“You said it was that young man who just gave me the medicine.” After Zhao Mu returned to his room, he immediately called his secretary over.



Zhao Mu’s secretary was the young man who had just asked Li Zheng for the medicine – Xiao Wang.



Xiao Wang nodded, “That person is also Chinese.”



“Then did he say what his name was?” Zhao Mu pressed impatiently, his face showing a sickly flush because his fever wasn’t completely gone.



Xiao Wang froze for a moment, “No.”



“No …… no?” Zhao Mu’s face showed a clear look of disappointment.



“Go back and rest.” He waved his hand at Xiao Wang.



Xiao Wang was puzzled, what was wrong with the leader?


“Remember, you have to rest. Only after taking the medicine and resting can you get better quickly.” After a word of concern, he turned and walked outside.



When he had stepped out of the door, Zhao Mu’s voice suddenly came from behind.


“Do you still remember his room number?”


“Yes, 2104, it’s the second room on the right side of the corridor from the elevator.” Xiao Wang immediately replied.



Did the secretary want to go to his door to personally thank him? He was even more confused.



After Xiao Wang left, Zhao Mu’s heart couldn’t calm down for a long time. How could he be wrong about his own grandson, even if Li Zheng’s clothes and temperament were very different from the past, but the eyebrows, the look, there was no mistake.


When Li Qiang was in Qinghe town, he often went to sea, and Zhao Qiuhua didn’t care much. Therefore, when Li Qiang was away from home for a long time, Li Zheng and Zhou Sitian would go to the sun fishing ground to live with Zhao Mu for a few days.



It could be said that during this period of being devolved, the presence of Li Zheng, his grandson, had given Zhao Mu great comfort. Therefore, when Zhao Qiuhua chose to leave the Li family, Zhao Mu was pleased that his daughter finally didn’t have to be dragged down by him to live the life she wanted, but was also full of guilt towards the Li family and his grandson.



The more guilt he felt, the more he was ashamed to face them. Once he received a letter from his daughter, he …… alas, Zhao Mu heaved a sigh, his daughter had left, and what face did he had to take his only son from Li Qiang’s hands?



Zhao Mu didn’t sleep that night. The fever patient’s resistance was already weak, plus with poor rest, he didn’t even have the strength to get up the next day.



Hua Guo and his party waited for a long time in the restaurant, and when Zhao Mu didn’t come down, they asked Xiao Wang to ask the waiter to open the door of the room, only to find that Zhao Mu had already lost consciousness from the fever.



“How could this happen? How could this happen? I clearly watched the leader take the fever-reducing medicine!” Xiao Wang was so anxious.



“Take him to the hospital.” Someone said.



“Hospitals in the United States are not the same as at home, treating a high fever here is enough to bankrupt the old Zhao family ah.”



“Then what should we do? Just hang in there?”



The crowd were all sad, Xian Ning, the female president frowned, she pondered for a moment, then looked up to Xiao Wang, “Is there any fever-reducing medicine? First feed Lao Zhao one, and then immediately send him to the hospital!”


“Okay.” Xiao Wang answered, and hurriedly went to find the medicine.



The UN General Debate couldn’t be delayed, and when the team saw Xiao Wang dialing the front desk, they also left with a sigh of relief.



Li Zheng got up early in the morning, he heard a loud noise coming from outside the door, he wasn’t happy with the sound insulation of the hotel, he opened the door to see what had happened.



Liang Zhe also heard the noises and had long been standing in the corridor. Seeing Li Zheng come out, all of a sudden his serious expression eased down, although this demeanor didn’t change a few points, the atmosphere seemed a lot softer.



“What’s wrong?” Li Zheng saw the hotel waiter anxiously running back and forth, not far in front of the room, a large group of people stood outside.



“It seems that someone is sick, they called an ambulance.” Liang Zhe paused for a moment and continued, “It’s a Chinese person.”



Li Zheng frowned slightly, and just then, the ambulance crew, guided by the attendant, trotted down from the elevator, pushing a cart, talking in rapid English, and running past the two toward the room not far away where the crowd was gathered.



Within minutes, the ambulance crew came out pushing a cart on which laid an elderly man with graying hair, flushed and confused.



The cart was pushed by the ambulance crew past Li Zheng.



The old man’s head turned to Li Zheng’s side, and Li Zheng suddenly grabbed Liang Zhe’s arm violently.


Zhao Mu ……


It was him. Li Zheng had seen Zhao Qihua’s notes, in addition to the notes, there were a lot of photos of her youth, there was a photo of her with her father Zhao Mu. But that was when Zhao Mu was young and full of vigor, now he was old and had grey hair.



Li Zheng lowered his eyes, since the moment he woke up on that hard wooden bed, he knew there would be such a day.



He took the body of someone’s grandson, no matter what happened before, he always owed them.



He wasn’t the original body, he didn’t have to stay with them, but he still had to do what should be done.


“What’s wrong with you?” Liang Zhe looked at him in confusion.


Li Zheng looked sideways, his face had regained its calmness, then he slowly responded, “That man just now, seems …… to be my grandfather.”



“What?” Liang Zhe thought he heard wrong.



The ambulance crew had already pushed the cart onto the elevator, and Xiao Wang followed behind, anxious like an ant on a hot pot. Although he wS a serious college student, but the 1980s domestic English teaching wasn’t really very good, he couldn’t understand these waiters and ambulance staff rapid dialogue, his brain hadn’t translated it, yet they had finished speaking.



Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Li Zheng frowned and couldn’t care less about the fact that he was only wearing his home clothes and stepped into the elevator.


Seeing this, Liang Zhe instructed the waiter next to him and followed him up.



“It’s you? Great, are you good at English? Can you translate for me.” Xiao Wang saw Li Zheng and was overjoyed.



Li Zheng nodded, turned to look at the ambulance crew, and said in fluent English, “Is he okay?”


“High fever, shortness of breath, persistent dry cough, and after checking, symptoms of unilateral chest pain, we suspect pneumonia caused by high fever.” The paramedic said seriously.



“How is it, how is it, is the secretary okay!?” Xiao Wang hurriedly asked.


“It may be pneumonia, the diagnosis can’t be officially confirmed until the doctor takes pictures. The medical technology in the United States is very advanced, it will be fine.”



“Pneumonia!” Xiao Wang shouted, this wasn’t a minor illness in the 1980s in China.



“How could this be, obviously it was just a fever yesterday.” Xiao Wang’s voice changed, he graduated from college and entered the iron industry, it had only been two years, now he was abroad and the language barrier, if Zhao Mu was good or bad, he the secretary ……



How is he so unlucky. However, to his surprise, when Zhao Mu was pushed into the ambulance, the young man of 2104 and his companion actually also sat up.


The young man skillfully discussed the condition and first aid treatment measures with the ambulance crew, as if he was Zhao Mu’s secretary.



Xiao Wang scratched his head, he felt that something was wrong.



“His name is Zhao Mu? There is a daughter named Zhao Qihua, right?” The young man suddenly spoke.



Xiao Wang was stunned, “Secretary Zhao Mu is indeed called Zhao Mu, but the daughter?” He shook his head, “I haven’t seen his daughter, Secretary Zhao is a person living in the unit dormitory building.”


A sarcastic smile appeared on Li Zheng’s face, “Okay.” He knew that the woman who could easily abandon even her own children, how could she still think about her elderly father.


Xiao Wang peeked over Li Zheng’s expression from the corner of his eyes, the doubts in his heart increased, he hesitated and spoke, “I really thank you, if I were alone, I really wouldn’t know what to do.”



Li Zheng smiled at him and didn’t answer, but looked down silently.



New York had an ambulance green channel, about fifteen minutes later, the ambulance stopped at the entrance of the nearest hospital, the medical staff had long been waiting outside.



Amidst the loud roar of the doctors, Zhao Mu was pushed out of the car.



“The nurse took the temperature and blood pressure to observe his pupils, while immediately taking a film, I need to see the film in fifteen minutes.”



Xiao Wang looked anxious and wanted to say something, he heard the doctor’s words, and jerked, filming? That was going to cost a lot of money.



“Can we not do that? How should we treat it?” Xiao Wang said in broken English.



The doctor didn’t even look at the young man, but turned his head and looked Li Zheng up and down, “The family goes to pay. Hospital charges will be settled on the spot, and as for my personal consultation fees, a bill will be sent to you.”



This doctor looked at Li Zheng in his home clothes, he obviously didn’t even have time to change clothes before accompanying the patient to the ambulance, was he the family member? Could it be that the kid who shouted that he shouldn’t give the film was a family member?



Li Zheng nodded his head and walked towards the charge desk.


The deposit of 200 dollars, was equivalent to more than 700 yuan now, which for many ordinary people, took a year to save without eating or drinking.


Li Zheng was stunned for a moment, where did he have time to grab money from the hotel?



Liang Zhe handed his card over. Ever since he was forced to write an IOU on the road last time, he had gotten into the habit of carrying a card in his pocket.


“Many thanks.”


Li Zheng didn’t say much and went up to pay the deposit.



Xiao Wang looked dumbfounded at the back, two hundred dollars, the leaders came to New York and each of them received thirty dollars in foreign currency, this man actually paid two hundred dollars as a deposit without blinking his eyes.



No? Why would he pay for Secretary Zhao’s medical bills?



He wasn’t a scammer, right? Paying the hospital with the fraudulent money? This thought existed for less than ten seconds before he stomped it out.



If this man had the ability to make such a big hospital in the United States cooperate with him in his play, then why would he care about two hundred dollars?




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