C44 — Wen Family Dinner Party



The third day after Lu Wenxing’s return to China, Wen Zheng’s subsidiary went public, and a celebration was held at the five-star hotel under the name of the Wen family.


There were many people who came to the banquet that night, this kind of occasion was usually used for socializing and socializing, most of those who could receive the invitation would come.



Lu Wenxing met Wen Yan at the banquet, he was handsome, and he looked extraordinary in a suit, he seemed like a typical successful elite, not as unreliable as Wen Zheng said.


“Are you really Xingxing?”


Wen Yan came closer and walked around the Lu Wenxing. “At first sight, you’re not like my elder brother at all.”


Lu Wenxing: “…”


Those who had met Wen’s family for three generations knew that the Wen’s family’s features were inherited from one generation to another. However, in the eyes of those who didn’t know, the Wen’s family members were very individual, each of them was handsome, but everyone looked like a different person.




When Wen Yan and Wen Huaizhe stood together, and no one would regard them as brothers.



“My great nephew didn’t recognize you, yet he sent you to my company. Surely …… this is called brotherly love?”




Wen Yan’s words were inexplicable. Maybe he was teasing, or maybe he was just like that.




Standing behind, was a high cold CEO, his persona instantly collapsed.





“Xiao Xing, why aren’t you saying ……”



Wen Yan hadn’t finished, when Wen Zheng came up and grabbed his back collar, “Why are you so close?”


“I can’t touch my little nephew?”


Wen Yan stared at him, as if Wen Zheng’s words were unjustifiable. Then, he poked Lu Wenxing’s arm and then poked Lu Wenxing’s face in front of Wen Zheng.


“See, I just touched him.”


Lu Wenxing: “……” Wen Yan just turned three years old today, right?



The corners of Wen Zheng’s mouth twitched, he was too lazy to pay attention to Wen Yan, “ignore him, he acts mad ……”



“Wen Zheng, I heard you.” Wen Yan slyly glanced at him, “You were so annoying when you were a child, every time Xingxing and I played, you came out to disturb us.”


Wen Zheng sneered, “Should I ask the security guard to come over and play with you?”




“I suddenly remembered that I invited Mr. Jiang to come with me today. Xingxing, I can’t play with you, I’ll go find Mr. Jiang first.”



Lu Wenxing: “……”


“Do you want to join me later?”


On such occasions, business talks were unavoidable. If Lu Wenxing was interested, Wen Zheng was willing to take him with him.


“I don’t know anything about shopping malls, I’m going to get to know other artists.”


The people present today weren’t only the bosses of major industries, but also celebrities from other fields, including stars from the entertainment industry.


“Okay, then if you are tired later you can go to the room upstairs to rest.”



Lu Wenxing nodded and let Wen Zheng go about his business. He sat on the sofa, took a sip of wine, then saw Song Jiajia walking in from the door.



As the first sister of Huayi Media, Song Jiajia often attended such banquets, sometimes together with Wen Yan. She had a shoot in the afternoon, so she arrived late, accompanied by her manager Xu Rong.


Song Jiajia attracted countless eyes as soon as she entered the door, a s-exy black dress was too eye-catching, and she instantly stood out compared to other female celebrities.


“Sister Jia.”


“Wenxing, you’re here too?”



Song Jiajia still didn’t know that Lu Wenxing had signed a contract with Huayi, and was surprised to see him appear at the Wen family’s banquet.




The Wen family didn’t deliberately hide Lu Wenxing’s identity, but Lu Wenxing rarely appeared in the public eye, so those who knew him only knew that he was an artist, and those who didn’t, didn’t know who he was.



Ji Yuan planned to find a suitable place to disclose Lu Wenxing’s life experience.



“Well, I’m going to sign with Hua Yi.”



Lu Wenxing didn’t explain too much. Song Jiajia naturally believed that Lu Wenxing had received an invitation because he had signed a contract.


“I don’t know if Gu Yanshen is coming.”


“He also received an invitation?”


“Definitely, I just don’t know if he’ll come.”


The number of times Song Jiajia and Gu Yanshen met wasn’t small, but not in private. Rather, it was this kind of public occasion, and it was common in the entertainment industry to be invited to a dinner or ceremony.



If today wasn’t the banquet held by the Wen Group, Song Jiajia wouldn’t come, she just wanted to go back to rest, but Huayi was part of the Wen Group, since their boss attended, the company’s other artists would also follow the attendance.



“Then I’ll text him.”



“The day after tomorrow night, there are several big brand parties, do you want to go?” Sheng Chao looked at the schedule.






Gu Yanshen refused simply. He didn’t like those occasions. Unless he had to attend, he would avoid it.


“All right, then I’ll refuse.”



Gu Yanshen put the back seat down and laid on the leather seat, making money for his cub.



After another defeat in the war, Gu Yanshen suddenly sat up from his position, “I’ve spent so much money. Why can’t I improve my combat effectiveness?”



Sheng Chao: “…… Game currency isn’t everything.”


Gu Yanshen: “……”


There was a limit on the number of games. Ordinary players played three games a day, and Krypton gold players only played ten games at most. Gu Yanshen, who had used up his last chance, stared at the big word “failure” on the screen with a gloomy expression.





His phone vibrated twice, and several messages popped up in the notification bar.


Gu Yanshen clicked on it and found that it was a message from Lu Wenxing.


[ET] Location Sharing


[ET] Me and Sister Jia are at Hai Cheng Hotel, will you come?


The last one was a photo of Lu Wenxing and Song Jiajia sitting on the sofa eating a cupcake “Go to Haicheng Hotel.”




Sheng Chao sat on the passenger side and turned his head in confusion. Usually after Gu Yanshen failed to play the game, he would be depressed for a while, but today he sounded …… like he was looking forward to it?


“Is Mr. Gu going to the Haicheng Hotel? Then I’m going to turn around.” The one driving was the company’s driver, Xiao Li.






“What are you going to Haicheng for?” Sheng Chao was baffled.




“Just to attend the Wen family’s banquet, didn’t you receive an invitation last week?”



Sheng Chao certainly remembered, Gu Yanshen already said he didn’t want to go, how come he suddenly wanted to?




Just now, he refused the brand so decisively, but he suddenly changed his mind?





“I thought you didn’t like to attend such parties?”



Sheng Chao asked again and again, Gu Yanshen finally raised an eyebrow, “You’re going on a date later?”





“Not really. I just promised to accompany Si Si to dinner later.”




Sheng Chao clearly distinguished his work from his life. He would never think about love when working. It was mainly because he asked Gu Yanshen last week and Gu Yanshen said he wouldn’t go, so he made plans.





“Then take her with you.” Gu Yan thought deeply, “Maybe you can go to her. It’s a private trip, so you don’t need to follow me.”



Sheng Chao was still very dutiful as an agent, and chose the first one after a moment of hesitation. “Then I’ll talk to Si Si.”




“She won’t be angry if the date is interrupted?”



“No, the company Si Si is going to intern at next week happens to be Huayi Media, so it’ll be good for her.”



“Why don’t you let her go to my studio, you can still take care of her.”




“Don’t look at her as a good girl, she’s very career-minded. She wants to put in her own resume, just let her.”




Gu Yanshen didn’t know how couples got along with each other, so he didn’t ask more questions. If he asked more questions, he’d be fed dog food, so it was unnecessary.




[TN: Dog food — when a couple rubs their romance in your face intentionally or unintentionally.]




Eight o’clock in the evening.



Wen Yu, accompanied by Wang Man, also came. In the past six months, he had become popular because of his new drama. Wherever he went, someone would call him “Brother Wen”.




In less than ten minutes, the stars who came over to toast were in the minority, but Wen Yu didn’t show any impatience.





“I always thought Wen Yu’s persona was a performance, but I didn’t expect him to be so genial.”





“He is really nice ah, those anti fans who create something out of nothing are really too disgusting.”





There was a anti fan assertion that Wen Yu’s real persona would definitely be revealed, but until now, his temperament had been famous for being calm and gentle in the entertainment industry. Wen Yu treated all the new young stars and the seniors in the entertainment circle equally.


He wouldn’t fawn on anyone and never looked down upon anyone.


Fans knew Wen Yu’s family was good, and they all praised him for his self-restraint and good home training.




When he saw Lu Wenxing and Song Jiajia sitting in a small corner, Wen Yu walked over with his glass of wine.


“Wenxing, Sister Jiajia.”


“So the Wen family even invited you.”


Song Jiajia clinked glasses with him and casually greeted him.


“I didn’t expect to see Sister Jiajia again either, what a coincidence.” Wen Yu said and turned to Lu Wenxing.


“Welcome back, Wenxing.”



What Wen Yu said was welcome back, not welcome.



Song Jiajia didn’t understand the subtext, but Lu Wenxing did, Wen Yu was referring to welcoming him back to the Wen family.








Lu Wenxing answered calmly, and Wen Yu sat down opposite him.


“Are you used to living abroad?”


“Not bad.”



After there were no worries, Lu Wenxing was able to communicate with Wen Yu openly, although he didn’t feel that he and Wen Yu would have anything in common.


Lu Wenxing was bored and checked his mobile phone with his head down. Gu Yanshen had sent a message.


【。】 where are you?


Lu Wenxing looked sideways towards the door, Gu Yanshen was also looking for him, when their eyes met, Lu Wenxing waved towards him.



“So lively?”


Gu Yanshen looked at Wen Yu and Song Jia Jia who were sitting across from Lu Wenxing.



“I thought Brother Shen wasn’t attending.”



Gu Yanshen didn’t say anything and sat next to Lu Wenxing, “The Wen family invited you too?”



“Well, I signed with Huayi.” Lu Wenxing answered Gu Yanshen, then greeted the two people standing, “Good evening Brother Sheng Chao, Si Yu.”



“Good evening Wenxing.”


Ever since she saw Wen Yu, Qin Siyu’s eyes fell on him, she always felt that Wen Yu looked very much like the brother Yu she remembered, but Wen Yu didn’t seem to know her at all.


Qin Siyu didn’t know if she was mistaken, or if Little Brother Yu had forgotten her.


“Hello, Wen Yu.” Qin Siyu deliberately greeted Wen Yu.


Wen Yu smiled in response, “Hello.”


Lu Wenxing suddenly remembered, last time Qin Siyu asked him about Wen Yu, today Wen Yu was in front of her, why didn’t she ask? Was it because there were many people?



Maybe Qin Siyu’s gaze was too blunt, Wen Yu couldn’t hold back from asking, “Excuse me, is there something on my face?”



“Sorry, you look a lot like a friend of mine.” Qin Siyu finished her explanation carefully, “His name is Xiao Yu ……”




Wen Yu smiled, “You’re mistaken, maybe his name is a bit similar to mine. But I really don’t know you.”


“Don’t know?”


Wen Zheng walked over at some point, Qin Siyu turned her head, “Mr. Wen.”


“Miss Qin is very much on your mind.”


Wen Yu’s face stiffened, “I’m really not acquainted with Miss Qin.”




“She may have forgotten to introduce herself, her name is Qin Siyu, her nickname is …… Si Si.”




Wen Yu’s eyes flashed with a trace of panic, but he quickly regained his composure.


“So you’re Si Si.”


“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, you’ve grown.” Wen Yu’s face immediately showed delight, “I didn’t expect to see you again, it’s really a good coincidence.”



“Little brother Yu, you changed your name ah? Why haven’t you returned to the orphanage …… for a long time?”



Qin Siyu’s voice was a little loud, then she suddenly realized that Wen Yu was a star, mentioning his life in public wasn’t good, she might be heard by people who had an interest.



Lu Wenxing could see that Qin Siyu had something to say, so he stood up from the sofa, “I’m going to the bathroom.”




“I’m going to eat something.” Song Jiajia also stood up.




Gu Yanshen came to find Lu Wenxing, once Lu Wenxing left, he didn’t intend to sit, knowing that Sheng Chao would accompany Qin Siyu, Gu Yanshen went to wait for Lu Wenxing.





Wen Yu felt a headache. He never thought that the girl in front of him would be Qin Siyu. Qin Siyu unexpectedly ran into the Wen family again.




Ever since Lu Wenxing signed into Mang Cheng Entertainment, the plot had gotten out of control. It shouldn’t be like this, Wen Yu’s hand holding the wine glass subconsciously tightened.


The waiter came over, “Mr. Wen, your father is calling you over.”




Wen Zheng followed the waiter and left. He wasn’t interested in seeing Wen Yu act. Wen Yu wouldn’t do anything to Qin Siyu with Sheng Chao there.




Qin Siyu didn’t notice the atmosphere was wrong.





She could see Wen Yu and learned that Wen Yu was Xiao Yu. She was now happy.



There were so many people at the party so Qin Siyu didn’t mention anything about it. “Brother Xiao Yu, can I get your WeChat account? It’s inconvenient to talk here. I want to ask you to chat when I have time.”



As soon as Wen Zheng left, Wen Yu felt relieved.







He raised a decent smile and took out his phone to exchange WeChat accounts with Qin Siyu, “Then we’ll be in touch afterwards, I’ll excuse myself for a moment.”





Looking at Wen Yu’s leaving figure, Qin Si Yu muttered in a low voice, “It’s so strange, why do I feel like Little brother Yu isn’t very happy to see me?”





“Didn’t you add him on WeChat? Let’s talk after something happens.” Sheng Chao reassured her, what she didn’t say was that Wen Yu did give off a not-so-real feeling.





Wen Yu walked all the way out of the lobby and went around to the garden behind the hotel, the night breeze brushed his face, but his nerves hadn’t relaxed.



He walked towards the dark place where no one was, looked at the delicate flowers in the dark night, reached his fingers towards the flower path, tightened his fingers hard, and uprooted them.





If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of Qin Siyu, Wen Yu would have forgotten that the original body’s nickname was Xiao Yu.





The smile on Wen Yu’s face was replaced by ruthlessness, and in the gloomy light, his white face looked a bit frightening.





People who knew about Wen Yu’s life might think that he was jealous of the lost child of the Wen family, but actually no, the person he was jealous of was Si Si.



No one knew that Wen Yu wasn’t actually from this world.





Nor would anyone know that this world was actually a novel written by an author whose pen name was Windy Long Long, the title of the book was “When the Top Star”.




The first time Wen Yu saw this novel, there was little interest in the main character’s smooth life, in Wen Yu’s opinion, it was a silly sweet spoiled text.




The main character in the novel was called Wen Chi, the youngest son of the richest Wen family in C City, who had been spoiled by his parents since childhood, and had a brother who protected him in every way.





After growing up and entering the Wen Group’s Huayi Media, he began a smooth road of acting and was lucky enough to be paired with movie star Gu Yanshen, who fell in love with him and they ended up living happily together.




Wen Yu didn’t like men, and he was even less interested in novels. The reason why he read this was….





There was a supporting role named Qin Sisi in the novel.




She was an abandoned baby just like Wen Yu.



But she was luckier than Wen Yu because she was brought home by Ji Yuan and became the third young lady of the Wen family.


She was chauffeured to and from home, wore beautiful clothes, ate good food every day, went to an expensive school, and was courted by a group of people.


But who was she?



They were both orphans, why was Wen Si Si more fortunate than him?


He didn’t know if it was his deep grudge or what, but when Wen Yu woke up and transmigrated into this novel, he coincidentally was in the same orphanage as Sisi, who wasn’t yet the third Miss of the Wen family.




The boy named Xiao Yu left this world long after he fell into the water.




Wen Yu felt that this was his chance.




However, he didn’t expect that while Qin Sisi grew up in favor, some of her real estate and shares were given by Wen Family, and even her wedding ceremony was conducted by the Wen Family, which was grand, so Qin Sisi was also popular.


And he




No shares, no real estate, the Wen family would only give him money.


Why couldn’t he get those same things?



“Sir, why are you here alone?”


The voice behind him made Wen Yu’s sanity return instantly, and when he turned around Wen Yu had already regained his gentle expression.


“I drank too much wine, I’m a little dizzy.”


“Do you want me to help you to rest?”


“No, thanks.”


The waiter watched Wen Yu leave, and just as he turned around, he saw the ground of valuable flower seeds that had been uprooted, his expression suddenly changed.








“I thought it was strange before, why Wen Yu didn’t develop properly in the Wen family’s company, why did he run to the entertainment industry, it turns out that he is not favored at all.”


“What are you talking about?”


“I’m not talking nonsense, Wen Yu isn’t even in the Wen family’s account book.”


“Keep your voice down, discussing the Wen family gossip in the Wen family’s territory, do you want to be kicked out?”


“I’ve looked, there’s no one in the cubicle. It was my father who insisted that I come along, knowing that I hate this kind of socializing, everyone has a ‘mask’ on their face, hypocritical as hell.”


The young man complained and continued.



“I’ve heard my dad say before that Wen Yu only got the mercy of the Wen family after he hurt his leg, and after they knew he could be cured, the Wen family found him a new home that wasn’t bad. It was the Xu family of A city, the family was well-off, and the couple couldn’t conceive a child, Wen Yu would be the only son, but Wen Yu refused to go, can you say why?”


“You’ve had too much to drink, say a few words less. At that time, Wen Yu was how old? How could he know so much, don’t talk nonsense when you go outside, in case they are ……”



Lu Wenxing didn’t expect to listen to the gossip, he just wanted to wash his hands. Acting as if no one was there, Lu Wenxing intended to turn around and leave, and was caught off guard when he crashed into Gu Yanshen’s arms.


“Teacher Gu?”


“Wrong way again?”


Gu Yanshen looked at the dumbfounded Lu Wenxing with amusement.



The people in the washroom immediately came out and saw Lu Wenxing and Gu Yanshen, their faces suddenly turned white, the other youth pushed the youth walking in front, “Let’s go.”


“Why are you hiding from them?”


“I’m not hiding.”



Lu Wenxing was planning to wash his hands before going to Song Jiajia for a cupcake.




“I asked you the day before yesterday, and you said you didn’t have time recently. How come today you have time to come to the banquet?”




Lu Wenxing blinked, “Because I came to this banquet, so I didn’t have time.”





Gu Yanshen: “……”





“Then may I ask if you have time now?” Gu Yanshen looked at him helplessly.





Lu Wenxing nodded.




“Come out with me for a moment, I’ll give you the gift.”




Lu Wenxing was amazed, “Teacher Gu still carried a gift with him when he goes out?”





“Yes, I’m so humble.” Amusement flashed Gu Yanshen’s eyes, he half jokingly said, “It’s clearly a gift, but I still have to ask the person receiving the gift if they have time first.”




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