream.





Two weeks before Christmas, Y University began its vacation, but Lu Wenxing didn’t return to China, he chose to participate in an interesting trip with some foreign students. Also in time for the last week of the holiday, he went on a trip to a neighboring city.





The domestic Chinese New Year was in February, Wen Huaizhe took Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng to Y city to accompany Lu Wenxing for the Chinese New Year, they came once in the summer, Wen Huaizhe deliberately bought a house near Y University, although he only stayed there three times, at least it was close to Lu Wenxing.



In the beginning of March, twenty days earlier than the scheduled return time, Lu Wenxing and Yan Xinyu were also on the same flight.



The day they returned home, Ji Yuan and Wen Huaizhe wanted to pick them up, but Lu Wenxing didn’t feel the need for him to go through such trouble, so they finally let Wen Zheng drive to pick up Lu Wenxing.



After the car drove into the city, Lu Wenxing realized that the route wasn’t right.




“Brother, did you take the wrong turn?”



“No, home is this way.”





The home that Wen Zheng was talking about wasn’t the apartment that Lu Wenxing had lived in, but the small villa that the Wen family was based in, the home that Lu Wenxing had lived in during his childhood.



He remembered that Wen Huaizhe had said that his identity couldn’t be disclosed to the public because there were things that hadn’t been investigated, but now Wen Zheng picked him up to go home …..



“Brother, everything has been clearly checked?”



“Almost. The evidence in hand has been submitted to the police, and the rest will be investigated by police intervention.”



“Is there something wrong with the couple that came to B City to find me before?”



Wen Zheng didn’t really want to mention what happened when he was lost.



“Well, evidence has been obtained, that couple is the one who brought you to B City back then. Dad and I both think they have other purposes, but the statement they gave on the police side was …… they found out about you from someone else.”



But the reason why Wen Zheng was sure they were lying was also because he learned from the Xia family that the couple had worked at the Yixing orphanage, and some of the lack of evidence hadn’t been handed over to the police. There was still a need to find the director and staff of the orphanage.



But Wen Zheng didn’t intend to tell Lu Wenxing.



In the knowledge that Lu Wenxing fell into the water at a young age and nearly died, his parents were heartbroken, and everyone tacitly agreed not to ask Lu Wenxing if he had memories of when he was lost.



Because the process of remembering was the same as going through it all over again, that memory was definitely not good for Lu Wenxing. Wen Zheng didn’t want Lu Wenxing to think back, nor did he want him to remember, he would take care of the rest, he just wanted Lu Wenxing to be happy.



When Wen Zheng saw that Lu Wenxing was staring, he spoke out and interrupted his thoughts.



“Don’t think about it. Don’t you like filming? Now that you are back, sign with Huayi company. Although Wen Yan isn’t reliable, the people under him are quite good.



Lu Wenxing: “…… Wen Yan is?”



“Dad’s brother, one year younger than me.”



That was, Lu Wenxing’s grandfather’s youngest son, Lu Wenxing thought about it and asked, “Dad has several brothers and sisters?”



“A total of four, Dad is the oldest in the family, Wen Yan is the youngest. Third aunt got married and settled in F country. Your second uncle… I don’t know where he is for the time being.”




“He likes to run around, disappearing every once in a while, and coming out when he wants to.”


Lu Wenxing: “……”



“I seem to remember that when I was a child, mother said she wanted to adopt a sister.”




Wen Zheng didn’t expect this memory to be so profound, “There was an accident and she wasn’t adopted.”



“Then Wen Yu was adopted later?”



“You know Wen Yu?” Wen Zheng looked at Lu Wenxing in surprise.


Lu Wenxing didn’t understand why Wen Zheng was so surprised, “He and I are both from MangCheng Entertainment company, and we also recorded the show together.”


“You guys are very close?”


Wen Zheng was unhappy again when he thought of this, there was a Xie Chengfei who ranked first, and a Gu Yanshen who he didn’t know his purpose and was somehow involved in it, but what about Wen Yu?


“Not too familiar.”


Hearing this, Wen Zheng was satisfied.



“He was adopted back when you were still in the Wen family, you got along for less than a month, having no impression is normal.”



Wen Zheng’s words held another meaning: you and Wen Yu only got along for a month, we get along for a longer time, so our relationship is better.


Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Did he tell you that he is the Wen family’s child?”


“No.” Lu Wenxing explained, “I knew by chance.”


Lu Wenxing chose to conceal the matter of mistaking the novel for the real thing, well …… it was too humiliating.


“The time when we recorded in G city, you went to the show to pick him up.”



But in fact, Lu Wenxing hadn’t seen Wen Zheng, he just heard Wen Yu say his big brother was coming to pick him up, so he knew it was Wen Zheng.



Wen Zheng didn’t notice the wrongness in the words because he remembered a related incident.




Wen Yu moved out of the Wen family when he was a freshman, and only came home during the New Year holidays.



Later, after entering the entertainment industry, Wen Yu didn’t return home for half a year. The day before the show, Wen Yu called Ji Yuan and said he wanted to go home after a break, so Wen Zheng happened to be in G City at that time, so Ji Yuan asked him to pick up Wen Yu.



When he went to pick up Wen Yu, he still remembered the youth he saw in the rearview mirror, although he didn’t see his face, but he was a little concerned.



“Did you wear a ginger down jacket that day?”



It was long ago, Lu Wenxing was unable to remember, but he remembered that day Wei Ze went to him, and said that they both had good matching coats, both particularly conspicuous.




A turmeric and a lake blue.


It did stand out in the crowd of white, gray and black coats.


“Right.” Lu Wenxing was a little surprised, “You saw me?”


“Noticed your clothes.”


The corners of Lu Wenxing’s eyes curved and he laughed, “My clothes must have been conspicuous.”




“I’m sorry.”




Wen Zheng’s sudden apology made him a little confused.


“What’s wrong?”


” I saw you so early, but I didn’t recognize you at first.”


“I look like our grandmother, so it’s normal that you didn’t recognize me.”


When Wen Zheng was three years old, their grandmother died, and the old family photos were in the Wen family’s old mansion, so Wen Zheng didn’t know what his grandmother looked like when she was young.



Lu Wenxing changed the topic, “Brother, why don’t you accompany me to go to Huayi to sign the contract in a few days?”




Wen Zheng agreed without even thinking about it, nothing was more important than his brother anyway.


It was spring in March, the sun shone warmly on his body, looking at the cherry blossom trees outside the car window, Lu Wenxing took out his cell phone to take a few pictures.


The last choice was a cherry blossom photo and a street scene photo.


Finally, he chose a cherry blossom and a street view photo.


[Lu Wenxing v] Cherry blossom.


During his time abroad, Lu Wenxing occasionally sent posts to share his daily life. After posting, fans soon occupied the comment area.



[Ah, ah, ah, ah, Wenxing finally posted again!!]


[Want to see Wenxing’s life photos]



[Wenxing, it’s been half a year, send a selfie, this child is dying of hunger]



[How do I feel that the photo posted by Wenxing …… is very much like the cherry blossom garden near my house?]


[Wenxing is back home!]



[Really, really? Wenxing has returned to China? He’s returning to the entertainment industry! Ahhhh, I’m turning into a screaming chicken]



[Yes! I’m here on Fuxi 2nd Road, and I just made a date with my classmate to go cherry blossom viewing next week!]


[I’m on Fuxi Second Road now? The photo was taken here, he must have passed by!]


[I want to meet by chance!!!]



[Ahhhhhhhhh, I can’t believe I’ve waited over a year for this.]


[ I thought I would definitely climb the wall, I didn’t even think …… that I was such a devoted person]


Lu Wenxing’s post was sent out less than ten minutes ago, then his phone rang.



Wen Zheng glanced at the caller ID on the phone without thinking.


Mr. Gu.


Wen Zheng: “……”



Lu Wenxing clicked to answer, “Hello, Mr. Gu.”


The car was quiet, even without the speakerphone on, Wen Zheng could hear Gu Yanshen’s voice.



“Wenxing, welcome back.”


“Thanks.” Lu Wenxing was in a good mood, and his voice sounded light.



“When are you free?”


Wen Zheng was driving expressionlessly, and when he heard this he became cautious, but he searched around in his mind, it seemed that there were no new movies that had been released recently ……



Wen Zheng just relaxed, only to hear Gu Yanshen’s voice.



“I got you a gift …… I want to give to you personally.”


Wen Zheng: “!”




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