C22 —– Supplemental Nutrition

Cang Hai dragged a long dead alien beast back inside the tent, he didn’t take the remains of the mecha back into his spatial ring to make it easy to use it again the next time he left the tent.



Xiao Yu helped Cang Hai take off his gloves, and Cang Hai’s palm was red and still radiating heat.



He puffed up his cheeks and blew on it a few times to cool it down, “Does it hurt?”



“It doesn’t hurt, the temperature of the rainwater is not as high as expected, hurry up and take care of this foreign beast.” Cang Hai put his hands behind his back.



Xiao Yu didn’t say anything, but his heart was as clear as a mirror.



Cang Hai definitely didn’t tell the truth, if it really didn’t hurt, why would he hide his hands behind his back to not let him see?



The truth was just as Xiao Yu had guessed, under the constant supply of hot rainwater, the temperature outside the tent had already far exceeded the normal range and was estimated to be around fifty degrees.



Fortunately, the energy generated by the water energy converter was enough to support the temperature control system and light source system inside the tent, making the temperature inside the tent unaffected by the outside climate.



His gaze swept over the mecha wreckage in the corner, judging from its shape, it should be a piece of mecha torso parts.



The outer shell of the mecha was a deep, low-profile black color, covered with scars, some of which were so deep that even the paint on the inside rolled upwards, making it hard to imagine what kind of brutal battle it had suffered.



If only he could fix mechas, at least fill in those gaps so the rain wouldn’t run down the cracks and burn Cang Hai’s skin.



“I’ll go deal with the beast, use the healing instrument to heal your injuries first.” Xiao Yu took the longsword at the top of his bed and slit the throat of the foreign beast to bleed it out, the blood was put into a vessel to be preserved, in case there wasn’t enough food, this blood would also be able to help with the immediate needs.



As for the feathers and some inedible parts, they were poured into the degraders, the disposable toilets he mentioned before.



The size of the Flying Alien Beast was small, and after discarding the feathers, the whole thing was only one half of its original size, less than half the size of the Red Sand Demon Scorpion.



Xiao Yu then cut it into pieces, half of it was stewed, and the remaining half was saved for another time.



On the other side, Cang Hai treated the burns on the back of his hand and heard Xiao Yu muttering to himself, “Should I put in the seasonings or the water first?”



The corner of his mouth rose slightly as he silently walked over to Xiao Yu, “I’ll do it.”



Based on the little mermaid’s description of this flying beast, he judged that it was a beast named Buyun Bird, which was most adept at gathering water vapor in the air into clouds as a means of concealing its form and taking advantage of the opportunity to attack the enemy.



Naturally, when the temperature of the water vapor rose dramatically, the Buyun Bird was unlucky enough to become the first victim.



The Bu Yun Bird traveled through the clouds and mist all year round, and its body was moisturized by rainwater, so its meat quality ranked among the top among the many exotic beasts.



Especially its winged middle, which was fat, tender and flavorful with a long aftertaste, and could fetch a high price in the market.



Cang Hai singled out the wings, brushed them with secret seasoning, and placed them on the iron plate to roast.


In order to make it more flavorful, Cang Hai also made a knife cut on the outer skin, so that the overflowing grease would seep into the inner part of the wings along with the knife cuts.



As the outer skin was roasted to a golden brown, the thick meat aroma filled the entire tent.



“So fragrant.” Xiao Yu could not help but swallow his saliva.



Under Cang Hai’s roasting, it exuded a tantalizing color and aroma, Xiao Yu had no doubt that with Cang Hai’s craftsmanship, he would be able to make a lot of money in a day by setting up a stall on any planet.



Cang Hai slapped away Xiao Yu’s hand that was secretly reaching for the wings, “It’s not cooked yet, don’t rush.”



“I’ll just taste whether it’s cooked or not, just one bite!” Xiao Yu playfully hugged Cang Hai’s arm tightly, “Please Brother Hai.”


Cang Hai was originally firm, but he lost himself in the cry of Brother Hai.



He helplessly reminded Xiao Yu, “Stay away, be careful of the oil splashing on you. Be obedient, you can eat it after you silently count to thirty.”



Xiao Yu really started counting and counted to thirty in one breath, “I can eat it, right?”



“You counted too fast, it doesn’t count.” Having said that, Cang Hai still picked a small part that had been roasted and cut it off for Xiao Yu to taste.



The meat in the wing was roasted by Cang Hai to the point where it was charred on the outside and tender on the inside, and even though it was only a small piece the size of a small thumb, it had already fully mobilized Xiao Yu’s taste buds.



He couldn’t help but close his eyes and savor it.


He wanted more, but Cang Hai refused to give it to him, asking him to wait until the wings were cooked.



Xiao Yu sat right next to him, hoping and hoping, finally getting Cang Hai’s nod.


The moment the wing entered his mouth, all the waiting was worth it.



The meat in the wings had been roasted to the point where it was falling off the bone, the fluffy meat in the wings melted in his mouth, and with a gentle shiver, two bones could be pulled out of the meat. Fragrant gravy flowed across the body and was swallowed into the stomach along with the tender meat, the satisfaction and pleasure brought by that moment could never be replaced or surpassed by ordinary food piled up in quantity alone.



Cang Hai also wanted to give Xiao Yu the other wing as well, but Xiao Yu refused to eat any more, “As a chef, don’t you want to taste your own handiwork?”



Cang Hai laughed, “I am very confident in my own craftsmanship.”



“Then all the more reason for you to eat, you have to be full before you have the strength to make delicious food for me.” Xiao Yu justified that he had already eaten one of them, and it would be too unintelligent if the other one was also eaten by him.



Cang Hai had no choice but to accept Xiao Yu’s feeding, and it did taste good.


Xiao Yu’s fingers trembled with a guilty conscience, don’t ask him why, he was shameless!



“The soup is almost ready,” Cang Hai estimated the time, “The Bu Yun Bird Meat Stew has a high nutritional value, you’ll have everything today.”



Xiao Yu’s face showed difficulty, he had watched Cang Hai fill almost the entire pot with water, it would be strange if he could finish that much soup!



Cang Hai counted the time to open the pot, and in an instant, the meat aroma overbearingly intruded into Xiao Yu’s nostrils, and even his breath was thick with meat flavor.


The spoon gently skimmed off the floating foam, Cang Hai stirred it, and the golden soup dripped from the edge of the spoon, pooling into the soup pot and spreading out in layers, just like golden chocolate sauce.



Cang Hai poured the soup into a bowl and tasted it himself first: “The flavor is good, what’s in this soup is the essence, you can choose not to eat the meat, but the soup must be finished.”



If this large pot of soup was drunk, he would gain at least three pounds. Xiao Yu bargained with Cang Hai, “I’ll definitely drink the soup, but I’m sure I can’t finish so much, my current body does need nutrition, but I can’t be in a hurry to make up for it all at once, right?”



Cang Hai felt that what Xiao Yu said was quite reasonable, so he conceded, “As long as you make sure you’re full, you don’t have to drink anymore.”


Xiao Yu hurriedly nodded his head in agreement and took the soup that Cang Hai had served him and savored it in large gulps.



The broth was sweet and refreshing, and the essence of half a Bu Yun Bird was in it, so it would be strange if it wasn’t good.



Xiao Yu drank the bowl of meat soup in one gulp, and without Cang Hai’s urging, he took the initiative to add a bowl of his own.


“Cang Hai, I’m done.”


Xiao Yu burped, signaling that he was full.


Cang Hai wasn’t that easy to fool.


He pressed his palm on Xiao Yu’s belly and explored up and down.



The temperature of his palm came through the fabric, Xiao Yu’s fingertips trembled, and his eyes didn’t know where to go.



He guessed that Cang Hai might be trying to judge whether he was really full or not in this way, in fact, compared to his body temperature, the temperature of Cang Hai’s palm was slightly cool. But it was precisely this coolness that caused his attention to be completely focused on his belly, and every friction of the fabric, every touch with Cang Hai’s palm, seemed extraordinarily clear.


And ambiguous.



He wondered if all people or mermaids in hyperthermia were so sensitive, and all he could feel was that he no longer had any strength in his lower back or stomach, and it was all in his arms that were holding him up.


“I’m really full, I won’t lie to you.” Xiao Yu’s voice even trembled slightly.



Cang Hai probably believed it and put his hand back, “You ate so little, next time you have to eat more.”



Xiao Yu responded two times haphazardly, he wanted to excuse himself for being sleepy and calm down first, but out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the wreckage in the corner, and the words that came out of his mouth turned into, “Can mecha wreckage be repaired?”



“Why are you suddenly asking this?” Cang Hai froze.



Xiao Yu pondered for a moment, “Just asking casually, casual conversation after dinner.”



The clumsy lie could not be hidden from Cang Hai at all, he understood what was going on after a brief thought and said without looking at it, “It can be repaired, but in order to repair it perfectly, you have to hire a professional mecha master. The development of mechas to this day has formed a whole industry chain with mechas at its core. This includes the industry of mecha masters. Mecha masters are also divided into many types, mecha fabricators, mecha parts fabricators, mecha restorers and so on, there are some introductory books in my spatial ring, so you can take a look at them if you are interested.”


Upon hearing this, Xiao Yu had a few more points of surprise in his eyes, he didn’t expect Cang Hai to actually have books in his space, he had worried about how he would pass the time if the rain kept falling.


But with Cang Hai pulling out books one by one, the surprise in Xiao Yu’s eyes gradually changed to horror: “So many?”



The thick books were piled up half a person high, each one was a large book, Xiao Yu casually flipped open a page, and the content inside was already very difficult for him to understand.



“Take your time to read it, if you can, please read it out so we can study it together.” Cang Hai said.



He wanted to read the book but could only rely on Xiao Yu to read it to him.



Xiao Yu was again heartbroken, he resented the boredom of staying in the tent, what about Cang Hai? He could at least see the rain outside the tent, but Cang Hai’s world was dark.



He agreed without hesitation, “Okay.”



He had said it before, he was Cang Hai’s eyes.



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