C42 — [2.5 -The Rose Manor]


While the old count was in the room in the midst of remorse and uneasiness, Jiu Shu in the corridor also withdrew his gaze from watching the old count go away.



His blue eyes still had the remnants of a smile in them, and it was only after a long time that he narrowed his eyes and returned to his own room.



It was now morning, and Jiu Shu, who had just finished his lunch, sat at the table and carefully wrote down lines of notes.



After this period of time, he had understood the occult in this world thoroughly, at least the occult information that could be found on the market had already been organized by him.



But for what had been mentioned in Blood of Madness, all kinds of knowledge involving the occult field, he still hadn’t found the source.



And if he couldn’t understand these contents in detail, he wouldn’t be able to truly change the old count’s ending.



After all, although he could now change the old count’s ending of being confined to death, it was still far from enough for this family that had been deeply shackled by its bloodline for generations.



More information was still needed as a reference.





Jiu Shu stopped the pen in his hand, contemplative.



He knew that all dilemmas had a solution, and Jiu Shu didn’t feel that the old Count’s fate couldn’t be changed.


But he also understood that he could not learn more simply from the library open to the outside world and the books and materials circulating outside the castle. He needed more information to improve his plan.



The secret library of the old count’s family, which had been passed down from generation to generation, might be able to solve this problem.



At least from the original content of Blood of Madness, many of the secrets of the old Count’s family were hidden in the library.



He needed to find a suitable way to enter the room that had never allowed outsiders to enter.



As for what kind of way-



Jiu Shu’s gaze subconsciously landed on the vase on the table, which contained the paper roses that the old count had sent over this period of time.



Recently, every time he was tired of reading, he would look at the flowers for a while, which would make his mood happier.



A total of ten roses were crowded in the vase, being stacked in the same way as a flower arrangement, the layers of petals and branches and leaves forming a picture of flowers.



Jiu Shu reached out and brushed his white fingertips over the soft surface of the paper flowers, his pretty blue eyes curving up into a smile.



Perhaps tomorrow afternoon, he thought, he would know the answer.



In the afternoon, the daylight was not as harsh as at noon, the sky was still gray, under the cover of leaden gray clouds, the air in the manor became much cooler.


Jiu Shu came to the corner of the manor to read a book according to his usual habit, he sat on a bench and picked up the paper rose beside him.



It was still exquisite and beautiful, and you could tell that much thought had been put into it.



The note that appeared along with the roses was written in a very formulaic sentence: [Gift to the beautiful you, I hope you can enjoy it. –Unknown]



Jiu Shu looked at the note, and although he still showed a smile, there was some helplessness in his eyes.



The object of discipline in this world, even though he was a bit older than the last world, clearly still didn’t know how to pursue someone.



Even if it was by letter, the daily communication would only use some aristocratic and formal words, as if he was afraid that writing too much would annoy him, and every sentence seemed incomparably hard and patterned, as if they were just written casually.



Compared to the bouquet of carefully made paper roses, it was almost perfunctory.



If it wasn’t for the fact that he could roughly guess the thoughts of the target of the punishment, knowing that even if it was just a short sentence, the other party had probably practiced it countless times before daring to put pen to paper, the room might have long since been piled up with discarded paper balls.

A different person looking at it would not be able to see any emotional inclination from it at all, and would perhaps feel that it was just an ordinary friend, or even a rather perfunctory one.



Jiu Shu’s azure pupils glanced at a shadow in the direction of his side, and somewhat helplessly hooked up the corner of his mouth, thought for a moment, and wrote a few lines on the back of the paper.



Then he read his book as usual, waiting until dusk before getting up to leave.



And only when his figure disappeared into the castle did the quietly hiding shadow come out of the shadows, walking somewhat apprehensively to the bench and picking up the note.



Today, Jiu Shu took a little longer than usual to write the message, which made the old count a little nervous.



He was a little afraid that today’s meeting had caused Jiu Shu to recognize him, or if he was going to end this ambiguous pen pal relationship.



Ending this correspondence that had been incredibly good for him.





The sky appeared a few shades darker at dusk, the sky haloing out orange and spilling the tilted shadows of trees on the ground.



The masked man’s spine was straight, clearly in the manner of an elegant aristocrat, but his fingers were trembling a little imperceptibly, and he hesitated for several moments before gathering the courage to look down at the note in his hand.



Fortunately, it was not as bad as he thought.



There were no words written on the note that expressed distaste, only a young man speaking in a light-hearted tone about a recent affliction.



He said that he had recently finished reading the collection of books in the castle’s library, and now he was bored all day long, and only felt happier when he received paper roses.



He loved these paper roses.






At the sight of this, the man’s gloved fingers trembled a little, as if he could not suppress some of his elation, but his good breeding allowed him to calm his emotions down, with only the corners of his thin lips subconsciously curling up.


He continued to look down, as if expecting more.



[I heard that Count Norman has a secret stash, I wish I could go and see it, but I heard that it is a stash that outsiders are never allowed to see].



On the note, the young man’s originally relaxed tone became a bit lost, the man’s fingers then tensed slightly, and his brows furrowed deeply.



He seemed to be able to see a heartbreaking sadness appear on that pretty face.


If he could, the man would have loved to just tell Jiu Shu that he could visit whenever he wanted and do whatever he wanted, and just ask him to stop showing that dejected expression.



That beautiful young man was born to be clothed in fine clothes and given everything he wanted, not to be in agony over some worthless book.



As for the so-called ancient rule of the Augustus family, which didn’t allow outsiders to enter the library and other requirements, the man completely threw it out of his mind.



For this sinful bloodline that was about to end completely in his generation, he didn’t care at all.



As long as he could exchange for the slightest smile from that young man, he wouldn’t bat an eye even if he had to burn down the entire castle with his own hands.



What’s more, those old and archaic rules should have been changed a long time ago.



The old count thought so with a heart full of pity.



He seemed to have forgotten that a long time ago, after inheriting the Augustus family, he had indifferently and rigidly demanded that all the servants in the castle follow the family rules and regulations, and that no matter who they were, no one was allowed to enter areas such as secret rooms.



Anyway, the old count decided to open the secret room tomorrow, so that Jiu Shu could enter and exit at any time and would not be bored anymore.



The note didn’t end there, and the old count guiltily and carefully smoothed the slightly creased note from his over-excited emotions and continued on.


The young man ended his note with what had happened this morning, saying that he had met Count Norman today, and that it didn’t seem as scary as the legend, just a little serious.


The old count looked at all the things that Jiu Shu had to say about himself, and seemed a little dumbfounded for a long time.



The old count who had been labeled as brutal had long been used to others fearing him, and he didn’t expect himself to be like this in Jiu Shu’s eyes.



To that gentle young man, he was just a bit serious.



The old Count’s eyes softened, and the corners of his mouth once again subconsciously hooked up, as if he was glad that he hadn’t left a bad impression on Jiu Shu during the day, or as if he was simply happy with Jiu Shu’s favorable opinion of him.



Next time he would remember to smile, then he wouldn’t be serious.




The old count was still a bit chagrined at his rude behavior during the day, but he was also much relieved.



[I don’t know if Count Norman will grant me access to the secret library, perhaps I should go and sincerely request it from His Excellency the Count].



At the end of the note, Jiu Shu’s tone was a bit hesitant, as if he was just a young man coyly asking for his pen pal’s opinion.



And the old Count’s dark pupils reflected the words for a long time without moving his eyes away.



In front of his eyes, it was as if the young man pleadingly looked at him, the corners of his mouth pursed up a little nervously, his straight spine also seemed a little stiff, he didn’t know what to think.



Until sunset, darkness enveloped the corners of the manor, drowning the words on the note in the dim light, he only awoke in a trance, his breathing a bit disoriented, as if he could not believe that he had actually fantasized about such unpleasant content.



Those fantasies that were the opposite of the original simple pen-pal relationship seemed to have completely torn away his originally fragile and unbearable cloth of shame, exposing the dirty thoughts that could not be concealed within his heart, making the count somewhat embarrassed and ashamed.



Those sordid fantasies were simply blasphemy to that beautiful and simple young man!


He had failed the young man’s trust in him.



The old Count’s brow furrowed as he stumbled to his feet and got up and left the place with a somewhat uncharacteristic pace.



Inside the castle.



Jiu Shu stretched somewhat languidly, and turned out the light early for bed, expecting a satisfactory answer to-morrow.



The window across from him, on the other hand, seemed to be unlit all night long.



The lighted room was filled with balls of paper that had been crumpled into a ball, and it seemed that someone had written back on the paper over and over again, but never felt satisfied.



It wasn’t until the end that a barely satisfactory reply was written.



And at that moment, the sky had already dawned.



The man with a pale complexion looked at the reply letter in his hand, looking tired and confused, seemingly unsure whether it was right for him to write it this way or not, his fingers hesitating as he held the note.



But in the end he still put the note away without making any further changes, the dark pupils of his eyes seemed to be precipitated with some almost sad emotions.



In the afternoon, Jiu Shu arrived as promised.



Picking up the return letter on the bench, his blue pupils were clear and translucent, refracting the interlocking light and shadow in the daylight, like brilliant sapphires, it was mesmerizing.



The person hidden in the darkness looked at the blonde youth’s focused side face with some fascination, and didn’t move his eyes away for a long time, until the youth sighed slightly and showed a hint of depression on his face, and only then did he violently pause.




In the darkness, it seemed that someone’s breath was choked, tense and uneasy, wanting to go forward to comfort the lost-looking youth, but not daring to expose themselves, they could only endure the burning-like torment within their heart, staring at that beautiful youth without blinking.






Jiu Shu glanced at the cloister piers at his side, not knowing what to say.


The suggestive words he wrote in his letter yesterday were clearly telling the old Count that he was going to talk to him, so it would be good to be mentally prepared in advance.



Jiu Shu just didn’t want to scare him when he suddenly went to ask when the time came, after all, he could tell that the object of this world’s discipline was still a not-so-brave person when it came to his feelings.



But he didn’t expect him to be timid to such an extent.



Jiu Shu looked at the contents of the reply letter, a lengthy write-up of the old Count’s horrors in all sorts of florid phrases.



It also ended by telling him to be careful and prepare for everything when he went to request it, as well as that it would be best to stay away from the old count, and that if there was a book he wanted to read, he could help.



[Perhaps, I mean, perhaps that Count Norman will think ill of you.
It’s best not to share a room with him and get too close, and in case he tries to plot against you and hug you or something, you can always call out for help.”]


If not for the fact that Jiu Shu knew that the target of the discipline was the old count, he would have thought that the old couny was his love rival, using words that were so nonchalant that they could even be called disgusting.



No, perhaps it should be said that the inferiority complex was too much, so low that even the slightest proximity of another person made him so terrified.



Jiu Shu looked at the content of this paragraph about after spending time in a room together, all kinds of scary words that seemed to want to scare him away from the idea of going out and making a request to the old count.



Embracing, scheming, calling for help …… was as detailed as if he had already fantasized about them.



Looking at the note in his hand, Jiu Shu suddenly laughed, laughter spreading in his beautiful blue eyes, flooding them with an intoxicating luster, and his laughter also seemed pleasant.



The man hiding in the dark seemed to look dumbfounded, his eyes growing more and more mesmerized, yet also a little sad.



He knew that this beautiful young man must have seen what was on the reply letter, that was why he was so happy.



He must have made up his mind not to go near that dreadful Count Norman.



It was the right thing to do; a young soul should never have gone near a nearly rotten shell.



Not far away, Jiu Shu stopped laughing after for a long time, and he couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the cloister in an effort to collect his laughter, but in the end, he didn’t manage to do so.



After thinking about it, he simply put away the books on the bench, ending the day’s reading time early.



As the blonde-haired youth gradually walked away, the man hidden in the shadows also slowly walked out, his eyes somewhat dark as he looked at the note on the bench.



The back of the note was still in the young man’s sharp handwriting, writing a short [Thank you, I will].



It was clearly the result he wanted to get, but the old count realized that he was not as relieved as he thought he was.



He lowered his head, which was always raised proudly, and sat down at the other end of the bench, even though he was sitting in a proper posture, he couldn’t hide the disheveledness that was revealed all over his body.



Only after a long time did the old count ease his mood, and he got up despondently and returned to the castle, his depressed face could be seen vaguely even if it was covered by a mask.


The butler served the old count food and refreshments with fear and trembling, and when he exited, his body broke out in a layer of cold sweat.


The old count’s recent mood was very good, so good that it made the gloom at this time look extremely horrible, he didn’t dare to stay.



And after he left, the old count didn’t seem to have the heart to use the refreshments, he who hadn’t eaten for a day didn’t seem to feel the slightest bit of hunger, just extremely confused emotions.



In the quiet room, he took off his gloves and looked at his withered palms, which compared to the white and softness of the young man, were like dried up tree branches.



Just like his whole person, it was ugly.




Just as the old count was lost in thought, a knock seemed to resound at the door, and the old count snapped out of his confused thoughts and frowned in a terrible mood.



His pale lips pursed up in disgust, thinking that it was the butler who had gone and returned, and he was almost about to reprimand out loud, but in the next second, it was a familiar clear voice that rang out.



“Excuse me, may I ask if His Excellency the Count is in?”



The blonde-haired youth’s clear and crisp voice was as refreshing as a mountain spring, enough to soothe all chaotic thoughts, yet leaving one’s mind blank.



Bang Bang Bang -!


Jiu Shu stood outside the door of the old Count’s room, listening to the sound of something being knocked to the ground and the sound of a human body colliding into something coming from inside the door.



His beautiful blue eyes widened slightly, and he seemed to be laughing a little.



It was only after a long time that the door of the room opened, and the neatly dressed old count stood in front of Jiu Shu, his pale and cold face covered by a mask that seemed to be as normal as usual.



Jiu Shu swept past the old Count’s nervously curled up fingers, his eyes curved up from the force of his smile, and even in the dim light of the corridor, his smile was beautifully moving.



“I have some matters I would like to discuss with Your Excellency, and I wonder if I could come in and discuss them in detail?”



The pretty blonde youth’s smile had the characteristic coyness of youth, and there seemed to be an almost pleading emotion in his clear blue eyes, almost overlapping with that most unpleasant of fantasy images.



“!!!” For a moment, it seemed that he had forgotten how to breathe, and the old Count’s body became extremely stiff.



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