C33—- Going To See Xingxing

Lu Wenxing had an afternoon flight.


Before leaving, Yan Xinyu called him and said that her family would take her to the airport and asked if he wanted to leave together.

Lu Wenxing politely declined, he planned to take a taxi to the airport by himself, he didn’t want to disturb Yan Xinyu’s family’s last time together before leaving the country.


Just after hanging up, Lu Wenxing received several wechat messages from his friends, as well as several artists from the variety show and the “Hundred Ghosts” crew.



[song Jiajia] Xiao Xing, have a nice trip! When you come back….



[ET] OK, I’ll invite sister Jia to dinner.



【. ] T_T I have something scheduled. I can’t catch up to see you off.

[et] it doesn’t matter. Country y is not far away
[et] cat probe.jpg



[ Top Star Wei] Wenxing, we’re waiting for you to come back



[et] waiting for your concert



After responding to the messages, WeChat popped up, a voice call from Wen Zheng.


They added each other on WeChat yesterday at the dinner table.


“Wenxing, have you packed yet?”


“Ah…well, yes.”



“I don’t have anything to do this afternoon, can I take you to the airport?”

Lu Wenxing just thought Wen Zheng was calling to say goodbye, but he didn’t expect him to see him off in person?


“Wouldn’t it be too much trouble?”



“No, I’m doing something near your school this morning. I’ll pass by, I’m in front of the school, you can come out if you’re ready.”


Until he hung up the phone, Lu Wenxing was still a little confused. Wen’s family was different from the richest family in his imagination, and was extraordinarily approachable.


Lu Wenxing doubted whether he was too cautious about Wen Yu. Maybe he didn’t mean anything else? The Wen family was quite friendly?


Lu Wenxing gave up thinking, he dragged the suitcase straight to the school entrance.



Wen Zheng drove a black SUV today and parked it not far away, Lu Wenxing walked over and realized Ji Yuan was also in the car.



“Hello, auntie.”



“Is there only two suitcases?” Ji Yuan got out of the car and wanted to help Lu Wenxing – but was stopped by Wen Zheng, “I’ll do it.”



He helped Lu Wenxing put the suitcases into the trunk, “Then are you ready?”


“Yes, I’ll trouble Wen…brother and auntie to make a hard trip.”



“You’re not. Yesterday, we agreed not to be so polite. Wen Zheng is a few years older than you, it’s just a brother sending his brother.”



Yesterday Ji Yuan asked Lu Wenxing’s flight time, today she and Wen Zheng were purposely waiting here.



“I’m also going to Y some time later, I haven’t been back to my alma mater for more than ten years, so I guess I’ll have to bother you to take me for a walk afterwards.”



“No problem, then I’ll be sure to get familiar with the environment in advance and wait for auntie to come over.”


On the way, Ji Yuan looked for various topics to chat about with Lu Wenxing.



Since yesterday, Lu Wenxing felt that Ji Yuan was trying to get close to him. The strange thing was that Lu Wenxing himself was a wary person, and when Wen Yu showed him affection before, his first reaction was to try to avoid it.



But Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng were also Wen family members, so why didn’t he feel that way?



Even in the process of getting along, apart from the initial bit of arrangement, the relationship became much closer after a meal.



Lu Wenxing didn’t reject Ji Yuan’s closeness, because he also subconsciously wanted to have more contact with Ji Yuan. Maybe it was because Ji Yuan was really gentle, or maybe there was something else, but Lu Wenxing couldn’t say for himself.



After sending Lu Wenxing to the airport, Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng didn’t leave immediately, they accompanied Lu Wenxing to pick up the tickets, and waited for Lu Wenxing to finish the security check before the two left reluctantly.



Lu Wenxing had just arrived at Y University and had to send texts to his friends and relatives at home to report peace one by one, and he didn’t even have time to recover from the jet lag, he was in the middle of a busy schedule.



What he didn’t know was that the day after he left, Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng had already discussed visiting his adoptive parents.



The three of them drove to B City, and the car drove into the small county, causing people on the road to look at them sideways and sigh.



Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng went shopping at the mall at noon and prepared some gifts for Xie Cheng Fei’s biological parents.



When they came out of the mall and saw the car that Wen Huaizhe was driving, Ji Yuan was so angry that she almost sent him back.



-On the way, Ji Yuan argued with Wen Huaizhe about the car.



“I told you that the parents are from an ordinary family. If you don’t drive a low-key car, and you drive a $30 million car, are you going to visit or show off your wealth?”



Wen Huaizhe was a little aggrieved by Ji Yuan’s comment, “Didn’t I prepare properly according to your wishes? I want to meet Wenxing’s adoptive parents for the first time and leave a good impression on them.”



“Can you leave a good impression?”



“Mom, we’re almost there, so don’t argue with Dad, it’ll be a joke if people see you.”



“That’s right, that’s right.”



Wen Huaizhe agreed with him, he didn’t even smile in the company, many employees were scared when they saw him, but he never put up a fight with his family, Ji Yuan was the one who decided everything at home.


If he had known that his father was so unreliable in such an important matter, he would never have agreed to let him drive to pick him up.


After passing through two closed compounds, the car stopped in front of – a small two-story self-built house.



“This is it.”



Wen Zheng went around the trunk and took out all the gifts he bought this afternoon. If he hadn’t persuaded her, Ji Yuan would have wanted to buy a dozen more.



The three of them stood outside the courtyard, there was no doorbell on the iron gate, so Wen Zheng could only shout directly, “Hello, is anyone home?”



Ms. Lu came out with a broom and saw three decent-looking strangers and asked warily, “Who are you looking for?”



“Sorry to disturb you. We are looking for Ms. Lu Xiaofei and Mr. Xie Nian.” Ji Yuan pulled away from Wen Zheng and took a -step forward.



“I am Ms. Lu, what can I do for you?” Lu Xiaofei didn’t open the door directly, but communicated with them through the iron door.



The neighbors in small towns were close to each other, and any noise could attract people to look around.



“Yoo-hoo, this car looks so expensive.”



“Although I don’t know much, this model is definitely a luxury car.”



“To find Lu Xiaofei?”



“It’s not some distant relative, right? Does Lu Xiaofei’s mother’s family have such rich relatives?”



Ji Yuan wasn’t used to being surrounded by gawking people like this, and even when they gossiped, they didn’t even avoid the person concerned.



“I’m sorry for the interruption! I’m here for the matter of Xing…Lu Wenxing, can you let us in to talk?”



Lu Xiaofei carefully surveyed the three people in front of him, even without looking at the luxury cars, just by looking at their temperament and the way they talked, she could feel that their families were well-off.



“Come on in.”



Lu Xiaofei pulled the bolt and opened the big iron door, “The car is not allowed to drive in.”



“We parked outside.”



Lu Xiaofei had a hunch that when the woman in front of her said she was here for Wenxing, she had already guessed it, so when Ji Yuan said, “Wenxing is my biological child,” it wasn’t much of a surprise.



It was one thing not to be surprised, with the last middle-aged couple’s visit, Lu Xiaofei wouldn’t believe it easily.



“Is there any evidence?”



“There is.”



Wen Zheng took out five thick photo albums from one of the bags, “This is all the photos of Wenxing from his birth to before he was lost.”



Lu Xiaofei opened the album, the first one was a picture of Wenxing when he was born, still lying on the scale, a small ball, his eyes weren’t yet open.



Then there were photos of the first month, two months, three months until one year old, you could see that the family loved this child.

But Lu Xiaofei wasn’t sure the child in the photo was Wenxing.



“This is the second book.”



Wen Zheng handed another photo album to Lu Xiaofei, which was the photos of one to two years old, some were captured, some were taken by a special photographer, the style of the photos differed greatly, the only thing that was the same was the beautiful font under the photos could be seen every few pages.



Lu Xiaofei saw a familiar figure in the fifth album, the slightly grown-up Lu Wenxing, who looked exactly the same as he did when he first arrived home, and the …… clothes Lu Wenxing was wearing when he was rescued.



Ji Yuan pointed to that photo, “The day Wenxing was lost, he was wearing this.”



Seeing this, Lu Xiaofei already believed-mostly, but she still didn’t intend to just let go.



“You just said you’re from C City, B City is far from C City, not far, not close, it takes more than two hours to drive. He was so small, and how did he get to B City?”



“In fact, we suspect that the child was secretly carried away by human traff-ickers, but there is no evidence.” Wen Huaizhe took a deep breath.



“I checked at the time, there was – a group of traffi-ckers staying there near where Xingxing was lost. Later, we assisted the police in catching the traffickers in G City and rescued many abducted children, but no Wenxing.”



“The police repeatedly asked questions, and the traffickers denied it. There was no other evidence to prove that the traffickers had abducted him, and the police found out where they were trading and hiding, but there was no trace of him either.”


Wen Huaizhe was committed to investigating this group of traffickers, he was sure that the traffickers and Xingxing was related, the traffickers went to prison, but they still refused to admit it.



To this day, Wen Huaizhe’s doubts hadn’t diminished.



“Ms. Lu, I’ve actually met Xingxing. The day he left the country, his brother and I also went to see him off.”



“When I first saw him, I was very sure that he was my child.”



It wasn’t just that Lu Wenxing looked like his grandmother, it was more of a gut feeling as a mother.



The world was so big, there would always be people who looked alike. Ji Yuan wouldn’t conclude that just because of the looks, but the looks made Ji Yuan even more sure that her intuition wasn’t wrong.



Maybe it was telepathy, maybe it was a bloodline connection.



Whichever the reason, the child she gave birth to in October would never be mistaken.



Lu Xiaofei sat on the sofa and looked at Ji Yuan in silence.


“I haven’t told him the truth, the purpose of coming here today – is to express my gratitude, secondly, I want to ask, does he know that you’re not his biological parents?”



Lu Xiaofei, who was also a mother, was touched after hearing these words. There were many parents who came to identify their children, and each one of them was eager to see him, Lu Xiaofei could understand how difficult it was for the mothers of lost children.



But it was really the first time she saw a mother like Ji Yuan, even if her heart was anxious, the first thing she thought of was her child.



Ji Yuan worried about the child being harmed invisibly without knowing anything, so she didn’t rush to identify Wenxing after seeing him, but came over to confirm the situation with her first.



“Do you know how Xingxing came to my house?” Lu Xiaofei could feel from the family’s performance and narrative that they were really good to Wenxing, but because of this, something had to be said clearly.



“The weather was cooler and not many people went to the river to wash clothes. My husband didn’t dare to tell me he lost his job, so he was hanging out by the river.”


Just saying this, as if she had expected what she was going to say, Ji Yuan’s original gentle expression suddenly became ugly, and her voice trembled a little. “Was he by the river?”



“To be precise, he was in the river, rolling from C City to B City, he couldn’t have come alone, a five-year-old child, in a strange place, he couldn’t have run to play in the water ……”


Wen Huaizhe’s expression became more and more ugly, the traffickers were caught only a month after Wenxing was lost, but the traffickers weren’t greedy for money.



Wen Zheng’s face wasn’t good either.



Ji Yuan’s throat felt choked, she felt her whole heart seize up, as if witnessing Xingxing helplessly struggle in the river.



The first to calm down was Wen Huaizhe, he stood up Lu Xiaofei and bowed deeply, tone sincere.



“Thank you, thank you for saving Xingxing’s life, and thank you for taking him home.”



Lu Xiaofei was stunned by Wen Huaizhe’s sudden action, “N- No, you’re welcome.”



“Wenxing knew he was lost, but he had a high fever and couldn’t remember anything, only that his name was Xing, so I gave him that name. All these years, he has also – been looking for you, in fact, you don’t need to be so careful, he also looks forward to meeting you.”


This was a big surprise to the Wen family, and when they heard that Xingxing was looking for them, Ji Yuan couldn’t wait to fly to Y country right now and tell the whole truth.



“Although, I’m pretty sure that you are his parents, but for the sake of the child, we still need to do a paternity test.”



“Of course.”



Before leaving, Lu Xiaofei still pushed the things back to Ji Yuan, “You guys can take these things back, I didn’t raise Wenxing to ask for anything in return.”



“Xiao Fei, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean that. I know you are sincere to Xingxing, I just want to thank you for taking care of him instead of me for so many years, thank you for giving him a home.”



After the three returned to C City, Wen Huaizhe immediately began to investigate, because there were no clues, he could only start from the strange middle-aged couple that Lu Xiaofei mentioned.



After chatting with Lu Xiaofei, he was sure that Wenxing wasn’t lost, but someone had been planning it for a long time.



“Remember the kidnapping case at the orphanage?”



When Ji Yuan reminded him, Wen Huaizhe also realized the connection between these two events, “You suspect that Xingxing’s disappearance and the kidnapping of Wen Yu were the same group of people?”



Ji Yuan nodded, and Wen Zheng suddenly interjected, “Let’s not disclose the fact that Xingxing is still abroad, in case that group of people has other purposes, it may endanger him.”



“I agree with Xiao Zheng’s words, that star watch I designed can be listed next week, let Old San put it on the LED screen of their building 24 hours a day.”



Wen Huaizhe: They were chatting about Xingxing, how did it turn into a watch?



“Isn’t it not for sale?” Wen Huaizhe was a little confused.



“I didn’t say it’s for sale, just cast an advertisement, to let everyone know the existence of this watch.”



For the time being, she couldn’t let anyone know the existence of Xingxing, so it wasn’t too much for her to have a watch launch, right? It was a gift to Xingxing anyway.



“I’ve contacted the president of Y University, and after the launch next week, I’ll go to Y University to give a lecture. Xingxing has waited for us for so long, I definitely want to meet him.”



“Didn’t you ask Ms. Lu not to tell Xingxing first before he came back?”



“Because I wanted to tell Xingxing in person that his mother hadn’t failed him in his wait.”



It took fifteen years to finally find him.



“Mom, are you leaving next week?”




Ji Yuan had no position at the company, and unlike the father and son who had to schedule a trip first. She could go see Xingxing whenever she wanted.



She’d bear with it a little longer and wait until next week to meet him.



Wen Zheng had little expression as he responded, “Just in time, I’m going to Y country on business this Friday, and I’m going to see Xingxing on the way.”


Ji Yuan: “……?”



Wen Huaizhe unmercifully poked at his eldest son’s words.



“Your company talks about domestic projects, why do you need to go abroad?”



Wen Zheng paused and explained unconvincingly, “The new project’s president Wang wants to go to Y. In order to take him down as soon as possible, I’ll go to Y country too. The longer we delay, the higher the price will be.”



Wen Huaizhe coldly snorted in disdain, this excuse was too lame.



“I have to go to Y country tomorrow, Shengxing’s Mr. He invited me to attend a show there. You all know we’re old friends, it isn’t easy to shirk. It’s a coincidence that I can go see Xingxing along the way.”



Wen Zheng, who just finished booking his flight on Friday: “……”



Ji Yuan, who bought her ticket for next week: “……”



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