C34— Family Of Four

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There was a light rain at noon, and the weather was even cooler in the afternoon.



Lu Wenxing and Yan Xinyu sat in the cafe and each ordered a hot drink.



Yan Xinyu seemed like a quiet person, but after getting acquainted, she was a chatterbox, especially in a foreign country, Lu Wenxing had become her only friend.



Lu Wenxing was holding the tablet, concentrating on coloring the illustration.



“Did you finish it so quickly?”



Yan Xinyu sat across Lu Wenxing, holding a hot drink in her hand, biting the rim of the cup as she tried to see the tablet in Lu Wenxing’s hand.



The students at Y University were more relaxed than at C University, but not because of less class work, but because the lessons at Y University got shorter each week, the first few classes were used to critique students’ work, and the later classes gave students enough time to create.



Every two weeks, an illustration had to be submitted, and the work was critiqued in one week and submitted biweekly.



Lu Wenxing and Yan Xinyu were just in time for the biweekly class, but Yan Xinyu wasn’t used to this class mode yet, she liked to draw in a place where no one was around, but Lu Wenxing seemed to be adapting well.



“The deadline is on Friday, today is only Wednesday, you’re too fast, right?”



Yan Xinyu couldn’t sit still and stood by Lu Wenxing’s side to see.



The main color was dark red, a huge white fox occupies half of the drawing paper.


The white fox’s eyebrows were printed with a bright plum blossom, and its body was like white smoke that drifted away.



Under the tree there was a young girl wearing a red sarong, her brow also had a red plum print, the girl’s slender fingers pinched the petals, thin lips tinted with plum blossoms.



This was a Chinese style illustration, the details weren’t yet finished, but Yan Xinyu could already tell that the girl was this white fox.



“You’re almost done, and I haven’t even moved my brush yet.” Yan Xinyu sighed, “Ah, I don’t know what to paint yet.”



Listening to Yan Xinyu wail, Lu Wenxing looked at her helplessly, “You’re not out of ideas, you’re procrastinating.”



Yan Xinyu skimmed her lips, then remembered another thing.



“By the way, the art exhibition hall next door to us is open this Friday, there is also an exhibition of famous paintings, do you want to go and take a look?”



Lu Wenxing raised his eyebrows and looked at her, “Where did you hear the news?”



“I read it on the campus website.” Yan Xinyu put down the hot drink in her hand, “Do you want to go?”






It was already evening here, but it was morning in China.


Wen Huaizhe dressed neatly in the morning and came down from the second floor with his suitcase. Ji Yuan sat on the table. He didn’t know what Wen Zheng said but Ji Yuan laughed happily.


Wen Huaizhe was in a good mood today, and there was a smile in his eyes.


“Good morning.”
“Good morning.”
“Good morning.”



Wen Huaizhe smiled and settled down, and the aunt had already brought the corn thick soup, “Mr. Wen, your soup.”


“Thank you.”


After taking a sip, Wen Huaizhe reached for the toast on the table, “I have a flight at ten, I’ll leave after eating.”



He thought his wife and son would look resentful, but strangely they didn’t have much reaction.



This wasn’t right?



When Wen Huaizhe first learned that Lu Wenxing was his youngest son, he was full of joy and wanted to go to him, only to be told by Ji Yuan that Xingxing had already left the country.



Then, Ji Yuan also calmly said that she and Xingxing, and Wen Zheng had a happy dinner.



The father didn’t even get to meet his child, and they had a nice dinner together?



But it didn’t matter.



He was about to meet Xingxing, and when he thought that he would soon be able to hear Xingxing call him ‘dad’, it was no big deal for his wife to eat with his youngest son behind his back, so Wen Huaizhe very generously forgave his wife and his oldest son.



He was even considerate enough to think of Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng, knowing that they would definitely have a psychological gap as they couldn’t see Xingxing for a while.



So, at the dinner table.



Wen Huaizhe had a straight face and tried not to look too excited.



After breakfast, Wen Huaizhe’s driver was already waiting outside, and he was about to say goodbye to Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng, pushing his suitcase, when ……



His wife and eldest son turned out from nowhere and followed him with their own suitcases, “It just so happens that we are also on the same flight, let’s go together.”



Wen Huaizhe: “……”



Along the way, Wen Huaizhe wanted to say something and then stopped.


“It’s like this, I think after meeting Xingxing, I can launched the new product.” Ji Yuan smiled like a flower, her joy was difficult to hide.



Wen Zheng was a bit more calm, he said with a serious expression, “President Wang is leaving the day after tomorrow, in order not to look too deliberate, I should go to Y in advance and wait for him.”



Wen Huaizhe, who thought he could meet Xingxing earlier: “……”



After getting off the plane, it was already evening in Y country.



The person who came to pick him up was Mr. He’s assistant, a young man wearing a black suit, “Hello, Mr. Wen!”



The assistant had seen Wen Huaizhe before and recognized them in the crowd at a glance, “Mrs. Wen and Young Master Wen are here too?”


“I came along because I had some business in Y.” Ji Yuan didn’t expect that Wen Huaizhe was really coming to the exhibition and was a little surprised to see Mr. He’s assistant.



“Xiao Xu, you’re having an exhibition on Friday?”



“Yes.” Xiao Xu smiled and led them forward, “Mrs. Wen and the eldest young man can come along when they have time.”



Xiao Xu drove them to the hotel and also helped him check in, he handed them the two room cards.




“Our Mr. He is also staying here, I’ll give him a call.”



As soon as Xiao Xu left, Ji Yuan looked at Wen Zheng suspiciously. “Were you really invited to the show?”



Wen Huaizhe replied with a solemn expression, “That’s for sure.”



Not a moment later, Manager He, who was nearly forty years old, came out of the elevator.



” President Wen, you’re finally here.”



The two shook hands briefly, “Madam is getting prettier and prettier, and the eldest young master is still so handsome.”



“Mr. He is really good at talking.” Ji Yuan greeted him with a smile.



“I’ve booked a bureau, let’s all go together.”



“Mr. He’s exhibition opened quite suddenly, how come he set the date so close?” Ji Yuan asked jokingly, “If our old Huaizhe didn’t have time to come, wouldn’t he miss a visual feast?”


He Yi laughed so hard that the lines on corner of his eyes came out, “This time, it’s thanks to Mr. Wen, I got two famous paintings, and as soon as the exhibition time was set, the partner immediately called me.”


“Mrs. Wen came to the right place. The paintings in this exhibition are treasures. I asked those collectors to rent them. I have to pay this amount for the exhibition day.” He Yi called a number.



“I originally thought that this cooperation couldn’t be negotiated, but old Wen advised me not to give up and adviced me try to advance the exhibition time, I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental. The original company that was going to run the exhibition had something so it worked in my favor.”



Ji Yuan gave a meaningful ‘oh’, “Huaizhe persuaded you to bring the time forward?”



He Yi didn’t hear what was wrong, he was still complimenting Wen Huaizhe.



“Yes, thanks to Mr. Wen. When I return to China, I will definitely come to the door to thank you properly.”



Wen Huaizhe gave a ‘tsk’ and wanted to gag He Yi, why did this guy talk so much?



“Cough, old He, shouldn’t this be discussed at the exhibition?”



“Oh, yes, yes! I also invited a few partners, we’ll talk about it at the dinner party later.”



In the morning, Lu Wenxing received Wen Zheng’s message and guessed that the other was worried about waking him up so he didn’t call.



Wen Zheng asked him if he had a lot of classes today and if he had time to have dinner together.

After Lu Wenxing saw it, he called Wen Zheng back directly and the two of them agreed to have dinner together at 7pm.



Lu Wenxing didn’t have class this afternoon, but Wen Zheng didn’t tell him in advance, he had already agreed to a joint activity with the photography group yesterday, several members of the group would go to the countryside together to get inspiration.



When he came back in his classmate’s car, it was already 6:30, half an hour short of the appointed time, Lu Wenxing took a taxi to the hotel.



Twenty minutes, he walked into the hotel hall exactly at six fifty.



He had asked Wen Zheng in advance and knew that Ji Yuan would also be coming, but when he saw the strange man sitting next to Ji Yuan, he couldn’t help but look at him a few more times.



“Xingxing is here.”



“Sorry for arriving so late.”



“It’s okay, you’re hungry, right? Have something to eat first.” The hotel that Wen Zheng booked focused on Chinese food, and it was only after considering Lu Wenxing’s taste that he finally chose this one.



“How was your few days in Y country? Are you still used to eating?” Ji Yuan was worried that Lu Wenxing wasn’t used to eating Western food in Y country.



“Yes, there are quite a lot of international students here. The canteen has Chinese food.”



“That’s good.”



Lu Wenxing swept his eyes at Wen Huaizhe who was staring at him, he didn’t know the other party’s identity and didn’t know how to address him.



“This is my dad.”



After Wen Zheng introduced, Lu Wenxing nodded, “Wen… Uncle Wen.”



Lu Wenxing looked at Wen Huaizhe a few more times, as Ji Yuan said, Wen Zheng really didn’t look like his father.



“Don’t stand, sit….” Wen Huaizhe wanted Lu Wenxing to sit next to him, but Ji Yuan cut him off, “Xingxing, sit with me.”



The hotel’s waiter, who was expressionless, was like a food delivery tool, and had brought the dishes ordered in advance.



Before Lu Wenxing came, worrying that he would be hungry, Ji Yuan had already ordered a few dishes in advance.



“Actually, there’s a reason I wanted us to meet today.”



“Auntie, go ahead.”



“Let’s wait until we finish eating.”



While the food was being served, Lu Wenxing brought out the gift he had prepared. “This is for Brother Wen, and for Auntie.”



After saying that, he looked at Wen Huaizhe with a slight apology, “Sorry, I didn’t know uncle would come too, I didn’t prepare anything, I’ll make up for it next time.”



“It’s okay, it’s okay.”



Ji Yuan smiled in surprise and took the gift box, “Can I open it?”




Seeing Lu Wenxing nod, Ji Yuan and Wen Zheng opened the gift in front of Wen Huaizhe, full of joy.



Wen Huaizhe said he didn’t care, but his eyes were fixed on both of them.



The one sent to Wen Zheng was a navy blue tie, which was very much in line with the suit he was wearing today.



Ji Yuan’s gift was small and exquisite, a pair of glazed blue antler necklace, the antlers were also shaped like falling snowflakes, with blue glazing in the middle.



“It’s beautiful.”


“Do you like it?”



“I like it.” Ji Yuan’s eyes curved, she couldn’t stop smiling, “I like it so much.”



“Honey, do you see the nice necklace Xingxing gave me?”



Wen Huaizhe wasn’t jealous at all, he answered with a taut expression, “It’s good looking.”




Wen Zheng didn’t dare to deliberately show off like his mother did, he not very deliberately covered the box and opened it again, delicately touching the smooth and comfortable fabric.



“Xingxing, can you help me put it on?”




“Huh?” This request made Lu Wenxing a little confused, it was indeed inconvenient for Wen Zheng since he was sitting next to him, but Wen Huaizhe was sitting next to Ji Yuan, why couldn’t he put it on her?



Wouldn’t it be inappropriate?



Seeing that Lu Wenxing was thinking too much, Ji Yuan smiled lightly and explained, “I can’t do it, my husband …… has shaky hands, so he can’t even buckle it for half a day.”



Lu Wenxing glanced at Wen Huaizhe. But he didn’t seem angry or resistant. After a moment’s hesitation, he nodded.


The antler necklace was taken out by Lu Wenxing, Ji Yuan moved her chair a little bit towards Lu Wenxing to facilitate Lu Wenxing’s movement.



When he was helping Ji Yuan, Lu Wenxing inadvertently saw a small, shallow mole on her delicate, smooth swan neck.



In a moment, as if something heavy hit Lu Wenxing’s brain, blurred memories suddenly rushed through his mind.



The memory was still of the familiar garden.



A boy running in the garden, turned a corner and crashed into the arms of a woman.



“Stop running.”



“Then mommy, give me a hug.” “Yesterday you said you’re too old to be hugged, why are you so active today?” The woman tenderly tidied the messy hair in front of the boy’s forehead, “Look at you, you’re all sweaty.”



“He must want some toy again, he came here deliberately to show good behavior.”



“Not at all.” The boy stuck his tongue at his brother, “Mom, give me a hug.”



The woman’s eyes showed a light smile, “Okay, I’ll hug my cute little Xingxing.”




“Talk to mommy, what do you want?” The woman bent down and picked the boy up, the boy’s doll-like delicate face showed a sweet smile, he didn’t wait for the woman to react, the boy wrapped his arms around her neck, planting a kiss on the side of her face.


“Want to give mommy a kiss.”



The woman froze for a moment, then she reacted with a giggle and pinched the boy’s fleshy cheeks, “You ate cupcakes again, didn’t you? You have such a sweet mouth.”



“No, this is the homework assigned by the teacher.” The boy nestled in the woman’s arms, then his eyes inadvertently fell on her neck, only to see that there was a small light black mole.









Lu Wenxing snapped back to his senses, only then did he notice that all three people were looking at him with worried expressions, “What’s wrong?”



“No, nothing.”



Lu Wenxing’s head was in turmoil and he couldn’t tell if the memory was real or not.




In the middle of the meal, he couldn’t help but wander off and his eyes fell on Ji Yuan unintentionally.



But …… how was this possible?



The novel didn’t mention that the Wen family had other children, Lu Wenxing immediately dismissed his thoughts, it was possible that he remembered wrong or it was a coincidence.



“Xingxing, why aren’t you eating?” Ji Yuan looked at him suspiciously, “Didn’t you like the sweet and sour pork last time, and the ones here are not to your liking?”



Lu Wenxing now had no appetite at all, his mind was full of memories of what just happened, and facing Ji Yuan’s gentle and considerate care made him think more.



But how could there be such a coincidence?



“Xingxing, did you think of something?”



Ji Yuan’s intuition was very keen, the atmosphere after Xingxing came in was quite good, so he wouldn’t be nervous, Ji Yuan didn’t deliberately to lead this aspect of the topic, but Xingxing had been dazed after putting the necklace on her.



A four or five year old child wouldn’t have a very deep memory, but there would always be one or two things that were very prominent.



From Lu Xiaofei, she learned that Xingxing had a high fever and couldn’t even say his name, but he remembered his nickname Xingxing, which meant that the name left a deep impression on him.


Lu Wenxing didn’t know how to explain that strange memory, he was silent for a while, then Ji Yuan gently spoke.



“Xingxing, just now I said there was something very important I wanted to talk to you about, are you willing to listen?”



Hearing these words, Lu Wenxing’s heart thumped and plummeted, as if he guessed something, and as if he knew nothing.



“On the second day after you arrived in Y country, I visited your adoptive parents.”



Lu Wenxing’s pupils dilated slightly, and Ji Yuan’s calm and gentle voice was extraordinarily clear in the quiet room.




“The first time we met you saved me, you pulled me out of the way. You even handed me a tissue, I wasn’t shocked, I was just, I was just so happy.”




“I’d been looking forward to that day for so long, and never thought that we would meet in that way. So sudden, yet so surprising.”


Lu Wenxing lowered his eyes, his long, thick eyelashes fell under her eyelids like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, and his pretty face was even whiter and brighter under the light.



Ji Yuan didn’t go on, she knew Lu Wenxing could understand and waited patiently for Lu Wenxing to take the time to accept it.



Wen Zheng and Wen Huaizhe were silent all the time, but their eyes were fixed on Lu Wenxing.



The atmosphere fell into silence, Ji Yuan didn’t rush, she was willing to give Lu Wenxing enough time, just as Lu Wenxing had patiently waited for them over the years.



Ji Yuan was now only worried that Xingxing hadn’t eaten enough, she wanted to ask the waiter to add a few dishes, before she could turn away, Lu Wenxing lifted his eyes to look at her, the light-colored eyes reflecting her figure.



Then, Lu Wenxing spoke.



“You’re my mother, right?”




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