The crew gave them a bag of money, which turned out to be exactly one thousand yuan, saying that it was the money for their mission, and that they weren’t allowed to use their own money during the mission.



Gu Yueze asked, “One thousand yuan to make five sets of Chinese costumes? Is the cost of materials included in this?”


Wei Weidong stiffened: “Yes.”


Yu Wenwen asked, “One thousand yuan, isn’t that enough?” She didn’t know much about Chinese costumes.



Li Hong shook her head, “I’m not sure of the cost, but the Hanfu I wore for a magazine shoot used to cost tens of thousands yuan.”


Jiang Yu’s eyes were about to pop out: “Tens of thousands?”



For stars, tens of thousands yuan for a set of clothes was very common, but it was impossible to do the task now and buy five sets of materials worth tens of thousands of yuan.



Wei Weidong quickly responded, “It’s not that exaggerated, there are expensive clothes and cheap clothes, of course, Chinese clothes are also the same.”



Shi Fei finally spoke, “The fabric of Hanfu is divided into chiffon, cotton and linen, silk, jacquard, etc. Even if we don’t count the cost of making the samples and buy the finished sample directly, the cheaper chiffon fabric is up to 300 yuan. And it’s generally worn in several layers, such as the chest jacket, divided into lining, top, petticoat.”



In short, it was a costly and fabric-intensive affair, one thousand definitely wasn’t enough.


Yu Wenwen quickly asked, “How do you know?”




Shi Fei waved his phone, “I just checked it.”



Wei Weidong said with a smile, “There must be some difficulties in the challenge.”




Everyone wanted to beat him. It wasn’t only a little difficult, it was very difficult.



But forget it. Many reality shows were supposed to record their process of overcoming difficulties, no matter how unwilling they were.


Then they found out that the breakdown was still to come, it took forty minutes to walk from Tang Yang Road to their current location in Lane 18.



It wasn’t enough time, and they’d waste time on the road, this was basically forcing them to spend money on a taxi, and then the budget would be reduced.


What was more, they were now in summer, the sun overhead was very big, if they walked for forty minutes, the makeup on their faces would melt, then it would definitely become the black history of their career.


Yu Wenwen thought, “If we can’t, let’s take a taxi. The money will still be spent.”



Li Hong also nodded: “Yes, I agree.”


Jiang Yu seconded the motion, and Shi Fei didn’t comment.



Finally, someone said that the money should be managed by someone, originally everyone was proposing Li Hong.



Li Hong hurriedly shook her head, “No, no, my memory has plummeted since I gave birth to a child. It would be bad if I lost the money.”



Yu Wenwen thought for a moment, “Let’s give it to Gu Yueze. He has the best memory.”




They had seen Gu Yueze’s amazing memory when they studied Chinese painting at the Idle Dreams Literary Club, so they were more comfortable with him.



Although Jiang Yu always complained that Gu Yueze had taken away the position next to his master, he was nevertheless convinced of Gu Yueze’s memory.


They thought Gu Yueze might refuse, but they didn’t expect him to be more forthcoming this time.



In the end, they spent sixty yuan to take two cars to the destination.



When they arrived at the place, they saw a girl standing at the intersection from a great distance.



She was wearing a cross-necked hanfu, the upper body was white with a blue cloud pattern at the collar, the lower body was a zhanqing-colored flounced jacket, and a dark blue belt lined the other’s waistline.


Her hair was loose, with braided hair on her head, and she wore a blue flannel.


Her round face and this dress made her look very sweet.


Her dress plus the sign she held in her hand, immediately let them know that she was the person in charge of taking them this time, Tian Sihan.


“Are you Tian Sihan, the person in charge?” Li Hong went up to greet her.


“Yes, yes, you guys are finally here.” Tian Sihan happily recognized all five people, “Really big stars ugh, it’s my first time seeing a live big star, you are all so thin, tall, handsome and beautiful.”


Shi Fei politely replied, “Why don’t we just walk and talk.” After all, they didn’t have too much time.


Tian Sihan nodded, “Yes, yes, that’s right, then let’s go, I’ll introduce you to my studio on the way.”


Tian Sihan was very quick, “My studio is called ‘Mu Xi Ge’, which is divided into design, publicity, production, sales, logistics, etc. The main thing is to make Hanfu and sell it to people who like Hanfu.”



Yu Wenwen complimented, “Wow, that sounds like a pretty big studio.”



Tian Sihan blushed and said, “It’s not bad, it’s just mainly because I like it.”


Shi Fei noticed the street, the road was paved by the green stone, the houses on both sides looked a bit like the ancient times’ retro streets.



White walls and black tiles, some of the walls were also painted, they probably heard that a star was coming, so many house doors were open, with some people excitedly taking pictures.




Shi Fei noticed that their doors had thresholds on them. These were retro style houses built in this way. From the look of these houses, they weren’t retro like the old houses that were rebuilt in the 18th Lane before.



He saw that Gu Yueze was also watching quietly. Shi Fei approached him and asked in a low voice, “What do you think?”



“This time, it’s going to be quite a challenge.”



Shi Fei nodded, he thought so too.


Jiang Yu, a simpleton, found this place very interesting, he heard the conversation between the two and asked, “What isn’t a small challenge?”




Shi Fei replied, “You’ll know in a moment.”



“It’s up ahead.” With a happy expression, Tian Sihan led everyone to the destination, everyone saw a house in front of the door labeled Tang Yang Road No. 18.



Then looking at this house, it seemed their expectations and reality wasn’t the same.




Shouldn’t the studio be a particularly formal one? And look at this one old house, it looked rundown.




If those houses in front was B-grade, then this house was F-grade.



The wooden door at the entrance was eroded by the long-term wind and rain, there were many moth-eaten holes, and even the door underneath had a big hole.



Everyone was very suspicious. As long as you laid on the ground, you could see the situation inside. There was a big iron lock hanging on the door.



“You guys wait a minute ha, I’ll first open the door, now there are too many thieves, I locked it after I went out.” Tian Sihan explained while pulling out a key from the small purse she had tied around her waist.




The door opened with the sound of a heavy wooden door creaking, “Come, come in, don’t be polite.”


Entering from the main entrance, there was a space supplemented by goose soft stone. Two pots of green plants were placed on both sides. In front of the main hall, there was a square table on which oranges, apples, melon seeds, etc. were placed. There was also a small incense burner with a picture in the picture frame in the front.



“What are you doing with this?” Jiang Yu pointed to this photo, “There are still incense burner fruits on the old one, so it’s not a tribute.”



“This is a picture of my idol, handsome, right?” As soon as he mentioned this, Tian Sihan said excitedly.



Jiang Yu’s mouth couldn’t help widening. The person in the picture was sitting on a sofa wearing a black sweater, with a back view that didn’t even show a side face. Could he tell whether he was handsome or not?





Tian Sihan was happy to introduce: “This is my idol, his name is Ai Wei, you should have heard of it, he’s Lan Lianfang’s designer, he is a genius.” Tian Sihan spoke with shining eyes, it was obvious that she was very excited, “Designer Ai Wei came out of nowhere four years ago, designed the first series of clothes on the “Yi Mei” magazine ……”




The following was the ten thousand words about Ai Wei.




Shi Fei had seen this expression many times, on those fans who liked him.




The entertainment industry and the fashion industry had walls, but they were more or less related, Lan Lian Fang was a clothing brand that had been developing very strongly in recent years. The new clothes of each quarter were those sought after by famous ladies.



Their new clothing styles were new and fashionable, and had the role of leading the direction of fashion.




Lanlianfang not only did fashion clothing, they heard that later on they also intervened in the Hanfu world, which was thought to be a group mockery, but the result was that they came up with excellent creative designs to conquer the Hanfu circle.


Of course that was all they knew about the Hanfu category.


However, Ai Wei was said to be the chief designer of Lanlianfang. Lanlianfang had become a famous brand since it was unknown to the public at the beginning. Ai Wei could be said to be a founder of the company.



Faced with Tian Sihan’s pile of praises, Shi Fei touched his nose, he didn’t know what to say.


Yu Wenwen asked: “You worship to pay tribute to him?”


Tian Sihan said naturally, “Yes, Ai We has magic power, after my previous sisters in Hanfu paid tribute him, their Hanfu store’s business is getting better and better.”



Shi Fei: “…… actually they don’t have to, he isn’t that powerful.”


Tian Sihan: “It’s necessary, you don’t understand, you’re not brother Ai Wei, you don’t know what he’s great at.”


Shi Fei: “……” He wanted to go back, he didn’t want to record this episode.




Next Tian Sihan took them around the ancient mansion, which had a total of three rooms inside.



One was Tian Sihan’s bedroom, another looked like a studio with a sewing machine and several hanfus hanging inside, and the last one was a grocery room.



After going around, Jiang Yu asked, “Didn’t you say that there were many departments in the studio? Where are the others?”


Tian Sihan patted her chest and said with a confident expression, “Me.”




Suddenly Jiang Yu had a bad feeling, “You don’t mean to say? ……”





Tian Sihan said with a big smile, “Since this studio is in the early stage of establishment, the economy is tight, so currently I, the owner, am also a designer, the promoter, the salesman and so on.”





Jiang Yu rubbed his forehead: “I’m afraid you’re not just financially strapped, you’re even more strapped than we are.”



Li Hong spoke next, “I was counting on you to help us out, but now it seems to be out of the question.”



Poor on top of poor, the program team could really play.





Shi Fei helplessly smiled, he and Gu Yueze looked at each other, the two had a ‘really so’ look in their eyes.





Now that things had come to this point, they could only focus on lunch for now.



Due to the economic tension in Muxi Pavilion, Tian Sihan could only wronged the big stars and took them to eat Shaxian snacks.




This was probably the first time these stars had been so poor.




The result was that when they finished eating, the restaurant was surrounded by a lot of fans, fortunately the program team had taken this into account, with security guards, it was easy to handle.





Except Shi Fei, no one else here had ever eaten this food. At first, they were worried that they wouldn’t get used to it. In the end, these people didn’t have any problems.





Yu Wenwen, in particular, was very happy with her food.



After eating a bowl of wontons, two stacks of steamed dumplings, three chicken legs, Tian Sihan was frozen, she hurriedly looked at the money in her pockets, she didn’t know if it was enough to pay, the budget seemed to be overspent.





Looking at Yu Wenwen blearily, she quietly asked, “Don’t you stars all have to keep in shape? Is it okay for you to eat so much?”



Yu Wenwen swallowed the food in her mouth, “It’s okay, I don’t get fat.”



Tian Sihan puffed out her round face, “I’ve decided to start hating you because I’m one who grows fat by drinking water.” But the most envious and jealous was Yu Wenwen.





That little puffed up face was quite cute.




Everyone couldn’t help but laugh.




After eating, everyone had to go back to listen to Tian Sihan’s lecture about the classification and culture of Hanfu.





Tian Sihan introduced it very seriously, sent the relevant information to them and said, “There are still quite a lot of types of Hanfu, this is some Hanfu information and styles that I sorted out overnight, time is limited, this can’t be said for a while, in a while everyone will see what style you like and then draw original designs.”





“You still have to be able to design? I can’t, I’m a bad drawer, I have no talent.” Yu Wenwen hurriedly shook her head.





“My level is only at the kindergarten level.” Jiang Yu was very clear about his drawing level.





Tian Sihan continued, “It’s okay if you can’t draw, you can go to the painter’s side and tell them what you want them to draw, but then there will be an extra royalty for the drawing.”




Jiang Yu asked, “How much is it?”





Tian Sihan said, “Hundreds or thousands, usually depending on the artist’s ability.”





Yu Wenwen was surprised, “Hundreds of thousands, how can we have that much money?” They only had a total of 1,000 yuan and paid 60 yuan for the bus fare, a design would cost thousands, they were five people.





Not to mention the cost of materials for the clothes and so on.





The crowd finally understood that the program team was planning to fix them to death.





Tian Sihan: “I’m not very good at drawing, are there any of you who are good at drawing? This way we can save the cost of hiring an artist.”





When this question was asked, Li Hong, Yu Wenwen and others looked at Shi Fei with a light in their eyes.





Jiang Yu also said with an excited expression, “Yes, what are we worried about? We have an ace painter here.”




Li Hong said, “I almost forgot, Shi Fei, this difficult task, sister will leave it to you.”





Shi Fei pursed his lips, “There is still a difference between that drawing and design, drawing well does not necessarily mean that I will draw design drawings.” And then looking at the crowd’s expectant eyes, he continued, “Well, even if I can make do as a painter, the material costs a lot. More than nine hundred is not enough at all.”




Gu Yueze spoke indifferently, “Money is not a problem, I’ll solve it.”





The crowd looked at him in confusion, how would you solve it ah?





But Shi Fei was very assured when it came to Gu Yueze’s ability, he was the Gu Group President, making money in a short period of time should be his strong point, he turned to the crowd: “Since Gu Yueze said we should leave it to him to solve, I believe he can.”





Gu Yueze glanced sideways at Shi Fei, his expression didn’t change, but inwardly he was surprised.





Did he believe in him so much?



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