C2— Variety Guest

“Didn’t go the wrong way.”

Lu Wenxing’s footsteps lurched, he turned around, as if nothing had happened and calmly walked into the bathroom.

Gu Yanshen threw the hand towel into the trash can, and when he passed by Lu Wenxing’s side, his eyes were on his left ear.

A silver and white star stud.

When Lu Wenxing turned his head to look, Gu Yanshen had already withdrawn his gaze and left the washroom.


Lu Wenxing had just come out of the cubicle when he received a WeChat call from his roommate.

“Wenxing, what were you doing? You hung up in the middle of the conversation.”

After Lu Wenxing made the joke, it cut off abruptly. He sent several WeChat messages in succession and he didn’t respond, so he called.

“Thanks to your blessing, I got to meet Film Emperor Gu.”

Lu Wenxing tilted his head to pin the phone on his shoulder, his slender and beautiful hands reached under the faucet, but the cold tap water almost made him withdraw his hand.

His roommate’s tone carried an unconcealed surprise.

“Did you run into Gu Yanshen? Is he even more handsome than on TV?”

“Well, he’s handsome.” Lu Wenxing responded perfunctorily, drew two sheets of paper and carefully dried his hands.

“Did you leave a good impression on him?”

“It’s not like I’m attending the interview.” Lu Wenxing explained again, “The agent has a limited number of places in hand, not all artists can participate.”

What Lu Wenxing didn’t tell his roommate was that his name was on the list at first, but because he beat up Jiang Zhengqin last week, he was removed from the interview list by Wang Man.

His roommate felt regretful and a bit suspicious.

“Your agent has a bad eye, with your face, you could be at the top of the entertainment industry.”

“It doesn’t have to be so exaggerated.” Amused, Lu Wenxing interrupted him.

“Where is the exaggeration, you don’t know that in the weeks when you first entered school, your pictures were posted on several pages on the campus network.”

 ”I suspect that your agent signed you to hide you, not to help you compete for resources, she’s even called off several auditions, what type of agent is that?”

Lu Wenxing replied, “That’s not true.”

Wang Man was very keen on him, especially keen to send Lu Wenxing to a bed.

His roommate thought Lu Wenxing didn’t want to talk about it, so he didn’t continue the topic and asked him instead, “When are you going back to school? The final design is due next week.”

“I’m at the office, I’ll be back to school in a few minutes.”

Since he decided to terminate his contract, Lu Wenxing didn’t care about the resources that were cancelled.

For him, the most important thing right now was to finish the final design, and then to plan to cancel the contract with the company.

Lu Wenxing, who was ready to go back to school early, was waiting for the elevator in the hallway.

A gray-haired young man came up to him in the corridor, and without waiting for Lu Wenxing to greet him, he gave him a big bear hug.


Lu Wenxing eyelids jumped, he tore the person from his body, “Wei Ze?”


“Don’t talk, the people in the front row and the back row are too much.”

A group of artists stood in the practice room in great numbers.

Gu Yanshen and his manager Sheng Chao sat on the chair at the front of the practice room, accompanied by several senior leaders.

Director Xu handed the roster to Gu Yanshen’s manager Sheng Chao, and when she turned her head, she saw Wang Man pacing back and forth with an anxious face.

“What are you doing? You’re so fidgety.”

Wang Man used to follow Director Xu, and she knew from her expression alone that Director Xu wasn’t satisfied with her performance, but she couldn’t care less and said in a whisper. “Wen Yu hasn’t arrived yet.”

Director Xu’s face changed instantly, “Didn’t you inform Wen Yu to arrive earlier?”

“Wen Yu is shooting a magazine today, and I didn’t expect it to take so long.”

The magazine endorsement was originally scheduled for Lu Wenxing, but then Wang Man gave it to Wenyu, not expecting the shoot to coincidentally fall into the variety show audition.

“There’s still someone who hasn’t arrived?” Sheng Chao heard the conversation between the two and cast a questioning glance at them.

Director Xu glared at Wang Man, turned to Sheng Chao with a smile and said slightly apologetically.

“I’m sorry, there’s still one artist who hasn’t arrived.”

Director Xu was meeting Gu Yanshen for the first time, but she had heard people in the industry say that Gu Yanshen seemed to have no tolerance, he was cold in nature and didn’t like fake courtesy, and many times didn’t give people face.

The most important and well-known point was that Gu Yanshen had publicly revealed that he dislikes people who were not punctual.

Director Xu took a deep breath, this just landed on Gu Yanshen’s minefield.

In order not to leave a worse impression on Gu Yanshen, Director Xu thought for a few seconds, raised a professional smile and made a snap decision.

“I know that Mr. Gu’s schedule is full, and I will ask my agent to tell him that he doesn’t have to come to the meeting if he is late.”

“I’m the one who came early.” Gu Yan Shen lowered his eyes and looked at his watch. “Wait ten minutes.”

Hearing Gu Yanshen’s words, Director Xu’s eyes widened in disbelief, did she hear correctly?

Not only did Gu Yanshen not show displeasure, he was even willing to wait. Director Xu felt it was a little magical and nodded woodenly.

“Thank you, Mr. Gu, I’ll have my agent speed it up.”

Sheng Chao raised his eyebrows to look at Gu Yanshen and said directly, “Something isn’t right.”

Gu Yanshen pointed to his watch, indicating Sheng Chao to look down at the time.


It was indeed nine minutes earlier than the original time, but ……

It was also not right.

Since this was an audition, they should have been prepared in advance, who waited for the exact time before showing up?

If this was a movie or drama audition, most of the artists would arrive an hour early, or even earlier.

Gu Yanshen waiting for ten minutes…tsk.


The phone in his pocket vibrated a few times, Gu Yanshen touched his phone and tapped into WeChat.

[Get up earlier than chicken] Have you seen my star?

[Get up earlier than chicken] Remember to help me get an autograph, you promised me.

【。 】 I didn’t agree.

As soon as the message was sent, Gu Yanshen received a dozen more WeChats messages in quick succession.

He knew who sent it without looking at his phone, and he didn’t click to see it. Sheng Chao inadvertently glanced at it, and was startled by the’ colorful chicken’ on the chat interface, and the veins on his forehead fiercely jumped.

“Your brother?”


“What did he ask you for again?”

Gu Yanshen put the phone into his pocket, his tone was light, “Autograph.”

Sheng Chao was a bit speechless, but didn’t ask more. This wasn’t the first time he asked for an autograph for Gu Yanshen’s brother.

The main thing was that Gu Yanshen’s brother was a wallflower, he got many fans, then all those fans became anti-fans.

“So, that’s why you waited for ten more minutes?”

Gu Yanshen didn’t deny it, but Sheng Chao was Gu Yanshen’s agent, if he went to ask for autographs on behalf of him, the artists of Mang Cheng Entertainment would only be flattered.

Of course, Sheng Chao didn’t care about this small matter, he was more concerned about the selection of the guest.

In earlier years, Gu Yanshen wasn’t as indifferent as he was now, he still had a love for talent and was willing to give a boost to talented newcomers.

But most of the newcomers weren’t right-minded, they anxiously wanted to take shortcuts, seeing only the immediate small profits and using Gu Yanshen’s fame.

Later, Gu Yanshen stopped having too much contact with the newcomers, only if the work needed to be done. This time, the variety show was undoubtedly an opportunity for these artists.

Sheng Chao didn’t believe that these artists could remain peaceful when they could participate in a  variety show with the film emperor.

This was the first outdoor reality show that Gu Yanshen was participating in, and even before the official announcement was made, there was a lot of attention paid to the matter of three big names in the entertainment industry freely choosing their partners.

The director’s team’s request was for the three entertainment industry celebrities, including Gu Yanshen, to go to different entertainment companies to choose a partner that suited their eyes, and Gu Yanshen picked Mang Cheng Entertainment.

Although it was a guest, the director team wouldn’t interfere with how they were chosen.

Some artists issued a query.

“If it’s a random guess, how do I know if it’s correct?”

The director gave the answer.

“You guys can choose freely. I really won’t care, but the person shouldn’t be too popular.”

The director also had a requirement that the chosen artist must be rarely seen on the big screen, preferably a pure newcomer.

This was entirely a guess, whether they fit, was another matter.

Sheng Chao was worried, on the contrary, Gu Yanshen looked like he didn’t care much, he was like a worrying old mother.


The sound was slightly abrupt in the quiet practice room.

Everyone turned their heads in unison to look out, but they saw Lu Wenxing and Wei Ze standing at the door, the sound was made unconsciously by Wei Ze, who had pinched himself too hard due to excitement.

“What are they doing here?”

The artists in the practice room were talking.

“I heard that Lu Wenxing was dropped from the list, how come he’s here?”

Lu Wenxing was standing there nonchalantly, as if he didn’t notice the gazes. Wei Ze was hiding behind Lu Wenxing with a shaky expression, nervously holding Lu Wenxing’s arm, and a thin blush appeared on his fair face.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb ……”

Wei Ze’s words were interrupted by Wang Man before he could finish, she wrinkled her eyebrows in anger.

“Lu Wenxing, do you want to make a scene here again? Hurry up and leave.”

Lu Wenxing was going to go, but he was reluctant to move when he heard Wang Man’s words.

Just now in the conference room, Wang Man made big empty promises, endorsement, variety and everything else, just to lure Lu Wenxing to hand over the recording.

Lu Wenxing didn’t fall for it, and Wang Man seemingly withdrew. But she was only worried about Lu Wenxing’s outspoken remarks.

  Wei Ze was frightened by Wang Man’s angry look. Standing behind Lu Wenxing, he didn’t dare to move. He couldn’t help regretting his impulse just now.

He was a fan of Gu Yanshen, and wanted to sneak a look, he pestered Lu Wenxing to accompany him to take a look, but unexpectedly Lu Wenxing was implicated.

Lu Wenxing pulled his left hand out of Wei Ze’s arms, and before he could say something, Gu Yanshen, who was sitting in the room, suddenly spoke.

“Wrong way again?”

Lu Wenxing: “……”

Gu Yanshen’s tone was familiar, and the word ‘again’ was difficult not to attract imagination.

Lu Wenxing didn’t know what to say for a moment, could it be that the rumored unknown hobby of the high-cold movie emperor was flirting?

Lu Wenxing felt as if he had discovered the truth, and looked at Gu Yanshen and replied with a dry tone. “There was no mistake.”

Gu Yanshen: “So you’re late?”

Director Xu didn’t tell Gu Yanshen who was late, so much so that after Gu Yanshen saw Lu Wenxing, he mistook him for the late artist.

Lu Wenxing’s eyes was full of doubts, late? What late?

“What is this? Brother Shen knows Lu Wenxing?”

“No way, I haven’t heard anything.”

The practice room was full of voices, Director Xu coldly reprimanded them, “What’s with the noise, quiet.”

Compared to Wang Man’s faint heart and nervousness, Director Xu observed carefully.

She couldn’t figure out the relationship between Gu Yanshen and Lu Wenxing, but Gu Yanshen’s tone didn’t sound like he was treating someone he loathed, and seeing that Gu Yanshen had misunderstood, she decisively stepped forward.

“Lu Wenxing, why were you so slow? The interview will start soon, so why don’t you hurry in.”

Lu Wenxing:?

Director Xu gave Lu Wenxing a few winks, but the other failed to understand.

“Teacher Gu is very busy, don’t delay, hurry up and come in.” Director Xu mentally called him ‘stupid’, but in front of Gu Yanshen, she still spoke with a smile.

Lu Wenxing hadn’t yet expressed his position, Wei Ze beside him reacted more quickly, thinking that he had created an interview opportunity for Lu Wenxing, he pushed Lu Wenxing joyfully.

“Wenxing, go in quickly.”

Gu Yanshen saw from this that something was wrong, Lu Wenxing’s reaction wasn’t like he was coming for an interview.

 Even Sheng Chao, who was on the side, found it strange, “The late artist is him?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Director Xu hastily responded, “That’s him.”

Director Xu was different from Wang Man, who had chosen Wen Yu from her personal interests.

As a director, she had to stand on the company’s side, and Lu Wenxing had appeared by mistake, in a more timely manner than Wen Yu.

When Lu Wenxing saw Wang Man’s livid face, he immediately felt that his whole body was at ease. Anyway, there were so many people, and it was okay to have one more person, which could also add to Wang Man.

“Everyone is here, then let’s start.”

Once Sheng Chao spoke, the artists were apprehensive and elated.

“Starting from the first row, first from the left, one minute self-introduction.”

“Hello Mr. Gu, my name is Jiang Lin, I’m 19 years old, I debuted last year, I’m good at singing, dancing and ……”


Once the timer sounded, the next person had to be replaced even if he didn’t finish.

Halfway through the self-introduction, Lu Wenxing realized that something was wrong, how come the main character Wen Yu wasn’t present?

The plot of this novel wasn’t very detailed in Lu Wenxing’s dream, he only knew that his endorsement would be cut off, and the protagonist and male lead were on the variety show.

But for the middle plot and details, Lu Wenxing wasn’t clear, now Wen Yu wasn’t there, how would Gu Yanshen select Wen Yu?

Lu Wenxing couldn’t help but think outside the box, in case Wen Yu really wasn’t chosen, would this be a butterfly effect that resulted from his proposed termination of contract?

“The last one.”

Lu Wenxing was still absent-minded, and his appearance of being out of touch was out of place with the tense atmosphere in the room.

It was only when his arm was bumped that Lu Wenxing came back to his senses in a daze.

“It’s your turn.”

Lu Wenxing said thanks and walked to the front.

“Lu Wenxing.”

Unlike the nervous look of the other artists, Lu Wenxing looked frank and had a lazy tone.

Then, the practice room fell into silence again.

After waiting for a while, seeing that Lu Wenxing had no intention to continue speaking, Sheng Chao asked blankly.

“Nothing… more?”

Lu Wenxing nodded his head.

Sheng Chao: ????

If the minute wasn’t too short, the artists would want to tell all their strengths and specialties, but Lu Wenxing?

His self-introduction was his own name?

Wang Man wasn’t surprised, and her eyes showed a look of mockery.

In her opinion, Lu Wenxing was stupid, or did he think he was cool? Did he really think he could attract Gu Yanshen’s attention just because he was different?

Heh, naive.

How could Gu Yanshen be that shallow.

After all the artists finished introducing themselves, the practice room fell into silence.

After a while.

“Lu Wenxing.”

Seeing Lu Wenxing cast a puzzled gaze at him, the corner of Gu Yanshen’s mouth raised unnoticeably, and his cool voice seemed extraordinarily clear in the quiet practice room.

“I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Lu Wenxing: “……?”

Wang Man and many artists: “!”

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