C20— Training And Family



Cheng Hao had always been unstinting in complimenting others.


He even praised himself several times a day, which made him become confident.


Now that he lived with Danny and Lin Yuxun, and these two people liked his compliments, he was always switching it up.



Danny couldn’t hear, so he usually used physical actions, but to Lin Yuxun, he just used words.



“You’re the smartest person I’ve ever met.”


“You clean up so fast!”


“Lin Yuxun, I think you’ll become very powerful in the future.”



Lin Yuxun had always been disliked, his skin color, his personality, all out of place with everything around him, not likable at all.


He also always felt useless.


Until he met Cheng Hao.


Even though he felt that Cheng Hao only said that to comfort him, he felt happy to be complimented by Cheng Hao, and his energy to learn was also stronger, he repeatedly wrote the Chinese characters Cheng Hao taught him, trying to learn faster and better.



At noon, they ate the extra bread they bought in the morning and the hot dog Lin Yuxun bought separately, and by the time they had eaten lunch and worked a little, Lin Yuxun’s work was all done.


It was only one o’clock in the afternoon!



Cheng Hao spoke first: “Lin Yuxun, I’ll send you home, and then I’ll go to work. My boss, in addition to the bar, also opened a restaurant, he asked me to go to the restaurant early today …… I’m paid by the hour, if I do a little more work, the salary can also be more.”



Lin Yuxun asked, “So you won’t be too tired? Should I go to help you?”




“Who will take care of Danny if you go too? Don’t worry, if I go to work in the afternoon, I can come back earlier in the evening. You know, some people like to work the night shift.” In this community, there were many people who slept during the day and only came out to hang out or work at night.



Hearing what Cheng Hao said, Lin Yuxun could only give up – he didn’t dare to oppose when Cheng Hao really made a decision, just in case Cheng Hao would be unhappy.



Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun agreed and he sent them back home. When he got home, he packed a set of clothes, found a plastic bottle with a bottle of water, and looked at Lin Yuxun again, “Give me one dollar, I’ll buy dinner.”



Lin Yuxun took out a five-yuan bill and gave it to Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao thought about it and took the money.


He planned to help Lin Yuxun train immediately after he finished his work on the days when he wasn’t boxing, so he wouldn’t toss and turn until late.



Of course, if he did so, he would definitely need to buy food when he got hungry in between, and he would need money.



After going to the school last night to exercise and finding someone there, Cheng Hao planned to go farther, so Lin Yuxun wouldn’t know what he was doing.



He first bought some food on the road, then he ran fast along a road, and ran about ten kilometers to the deserted wilderness.



He was starting a new round of his workouts.



Some of these workouts looked pretty silly, like when he drew some lines on the ground and then jumped around on them.


Of course, training like jumping rope and push-ups couldn’t be omitted.



Cheng Hao trained for a while, ate something, and then continued training, he trained until it was dark, before running back.



Today he bought a lot of bread, he wasn’t hungry, but the water he brought was too little …… Cheng Hao first went to the school, rinsed his body, washed his mud-covered clothes, and drank some tap water, before going home.



Before he heard that foreign tap water could be drunk from, but after experiencing it, the taste wasn’t good, and rich people wouldn’t drink it.


But they didn’t have money, couldn’t afford to buy a filter and couldn’t afford to drink bottled water, people here weren’t used to boiling water, they drank tap water directly.



Cheng Hao came home today when it was just after seven o’clock.



Although his recovery ability was good, he was still a little tired, but even so, he still played with Danny for a while, and personally wrote a few “articles” for Lin Yuxun.


He didn’t have the face to call what he wrote an article.



Cheng Hao hadn’t written such a thing for many, many years, at first it was okay to write a self-introduction, but now he didn’t know what to write, and finally thinking that Lin Yuxun needed to grow in knowledge, he simply began to look into the future.



“The world, is undergoing great changes, a variety of high-tech products that will change the world ……” Cheng Hao actually didn’t quite understand the development of the United States in the 80s.



But there was one thing that he was sure of.



The level of technology over here far exceeded that of his country.



At this time the country had just reformed and opened up, many people still didn’t have enough to eat, but here, in such a poor community, evern Lin Yuxun had a refrigerator.


Of course, in order to save electricity, Lin Yuxun didn’t use it much.



The cost of electricity in the United States …… he converted after a little, it was more expensive than food.

Unfortunately, in such a place where countless people lived on relief, few people saved electricity… Even many people were unwilling to wash clothes by themselves. Even if they didn’t have a washing machine at home, they would take 20 cents to wash clothes and dry clothes in the nearby laundry room.


In addition, cars and what not weren’t uncommon.


If you didn’t go to see the people here, but only looked at the facilities, you would feel that this place was no different from the cities in China in the 2000s.



If it was a big city in the United States …… it may not be different from the domestic city in 2010, at most, there was no computer and cell phone.


Oh, they may already have a computer, he remembered that Microsoft seemed to have been established in seven years?



Cheng Hao didn’t know the history of the development of computers, but he thought there should be computers now, and one thing he was sure of – in the next thirty years, the computer was the fastest development.



The best way for Lin Yuxun to change his fate was to get on this fast train.



Cheng Hao then wrote: “I believe that in the future, computers will enter thousands of homes and change everyone’s life ……” He followed this article by thinking about everything that would happen after the Internet was developed.


The more he thought, the more he expected.


The Internet and smart phones changed the world!



He, a person who was used to mobile payment and liked to look up everything online, came to such a place, he really felt all kinds of uncomfortable.



Lin Yuxun didn’t know Cheng Hao’s thoughts, he curiously asked, “What’s a computer?”



Cheng Hao then told him what the computer was.



Lin Yuxun listened with fascination, if the previous Cheng Hao could see these things, his family must have been very rich.



But Cheng Hao also said that he had been homeless ……



Obviously a rich young master, but he was met with an accident and became homeless …… it was so, the fact that Cheng Hao could still be happy every day, was really admirable.



Cheng Hao didn’t know Lin Yuxun’s thoughts, he finished his “homework” and was ready to sleep.



When he was going to bed, he suddenly found a few more books and some newspapers at home: “Where did that come from?”



“When I went out to buy dinner, I stopped by to see one of my teachers, and borrowed these books from him.” In addition to the Chinese taught to him by Cheng Hao, he thought he should read more books …… Didn’t Cheng Hao always say that one should read more books if one wanted to succeed?



“So that’s how it is! What books did you borrow?” If it was a novel, he could read it to pass time when he was idle.


Lin Yuxun quickly responded, “There are all kinds of books, and some old newspapers that the teacher didn’t want.”



As Lin Yuxun spoke, Cheng Hao already flipped through one of those books.



Once he did, Cheng Hao’s expression froze.


It was a math book ……



A bunch of X’s and Y’s, he was dizzy just looking at it.



He actually had little time to read books …… Cheng Hao silently put the book back and lay down to sleep.



When the sun rose once again, a new week arrived.



Cheng Hao and the others could finally go to school again to get food.



Not only that, Lin Yuxun could also receive his salary for the previous week today.



It was only at this point that Cheng Hao learned that Lin Yuxun’s salary for the week was twenty-eight dollars.



In fact, with such a workload, it would be appropriate to pay more, but there were so few opportunities to work in poor communities that even if the pay was low, there were always people willing to do it, so it was impossible for the pay to become higher.



Cheng Hao was still the same as the day before, helping Lin Yuxun finish his work in the morning and then finding his own place to train in the afternoon.



The day before, when he went to training, he only bought bread, this time he bought a little more milk, milk could replenish both energy and water.



The most important thing was that the milk here wasn’t expensive at all!



Cheng Hao ran to the outskirts with food, and once again gave himself more training, and made himself collapse to the ground.



But soon, he got up and started punching empty fists, while thinking about getting himself a sandbag.



Specialized training mannequins weren’t a good idea, but when he played more tournaments and rented a new place, he could get a sandbag at home ……



Now, he was still too poor.



Cheng Hao played again for a while, finally sat down, took a bread and began to chew.



He ate bread until he almost vomited, but he was hungry, so he kept eating.



So, on a dirt floor, there was a sweaty teenager, covered with mud, grass and leaves, gnawing on the cheapest looking ahead.



Far away in Hong Kong, at this time, a ship docked.


Cheng Yanqi got off the ship and took a deep breath.



He was back.



After his wife died, he left Hong Kong and went to Europe.



His wife had always wanted to see Europe before, and he wanted to fulfill her unfulfilled dream.



When he first arrived in Europe, he had stayed in the big city and was still doing well except for missing his wife, but then he was robbed when he followed someone to visit some small towns, and even lost his passport.


He knew English, but only English, and after he lost his money and passport, his life instantly went downhill.



But he didn’t care, he thought it was all God’s will.



He then embarked on a journey of physical and spiritual refinement.



He wandered around Europe for a year, sometimes poor and selling paintings for a living, and sometimes making friends and getting a handout ……



Slowly, there was less sadness in his heart, and he finally remembered that …… he had a child at home.



So Cheng Yanqi found a way to get himself a replacement passport, and also found a job in a fleet of ships, and finally followed that fleet back to Hong Kong.



To ordinary people, Cheng Yanqi’s behavior seemed a bit incredible, but for him, it wasn’t really strange.



He and his wife, both studied art.



The Cheng family had many children, of whom he was quite young, and neither his father nor his older siblings wanted him to pop up and grab the family properties, so he eventually took up painting and married a wife who studied music.



Both he and his wife, in the Cheng family, were strange beings – they were addicted to art and also cared nothing about money.



If it weren’t for that, they wouldn’t have moved far away and lived alone.



When Cheng Yanqi was young, he had been one of the most handsome gentry in Hong Kong. Before he left Hong Kong, he was still a poised and very handsome man, but after more than a year of wandering in Europe and months of exposure to the wind and rain on a ship ……



He was now brown throughout.



But Cheng Yanqi didn’t care, he just wanted to see his son.



Although he was sometimes unreliable, he felt deep love for his wife and child.



Cheng Jinhao was born in the United States, he and his wife brought him up little by little, his love for this child, was no less than his love for his wife.



Thinking about it, Cheng Yanqi felt a little guilty.



He was so sad after his wife’s death that he didn’t care about his child …… After his child returned to the Cheng family, he didn’t know if he would be educated to be old fashioned.



Probably not? His son had been smart since childhood. He was very talented in both music and painting. How could he become like his father and his big brother?



Cheng Yanqi carried his suitcase and took a taxi back to the Cheng family.



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