C32—- Eating Together


Ji Yuan pulled Lu Wenxing’s hand back, she looked at Lu Wenxing closely, afraid that in the next second Lu Wenxing would disappear from in front of her eyes.



It shook violently again, and people around were pushing each other, trying to get out. Ji Yuan couldn’t feel anything. Her eyes were fixed on Lu Wenxing. Her eyes were full of crystal tears, as if it could roll down in the blink of an eye.


Aware that Ji Yuan’s mood wasn’t quite right, Lu Wenxing could only let her hold him, while carefully protecting her and taking her to a safe place.



With the staff’s help, in just ten minutes everyone safely escaped to the open space.



Lu Wenxing’s cell phone vibrated in his pocket, it was probably Xie Chengfei calling, the two of them were separated during the panic.


“Hello, Xiao Cheng.”


“Where are you?”



Lu Wenxing said the approximate location and asked Xie Chengfei to find him. After hanging up the phone, Lu Wenxing found that Ji Yuan’s delicate face had long been wet with tears.


He took out a paper towel from his pocket and handed it to Ji Yuan, “Are you hurt?”


Ji Yuan couldn’t say a word. She covered her mouth, tears couldn’t stop falling, her throat was dry and her chest fluctuated violently, Lu Wenxing gently patted her shoulder to try to comfort the sobbing woman in front of him.



“Brother.” Xie Chengfei sighed in relief, “It’s good that you’re okay.”




“It may be an earthquake in the neighboring provincial city, the first tremor is relatively strong, the aftershocks are mild.”



“Either A city or D city, look on your phone, the news should be out.” Xie Chengfei was talking then he suddenly noticed Ji Yuan who was holding Lu Wenxing’s wrist.



“She is?”


At this moment Ji Yuan’s emotions gradually calmed down, looking at the teenager beside Lu Wenxing, she sniffed and asked.



“You guys are… brothers?”



“Yes.” Xie Chengfei’s eyes turned from Lu Wenxing to Ji Yuan, “Brother, who is she?”



Lu Wenxing shook his head, “She almost got knocked down by the crowd just now, so I dragged her out with me.”



“Oh. Then she ……”



Xie Chengfei was a little puzzled, but when he saw the tears in her eyes, the sentence ‘Why is she still not letting go’ was swallowed back.



“I’m sorry.” Ji Yuan let go of her hand and hid the unhappiness in her eyes, she took a deep breath and rearranged her emotions.



“I was a little overwhelmed just now.”



Ji Yuan wanted to tell Lu Wenxing the truth directly the impulse, but she resisted, Lu Wenxing didn’t know anything now, and the current scene wasn’t suitable to talk about this.





Ji Yuan’s eyes fell on Xie Chengfei, she could see that the two of them had a good relationship, the family that adopted Lu Wenxing should be very good to him, what she was worried about was that Lu Wenxing didn’t know that he was adopted.



If she rashly said it, what if he couldn’t accept it?



He didn’t know anything, and Ji Yuan was worried that her abruptness would scare the stars.



Ji Yuan clenched her fists tightly, her nails embedded in her palms a little.



She didn’t know anything about Xingxing, and she didn’t even know if he still liked to eat sweets, whether he liked salty or light food.



She hadn’t been involved in his life for more than ten years, so in this case, who was she to recognize him?



Others helped her take care of Xingxing for more than ten years, as a biological mother she did nothing, did she want to take him away just by saying ‘I am your biological mother’?



It wasn’t fair to him and the family that raised him.



“Thank you for earlier.”



“You’re welcome. You don’t look too good, call your family and ask them to come and pick you up.”



Lu Wenxing wasn’t too relieved because Ji Yuan looked haggard.



“The concert is cancelled, why don’t we stay here with her and wait?”



Xie Chengfei didn’t have a problem with it, it wasn’t a big deal anyway.



Ji Yuan didn’t meet Xingxing easily and couldn’t let him leave like this. When she heard Xingxing say this, the joy of reunion gradually came to her heart.



When Ji Yuan called, Wen Zheng immediately picked, “Mom, are you okay?”



“Yes, have you contacted your father?”



“Yes. Don’t worry, everything is fine, I’ll be right there.”



Ji Yuan hung up the phone and revealed a light smile, “Do you guys come to concerts often?”



“It’s my first time.”



Xie Chengfei picked up where Lu Wenxing’s stopped, “My class teacher gave me two tickets, so I came with my brother, I didn’t expect an earthquake at my first concert.”


“You’re still in high school?”






Ji Won smiled and turned to Lu Wenxing, “How long have you been in college?”



“I’m a junior.”



As they were talking, Wen Zheng had already arrived, seeing Lu Wenxing with his mother, Wen Zheng was a bit surprised, “Mom, why are you with Wenxing?”



Ji Yuan: “Wenxing?”



Wen Zheng didn’t hear the undertone of Ji Yuan’s words, he only thought that Ji Yuan was so surprised because he knew Lu Wenxing, he explained to Lu Wenxing with a slight apology.

“My mom doesn’t usually follow the entertainment industry, so she probably doesn’t know about you.”


“That’s okay.”



Lu Wenxing was also surprised at this moment because Ji Yuan didn’t look like a mother who had a child as old as Wen Zheng.



“I didn’t expect such a coincidence.”



“You guys know each other too?” Ji Yuan’s eyes fell on Wen Zheng, a little happy and a little sad.


The happy part was that the two knew each other, so Ji Yuan would have more reason to have more contact with Xingxing. The sad part was that Wen Zheng apparently didn’t recognize Xingxing.



The two brothers were very close as children, but now they didn’t know each other.



“I ran into some trouble earlier, but luckily I ran into Mr. Wen, so I haven’t thanked him officially.”



“Got into trouble?” Ji Won’s brow immediately knitted up.



“It’s not a big deal.”



Ji Yuan wasn’t happy about this. Last time, he had Wen Zheng’s help, but how did he solve it when he was in trouble before?



Thinking about this, Ji Yuan was even more distressed, but she couldn’t show it.



She forced down the sourness in her heart and pulled out a smile. “It’s still thanks to you for saving me just now, otherwise the fall would have been dangerous, can I treat you to a meal?”



“Mom, how did you almost fall down?” Wen Zheng looked at Ji Yuan worriedly, “Did you get hurt?”



“It’s fine. Thanks to Xing…Wenxing, the scene was a bit chaotic, everyone was pushing out, I was hit by someone, luckily Wenxing pulled me out.”



Hearing Ji Yuan say that, Wen Zheng relaxed.



“Wenxing, let’s have dinner together?” Wen Zheng followed Ji Yuan’s words just now and also sent an invitation. “Let’s go together, I booked a private box.”


Wen Zheng pulled open the door of the passenger seat, Ji Yuan didn’t sit in it but looked at Lu Wenxing with expectation. Wen Zheng also helped Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei pull open the car door, “Let’s go and have a meal together.”



“Brother, are we going?”


Lu Wenxing hesitated for a moment, “Let’s go.”



Seeing Lu Wenxing agree, Ji Yuan got into the car with peace of mind, during which she looked up several times at the rearview mirror, secretly gauging Lu Wenxing’s appearance.


Looking from Lu Wenxing’s eyebrows, eyes to his mouth, she looked very seriously, as if she wanted to engrave Lu Wenxing’s appearance in the bottom of her heart.



“I heard that you refused to sign with Huayi, can I ask why?” Wen Zheng seldom went on Weibo and didn’t know about the Weibo furore a few days ago.



He only told him that Lu Wenxing wouldn’t sign the contract, and when he asked him about it, Wen Yan couldn’t answer, but now that he sw him, Wen Zheng naturally asked.

“Because I’m leaving the country.”



Ji Yuan’s smile instantly froze, she didn’t have time to hide the panic on her face, “Why do you want to go abroad?”



Wen Zheng’s hand gripping the steering wheel tightened.



“The school gave me a place as an exchange student to go abroad for a year.”



Ji Yuan was relieved, “Then you must be studying very hard.”



“Very good.”



The one who spoke was Wen Zheng, hearing this compliment, Xie Chengfei and Lu Wenxing were both stunned, Lu Wenxing even suspected that he had heard wrong. His previous knowledge of Wen Zheng was only from the novel.



Later, Lu Wenxing went to the Internet to search for information related to Wen Zheng, and only then did he know that Wen Zheng was a senior student graduated from Z University, a double master’s degree, Lu Wenxing thought that he and Wen Zheng weren’t comparable.



But Wen Zheng had just praised him?



He was still a bit confused, then he heard Ji Yuan in the passenger seat echoing the same sentence, “It is very powerful.”



He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he seemed to have heard a hint of pride in Wen Zheng’s mother’s tone?


Lu Wenxing:???


It was an illusion, right?



“Can I call you Xingxing?” Ji Yuan asked tentatively.



Lu Wenxing froze for a moment, and Wen Zheng also froze.



Although he had a good feeling towards Lu Wenxing, his mother and Lu Wenxing just met for the first time, why would she call his brother’s nickname to Lu Wenxing? Because it seemed more affectionate? Or was it ……



“It’s all right.”



Getting Lu Wenxing’s approval, Ji Yuan happily asked, “Which university is Xingxing going to?”



“Y University.”



It was Wen Zheng’s and Ji Yuan’s turn to be surprised, because Ji Yuan was a graduate of Y University’s jewelry design program.



Ji Yuan: “That’s a great coincidence.”



Wen Zheng thought Ji Yuan was talking about her graduation from Y University. The explanation that Ji Yuan gave to Lu Wenxing was, “I have a lecture at Y University some time later.”



Wen Zheng: “……?”



When was that? Why didn’t he know?



Wen Zheng was just about to ask when he was slapped by Ji Yuan.



“Pay attention to the road.”


Wen Zheng didn’t interrupt along the way. When he got to the place, Wen Zheng finally determined that Ji Yuan was hiding something from him.



The hotel that Wen Zheng took Wenxing to was also owned by the Wen family and managed by his second uncle.



As soon as they entered the door, the waiter came over to show them the way. After they were seated, the waiter immediately handed over the menu.



“What do you like to eat, Xingxing? Both the sweet and spicy dishes here are delicious.”


Then, Wen Zheng watched as Ji Yuan held the menu, asking Lu Wenxing if he would eat this and Xie Chengfei if he would eat that.



Wen Zheng sat aside and waited patiently for Ji Yuan to take Lu Wenxing and Xie Chengfei their orders. “Okay.”



Then, Ji Yuan didn’t even look at Wen Zheng, and directly handed it to the waiter, “These are all they’d like to eat.”



Wen Zheng, who was about to order a few dishes: “……”



In the meal afterwards, Wen Zheng’s strange feeling became even more, before he had time to think carefully, he heard his name.



“You mean Xiao Zheng? He has a lighter taste.”



It turned out to be Lu Wenxing who saw that Wen Zheng didn’t move his chopsticks much, and that was why he asked a question. After receiving the answer, Lu Wenxing looked at the table full of spicy and sweet dishes, all of which he and Xie Chengfei liked to eat.



Each dish was full of color and flavor, just … not too light.



Xie Chengfei curiously asked, “Mr. Wen’s father also prefers light food?”



The reason for this guess was that Xie Chengfei and his mother looked alike, but Wen Zheng and his mother didn’t look anything alike, and even their tastes were different, so he couldn’t help but ask.



“No, his father’s tastes are like mine.” Ji Yuan replied.



“Then Mr. Wen looks like dad?”



“He doesn’t look like any of us.” For Xie Chengfei, he could see that Lu Wenxing was very interested in this brother.



“Xiao Zheng’s mixed genes are inherited from his grandfather.”



This was the first time Xie Chengfei heard if something like that.



Ji Yuan was in a good mood today and said whatever came to mind. “My youngest son doesn’t look like me, nor does he look like his father.”



Xie Chengfei became even more curious, “Is he also mixed?”



“No, he looks like his grandmother, when she was young, she was a famous beauty.” Ji Yuan spoke with a smile on her face, “Our family seems to be intergenerational, Little Zheng’s little uncle looks not like Little Zheng’s grandfather, but more like his great grandfather.”

[TN: Intergenerational — relating to, involving, or affecting several generations.]


After listening to Ji Yuan’s explanation, Wen Zheng’s brain felt like it was overwhelmed with electricity, he seemed to have an explanation for his confusion, he turned his head to look at Lu Wenxing.



Wen Zheng’s grandmother died when he was three or four years old, and after a few years Xingxing was born, many people said that Xingxing looked like his grandmother. But Wen Zheng had no deep impression of his grandmother, he only thought his brother’s eyes were particularly beautiful.






Wen Zheng snapped his head up towards Lu Wenxing and looked at his beautiful eyes that seemed vaguely familiar.



The usual calm and collected Wen Zheng, at this moment, couldn’t restrain his pounding heart.



He looked at Ji Yuan, who was focused on Lu Wenxing, and then looked at Lu Wenxing, who was joking with Xie Chengfei.



In that instant, Wen Zheng finally realized why Ji Yuan was lost in thought at the dinner table when she looked at Lu Wenxing, it was because it was a great satisfaction for Ji Yuan to eat with Lu Wenxing.



No wonder Ji Yuan suddenly said she wanted to go to Y University to give a lecture, in fact, it was also because ……


Speaking of it, it wasn’t only Ji Yuan who immediately felt close to Lu Wenxing, Wen Zheng also had a special liking for Lu Wenxing. From the first meeting, he wanted to protect Lu Wenxing, he couldn’t see Lu Wenxing being bullied, and wanted to pave the way for Lu Wenxing, etc.



It turned out that it wasn’t baseless, but because…..




Lu Wenxing was the brother he was trying hard to find.




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