C64 – Pathological Secret Admirer

They stayed at the hotel until seven in the morning.

The system had reminded him at three in the morning:

[Congratulations! You have completed the Sub Copy Quest.]

[Reward Points: X500]

[Please keep up the good work.]

Unfortunately, at that time, Chu Chen’an could no longer hear what the system said.


Chu Chen’an was still asleep when Pei Yan brought him back to the Nanyuan Villa, wrapped in a black coat.

Pei Yan seemed to have poured out all of his endless thoughts over the past five years in this crazy way.

Pei Yan didn’t like to talk.

But he loved listening to him.

He was forced to call Pei Yan, his husband, for a night, and his voice was already hoarse.

Chu Chen’an was wrapped in Pei Yan’s arms, and he was surrounded by Pei Yan’s light scent.

It was scary.

This kind of Pei Yan.


Pei Yan sat in the car, rubbing his fingers over Chu Chen’an’s pretty brows. The young man in his arms had a beautiful appearance, a cute sleeping face, and long, curly eyelashes like butterfly wings; he looked exhausted.

Pei Yan’s heart felt as if something had sunk into it, and his expression couldn’t help but soften.

His fingers traced the young man’s features, gentle and careful, afraid to disturb the young man’s dream and even more afraid that all this was just a dream of nothingness.

Pei Yan’s eyes were always cold, but only when he looked at Chu Chen’an was there a hint of softness in his eyes.

His knuckles touched Chu Chen’an’s nose. Feeling the warm breath that the teenager exhaled, his heart flashed with a hint of excited pleasure.

Because of the uneasiness, that was why he repeatedly confirmed it.

This wasn’t a dream.

His An An had really returned.

Pei Yan pursed his lips and gently kissed his forehead, the tip of his nose, his red lips, his chin…

He obsessively kissed the love of his life into his arms.

In this intimate way, he constantly expressed the thoughts and love that had accumulated for five years.

The joy of regaining something lost was intertwined in his heart, and the more he looked at Chu Chen’an, the more uneasy and happy he felt.

He could no longer accept his lover’s departure.

He couldn’t accept the departure of his beloved again, nor would he allow this to happen again.

His arms tightened around Chu Chen’an, wanting to tear him apart and melt both of them into one.

“An’an, my An’an.” He murmured softly.


In his dreams, Chu Chen’an heard someone calling his name.

He wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and squinted his eyes. The luxurious and exquisite ceiling came into his eyes, followed by the sparkling crystal chandelier.

He was on soft pillows, the covers so light and soft that he couldn’t even feel the weight, and the room was warm with the heater on, making him sleep especially soundly.

It was so much better than that dank hotel suite.

When his consciousness returned completely, he realized that his whole body was weak, and even turning over felt laborious.

Chu Chen’an raised his hand and rubbed his tired eyelids, recalling that cold and ambiguous room last night. He couldn’t help but shiver.

Pei Yan’s eyes last night were still deeply imprinted in his mind, lingering for a long time.

He must have been very angry last night.

That look was really too scary.


Chu Chen’an was actually quite afraid of Pei Yan.


He knew that this controlling and possessive person was paranoid about him.

He closed his eyes tightly and forced himself to stop thinking about it.

Now that he’d been caught by Pei Yan, it would probably be difficult for him to get into Nanyuan Boys’ High School again. He sighed and wished that he could hurry up and change back to his real body.

As he was thinking, he saw Pei Yan walk out of the bathroom.

Pei Yan was wearing a black bathrobe; his body was both robust and slender; his temperament was cold and indifferent; and his features were well defined, giving off an innate indifference.

“Good morning, baby,” he said as he walked to the bedside and sat down, raising his hand to stroke Chu Chen’an’s forehead. “Get up and eat, okay?”

It was almost ten o’clock now, but Chu Chen’an was too tired to have much of an appetite.

He shook his head, not wanting to pay attention to Pei Yan; he closed his eyes with his back to Pei Yan, his face smothered back into the covers, and he continued sleeping.

Pei Yan sat at the head of the bed, his powerful arms wrapped around Chu Chen’an’s back, and hugged him tightly from behind.

Ten minutes later, Pei Yan listened to Chu Chen’an’s breathing and wrapped his large palm around Chu Chen’an’s hand.

Chu Chen’an’s breathing was slightly rapid, so Pei Yan knew that he wasn’t asleep.

“Baby,” Pei Yan spoke out, his tone light, staring at Chu Chen’an’s earlobe. “It seems like you haven’t said good morning to me yet.”

Chu Chen’an instantly lost his sleepiness.

He winced at Pei Yan’s tone, and he opened his eyes, his lips moving as he whispered, “Good morning, husband.”

“Uh-huh.” Pei Yan kissed Chu Chen’an’s small hand with satisfaction.

Chu Chen’an’s face sunk into the soft pillow, his other hand squeezing the palm of his hand.

He was terrified of Pei Yan because of this.

This per-vert held grudges.


He remembered that in the past, he had just ignored Pei Yan for an entire night.

Pei Yan then asked for it several times, one after another, in the morning, and only after he took the initiative to cry and strike up a conversation with Pei Yan to beg for forgiveness did Pei Yan stop.

And it seemed like every BOSS behind the scenes he encountered in different copies was like this.

Pei Yan continued, “Baby, I’m only going to forgive you for running away from home this once. It won’t happen again, okay?”

Chu Chen’an’s heart thumped as he briefly tensed, then he nodded repeatedly.

But then he had a second thought.

You won’t be able to catch me, even if you want to, when I change into my real body.

Pei Yan pressed close to Chu Chen’an as he murmured in a low voice, “Don’t ever leave me behind again, An’an.”

Chu Chen’an felt his ears itch a bit, but he didn’t dare to scratch them.

He didn’t get up until noon, and when he did, Pei Yan carried him to wash up.

He sat on the chair in front of the sink and insisted on brushing his own teeth.

Pei Yan stood right behind him, watching him the whole time.


The villa was large, and just the two of them lived there. During the day, there would be servants who would come to cook and take care of the housework, and at night, they would usually leave.

This was because Pei Yan said he didn’t like outsiders disturbing them.

Chu Chen’an stood at the floor-to-ceiling window and glanced downstairs. The downstairs gate was crowed with two dozen bodyguards surrounding the door.

Chu Chen’an retreated back to the sofa in the study with disappointment; it was impossible for him to get out.

Then how was he going to complete the mission he left behind at the school?

He clicked on the system control panel and went to his personal homepage to check the progress bar for the repair of his body.

[Progress: in calculation.]

[Progress: unable to display progress for now due to program malfunction; please try again later].

Chu Chen’an frowned. How could there be a malfunction?

He asked the system with his consciousness, “001, when will my real body be repaired?”


[Due to the system update, there are some glitches in the data; if nothing happens, it will be fixed in the next two days. Please stay calm and wait patiently.]

Chu Chen’an sighed unnoticeably and leaned on the back cushion of the sofa.

Pei Yan walked in from the doorway and brought him flower tea.

After he placed the tea cup on the table, he sat down and put his arm around Chu Chen’an, accompanying him to watch TV.

Pei Yan’s gaze never left him; he wanted to stay together twenty-four hours a day.

He was afraid that he would turn into air and evaporate in the next second; he just looked at him straight for the whole day.

Chu Chen’an felt a lot of pressure in his heart against Pei Yan’s deep and dark gaze.

Pei Yan, however, loved this mode of getting along.

He kissed Chu Chen’an’s face sideways and said, “Let’s go for a walk in the garden at night; the little bean sprouts that the baby planted grew.”


It was a bean sprout five years ago, and it only grew today?

Was he deceiving a three-year-old child?

Chu Chen’an didn’t believe a word of it, so he felt like he had gotten smarter.

Although he didn’t believe it in his heart, he still responded to Pei Yan’s words.

“I want to go later.” Chu Chen’an lowered his eyes and added in a small voice, “Husband.”

Pei Yan rubbed Chu Chen’an’s well-behaved little face and said, “Okay.”

Usually, when he was good, Pei Yan would agree to whatever he asked for.

Except at night, of course.

His gaze lingered on the TV, which was playing Smart Little Yellow Chicken.

All the other channels were broadcasting news at this hour, so Chu Chen’an didn’t bother to specifically look for another movie to watch and directly tuned to the children’s channel.


That little yellow chicken was the main character, called smart chicken.


It was a bit chubby, covered in fluffy yellow fur, with a bulging belly and round, big eyes, like a pair of bright black gemstones.

If it took a step, its stomach would jolt and its mouth would chatter incessantly.

He saw it looking up and holding a red apple that was even bigger than itself, then it stumbled and accidentally fell.


Rolling into a yellow, chubby ball, it slammed onto the trunk of the apple tree.

The little yellow chicken chirped twice, fell down, and didn’t cry.

Instead, it sang and danced around the apple tree.

“Pupa pa pa la la, ba bu da da da, lu la pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa.”


The voice of the little yellow duck was cute and should have been done by a child.


Too childish.

No wonder children loved watching it.

Chu Chen’an leaned on Pei Yan’s shoulder while pressing the remote control and turning up the sound.

Unfortunately, he happened to love listening to Smart Chicken sing.

The more he listened, the more he liked it, and he even made a point of turning the progress back up to listen to it again.

Pei Yan’s palm stroked his abdomen. “Give me a child, baby.”

Pei Yan’s words directly interrupted Chu Chen’an’s interest in listening to it again for the sixth time. Chu Chen’an pressed the pause button.

This per-vert, Pei Yan, when he made up his mind, never looked back.


Chu Chen’an panicked, “I… I can’t have children; I am a male.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?” Pei Yan’s side face was pressed against the back of Chu Chen’an’s neck; his tone was cool. “There’s always a way; let’s try a few more times.”

Pei Yan’s tone was as calm as if he were telling him what he was going to eat tonight.

It wasn’t as if he was discussing something with him, but rather stating something he was about to do with him.

Chu Chen’an’s eyelashes fluttered as he quickly made up a reason, softening his tone: “Husband, I actually don’t like little babies; I don’t want to… yet.”

“It’s okay; I like it.” Pei Yan said, “When the child is born, I’ll take care of him; you won’t have to worry about the baby.”

Chu Chen’an felt that Pei Yan was just too insecure, so he came up with such an absurd idea.

After all, he had just returned two days ago.

Maybe he would disappear again in a day or two.

He couldn’t imagine what Pei Yan, this lunatic, would do after he left, and he didn’t dare to think about it anymore.


After dinner.

Pei Yan led him into the garden in the backyard.

In the center of the garden, a small, hollowed-out cylindrical building was constructed, which was used to cultivate greenhouse plants.

Pei Yan pushed open the door and led him in. Many exquisite small potted plants were planted and placed on three rows of trapezoidally carved white wooden frames.

These flowers were all planted when Chu Chen’an moved in.

When he first arrived, Pei Yan was particularly possessive and completely confined him.

He always greeted him with dim demands.

So when he was bored, he squatted in the garden clearing and planted a few random flowers then he left them alone.

Pei Yan would then plant them in small flower pots, collect them, and specially make a small flower building to place all the flowers Chu Chen’an planted.

“It just rained a few days ago; there’s mud on the rooftop upstairs; I’ll go get baby’s shoes.” Pei Yan said, and he turned toward the small utility room on the left.

When Chu Chen’an walked past the white wooden shelves towards the inner side, he found that there was an extra door on the inner wall.

There hadn’t been this door before.

Chu Chenan walked over and pushed the door open.

He pushed the door open and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

There were many objects hanging on the walls of the gloomy interior.

There was the colored sugar paper he had thrown away, the crumpled 18-point physics test paper, the meal card with a pig head carved into it, the bandage he had given to Pei Yan, the maple leaves he had picked up, and a few small bean sprouts that had already grown to a dozen centimeters in length.

This should be a wall of things Pei Yan collected about him when he fell in love with him.

Only then did Chu Chen’an understand the meaning of Pei Yan’s words just now.

The originals were made into specimens.

“I didn’t lie to you, did I? The little bean sprouts you planted really grew up.”


Pei Yan placed the leather boots behind Chu Chen’an and wrapped his arms around him from behind.

Chu Chen’an’s eyes trembled as he glanced at the white specimen in the corner. On it was a gorgeous pattern, beautifully shaped like the shape of a snowflake.

“What… is that?” Chu Chen’an asked blankly.

“That’s a baby’s tears.” Pei Yan said softly, “When you were crying in the lab that day, the tears dripped on the back of my hand, so I collected them and made them into a specimen. It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

Actually, he wanted to taste it even more at that time.

It was probably because this little, dark room was so damp and cold that Chu Chen’an shivered slightly.

He looked around the entire wall of specimens and retracted his eyes in panic.


He was really per-verted.


“We should go back, baby.” Pei Yan draped his black coat over Chu Chen’an’s shoulders and said, “It’s cold today, baby; take a bath in the bathtub.”




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